Learning P-Method, Logic, Science, and Law


— “Curt; What steps would you suggest I take towards sculpting myself into a proper representative of this science?” —

I’ve asked around again, because asking how to master this science is something that’s asked frequently. And I always get the same answer.

We are working on the constitution, the book, the wiki, and the slides and courseware from the book. This is a huge and difficult project. In the meantime, the best way is to watch the videos, learn the book as we produce it online, follow along on Twitter and telegram, and by asking questions, and participating, pick it up.

As soon as we can restart the course at the institute we can formalize that education process. I tried running the course from the beginning but found it had to be simplified dramatically for anyone to follow it. So the extra few years we’ve worked on that have been fruitful.

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