No. We’re Done. The Anglosphere Doesn’t Want To Police The World. The Jewish Globalists do.

? @badofi  The anglosphere doesn’t want to function as globalists. Americans in particular are insular, and only created the global order to defeat the communists in both RU and CN from spreading to the ME. The Anglosphere’s problem is that it needs air-sea control for safety the way Eurasia needs land safety. Ergo, a land-based rail system for Eurasia serves the anglosphere’s (including the Nordics) strategic interests. Western civ assumed RU would modernize, integrate into the world economy as a ‘civil society’, integrate into nato, and solve the ancient problem of DE superiority in everything known to man with RU population and resources, creating an economic miracle. This codependence and mutual benefit would allow the anglosphere to stop subsidizing European defense and trade routes. The problem has been Putin’s desire to recreate the RU empire, the core state of Orthodoxy, and the major power in Eurasia. He chose the restoration of that objective as a first priority instead of his economy and population as a first priority. And the result was corruption that hollowed out the state and the regions and the people. Instead, RU could have Norwegian levels of wealth. So where RU could have restored the economy, and then security and then population, before asserting power, they tried the inverse and population and economic collapse are driving their retreat into Europe’s superior agrarianism, in the suspicion that they will lose the empire east of the Urals for no other reason that they lack the manpower and economy to provide the infrastructure for population and to defend it. The central problem for RU is that it is a low-trust society. The central problem for EU/RU unification is the Jewish(Woke) globalist movement is dominant in credentialism, replacing anglo-germanic military and industrial meritocracy as a precursor to government office. Combining the replacement of meritocracy with credentialism, the financials that American military dominance has permitted, and the intentional destruction of ‘institutions of cultural production” by the ‘march through the institutions, and replacement-immigration, the Jewish, Marxist-to-woke globalists have found sufficient women voters, and male beneficiaries have nearly captured the USA as the communists captured RU and CN. RU has had ‘enough of those people’ so to speak. and is rightfully defending against western-Jewish decadence, cultural and institutional undermining. Meanwhile, the USA has not collapsed fast enough or far enough – nor is it likely do so, purely for geographic reasons – that RU and CN can achieve success before they run out of population and economy. The logical answer (and the USA is aware of this) is to let trade collapse, let Eurasia fall into conflict, and profit while the world burns so to speak. Our only reason not to is our kinship with continental Europe. But given that the french are enemies of the anglosphere as well as all of Europe (having imperial aspirations themselves), and Russia is now the enemy of all of Europe (having imperial aspirations), while the Germanosphere, Latins, Baltics, and the Western Europeans want neither French or Russian imperialism. They prefer their independence and historical loose federation by alliances. So contrary to your original statement – the US (and the anglosphere, or perhaps the nordic-sphere is a better description) will benefit most from world chaos, returning their historical advantages in culture, institutions, economics, science, and technology. Americans are tired of EU insult and free riding. They are tired of waiting for the ME to develop. They helped china modernize at American expense only to become an enemy of the world peace-thru-trade the Europeans struggled to build. And the only thing preventing US retrenchment is kinship with Europe which doesn’t appreciate American middle and working-class sacrifice.

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