Explaining The Conflict of Our Age

Why Western High Trust?

Why Western High Trust? Western Civilization’s Institutionalization of the Production Agency: Individual Sovereignty, Reciprocity,Truth-before-Face, Adversarial Justice,Rule of Law of Natural Law, resulting markets in every aspect of life,Insured by a militia of every able bodied man: Natural Selection.

That’s why Westerners were, as distribution (a) demographically superior, (b) culturally superior, (c) institutionally superior, (d) economically, financially, scientifically, medically, technologically, intellectually superior.

Why? Adversarialism: Continuing Natural Selection.
Markets in Everything Cause Eugenics in Everything:
Genetics, Institutions, Traditions, and Knowledge.
And A Universal Militia Grants Sovereignty, Rule of Law, Status
Dragging The Entire Population Upward. 

(-) Unfit:Dysgenic <- Evolution -> Fit:Eugenic (+)

And that is the problem of the 20th and 21st centuries. We allowed the immigration of people unequally evolved genetically, culturally, institutionally, and informationally, and as such, unfit to participate in the suite of markets that constitute a eugenic civilization.

So if you are Unfit for Natural Selection, then Leave. Because you destroyed the last European civilization and created a dark age of ignorance, poverty, and disease. And so fool us once, that’s shame on you. But you will not fool us twice.

Welcome to the second reconquest of European civilization.

Revolution comes.

The European Group Strategy

1 – All civilizations produce a group strategy, a mythology, a method of argument to advance them, and institutions of intergenerational transfer to persist them. Classes and sexes produce variations on them. All civilizations appear to have produced them in the Axial Age (recovering from the bronze age collapse), and anchored at that point, and cannot evolve without crisis, or change without conquest.

2 – Europeans for accidental geographic reasons developed truthful testimony (military reporting) as a norm, sovereignty and reciprocity, heroism and duty, excellence and beauty, as a group strategy – and metalworking and martial conquest as the high ranking positions. The Smith and the Demon. The Faust Myth. These are our founding mythos. With cunning and technology we can outwit the dark forces of man, gods, demons, and nature.

This is the male group strategy. I call this strategy Aristotelianism (elitism) but it is far older, and the property term, Aryanism, meaning European branch of the Indo Europeans, is unfashionable.

… this strategy produces the optimum adaptation of man because of the highest correspondence to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

… With this strategy, in a few centuries in the bronze age (indo european expansion) a few centuries in the iron age (mediterranean expansion) and a few centuries in the modern steel age ( north sea expansion), europeans dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, hard labor, poverty. starvation, disease, suffering, early mortality, endemic warfare, and victimization by nature.

We do not need to be first but fastest. The question is, why all other civilizations failed to discover continuous adaptation, and instead, stagnated, or collapsed. The answer is rather obvious: the human want of stability and his hatred of adversarial markets, and the inability to shrink the underclass so that a majority genetic middle can form, or as in the case of the Hindus and Chinese, and less so the Europeans, an elite caste can form.

3 – The Full Explanation of that European Strategy is:

1 – A Universal Militia Regardless of Cost
2 – Excellence and Heroism Regardless of Cost
3 – Duty and Commons Regardless of Cost
4 – Truth and Oath Regardless of Cost
5 – Promise and Contract Regardless of Cost
6 – Sovereignty and Reciprocity Regardless of Cost
7 – The Natural Law and Jury Regardless of Cost
8 – Wherein every man a soldier, sheriff, judge, and his own legislator, of his own demonstrated interests.
9 – And as a result – the only possibility for social organization is Voluntary Markets in:
.. – association
.. .. – cooperation
.. .. .. – production
.. .. .. .. – reproduction
.. .. .. .. .. – commons
.. .. .. .. .. .. – polities
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. – war.
10 – Together producing the fastest possible means of human adaptation to circumstances;
11 – Including the continuous evolutionary production of Human Agency (human capital);
12 – By the domestication of man by market eugenics,
13 – And as a result, the direction of surpluses to the production of commons, and the multiples of returns produced therefrom;
14 – Including the unique high trust society;
15 – And the informational, scientific, technological, medical, economic, social, political, and military benefits therefrom.
16 – Yielding a genetic distribution free of the burden of underclass consumption, and the costs of their organization, administration, and care.


