Monarchy notes


The institution of monarchy is the only continuous institution in English history – consistent throughout history and a lens thru which we view our history.

The American government is just an elected monarchy( president) elected nobility (senate) elected house of commons (house)

Human beings are hard-wired for Monarchy. Almost all institutions are monarchical (starting with Cambridge). (A benign Catherine the great) Enlightened despotism.

The catholic church is the only remaining absolute monarchy.

the whole structure of American govt is modeled on monarchical government (English) of the 18th century – systematized and rationalized, and democratized.

The sergeant of arms is the disciplinary officer of the commons (house)

America has a cabinet (court) chosen by the president (monarchy)

The monarchy is the monarch of ENGLAND.

Why do we still have the monarchy?

I provide the answer. The judge of last resort.





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