Year: 2021

  • Is There Purpose Or Meaning

    1) There is no purpose (intentional objective), or function (intentional process), to the universe, but there exists a rather obvious behavior (unintentional process), with deterministic sequence of beginning, maturity, and end. 2) We discover meaning (success, justi?cation, mindfulness) by successfully understanding, acting, and organizing our adaptation to and bene?t from that rather obvious behavior during the course of our lives. […]

  • Thoughts on the future of intersexual relations

    I try to avoid naturalistic fallacies. Mankind is hyper-adaptive and adapts to natural pressures like all other creatures. There are only three conditions under which women choose spinsterhood, single motherhood, and monogamy over polygamy, and we haven’t been able to have them choose the single motherhood option before and survive. Those three ‘odd’ conditions are created by an artificial scarcity […]

  • Periodic Table of the Speech: The Grammars

    THUMBNAIL   PDF FORMAT Periodic Table of Speech EXCEL XLSX FORMAT Periodic Table of Speech

  • Integrating Your Foreign Family Name Into Anglo Germanic Western Civilization.

    All immigrants into western civilization have traditionally changed the spelling of their last names to use the sounds available in the English (west germanic) language. Example: Vientamies Nguyen = from ng’When, to G’When, to H’when to “When”. English (Indo European languages altogether) use emphasis (volume), do not use tones, and English has dropped all nasal and glottal sounds because we […]

  • Let’s Solve The Problem Of Russian vs Western Conflict with the Simple Truth

    Alexander is clearly avoiding the underlying truth to paint Russian aggression in the most positive light. (a) The Russian government had spent years taking over the banking system, hollowing out the Ukrainian government and the military, and buying both the president, the elections, and everyone else possible in order to weaken Ukraine for a Russian takeover. (b) The Donbas […]

  • Alexander Mercouris

      Alex. Resident of Ukraine. Experience in Intel. Experience in the Maydan revolt. Experience with Pravy Sector and Azov. Experience in training volunteers. Experience with transport and supply of volunteers. Direct interviews with combatants. Direct knowledge of identification of bodies. So yes, it was a genuine popular movement. Yes we wanted to follow Poland into prosperity. Yes we wanted to […]

  • Another Sick Attempt To Justify Islamic Expansion over Secular Civilization

    ANOTHER ISLAMIC APOLOGIST TRIES TO UNDERMINE SECULAR GOVERNMENT Learn from this argument: 1. What is a Religion? 2. What Does Secular Mean? 3. Why is the Constitution Scientific AND Sacred.   CORRECT ANSWERS: RELIGION: A religion consists of a set of Myths, Rituals, and False Promises of freedom from the laws of nature (Fraud), by repetition and social construction, that […]

  • The science says what the perfect govt consists of.

    THE SCIENCE SAYS: (1) Rule of Law by the Natural, Common Law of Self Determination by Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, and Markets in association, reproduction, production, commons and polities at the cost of suppression of the reproduction of those unfit for those markets (2) Monarch as Judge of Last Resort, Outside the law in the restoration of rule of law […]

  • Bernardo Kastrup is Embarassing

      OMG it’s embarassing. Bernard Kastrup is almost as bad as Rupert Sheldon. Look, your nerves and neurons do one thing: measure variations with pulses. Your nervous system runs a competition (economy, war) for internal consistency and external correspondence over time between those millions of pulses. This is why despite what (rather sophomoric) philosophers have argued, the camera obscura, and […]

  • I can’t think of a single reason for Russia and China NOT to act (at about the same time).

    Ukraine is my adopted home, and I favor Ukrainian independence and joining of the European community so that Ukraine follows Poland, and ends being the only poor white Christian country in Europe. But there is nothing that can stop Russia in a land war expansion. There is every strategic reason for Russia to at least capture the Don basin, and […]

  • Notes on “Why Men Are Walking Away From Modern Women”

        NOTES: 1) Humor: I’ve had the first Russian thing played on me so many times by my Russian (Ukrainian) significant others. They don’t necessarily expect you to deliver. It’s just a game. They can blame their inability to pay on their men. lol So that when you really do deliver (in my case, I go for shoes and […]

  • Why the Medieval Jews Were Prosecuted in England and Elsewhere

      I think what’s missing is the following causes: (a) The interest rate jews charged (300%) (b) Specializing in tax collection and high-interest debt to pay taxes (c) the profitability of driving people into debt, seizing their assets, and reselling them to cover the debt, and more. (d) Thus the prohibition on Jews owning property, thereby preventing the malincentive of […]

  • Is P-Law Arcane? Maybe: The Steps of Learning P-Law in Simple Terms 😉

    I’ve been trying to clearly articulate the relationship between cycles in the neural economy, novelty-seeking within it, attention-seeking, self-‘busying’, responsibility, and mindfulness. In particular, the problem the simple folk have with self-busying vs attention. I want (as always) to produce an operational (physical, intuitionistic, classical) explanation of how physical biology produces differences in behavior, and how that behavior manifests across […]

