Comparing Curt to … sigh.

—” I don’t know what you THINK your IQ is, but it’s definitely below my 142~144, and Vox is at least 5 points higher than I am. ” —

IQ consists of two measures. One of neural adaptivity, and one of accumulated knowledge because of that adaptivity. Increasingly we seek to test adaptivity because it’s visible even in neurological reaction times.

But demonstrated intelligence consists of no less than:
1) Neural velocity and adaptability
2) Personality variation from systematizing (vs empathizing), openness and extroversion, conscientiousness (executive function), and low neuroticism.
3) General Knowledge – general knowledge compensates for IQ, and the organization of general knowledge by minimum variation from unambiguity, internal consistency, external correspondence, in the form of general rules improves demonstrated intelligence
4) Wants, Beliefs, Faiths, that are contradictory to unambiguity, internal consistency, external correspondence.
5) Of course, trauma and disease.

Manifested in:
6) Lifetime Achievement.

Now in estimating my IQ you’re off by a standard deviation. That doesn’t matter. I’ve had vastly more success in life than you have so I am less malinvested in self-image, status, and false beliefs to maintain them. And I have very low regard for the opinions of the peasantry. And I rather enjoy parenting gamma males who overstate the merit of their false beliefs, unwarranted opinions, and masculine pretense of competency.

And regarding my lifetime achievement, well I’ve built a whole buncha tech companies and sold them. Burned through a couple of wives. Advised campaigns, participated in espionage and revolution. Survived two cancers and two other serious illnesses. Retired in my 40’s, and then solved the hardest remaining problem in intellectual history unifying the sciences as promised by EO Wilson. And I’ve done it with a total lack of respect for those like you, and without airs of pretense common in social, popular, academic, or political affairs. Which historically is a common personality expression for those with similar abilities and high functioning autistic neurology.

Now, you know, evidence is. I did. You talk. It’s simple. 😉

And none of your girl gossip will change the demonstrated evidence. 😉

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