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by Noah J Revoy

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Gerald the Fearless was very successful in suppressing the muslim occupation of Portugal with just a handful of men. They would dress as simple travelers armed only with fighting knives, sneak into forts using grappling hooks, kill all the guards with sneaky attacks and start a fire to cover their escape.

They even snuck into the house of the guy in change of Evora, killing him and his whole family.

They would do this until no one wanted to guard the walls or run the city because it was too risky. Eventually the muslims abandoned entire cities because less than 20 guys were causing such havoc and destroying their moral.

Hit and run tactics are very effective.

The outnumbered Christians could never take the heavily fortified city by force. There is still a massive wall around the whole old city.

Sometimes 10 men can do the job 10,000 cant.

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