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Africa (none), Islam – India (Social), China – Russia (political), Germanic West – Mediterranean West (judicial-market)

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Imagine two sculptors, one building up his work with clay by hand, and one removing from stone with a chisel. The sculptor with clay works by adding clay – uses the positive – or the via positiva. And the sculptor carving away stone by subtracting – uses the negative – or the via negativa.

We learn by the competition between imagining, thinking, arguing, discussing with the via positiva, versus discussing, arguing, acting, observing, comparing the consequences with the via negativa. ??The inner world builds with clay of imagination, and the outer world carves away at it with experience of existence.

Our brains evolved to detect constant relations, contingent relations, and inconstant or non relations between states – were states consist in the range of sensations, perceptions, experiences, states, episodes, models, and simulations.??This ability to detect constant, contingent, inconstant, and non-relations is what we refer to as the logical facility of human beings. All human consciousness, cognition, imagination, thought, reason, calculation, and computation, is dependent upon vast numbers of groups of neurons detecting the degree of relation.??So our brains work by creating a model of the world, imagining a future state of it, testing it mentally, verbally, physically, and that competition between imagination and test is mediated by our logical facility.??The physical universe doesn’t have this choice. Only we have choice. The universe cannot imagine or predict, it only seizes the first local opportunity to advance entropy by dissipating energy. ??Humans have choice. Because we have memory, and because we can predict using that memory, we can envision futures so that we can choose, and choose to maximize the seizure of opportunities to CONCENTRATE energy. Life exists because it takes advantage of entropy to defeat entropy.??But that said, humans are just extensions of the universe, that, because of a hierarchy of subatomic geometry, then particles, elements, molecules, extremely complex molecules, cells, and organs, each of which captures energy faster than it dissipates energy, manages to provide us with the ability use our memory, prediction, auto-association and imagination, to capture enough energy to pay for our big expensive brains.

The primary value of these big brains is to allow us to cooperate. Cooperation is disproportionately rewarding. There isn’t really any comparison – especially over time.

When we create reciprocally, we share the benefits of cooperation. But while we can cooperate, we can also free ride, cheat, or prey upon others instead of cooperate. So reciprocity functions as the logic of cooperation. It tests for the consistency of energy between, just as the human logical facility tests for the constancy, contingency, inconstancy, or non-constancy of relations.??The only reason to cooperate is if cooperation is reciprocal – cumulatively mutually more beneficial than all other available opportunities for cooperation.

Likewise cooperation is so beneficial and free riding, cheating, parasitism, and predation so costly, that we instinctually pay the high cost of punishing those who free ride, cheat, engage in parasitism or predation to protect the incentive and returns on cooperation. ??We test others by tests of reciprocity – cooperative consistency, just as we test all logics by logical consistency. Because there is no difference between logic and logic of cooperation – they provide the same function. If they don’t boycott us, free ride, cheat, engage in parasitism, or predation, then they are functioning in concert with the physical laws of the universe in the defeat of entropy – they are doing it over time by choice – choice available to humans, by virtue of the multiple returns on taking advantage of entropy using our memories, minds, and ability to cooperate – instead of doing it in time, without choice, as occurs in the physical world between particles, elements, molecules, and so on.??So we learn by ?? …. ( … ) ….???(VIA POSITIVA SEQUENCE OF EPISTEMOLOGY???)






  1. Adversarial Calculation physical

  2. Ordinal Calculation Rational

  3. Cardinal Calculation logical

Social <—— Juridical ——> Political

Error of Justification over Adversarialism.

1) Reciprocity is demonstrably universal by rationally, logically, and empirically. This is a via-negativa prohibition.

2) The criteria for reciprocity in any given condition varies given the portfolio of existing traditional, cultural, normative, ethical, moral, legal and institutional changes.

3) Within these portfolios all actions are decidable (and are decided) by reciprocity.

4) As such as with laws, a set of norms, matters, ethics, morals evolve as rules of thumb covering the majority of cases and questions.

5) Individuals and groups can be educated in the method of determining reciprocity within these local portfolios as well as any other portfolio they can gain sufficient general knowledge of to explain.

6) Because we begin in ignorance, and grow and learn more about the world we first imitate simple rules, come to understand general rules, and eventually in later age, come to undrestand outcomes and handle exceptions.

7) And we increasingly rely on adversarial competition in markets to test our ideas, and adversarial competition before more knowledgable ‘judges and juries’ for resolution of differences (errors, biases, deceits).

8) Some portfolios evolve to diverge from reciprocity. This does not alter the demand for reciprocity. It generates demand for the rebalancing of the portfolio so that it consist of a collection of interdependent demands for reciprocity rather than irreciprocity.

Some portfolios are temporally disadvantageous but cumulatively advantageous, (western) some are temporally advantageous but cumulatively stagnating (east asian) and some are temporally advantageous but cumulatively disastrous and (jewish), some are temporally advantageous and cumulatively catastrophic (muslim).

Some create capital rapidly and expand capital externally (european). Some create limited capital slowly and expand capital externally (chinese). Some create capital at the expense of others (jewish). Some consume capital at the expense of others (muslim).

