Overview – The Crisis of Our Age

The Conflict and Crisis of Our Age

The Secret of The Uniqueness of The West

Maneuver, Velocity, Adaptation
Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, and Markets


[T]he secret to western civilization, besides being a small, relatively poor population on the edge of the bronze age, is that by the choice of voluntary militia, military tactics of maneuver requiring contractualism, and heroic sovereignty (ownership of gains), we necessitated natural law, and markets in everything. And as a consequence the west was not first, but in every era we were fastest. In other words, truth, promise(contract), natural law, and jury allow us to adapt faster than every other known method of human cooperation.

European Strategy is: Competitive Excellence (Success) by,

… the Continuous Production of Agency;

… through continuous invention, continuous adaptation, and continuous domestication, regardless of costs to the status, competence, dominance hierarchy – whether the self, family, or leadership;

… by the combination of:

Heroism, and;

Truth Regardless of Consequences to the Status, Competence, and Dominance Hierarchy – whether the self, family or leadership and;

Duty Regardless of Consequences to the self and family;

Sovereignty and Reciprocity including reciprocal insurance of sovereignty and reciprocity regardless of costs to the self and family;

… leaving the only possible rules of cooperation as:

The Rule of Law, The Law of Tort (property), the Independent Judiciary, and;

Markets (meritocracy) in every aspect of life: association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, polities, and war;

… resulting in:

Seeking and Finding of Pareto Optimums, in all markets;

The upward redistribution of reproduction defeating regression to the mean;

And the rapid transformation of men into the gods they imagined in the neolithic, bronze, iron, and steel ages.

|STRATEGY| Transcendence > Innovation > Heroism(Risk) > Sovereignty >  Truth, Duty, Reciprocity > Natural Law > Markets in Everything > The Most Rapid Adaptation Possible > The best evolutionary strategy possible – if you have the demographics for it.

/MARKETS IN EVERYTHING/ Association > Cooperation > Production > Reproduction > Commons > Polities > Group Strategy


The North Sea People and Hanseatic Civilization

Putting the West in Western Civilization

On the North Sea Peoples

A Short Course in Sovereignty and Agency

The Consequences of Sovereignty

. . .


[W]ith Propertarianism, we have restored and completed the re-enlightenment, and come as close as we can to restoring western civilization’s ancient uniqueness – expressed in roman ritual and mythical religion, stoic and epicurean philosophy, scientific technology, and empirical law, and reason for our extraordinary success in the ancient and modern worlds. As well as explained the causes and consequences of the dark ages, and the competing ‘counter-enlightenments’ throughout time, as a competition between truth producing eugenic evolution of the homogenous european west and eastern Han china, and falsehood producing dysgenic devolution of the heterogeneous tribal peoples in between.

I hope those ideas help you in distilling the program down substantially. THere are another dozen that are important but these are the most significant.

