Notes on a speech by Yual Harari

“We limit ourselves to Property(Permission) and Range(Duty,Responsibility)”

“Fictions or Narratives create a paradigm (system of measurement) of property(permission) and range(duty), creating a system of cooperative rules”

“Human rights are a fiction” … that’s not really true. Those Human rights that are Natural Rights are an extension of life and phenotype. They are in fact a universal paradigm and measure. We can separate out natural rights (true) from fantasies (false).

“everybody believes in money” not really true. everyoe believes in acquisition and money is the most frictionless resource for use in acqusition.

“Money has no objective value”. That’s not really true. Money has no resource (commodity) value that can be directly consumed without exchange for a resoucre(commodity) that can be consumed or transformed.

What does Liberalism mean: “Individualsm”… No. its self determination. the philosophy and strategy of aristoracy, and the west promised everyone the opporutnity to join it – because the west has been eugenic for its entire history. So no, it’s not individualistic. It’s rapid evolution by rapid meritocratic adaptation – and equal suppression of reproduction. It’s not liberty (permission) but self determination (reciprocity0. We believed our own promise of an aristocracy of everyone was made possible by the industrial ervolution. It wasn’t. We opened the franchise without completing the project of an aristocracy of everyone. No he doesn’t understand liberal politics. Instead if forces continuous empirical adaptation for forcing thepeople to make choices, and gain the benefits or consequences.

OMG this guy is a liar or an idiot. No the highest authority is’t the customer, it’s that making erros forces changethroughut the polity. It’s continuing natural selection.  Note how he keeps making use of the word authority – showing he does not understand it.

OMG he talks about duchamp. But duchamp was forcing the jewish marxist revolt against western aesthetic. that’s not liberlism. That’s jewish marxists attack on western aesthetics.

Ethics: the priest determines ethics – as an authority. No that individualism judgement of aesthetics was jewish marxist introduction, not a ueropean one.

“Edcaton”… the student is the highest authority. No. we are forcng them to  adapt to the laws of the universe.

“Human rights a religion” No. human rights were invented to constrain postwar states to self improvement in order to prevent another world war.

“China has little to offer the world” – no only jews try to offer the world with idoelogy and religion. The europeans try to EVOLVE the world materially. There are only two elites and jews are only elites because of european tolerance.

“Islam has no alternative to liberalism.” No. There is no evidence that islam cannot go through a protestant reformation as they develop a middle class. I could do it. THey can do it. they have to have the NEED to do it.


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