James Lindsay and the Third Rail

1. All: James’ Utility vs Truth (a) James avoids the third rail & canceling by claiming ideology causes vs reflects. (b) His work just explains female and Jewish cognition, bias, method of argument, social construction, and social warfare against responsibility for the commons.

2. All: (c) Western civ(“Whiteness”) evolves faster and more prosperously than all other civs during the IE expansion, the Ancient World and Modern world, because we discover, apply, and adapt to the world as it is(empirical) using truth-before-face regardless of cost(testimony).

3. All: (c) institutions lag (reactive). With the commercial revolution, we introduced the middle classes to government. With the industrial revolution, we introduced the lower classes into economic and political life. And repeated it with women, then the postwar Jews.

4. All: (d) Because those institutions lag, we suppressed the increase in the scale of male anti-social/political behavior with common law and legislation slowly. (e) But we haven’t YET suppressed the increase in scale of female anti-social/political behavior (undermining).

5. All: (f) Jewish intellectuals and Jewish culture are responsible for the thought leadership that converted Christian liberal redirection of proceeds to insurance of the undisciplined, into systematic warfare against the institutions of cultural production of responsibility.

6. All: But the masculine (systematizing) vs feminine (empathizing) distribution of traits is overlapping in the population distribution – meaning some empathic, Christian, disadvantaged, or irresponsible men will defect to the feminine empathizing moral coalitions.

7. All: Just as a minority of women will defect to masculine systematizing and moral demand for responsibility for self and commons. And many women will do so once they have three or more children, and grasp the cost of ‘undisciplined commons behavior’ on the regulation of children.

8. And given that there are many more christians than Jews, and given female dominance in verbal acuity expressing experience, and given that there are nearly 2 vs 1 outliers in verbal acuity above 140 among Ashkenazi, we see those numbers in academic, media, political, bias.

9. Now I’m older than James, and I’ve done a great deal in my life, with businesses around the world, having trysts with intel, and specializing in computation, cognitive science, behavioral economics, and formal logic of law. James is a mathematician BUT a literary philosopher.

10. All: And this difference between the study of literature, persuasion, meaning, and empathizing, versus the study of the causal sciences, reproduces the difference between plato/socrates and aristotle/democritus – the literary(choice) vs analytic(decidability) traditions.

11. All: So James is (a) studying the literature of seduction, coercion, deception, while maintaining the disposition that people choose ideologies, rather than ideologies choose them. (b) evading the third rail of outing the Feminine/Ashkenazi conspiracy of common feminine interest.

12. All: But given the accessibility of literary (continental, literary, empathic) vs analytic (anglo, empirical, systematic) voice, and given evidence of James’ success, my advice to critics is to let him do his work, and to James it’s ignore those who demand suicidal 3rd rail.

13. All: Otherwise the more influence James gains the more the competition with the ‘truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth’ crowd will cause mutual cancellation. I have ‘solved the problem’ so to speak because I’ve plugged holes in post-industrial law. That’s enough.

14. All: In closing: My work has convinced me that none of us have agency over our moral intuitions without gradually bearing increasing responsibility under competitive pressure. So I see the female/feminine/jewish ‘conspiracy of common interest’ as instinctual. (blameless)

15. All As such WE (white males) ARE RESPONSIBLE for restoring the equilibrium of responsibility between the sexes by equal suppression of female/feminine/Jewish resistance to adaptation (responsibility for commons) and resulting infantilization and decline, via enactment of Law.

16. All You cannot persuade criminals, esp. who enagage in indirect crimes against the commons through harm to individual reputation and status, to truthful knowledge, and to institutions of cultural production of responsibility. You can only outlaw and punish the criminals.

17. All Therefore there is no sense in trying to convince the criminals using female means of antisocial/antipolitical criminality, organized crime, and warfare to decist. We can only compose legislation, organize a demand for that legislation, and threaten rebellion to enact it.

18. All: So if James will assist the normies in understanding this ‘conspiracy to destroy us from within’ just as in the Jewish(Christian) and Islamic destruction of the ancient world, and the Jewish(Marxist) destruction of Russia and Germany. Then y’all should help him. Period.

19. All: But dispel any illusion that you will convince criminals who have found a religion that justifies their criminality, anti-sociality/anti-political sedition, and warfare, or even a majority. Democracy can only decide differences in priority, not goals or outcomes.

20. All: So, unless you yourself and those like you will show up in the millions, and demand, as did previous anglosphere ancestors, a restoration of our rights and the natural, common, concurrent natural law of reciprocity, by demanding legislation or revolution, the enemy wins.

21. All: Because we have exhausted persuasion, exhausted voting by immigration and conversion, exhausted the legislature and bureaucracy by their capture. And lacking a monarchy as judge of last resort(appeal), we have only the court that waffles, rebellion, or civil war.



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