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Something must be both false, and immoral. Christian mythology may be ‘true’ to some portion of the faithful (at least ideally) but faith has no place in government, law, or war. However, there is nothing counter to the natural law in christian practice. So christianity passes the test of being not parasitic or counter to natural law. In fact, it is the OPTIMUM EXPRESSION of natural law.

This NOT true of judaism and islam which are bothd estructive religions designed to destroy indo european aristocratic civilization.

Moreover, while I see demand for a church at least in the protestant sense of participatory government of the commons, and while I consider myself a christian in the secular, and philosophical sense where christianity functions as a political religion, I also consider myself a heathen (pagan) and an advocate for ‘Natural Religion’ (Folk Religion of Nature, ancestors, family, and hearth) was well, and I consider myself an Aryan(or aristotelian) in the sense of the physical laws of nature, and the natural law of men.

For these reasons my view of our future religion is along all THREE of these lines, incorporating the best aspects of all three traditions: heathen, aristotelian, and christian, and divesting those three systems of that which is false or harmful to our people.)

I wrote the Oath of Transcendent man because I believe it is the optimum correspondence with the physical laws of the universe, and the natural laws of cooperation.


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