  1. The Heroic Civilization. For reasons we are unsure of, the west combined bronze horse and wheel, and in doing so transformed from egalitarian earth worshippers to hierarchical sun worshippers. From submissive to heroic.
  2. Sovereignty. But because of their military strategy  – a strategy that required large personal investments and large personal risk –  they chose sovereignty: the right of the individual to act as his own legislature in his family’s affairs, as the first ‘law, rule or principle’ of their society upon which all others were to depend.
    (DEFINITION: Sovereignty)
  3. Markets in Everything. The only institutional solution to choosing the strategy of sovereignty is to resort to markets in everything: relationships, marriage, production, commons, adjudication of differences, and rule. And the only means of resolving conflicts between them is the natural, judge discovered common law. In other words the only solution to sovereignty is : the absence of discretion (choice). And the only solution to the absence of choice, is rule of natural, judge-discovered law.
  4. The Rapidity of Suppression of Parasitism. The by-product of this choice of sovereignty is the rapidity with which new methods of free riding, parasitism, predation, can be suppressed – by the first case adjudicated and recorded.  And secondly, the ease of expanding risk taking when such rapidity and lack of discretion is visible.  And third, the trust that evolves from the consistent suppression of corruption in the state, and free riding in the commons, and parasitism and fraud in commerce, and predation by any criminal means.
  5. Not First but Fastest. in summary, the choice of sovereignty allowed the west to advance FASTER than the rest by process of DISCOVERY faster than the rest. So the West was not first, it was fastest, except in the medieval world when (like now) we were defeated by the first great lie: mysticism.
  6. Class Structure. The west has always practiced tri-partism: the estates of the realm – in one way or another. Since our origins on the steppes of Ukraine and Russia. Priests, Warriors, Laborers. We have always used the class structure ‘honestly’.
  7. Testimonial Truth and Deflationism. The west has (uniquely) practiced deconflationism  (specialization) in various forms – never mixing Law, religion, and festival – and resisting the church’s usurpation of our nature worship and related festivals. We have even had in some cases, different languages for our estates of the realm: Latin, French, and German.
  8. Polytheistic (And PolyArgumentative). And so the west has always practiced polytheism of sorts: martial sovereignty, commercial rule of law, craftsman’s technology, intellectual philosophy, commoner religion, and the mythology of nature and the hearth. And each has used different forms of communication and different methods of argument.
  9. No Single ‘Book’. o because of this tripartism, this unconflated set of competing yet compatible ideas produced a very complex unwritten social order never captured in a single book in a single language using a single argument. Possibly because it could not have been until now. We simply didn’t know how. It took us hundreds of years in the ancient world, and hundreds of years in the modern to discover how to complete our single language of truthful speech: that language we call ‘science’ – a language that evolved not from our priesthood, not from our intellectuals, but from our empirical, natural, common law.
  10. The Great Lies of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Our current century and the last, and part of the previous, were victims of the same strategy that Zoroaster, Jerusalem and Mecca used against us in the ancient world: the first great lie of supernatural mysticism. We have been fighting the second great lie of pseudoscience for over a century. We are now fighting the second version of the first lie: Islam, and Islam has replaced the pseudoscience of marxists: world communism with the fundamentalist, absolutist, mysticism of religion.

. . .


[W]hile the scientific re-enlightenemnt (British Empirical Enlightenment) restored much of the greco-roman enlightenment, that due to particular catastrophes that were a product of the european civil war (world wars to contain germany unwisely), the innovations of the calculus (relative change) we saw propagated to other fields in the combination of Darwinian(biology,sociology), Social Science (Spencer, Weber, Pareto, Durkheim) Mengerian (economics), Mathematics (Poincare, Hilbert, Bridgman), and Law( Hayek and the originalist/textualist/stcrict-constructionists) were truncated except for the newly emergent field of computer science ( Boole, Babbage, Turing ), and the physical sciences.

In other words, just as Abrahamism (zoroastrianism,judaism, christianity, islam) reversed the advances of the ancient world through immigration, writing, and supernatural fictionalism, Abrahamism in the form of Rousseau and the postmodernists in france, kant and the phenomenologists in germany, and the horde of pseudosciences in judaism (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Cantor, Mises, the Frankfurt School) and the protestant feminists in america, all used the economic and territorial mobility of the underclasses, and the new methods of media (‘counter-art’, advertising, propaganda, print, radio, television, and movies), to reverse the re-enlightenment.

( See: A Short Course in Abrahamism and the Jewish (Semitic) Question for a collection of posts on the subject – it’s not in proper form as yet. )

The Answer to The Invention and Industrialization of Lying

[P]ropertarianism is an answer to, refutation of, and solution to, the invention of lying:  Cantor’s restoration of mathematical platonism, Marx’s pseudoscientific economics and sociology, Boaz’s pseudo-scientific anthropology and sociology, Freud’s pseudo-scientific psychology, the Frankfurt School’s pseudo-scientific aesthetics, and the French Catholic via Rousseau, and Postmoderns including Foucault, Baudrillard, Derrida, and an academy of followers propagating the (…..) . These thinkers constitute the main actors in the Counter-Enlightenment: the Second Abrahamic attack on Western Civilization.

