Man – Species, Races, Subraces


The Axes Of Human Variation 

1 – Degree of Neoteny (asian white indian iranic semitic pacific african – testosterone levels, in that order)
2 – Rate and Depth of Maturity. (Same as above)
3 – Size of the Underclass through reproductive suppression and upward redistribution. (iq levels)
4 – Gender Distribution of Gender Traits (emphasis vs reversal)
5 – Group evolutionary Strategy using Gender Traits (Semitic maternal, asian paternal, western compromise).

Biological Differences in Species of Human (Races)






The Major races are species or we’re lying. We can either lie that human were not speciating and had not speciated as other animals and agadon the term race for species and sub-species lie every other life form, or we can preserve race as a synonym for species when regarding humans. Every alternative is lying.

Racial Differences 
Primary differences between races are due to degree of neoteny in climate, size of the underclass also because of climate, distribution of male and female biases (traits) between the genders in the group; and the norms, traditions, customs, formal and informal institutions that were necessary for those traits in that distribution in that region.

As far as I know this is settled. Take any group’s IQ distribution and select 105. take the curve above 105 and find that percentage and standard deviation. Apply that standard deviation below 105 (mirror the curve). The new curve represents the people who are not a burden to mankind.

Attached is the chart of world GDP per point of IQ, and it’s pretty obvious that the rate of decline is very fast after 95 – in fact it’s just a cliff. (the outlier is china with low gdp).

Immigration has to be limited to something on the order of 125 and above, and young and old put to useful work for a polity to produce returns in the current world.

There is no way to preserve our high trust society without insulation from those groups not yet having achieved sufficient eugenic evolution who will achieve here what it has elsewhere: regression.

All Groups Can Transcend The Animal

1) All groups can transcend the animal and evolve to fully human, and from fully human to our image of gods if they merely suppress the rates of reproduction of their lower classes.

2) Classes (distributions) matter far more than race. Among elites in all races, the primary differences across cultures appear to be verbal acuity – the ability to precisely articulate ideas.

3) As far as I can tell if people are fully integrated AND middle class or above (>105 IQ), and especially if they can obtain an empirical education (>110-115), they present no long term problem in small numbers because they try to obtain the benefits of membership in OUR society rather than attempt to obtain rents and political power on the behalf of their lower classes.

4) blaming others for our failings is simply an excuse not to act to change the status quo. the reason we are being invaded is the man in the mirror. States can only do what the warrior class (lower and middle-class men) allow them to do.

On the other hand, if we build a worldwide alliance against corporatism and return to familialism, tribalism, and nationalism, it does not matter if we are different – it just provides us more opportunity to experiment, and more opportunity to win.

And moreover, with many small nations, there is MORE ROOM AT THE TOP than there is in a ‘new world order’.


[R]ace and Group differences are attributable almost entirely to the local ability to engage in Neotonic reproduction thereby reducing the depth of physical maturity and effectively preserving youthfulness – and therefore aggression and impulsivity PLUS the ability to cull the lower classes. Europeans aggressively culled the lower classes for almost 1000 years, as did the Chinese and Japanese, both through manorialism and aggressive hanging. Between Neotonic reproduction and culling of the underclasses some groups are ‘more evolved’ than others. However, this means that almost all groups can ‘domesticate their populations and develop advanced societies if they are able to use policy to reduce underclass rates of reproduction below the replacement level.


[G]enetic Reservoir: because we can adapt very rapidly by reproductive selection for different environments, different political hierarchies, and different gender traits, humans can adapt to nearly any circumstance within a few generations by modifying little more than status associated with particular traits. So our current gene pools provide a deep reservoir of reproductive adaptability.


[E]thnocentricity and homogenous polities under rule of law by natural law and market government will provide the optimum returns for any and every people. There is no comparison whatsoever. The only problem is reversing asymmetric reproduction between the classes which forces us into continuous devolution by regression to the mean.

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