Can Races Fix Differences By Controlling their Reproduction?

Yes. That’s Half True. The half that’s true, is that the primary difference between the races is the size of the underclass, because northward migration puts stress on underclass and underclass behavior. This means that imitating selective reproduction as the author of the above post suggests, should produce relative equality between the races – at least in intelligence (neural adaptivity in time given the absence of genetic load causing friction to neural propagation.)

Now, the untrue half. Instead, there is an inescapable difference in the average between the four primary races, each of which began speciating before the agrarian revolution depending upon degree of isolation. africans 70s, se eurasians 80s, europeans around 100, and east asians slightly higher. These differences occured in four speciation events: east african rift valley (new africans), the dry persian gulf (south eurasians), europe (europeans), and the mongolian steppe (east asians).

These differences reflect a progression of neotenic evolution and natural selection for domestication syndrome (reducing sexual maturity and rate of maturity in exchange for lower aggression) as populations spread through new territories northward. The difference between groups increases in neoteny (domestication) and therefore differences in IQ shrink with migratory distance from Africa, suggesting there are decreasing (or limited) returns on domestication (as we see in the sexual maturity and life span of east asians who are the most neotenous).

There are minor cognitive and personality differences in these races, largely in the direction of behavioral bias mirroring cognitive dimorphism (sex differences). To say that races don’t exist was falsified in 2018–2019 by the accumulation of research (See Reich). (FWIW: IQ by 2000, personalty by 2010, sex differences by 2012, and race differences by 2018 – roughly paralleling advances in neurology). And furthermore, saying otherwise is a ‘word game’ since compared to all other life forms we document, humans groups should be referred to as species or subspeices if we are consistent (not lying).

In other words, the claim that races and hybrids don’t exist is a ‘social construction’ (lie, via postmodernism’s attempt to institutionalize relativism (lying)) instead of a recognition of phenotypic and behavioral differences. Races were understood in the ancient world, and Aristotle a notorious supremacist. The age of sail simply demonstrated that there were four primary races, and the rest of the peoples were variations thereon.

The postwar denial of sex, class, race, and culture differences, as a counter-revolution against the Nazis, combined with the migration of the class-marxists to America (frankfurt school) as ‘race-marxism’ (Starting with Gramsci and his followers thru Friere and his followers) is a novelty in history, and by the 2010’s emerged as a new religion, using the same ‘reality by chanting’ (social construction) that was used to create the Abrahamic religions. And the underlying logic of those old and now new religions is the same (Which I’ve documented elsewhere in detail). And both rely on social construction of falsehoods, in order to false-promise a freedom from physical (scarcity), behavioral(self-interest), and evolutionary(group differences, genetic load, natural selection) laws of the universe.

So claims that race is a social construction is another example of the systemic use of *projection* in the postwar pseudoscientific counter-revolution against darwin, spencer, watson-crick, and the cognitive science revolution that resulted from the failure of psychology, and the behavioral economics revolution that resulted from the failure of sociology.

Now, I understand that the population has been indoctrinated into the work of the pseudoscientists (Boaz, Freud, Marx, Lewontin, Gould, Zinn, Harari), Pseudomathematicians(Cantor, Bohr) the pseudo economists (Simmel, Krugman, Stiglitz, Samuelson, Sayer, Goolsbee), the legalists (Rez, Kelsen, Hart, Dworkin) and the non-scientists (Friedan, Friere) and hundreds more.

But that’s because the population was never taught the science – just the propaganda (social construction). Science determined that the differences we observe are not only existential, and inescapable, but marginally different, and that evolution requires these differences – particularly sex differences – in order for us to evolve faster than we consume the energy of our last marginal increase in evolutionary progress.

So the problem: how much destruction of lives, family, community, economy, and political cooperation has resulted from the lie that races, classes, and sexes are indifferent? Economists know. That’s how I know. It’s horrific. From the destruction of the black culture and family to the non integration of immigrants, to ‘bowling alone’ to the present divided government on the verge of civil war.

If instead, we acknowledged these differences we could produce policy and institutions that assisted groups according to their needs. Where those needs are determined (rather obviously) by their degree of neoteny, rate of maturity, impulse control, and minor differences in personality expression. So the big lie is the most harmful anti-social catastrophe of the last and present century.

So, yes each population has the potential to select as have the other races and hybrids. The question is: can and will they. Because until then, race differences will be demonstrated by each group, because stereotypes are the most accurate measure in social science – sorry. They are, because they are tested confirmed and falsified every single day.

Virtue signals are the favorite coin of the devil (assuming there is one, and metaphorically if not). And the denial of human differences is generating a pile of wealth for evil.

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