  1. The first fictionalist attack was the west asian caucasian invention of scripture: authoritarian mystical religion as a successor to explanatory mythology.
  2. The first Abrahamic fictionalist attack was the fabrication of authoritarian mysticism with the promise of utopia after death by the professionalization of lying about scripture;
  3. The second Abrahamic Fictionalist attack is the pseudo-scientific (Ashkenazi), pseudo-rational (German), and literary, meaning pseudo-moral (French)  attack on Western Civilization which promised the underclasses not only an escape from evolutionary and material constraints, but a utopia of consumption and a permanently expanding technology that would end all wants – using new mass media for the industrialization of lying.

Propertarianism’s purpose is to end all lying in all its elaborate forms within the informational commons: including the supernatural, pseudo-rational, the pseudo-mathematical, and the pseudoscientific.


1000 Words that Capture It All 

The Cure for Propaganda (lying) and Western Civilization 


The End of History Is Not Democracy but The Truthful Civilization


. . .

The Central Argument
The Conflict of Civilizations Across Millennia

[T]he Cycles of History As A Conflict Between Masculine Truth and Feminine Deceit:

Part I – The Beginning – Sovereignty, and The Counter Revolution against it. (Bronze Age – Black Sea)

  • The Revolution: The choice of Sovereignty, and as a consequence Agency, Natural Law, Thang (Jury)Testimonial (Deflationary) Truth, and Markets in Everything (Meritocracy).
  • The Counter-Revolution: The Eastern Development of Fictional Scriptural Religion in the Oral Tradition.

Part II – The Counter Revolution Against Reason and Sovereignty. (Iron Age – Aegean-Mediterranean)

  • The Revolution: The choice of Sovereignty, Agency, Natural Law, Jury, Senate, Testimonial (Deflationary) Truth, Reason, and Markets in Everything.
  • The Counter Revolution: The Eastern (Jewish, Byzantine, Muslim) Development of Fictional, Scriptural, Authoritarian Religion, conflated with Law, in the Written Tradition.

Part III – The Counter Enlightenment Against Science and Sovereignty. (Steel Age – North Sea-Atlantic) 

  • The Revolution: The choice of Sovereignty, Agency, Natural Law, Jury, Multi-House Government, Testimonial (Deflationary Truth), Reason, Rationalism, and Empiricism, and Markets in Everything.
  • The Counter: Revolution: The Eastern (Jewish, French, Russian) Development of Fictional, Pseudoscientific, Authoritarian Religions.

[T]he Anglos (Legal Empiricists / Locke-Smith-Hume-Jefferson), French (Literary Moralists / Rousseau) and The Germans (Literary Rationalists / Kant) had attempted to restate their group evolutionary strategy in modern terms.

So did the Cosmopolitan Universalist Jews ( Argumentative Fictionalists (pseudo-mythology[authoritarian religion] / pseudo-law/ pseudo-rationalism / pseudoscience / outright-lying)) advocating separatism, poly-ethicalism, fictional utopianism as a universal ‘moral’ strategy.

The Cosmopolitan Universalists (Jews) started producing pseudoscience as the enlightenment change rolled across Eastern Europe, (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Frankfurt) primarily as a reaction to the articulation of aristocratic thought in scientific terms (Darwin, Social Science, Spencer, Nietzsche, and the Romanticists.)

( FYI: Marxism: parasitism upon in-group private production. Libertarianism: parasitism upon in-group commons production. Neo-Conservatism: Parasitism upon other nations’  (out-group) private and commons production. )

While the Germans defended against the enlightenment by rational restatement of hierarchy, duty, and reason in a new literary fashion invented by Kant. The French, Jewish and Russian together attacked the Anglo Enlightenment: the restoration of sovereignty and the attack on Fictionalism which all those nations depended upon. They each responded with a new fictionalism: The French out of feminine idealism and preservation of authority, Jews out of separatism, fear and preservation of authority, and Russians out of opportunity for aggression, restoration of orthodox civilization, usurpation, and preservation of authority – and our Puritans (anglo separatist equivalent of the Jews), and our women (as always) were, frankly, “suckers” for it. Just as they were in the ancient world.

