Man – Production – Division of Perception Knowledge and Labor

(Division of Labor)


Intertemporal Division of Perception, Cognition, Knowledge, Labor, and Advocacy
Humans form a division of perception in that progressives and libertarians have specialist moral intuitions suited to their roles in the community, whereas conservatives give equal weight to the six moral dimensions of (care, fairness, liberty, loyalty, authority, purity). These differences on moral intuitions suit individuals to different roles in a polity:

      • “Conservatives” – Voluntary Organization of Cooperation.
      • “Libertarians” – Voluntary Organization of Production.
      • “Progressives” – Voluntary Organization of Reproduction.

Humans form a division of cognition in that we can classify people with different levels of ability, from those that learn by repetition, to those that learn by imitation, to those that learn by instruction, to those that learn by reading, to those that can model machines,to those that can synthesize ideas, to those that can model abstractions.

Humans form a division of knowledge with each containing local information about their inventories of property and specialist knowledge upon which others depend. As we depend more upon the memories and actions of third parties, trust becomes necessary for complex information networks to evolve between humans.

Humans form multiple divisions of labor, a reproductive division of labor between the genders in the production of new generations and a productive division of labor in the production of goods and services, as well as the production of commons.

Humans form a division of advocacy where conservatives advocate total constraint on consumption (saving), libertarians advocate meritocratic constraint on consumption (production), and progressives advocate consumption (nurture).


The Origin of Our Prosperity

“We are not wealthier than cavemen, we have merely made everything unimaginably cheaper by voluntarily cooperating in a vast division of perception, cognition, knowledge, advocacy, and labor, using institutions of calculation – all evolutions of language – and institutions that employ them, the most important of which is law and that law we call Tort.”

Inter-temporal Division of Reproductive Perception Knowledge Labor and Advocacy: The difference between the feminine (short term), libertarian (medium term) and conservative (long term) moral biases constitutes an inter-temporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy.



Gender       Feminine       Ascendant    Masculine

Strategy     Expenses       Income       Assets

Reproduction Dysgenic       Pragmatic    Eugenic

Morality     Care-Taking    Freedom      Loyalty

Coercion     Undermining    Remuneration Violence

Property     Collective     Individual   Hierarchical 

Politics     Socialist      Libertarian  Authoritarian

Ability      Sex(affection) Cunning      Strength


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