11 June


DEFINITION: JUSTICE: the definition is possible: restitution of reciprocity within the limits of proportionality, where reciprocity determines the limit of cooperation before retaliation against the actor, and the limit of …

10 June

The Evil Turn of Political Strategies

Female: Consumption-Empathizing -vs- Male: Capitalizing-Producing. —@curtdoolittle Weaponized Consumption – communism Weaponized Empathizing – socialism Weaponized Capitalizing – fascism Weaponized Producing – oligarchy/corporatism/globalism Without Natural Law Reciprocity these strategies, intended to …

09 June

Against Defense of Wokeism

1) FALSE: Unfortunately you’re either wrong, or making excuses for the harm it’s doing – and frustratingly – because you are using your own justificationary reasoning without doing the necessary …

09 June

Welcome to The Great Filter.

Welcome to The Great Filter. by Elevate Thy Gaze @elevatethygaze THREAD 1/ Millennia of suffering and soft-eugenic selection finally produce a gene pool and associated population of sufficient number, intellect, …

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