The Great Catastrophe 

[J]ust as Byzantium overextended herself and lost to the Turks. Just as Persia and Byzantium overextended themselves and lost to Arabs. Just as Rome overextended herself in Europe and lost to Byzantium; Just as Athens overextended herself in Sicily, and lost to Sparta; Just as the Bronze Age civilizations overextended themselves in the eastern mediterranean and lost to the barbarians. Just as all civilizations overextended themselves, Britain, in an effort to preserve the balance of powers from which she profited, constrained Germany, leaving America as her heir.

Just as Athenian democratic greed prematurely ended the first industrial revolution (the Antikithera device only one step removed from Babbage’s mechanical computer), leaving pragmatic Rome to rule with Athenian and Carthaginian invention – the British, French, and American democratic (commercial) greed ended the second (this time German) scientific revolution, leaving pragmatic America to rule with German and British inventions.

The European civil war to contain Germany was a catastrophe for the West in that it both truncated the completion of the Enlightenment (scientific revolution), whose second phase, and our rescue from eastern mysticism, was in progress in Germany (and from which 19th and 20th century America was the chief beneficiary – not originator.)

It cast doubt upon the Western (aristocratic) order just as the thirty years war had cast doubt upon the prior (religious) order. Thereby reversing our prior gains against supernatural utopianism and the restoration of aristocratic (rule of law) rule, and replacing that supernatural utopianism with economic and political utopianism: pseudoscience.

Postwar Jews immigrating to the United States used their pseudoscience (see “Pilpul”) and attacked and took over the academy and media just as they had used the pulpit in the ancient era, and the printing press in the prior era, to spread their second great lie of pseudoscience in every field of human social order.

Women freed from labor under the industrial revolution used these arguments to reform slavery, seek the vote, and then using the vote, to claim men were their enemies and oppressors rather than their domesticators in a great compromise between the reproductive strategies of women (numbers) – their genes, and those of men (the tribe) – their genes.

Once the slaves had been freed, the women also demanded equal representation, and within one generation after obtaining it used ‘the great lies’ of the cosmopolitans to undermine the western order further by creating a century of pseudoscience.

They used this pseudoscience to pursue the destruction of the church, the destruction of the family, and the conquest of academy, state and media by women’s interests (r-selection), because women dispose of more of the earned income than do men in all these areas.

Women are great consumers and it is profitable to serve them – even when they are spending down five thousand years of accumulated cultural and genetic capital. Women were sold Christianity. Women were sold Cosmopolitanism. Therefore the industrialization of lying found ready consumers. In marketing and advertising, in media and entertainment, and in democratic politics. The insatiable desire of women to consume, preen, signal, nest, care, and redistribute regardless of long term consequences, provided ready ground for the utopian ideology of endless resources provided by endless growth and the end of constraint.

[pullquote][W]e don’t use the Truth to convince you. You are immoral, dishonest, dysgenic and lack the agency to use the Truth. We use the Truth to convince ourselves, who are moral, honest, eugenic, and possess of agency, that it is right, just and moral, to separate from you – and if not, then conquer, kill, enslave, en-serf, and subjugate you in self defense – not only defense of ourselves, but of all we have made, and the future of mankind yet unmade.
~Curt Doolittle[/pullquote]

Understand the Enemy’s Way of War

[T]he Female (Semitic) Way of War is not the Male (European and East Asian) Way of War

1. GENETICS: The Female Way of War(Undermining, reputation,  normative, cultural, traditional, institutional, destruction)
2. OLD WORLD: Abrahamism(Sophisms of false Promise, Pilpul and Critique)
3. MODERN WORLD: Marxism (Pseudoscience) -> Postmodernism (Pseudorationalism/Sophism) -> Feminism (Denialism).

The Laws of Nature, and the Natural Law, and the Organized application of science, law, and violence to force correspondence with those lose, in order to complete the transformation of man in to the immortal gods mastering nature that he imagined.