The Jewish Group Strategy

(a) Preservation of separatism (non integration) (Tribalism)
(b) Evasion of payment for the cost of the commons (manners, ethics, morals, traditions, institutions, common property) (Free Riding);
(c) Pro?t from baiting into hazard (usury, alcohol, prostitution, slave trading, gambling, organized crime); (Parasitism)
(d) Profiting from (Undermining)
(e) Specializing in use of the state against the people (tax collection, money changing)(Corruption)
(f) Investing assets from these criminal activities into rent-seeking (non productive parasitic returns) (Rent Seeking);
(g) Undermining Moral and Ethical Markets and Trade: Slowly migrating capital into mixed criminal, black market, grey market, and open market industries (Undermining Markets)
(h) Undermining the information system (Propaganda)
(i) Undermining the state, the law, their knowledge, their traditions, their culture, the institutions, and their norms in order to convert the state from suppression of local rents to maximization of rents (Undermining Political Cohesion).

The Jewish Technique

—“You often say “bait into hazard”, any chance you could explain that in more depth? I don’t really get what you mean. Are you talking about moral hazard in economics? And what’s the baiting?”—

[I]t’s short for the Abrahamic (Jewish, Muslim, Semitic, Cognitively-Female) technique of undermining host civilizations (groups):

“Using False Promise, Baiting Into Hazard, Advocated by Pilpul, Defended by Critique, Escaping Liability and Warranty, by Plausible Deniability, Despite Deliberate Failure of Due Diligence, And Deliberate Evasion of Warranty, Given the Asymmetry of Knowledge, the Presence of Malincentives by both Agent(s) and Victim(s), And Pursued for the Purpose of Attention, Reward (profit), Influence(power), Undermining (Power), of the Trust and Cooperation, of a Population in Normal Distribution, Thereby Generating accelerating Cycles of Internal Conflict, Generating Demand for Authority to Control by the Hazard Maker.”

That paragraph may require multiple reads, so that you follow the full sequence. It is the genetic conflict strategy of females who must manage children by half truths, compete and cooperate with other women by half truths, and influence or undermine the dominance hierarchy of men with half truths, using the suite of disapproval, ridicule, shaming, scolding, psychologizing, moralizing, gossiping, rallying, and if necessary psychotic episodes (female version of anti-social behavior) to obtain her interests – because she cannot otherwise compete by production, trade, knowledge, argument, or violence.

Males fight to the point of compliance with position in the hierarchy (duty and loyalty), while females undermine to the point of ostracization or death (submission, destruction). This strategy is universal among primates as well as most mammals capable of social organization.

Semitic Civilization and its institutionalization of the female means of conflict, is the antithesis of European, Indian and Eastern civilization: it is the source of the last Semitic Dark Age of superstition, ignorance, and denial by Judaism to undermine, Christianity to weaken, and Islam to consume and destroy. And it’s the same technique used to bring about the second Semitic Dark Age – this time of Pseudoscience (including economic innumeracy) and Sophism in the forms of Jewish Marxism to instigate conflcit between the classes, Jewish Postmodernism cause conflict by undermining conformity to high trust norms, Jewish Denialism that we call Political Correctness to deny truth, all under the false promise that equality – ever desirous of the female given her demand for consumption – is possible. When the entire point of jewish cosmopolitan universalism in this age, like jewish supernatural universalism in the last, is merely to undermine the aristocratic civilizations that by use of truth, contract, markets, heroism, excellence, and eugenics, dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of a nature all but deliberately hostile to man.

Evolution provided women with verbal means of warfare just like it provided men with physical means of warfare. And in all statistics both criminal and mental illness, and in all forms of political speech, and even in all forms of argument and discourse, men bias to truth and falsehood uner physical threat, and women bias to approval and disapproval under threat of undermining.

Men are Political and Military super predators but Women are Social and Political super predators. This is the reason for women’s disenfranchisement from political participation in history, and the reason for women’s historical reputation as the root of all evil “discord”.  Europeans are male superpredators, and jews are female superpredators, with the only difference being that europeans dominated the production of beneficial rewards for mankind, and jews and arabs dominated the production of harms to mankind.

Now let’s try to work through a few more definitions.

A hazard refers to a circumstance that has the potential to cause harm to a vulnerable target, that lacking knowledge, and-or, having incentives, that might bait him into harm. i.e. Something as simple as an area prone to flooding, or landslides. In Washington State there are old coal mines in the mountains that periodically collapse internally, creating voids in the surface, you can fall into and die – swallowed by the earth.

Any condition where an asymmetry of knowledge (ignorance) can lead another person to harm. i.e. earthquake, landslide, hurricane and tsunami; a barrel of toxic chemicals; powered construction equipment. A ditch or foundation that may cave in on workers.

