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Buy a bag of 50 or 100 balloons, and some really cheap white string. Blow them up to either the size of your head or your fist, no bigger. The head size is a good torso hit, the fist size a good head hit. Tie them to something like a sapling or a branch so that they move in the breeze. Helium is even better tied to sticks or rocks, because they bob up and down but helium is hard to take into the field. This makes small moving targets. Move distance where you think it will be hard to hit those targets. Get to your knees, or prone. Look at them. Count One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand. look at the ground. count to ten while looking at the ground. Shift a body-width to the right, left or backward. look up, while counting one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, if you get to three-one-thousand without shooting a balloon you’re dead. Repeat until you can do it from some kind of concealment. Still targets are for sighting a weapon. If it isn’t moving it isn’t worth shooting at – it gives you false confidence.


Cops aren’t at war. What they train for (warning and commanding before firing, and being certain before pulling a trigger) is meaningless in war.

Grunts are trained to patrol with a fire team. That is meaningless in 4GW.

A group of ten men in 4GW with small arms need to move through territory like hunters or grunts, and plan and execute attacks like SWAT. Move and attack without ANY friendly fire. And shoot with anticipation like actions-shooters.

Night vision is always your friend. The night is your friend. Grey Man dress is your friend.

( I never felt safer than when watching a hundred young slavic men in ordinary clothes walking by briskly while patrolling the streets in a long line making sure that nothing harmful to their people was possible. )

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