LAW OF WAR: You must fight wars on your terms, not the enemy’s but you must defeat the enemy on his terms not yours.

. . .

The Failure of Western Thinkers

[W]estern thinkers (for a variety of reasons) in the 20th century were unable to defeat this pseudoscientific utopian fiction, just as Western thinkers had been unable to defeat the previous age’s supernatural utopian fiction in the ancient world.

[A]s Poincare (mathematics) and Friedrich Hayek (economics and law) warned us, the twentieth century would be, and was, regressive in social science, economics, and politics – and it will be remembered as an age of mysticism (actually an age of fictionalism). Even though our progress in Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, and Information Technology — all products of the truncated German Scientific Revolution – combined with the continued sale of the conquered American continent, combined with the inheritance of the British Empire, combined with the new (now necessary) invention of fiat (stock) money, gave 19th and 20th century America a vast economic boom, which allowed the USA to drag recidivist civilizations (those that adopted the new Jewish Fictionalisms under world communism, socialism, social democracy, and Keynesian non-operational Economics) out of ignorance, poverty, starvation, disease and tyranny.

Why? Because democracy in the ancient and modern world was nothing but a lie by which the middle class could take over the government from the aristocracy – and then over-extend growth until the polity developed economic, political, social, and genetic fragility. Our Western habit. One the Chinese did not practice. (If you must expand to grow productivity you are not in fact productive and innovative, but consumptive.)

But neither the Western Aristocracy, nor its bourgeoise caste could speak the truth: that man, like plant and other animal, had been domesticated for fun and profit by the imposition of meritocracy by shrinking the reproduction of the lower classes, – and that the differences in the rate of development of civilizations is the result of the shrinking of the underclasses, making possible the progress of the civilization in every possible field of endeavor: linguistic, informational, economic, normative, social, cultural, political, and institutional.

The lesson: In the absence of profit through conquest, the most eugenic civilization will always emerge as the most advanced civilization. And this uncomfortable truth is incompatible with unearned (universal) enfranchisement that justifies bourgeoise takeover of government from the aristocracy.

. . .

What Must Be Done?
( The Second Reformation Against Parasitism and Deceit. )

[S]o armed with this knowledge, how do we reverse the century of propaganda, lies, and pseudoscience of the alliance between the Jews, women and minorities, and return the west its lost confidence, and restore the civilization’s strategy of truth+commons?

We extend the warranty of due diligence against fraud that we require in products in the market, and services in the market, to cover information in the market, and we restore liability to all participants in a chain of production. We eliminate the economic subsidy for ‘entertainment’ we call copyright. We eliminate financial profiting from the sale of shares of the polity (Fiat Money, or for ordinary people, ‘dollars’ in the form of electronic money), preserving all of the appreciation and interest for the polity (treasury). And we grant universal standing (class action) to defense of the market for information. Eventually, we create separate houses of government for separate classes. And we eliminate representatives and change to direct per-resolution, democracy. This will raise the cost of the various fictionalisms (pseudo-myths/religion, pseudo-rationalisms, pseudo-science, and outright deceit) and eliminate its profitability such that we end the industrialization of lying made possible by mass media.

This solution is an incremental advancement upon classical multi-house government in which each class negotiates with other classes for the production of commons, while suppressing the consistent deception (lying) that has been made possible by the industrialization of information distribution (media).

By stating in rational and scientific terms the reason for the West’s rapid success in the ancient and modern periods, despite its many disadvantages. Then using this knowledge to defeat this great utopian pseudoscientific lie, even though we failed in the 20th century, and even though we failed in the ancient world against utopian supernaturalism.

Our ambition is to require truthful speech in economics, politics, and law, the way we require truthful speech in contract, in the market for goods, and in the market for services. There is no reason that one cannot warranty his speech against the great utopian lies if he is to publish it (sell it, distribute it) in the market for information we call ‘the media’.

