Timeline of P by James Krieger

Folks might enjoy this no longer available timeline that was published on Facebook in July 2020:

> Timeline of P by James Krieger
> 2013 & Prior: Capitalism v3 – The Hard Problem of Ruling Heterogenous Polities
> Roman- 2013 to 2014: Dissecting the various Enlightenments – The Hard Problem of Truth – Testimonialism
> Butch- 2014 to 2016: Evolutionary Strategies – Aryanism – Pivot to ‘Market Fascism’
> Megan- 2017: outreach to ascendent intellectuals on dissident right (MacDonald, Duchesne, ect)
> Joslin- 2017 to 2020: outreach by developmental application – sheepdog nomocracy
> TrueDilTom- 2018 (Brief): indication that P could be popularized via YouTube. Attrition of a few promising members hastened a shift away from the ‘intellectual core’ strategy’.
> John Mark- 2019 to 2020: broad market popularization of P. An attempt to use momentum to shift from an intellectual endeavor to a political enterprise.


(CD: John and I imagined that we could turn the lost boys of the right into a political force. We were mistaken. We failed like everyone else failed. Because the adolescent right is its own worst enemy.)

>Reversal 2020 – 2022: Brandon and Curt decided to return to an intellectual movement, build a community, and then work through existing political channels, with political activism, targeting a broad coalition with practical solutions to the crisis of the age.

(CD: Net is I should never have spent two years pursuing the conversion of the right into a political force. Waste of time for me, as it has been for everyone else.)

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