The Cause of Divergence in The Anglosphere

britain diverged from germanic civilization in the 1830’s and american culture diverged far less so. So that while we speak english, and practice english institutions, we have retained germanic culture because germans were so influential in our settlement – such that the constitution was written in both english and german versions so all germanic americans whether english speaking or german speaking could read it. Today’s british commoners are closer to the french (peasants) and american commoners (whites) closer to germans (citizen soldiers). And this was amplified by the germanic protesant founders, and the spread of fundamentalism even among the american scots irish (south). This is the analysis that explains the american(germanic), australian (prewar english), postwar british (mixed english aristocracy-french peasantry), and canadian (french peasant) cultural differences in the anglosphere. Is whether we are baised toward the peasant french the martial german, or the mixed british.

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