Western Federalism – the First Principle of Civilization


Reciprocal insurance, by every man willing and capable of bearing arms, of individual, familial, ethnic, and national self determination by self determined means by test of sovereignty in demonstrated interests, and reciprocity in display word and deed, limiting us to continuously evolutionary competitive markets in all aspects of life at the cost of reproductive limit upon those who by their actions demonstrate unfitess for the above, thereby redistributing proceeds of the state to the production of commons that reduce the individual and familial cost of living and reproduction.

Under analysis, by continuous recursive disambiguation into first causes, you will discover that this paragraph is the foundation of every aspect of western civilization. Because it was the origin of our civilization. And the cause of our rapid evolution, faster than all the rest combined, in the bronze age of indo european expansion, the iron age of the mediterranean expansion, and the steel age of sail expansion.

HOwever we will learn one lesson from all our expansions: that other races, etnicities, tribes, families and even individuals, are unfit for our Federalism, because they are unfit for the loyalty, trust, and selflessness, and the cognitive, psychological, and emotional burden of our group strategy, the stress of which can only be ameliorated by the organization of our society as a vast voluntary military where all of us achieve status and respect for doing our duty to one another in defense of demonstrated intersts REGARDLES OF OUR RANK.

This is the only equality that is possible. It is the only equality man has ever achieved in prosperity – all others produce equality in poverty, dysgenia, stagnation, and decay.

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