The Reason For Cultural Differences in Truth and Deceit

Why the thousands of years of lying originating in the middle east? Because the Indo Europeans discovered self-determination and agency in the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe, and the middle east, much older, had discovered lying to ignore them.

This is the answer you know. The problem is Europeans cannot use this discovery, adaptation to, and application of the laws of the universe to expand. The lies of the middle east, and the untruths of the Chinese can. This is the great problem of history. Truth is UNDESIRABLE.

Well, today’s ME are still low trust, face-before-truth tribal peoples. The question is how much is that dependent upon lower neoteny and a median IQ in the low 80’s – meaning more than half of the population is a horrific inescapable burden on any emergent middle-class norms.

Well, you know, ‘race’ as we understand it is the result of the age of sail observation of the three or four common origins of most peoples. But in history, it meant closer to what we think of ethnicity – the combination of body and culture. Read what Aristotle said about Semites

I mean, seriously. If you want to write the truth you can’t do it in europe, uk, canada or australia, and now you can’t do it in the USA. Why? Because woke is a religion less tolerant than Islam. It is judaism>chrsitianity>islam>Marxis+ Pomo + woke/pc. The evolution of lying

Yeah, I couldn’t stay in canada because I felt the present oppression in the USA in canada a decade ago. I think it’s funny that I can tell the Ukraininan press that the revolution didn’t work because they didn’t hang any politicians and it’s just honesty. And here its heresy.


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