Women vs Men. No, We Aren’t Intimidated.

[W]hy do women think we feel fear rather than annoyance or disappointment?

The iron law of female projection. That’s why. Men’s minds are inconceivable to women.

We aren’t afraid. We aren’t intimidated. If we discover that you don’t need us, that we don’t have value to you, that every choice and decision favors you, that everything is a competition or conflict over priorities and choices, then what do you add? We are already strong and independent. And we don’t need much to be happy either.

So if you can’t bring femininity to the table you have no value to us. You’re just a burden. Women want a nest they feel safe in. Men want a nest they can relax in. Femininity provides us a nest to relax in.

Why? because while women carry personal responsibilities, and relationship responsibilities. Men carry the millions of responsibilities women take for granted – like making this world function so that women have the privilege of ignorance of men’s responsibilities.

All human behavior can be described as acquisition, retention, and loss prevention. All male behavior can be reduced to seeking responsibility (status for him) and all female behavior can be reduced to evasion of responsibility (status for her). We do pretty well together. But feminism has brought that to an end.

So in the absence of nest, love, sex, and family, what does history tell us men turn to instead?


Why? Beause believe it or not, war is the most enjoyable activity man can engage in, with the greatest profits and the greatest risk, with the least compromise. Why do you think all religions tried to institutionalize monogamous long term marriages?

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