The West practiced Agency, Sovereignty, Testimony in Deflationary Truth, Natural Law of Cooperation, Markets in Everything, and Aristocratic Egalitarianism (a form of eugenics at scale), and the Militia – and profited from the incremental domestication of the animal man lacking agency, in to the human that possesses it. But this strategy was never written down, only handed down

I’m writing it down. Forever. Truth was enough to create the West, and Truth is enough to restore the west.

. . .

The Solution: Truth Is Enough

[T]he central idea is the completion of the scientific method, and its application to the entire spectrum of human knowledge.  Although understanding the full scope of what that means isn’t at all obvious from that statement.

The completion of the scientific method is contained in Propertarianism’s Testimonial Truth (Epistemology). Acquisitionism (Psychology),  Propertarianism (sociology), and Natural Law (Ethics, Politics, and Group Competitive Strategy).

The rest of the work consists of application of that scientific method to the scope of human knowledge: “Here is the completed scientific method. If we apply the completed scientific method to the full scope of human knowledge, organized by combining categories of philosophy and social science into a single hierarchy, the result is all of these ideas.”  

The consequence of completing such a reformation of the scope of human knowledge, is our ability to explain not only all of human behavior, but to compare all human civilizations and explain why each excelled (The West), developed (China), fell into stasis (India), or regressed (Islam, Australian aboriginals, and possibly central africans), were conquered (far too many), or Collapsed (Mesoamericans).

This reformation is on the same scale of the previous generations of the scientific method: aristotelian reason and stoic psychology of the late ancient world, anglo empiricism of the early modern era, anglo-germanic science of the 19th and 20th centuries, and brings the social soft-sciences from pseudoscientific into the hard sciences.  But, given human defense of malinvestment in falsehoods, I suspect these arguments will take as long to propagate through our civlization as did those previous reformations of human knowledge.

Whether you consider Propertarianism the Completed Scientific Method, Natural Law (social science), or the codification of the strategy of western civilization, depends upon your interest: intellectual (method), institutional (natural law), or anthropological (the reasons for western rapidity of progress in the ancient and modern worlds.)

My original purpose was only to provide a scientific language for describing the group competitive and evolutionary strategy of western civlization.  The result is the completion of the scientific method, an explanation for the success of the west, a reformation of human knowledge, and a Constitution of Natural Law by which any and all may live.

. . .

The Solution to “Lying” in The Informational Commons

[T]he west, for historical reasons, both genetic, environmental, economic, and cultural, developed deflationary truth and truth-telling producing trust and rapid adaptability to change, that like their military tactics allowed smaller and poorer numbers to defeat larger and wealthier numbers by maneuver.

Using truth, meritocratic egalitarianism (class equality), sovereignty, common law, and jury, the west produced a market order of governance – and by consequence ‘markets in everything’ that continued the strategy of constant adaptation.

And that just as wealth made possible by empires made migration of undomesticated underclasses mobile in the early bronze age, and in the ancient iron age, that colonialism and industrialization made underclasses mobile in the modern age.

But, while violence has decreased, we have merely translated the visible predation of violence for the less visible predation of pervasive fraud.

So, while we can never know that something is true or perfect, we can however, very systematically, perform all known due diligence against falsehood and deceit as rigorously as we perform mathematics.

Testimonialism expands the scientific method to provide a means of performing sufficient due diligence that one can warranty that his speech is not false.

By using Testimonialism we can extend the demand for due diligence we require in products and services to that of public speech (especially for money, and especially regarding politics), and we can reverse the industrialization of lying that has been made possible by our failure to regulate the industrialization of information and opinion that we call financialization, pseudoscience, pseudo-rationalism, pseudo-historicism (supernaturalism), propaganda, and in particular, marxism, socialism, postmodernism, and political correctness and outright lying in public.

In other words, we can impose warranty of due diligence upon everyone for public, published (amplified, distributed) speech. And we can end, in this era the industrialization of lying.

And with that single innovation we can reform and restore western civilization and save ourselves from a second dark age by the second abrahamic conquest of western civilization.

. . .

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