  • Notes on Burja’s Interview with Razib Khan: Lost Civilizations

      NOTES: 1) Feast celebrations produce a promise of non-aggression. Temples produce a space of non-aggression (sacred). Religions produce a promise of non-aggression (habits, norms, traditions that prevent conflict and retaliation cycles). Habits of non-aggression produce mindfulness under high population density, the division of labor, and the hierarchy, classes, anonymity, and alienation that results. It is rational for archaeologists to […]

  • A Counter To False Equivalency (Relativism) and Conflation of “Woke” and “Americanism”

    RE:   1) DISAMBIGUATION RELIGION: Assertion: Religion requires a false promise of freedom from the four categorical laws of nature i) physical, ii) behavioral iii) evolutionary, and iv) formal laws (logics with which we explain the first three), in exchange for internal (group) non-aggression, producing mindfulness in submission at the cost of non-adaptation. The constant is submission and devotion. And […]

  • Counter Argument in Support of Putin

    COUNTER-ARGUMENT: Putin is playing a strategic long game. That game is waiting out the collapse of the USA’s global power and influence, and by consequence the influence of Western Powers, and then restoring Russian self-determination, security, economy, and world power status, while at the same time preventing the spread of ‘decadence’ (postmodernism, anti-male-feminism, pc-woke, and racial hatred) into Russia. This […]

  • What Determines the Rate of Evolutionary Computation of A Group?

    WHAT DETERMINES THE RATE OF EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION OF A GROUP? This is the hierarchy of factors of increasing the rate of the possibility of evolutionary computation. Evolutionary Computation Male-Female (maximum axis of evolutionary computation) Sexual Dimorphism (Degree of sex Differences) Neoteny (Generation(Race) by isolation and speciation) Class (Genetic Load) Conscientiousness (Neurological maturity) Intelligence (Neurological quality) Civilzational, National, Group Capital Where […]

  • human hyper-adaptability

    I’ve written a bit on human hyper-adaptability that’s limited our perception of race differences. Speciation is determined by morphological differences that cause reproductive bias, in pursuit of whatever fitness signals are produced by the species. Any species reaching our level of phenotypic and neotenic differentiation wouldn’t normally interbreed. But human males stick their d–ks in every animal on the planet, […]

  • A religion doesn’t require the supernatural

    SAM HARRIS: A religion doesn’t require the supernatural, it requires a false promise (fraud) of freedom from the formal, physical, behavioral, and or evolutionary laws, using the four means of narrative deception: occult-to-theology, sophistry-to-idealism, magic-to-pseudoscience, or ordinary fraud and denial, in exchange for the conduct of social warfare against ‘others’. It’s the cheapest means of warfare available to humans. And […]


    DEFINITION: Information: anything that will cause, maintain, or change state. Examples: Variable (value) Speech (meaning) Force (physical) Energy (electromagnetic) Spin (quantum) DEFINITION: Causal Chain, (State Machine, Markov Chain): a sequence of possibilities (potentials, permutations, choices) of operations (transformations) of state (organization, stable relations), by change (addition) of information (potential to cause change in state). DEFINITION: Organization: information producing a persistent […]

  • More on Free Will

    MORE ON FREE WILL Free Will is a moral and legal term not a scientific one, and trying to apply it to the sciences without understanding it’s meaning is the source of confusion and endless sophistry. Free Will is a moral and legal term meaning, that at the scale of human action, given human knowledge and incentives, we possess the […]

  • The Pricelessness of A Monarchy

    THE PRICELESSNESS OF A MONARCHY Unfortunately, british nitwits have too limited a comprehension of the British invention of rule of law, the modern state, the empirical, agrarian, commercial, financial,industrial revolutions to understand the priceless value of a monarchy, which they abuse daily out of marxist envy.

  • How Did the Enemy Undermine Our Women?

    HOW DID THE ENEMY UNDERMINE OUR WOMEN? Female empathy for children evolved to help them understand the children so that they can CORRECT them by preventing maladaption.But combined with female intuition to avoid all costs, woke-bolshevism encouraged women to do nothing to prevent maladaption, instead to encourage it. Evolution’s price of our continuous rapid discovery, innovation, adaptation, and evolution, was […]

  • Ternary Logic of Political Cooperation

    TERNARY LOGIC OF POLITICAL COOPERATION Totalitarianism: Failure Masculine Competition: Extension of decidability beyond demonstrated interests Overconfidence: ^ ……………………….| + FORCE: Fascism: Maximization: Masculine Competition(Military) = TRADE: Contractualism: Maximization: Neutral Cooperation(Law) -> Anarchism: Failure of Neutral Cooperation: Extension of cooperation beyond the incentive to reciprocate. – SEDUCTION: Socialism: Maximization: Feminine Social(Church) ……………………….| Overconfidence: v Communism: Failure Feminine Social: Extension of empathy beyond local knowledge of […]

  • The More Feminine the Brain…

    S0 the more feminine the brain(empathizing), the more feminine the mind empathizing(solipsistic), the more neurotic the emotions, the more feeling of inferiority, the more feeling of being out of control, the greater the demand for religiosity, magical thinking, escape of costs.