The 22 Rules of Western Religious Hierarchy

February 17th, 2019 12:53 PM

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—“One doesn’t have to look hard in history to see how Christianity can serve all of the above groups at the same time in the same community. “—Andrew Gribble

[N]o, because christianity requires you believe and testify to belief in magic man nonsense and while some people can do this in exchange for community comforts, the rest of us understand it is just fairy stories for the weak, for women, and children, to help them sleep at night despite their universal powerlessness.

We can however understand the 5 rules of christianity, the 6 rules of heathenism, and the 8 rules of aryanism (our group’s strategy) as simply scientific, and we can thank our universe, our ancestors, and each other for creating and giving us all three, and train our children to likewise give thanks (carry the debt) of all three.

Religions create debts that transfer between generations, and in doing so train one another to carry the same debts (behaviors). In exchange we obtain neural economy (reduction of problems in calculation), and trust economy, and political economy, by reducing internal conflicts to those counter to the debt structure and related payments (behaviors).

This is the economics of religion.

The problem is that stupid ignorant people need fairy stories and adults who have education and training simply need the truth: Heathenism of the universe, Aryanism of our people, Christianity of our social interactions. and Warriors as insurance of all of the above.

The Heathen 6 rules
The Aryan 8 rules
The Christian 5 rules
The Warrior 3 rules

These are the 22 rules of western poly philosophical religion that I have been able to discover.

I can refine them a bit. I can add the law. But this is what makes the west the west: 22 rules.

The Oath of Transcendent Man

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