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—“…naturalistic fallacy…”—

I don’t commit naturalistic fallacies – which states that we must do something because it is present in nature. I simply describe what we do, as evidence we already mirror natural processes.

The only moral rule is reciprocity (do not unto others). The pretense-of-kinship fallacy, is that we are obligated to redistribution and cooperation, rather than ‘cooperation is only valuable until it is not.

you aren’t my associate, my friend, my kin, my people, and therefore you are only valuable to me as a trading partner and then only so if you are a productive trading partner.

Otherwise you are just a competitor for resources.

And I always have the choice of avoidance of your parasitism, trade, or predation upon you.

And your argument is that you should be able to parasitically extract from me and mine.

That is all you are doing. Pretense of kinship or partner, when you are merely seeking rents (parasitism).

Your argument is testable. Sorry. It just is.

All human argument is reducible to some transfer.

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