The Different Conflict Strategies of Different Cultures

  • Sun Tzu is the first philosopher of china. His message is to avoid conflict by use of delay and deceive until you can seize an opportunity in your opponent’s moment of weakness. (strong but beset by many enemies)
  • The Aryan strategy is to resolve conflicts early and quickly so that they cannot be seized in a moment of weakness. (strong but small in number)
  • the jewish strategy is to use suggestion to create moral hazard, and then seize the weakness once it (deterministically) occurs. ( weak and necessarily parasitic)
  • The russian strategy is to exaggerate moral hazard, as an excuse to accumulate defenses, then seize territory in a moment of weakness. (strong, beset by many enemies, but not trusting of each other or leadership)
  • the muslim strategy is to wear down the weak and overwhelm them in their moment of greatest weakness. ( poor, disorganized, untrusting, but large in number)
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