Othering and Organized Crime

“Othering” is necessary for preservation of aggressive separatism, nepotism, and concentration of capital in the group.

Why have we not seen the same behavior among diasporic Germans, Chinese, Armenians, Huguenots, Hungarians, Greeks, etc?”–Harold Fairhair @fairhair_harold

Have or haven’t we?

  • Are they equally capable of organizing warfare from without (multitudes) or within (islam, judaism)?
  • And are they equally capable of sedition through the occupation of the secular clerisy?
  • And are they equally able to organize capital for organized crime against the institutions and commons necessary for status signals?
  • Are they only capable of concentrating capital for organized crime?
  • Are they only capable of organizing labor for organized crime?
  • Or are they limited to unorganized, or family organized petty crime?

Compare occupational differences of diasporas.

  • Why do some groups start with organized crime, then semi-legitimize, then legitimize (irish, italians)?
  • Why do some retain organized crime visible and subtle (gypsies, Jews)?
  • Why do some bypass organized crime entirely and engage immediately in productivity (Germans, Huguenots)?

What you’ll observe is the most important insight into cultural differences and group evolutionary strategies.

Judaism is pretty unique in what sensibilities and behavior teaches and you won’t find any nation like that. But if you look at other groups, you’ll find almost perfect correspondence with women on feminism.– Martin

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