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Men will not fight for christianity. That is evident. Christian faith is and has been, a pacifier that brings conquest. Yes, men will include christianity in what they will fight for. They will fight primarily for the material restoration of their way of life for them and their children first. and they will fight for altruistic punishment – a high cost of punishing the immoral opposition.

This is our message and our policy. Those of us who are post-theological, post philosophical, and scientific, and favor our natural religion will not fight for christianity, but we will fight for your freedom to practice.

There is every evidence men will fight for the material, and simply ‘virtue signal’ everything else as means of cooperation on the optimum POSSIBLE END, not the impossible IDEAL end.

So we who will fight will do so, and christians are just virtue signaling. There will be only islam extermination and poverty if we lose. There will be christianity, heathanism, philosophy, science, law, the restoration of our civilization, our families, our people, if we win.

If that is not good enough for you then you don’t matter. You are no better than the enemy.

Curt Doolittle

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