Justificationism was false. Falsificationism was only half of the story. It’s western Adversarialism that discovered and maintained truth in all walks of life.

There is a universal via negativa. Anything that is not irreciprocal within the local portfolio of manners, ethics morals, norms, laws, traditions is ethical and moral.

When conflicts occur across portfolios they are easily decided by reciprocity independent of the local portfolios of manners, ethics morals norms laws traditions.

Virtues consist of cultivating knowledge and habits that (a) suppress impulse the exports costs in favor of excellence (bearing costs), (a) minimize chances of irreciprocity, (b) bias our cost neutral decisions to the benefit the commons rather than the self.

As such, just as some virtues are true and false to their pretense, some are true and false in combination with others.

And we can only test whether virtues are true by adversarialism: competition.

Worse, virtue signaling in and over itself is the most hyper consumptive of false virtues.


11 – The most rapid means by which man can organize the suppression of parasitism is by defining property rights as all demonstrated property, and creating a court of universal standing under the common law, under the rule of law before a jury of his peers – since any innovation in parasitism is suppressed by the creation of a new prohibition with the first suit adjudicated. (Common, organically evolutionary law most rapidly prevents expansion of demonstrated parasitic opportunities.)

12 – A market for goods and services produces consumables, but a market for commons produces non-consumables. Non-consumable goods that provide utility whether those goods be privately constructed (use by private shareholders only) or publicly constructed (use by all citizen-shareholders). Commons (whether physical, normative or institutional) provide a disproportionate return to shareholders by preventing consumption and preserving utility.

13 – Majority rule is a sufficient means of decision making for small homogenous groups who must select priorities to achieve using limited resources. Majority rule is insufficient means of decision making for large heterogeneous groups with conflicting preferences. In heterogeneous groups monopoly rule by majority rule, is merely a vehicle for justifying thefts. Homogenous groups may need to select priorities among desirable ends, but because heterogeneous groups have incompatible ends, heterogeneous groups need means of cooperation on means despite incompatible ends: agreements by which difference can be mitigated through mutually beneficial exchanges. As such the purpose of government is the construction of commons by creating a market for the contractual production of commons.

14 – Moral, and therefore non-parasitic, agreements between parties that are productive, fully informed, voluntary, and warrantied need no assent (approval) from third parties. Instead, all such agreements need only refrain from externalities: the imposition of costs on the property-en-toto of third parties. As such, in any market for the production of commons, assent is not necessary for the construction of exchanges between classes with differing interests. Instead such contracts must only survive criticism: adjudication. As such anyone can sue to invalidate a contract. But no one’s approval is necessary for such contracts. As such the construction of commons requires not ascent. Instead, the prevention of a contract requires dissent that survives adjudication.

15 – Division of Cognitive Labor– moral specialization and therefore moral blindness – exchanges as a means of calculation by trades of cooperation between specialists.

16 – The Family-Regulation of Reproduction–

17 – Division of Houses by Cognitive Labor —

13 – A condition of both interpersonal morality both forces all human action necessary for man’s survival into productive participation in the market by denying parasitism, and reduces or eliminates transaction costs (frictions due to risk), which in turn maximizes the potential economic velocity of the group.

14 – A condition of liberty is constructed when all men, including those who participate in the construction of commons – members of the government – are equally bound by the prohibition on parasitism: the common law against parasitism. (Morality is a synonym for non-parasitism. Liberty is a synonym for a moral – meaning non-parasitic – government.)

15 – If one does not engage in parasitism by doing so, the forcible increase of the suppression of others’ free riding is always by definition moral and just. This increases the possibilities of prosperity for all men. (Legal colonialism is moral. Economic colonialism is not.) (Aristocracy is obliged to increase the pool of aristocratic people whenever possible, and affordable.)

There is no competitive strategy greater than the suppression of parasitism in all it’s forms. Because all human effort is limited to the market for productive ends, and all market activity is conducted under the lowest possible speculative friction.

The optimum group evolutionary strategy is to suppress all parasitism, while constantly driving up it’s intelligence by suppressing the reproduction of its lower classes (non performers). This causes no harm, and produces the greatest and longest term competitive benefit.)

If many groups follow this strategy, the largest group with the highest median IQ and aggression (competitive energy) will produce the most innovation. Anti parasitism is eugenic, and parasitism is dysgenic.

Some groups cannot compete. So they will continue to act as parasites. (Gypsies).

The western canon consists of the study of Adversarialism: Truth(Science), Law, Politics, Economics, and War. That’s my ambition for the Propertarian Institute.
The postwar doctrine consists in the eradication of Adversarialism – because women can’t compete. Without grasping that it is the foundation of our civilization.
So we have replaced truthful Adversarialism with dishonest, sophomoric, and pseudoscientific feminine undermining.
Why? Sexual Genetics: Truth and Systems Vs Approval and Experiences.
Adversarialism: truth seeking,?Discourse: consensus seeking,?Undermining: deception seeking.

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