A failure of due diligence in defending others against a hazard you are either aware of or have created. i.e. a failure to cover a well-hole that a child can fall into. Old but common one: refrigerators with locking doors left at junkyards with the door on, so that children can get inside, suffocate, or starve, and die.

When a party with more information about its actions or intentions has a tendency or incentive to behave against the interests of the other party with less information.  Usury, Prostitution, and Drugs are the most common moral hazards. The most common topic on law involves insurance schemes, where one is incentivized to commit arson or murder simply because one has insurance on the building or person.

That should cover Hazard. Now let’s deal with False Promise:

The most common type are psychological false promises: Life after death as Freedom from Death, followed by freedom from knowledge of one’s value to others: Marxism as Freedom from Competition for Production in the Market between Classes, Feminism as freedom from the compromise between the genders, Postmodernism as freedom from  sexual, social, economic, political, and military market value, freedom from paying the costs of conformity to high trust norms, traditions, institutions, and laws, and even freedom from Truth, Reason, and Science.

Using sophism and overloading to make excuses that convince you (sell you), baiting you into the hazard. Where sophism is a fallacious argument used deliberately to deceive. Among the sophisms are the ‘big lies” that involve the three techniques of constructing big lies that we call Fictionalisms: Magic to Pseudoscience, Surrealism to Idealism, Supernatural to Theological.

Using undermining and sophism and decets – particularly straw man false arguments – to undermine your due diligence or falsify the experience and evidence.

Using numbers of people, propaganda, information, symbols to overload your reason and cause you to fall prey to false promise, pilpul and critique so that our primary means of defense from falsehood – competition in a market for information with others who might disagree – is impossible.


If I suggest you might win at gambling (you can’t), that’s baiting you into hazard. If I entice you into buying drugs, i’m baiting you in to a hazard, since addiction is a spiral.

If I offer you a loan to get what you want under impulse or duress, but I can extract interest from you, and then seize your property in restitution.

If I promise you equality or socialism when it’s genetics that cause our differences, and you act to destroy your civilization, then that’s all baiting into hazard.

if I promise you salvation in heaven if you rebel against the government that is trying to create order and prosperity over the next few decades, that is baiting you into a hazard.

In other words, you are entering into a voluntary exchange that is not in your interests, simply because for whatever reason you are vulnerable to the trap – because you TRUST but your ability to FALSIFY has been undermined through a technique we call “suggestion and overloading”.  Suggestion and Overloading force you to appeal to intuition and emotion despite  your reason. So just as you can be overwhelmed by too much information or too much stimulation or too much excitement or fear, you can be overloaded for the purpose of deceiving you intentionally.

In the case of western civilization, our high trust society is most vulnerable to the Jewish, and Muslim Semitic and Cognitive Female means of undermining precisely because our civilization’s history, traditions, institutions, and laws consist of markets that guarantee sovereignty and choice, under the presumption that those who make poor decisions will learn from them. Unfortunately, false promises that it is possible to defeat physical (material) and natural (behavioral) laws of nature, that can be cast as oppression by the (Parental, Paternal) aristocracy, and therefore escaped – when they cannot be except by equality in devolution into dysgenia, ignorance, superstition, pseudoscience, and poverty.

Only European males developed Heroism and Excellence, Promise and Contract, Truth and Oath, Sovereignty and Reciprocity, Natural law and Jury, and the resulting Markets in association, cooperation, reproduction, production, polities, and War.

We are the only people sufficiently masculine on earth to speak truth before face regardless of cost, and to force this martial testimony down into every layer of the population other than the underclasses. And until the Jewish Postwar Invasion even our women largely spoke truthfully.

How do we reverse this second Jewish Dark age?  By extending the prohibition on hazardous speech from commercial to  financial, economic, political, strategic, and scientific speech, thereby holding every issue of speech in public to the public on matters public involuntarily warrantied, and involuntarily liable, and where we prosecute with vigor those who make false promises that bait into hazard.

“Sovereign” means that every man is his own country own legislature and own army, limited only by natural law – do not impose costs upon others that would cause them to retaliate against you for your actions – intentional or not.

The Full Definition of The Jewish Technique

Nov 15, 2019, 11:44 AM

Civilizational Destruction from Within;
Instigating Construction of Internal Spirals of Capital Rivalry, Consumption, Destruction;
Baiting into Hazard (certain risk);
Those who are ignorant, or lack agency;
By use of False Promise (circumvention of reality);
Under the persuasion by Sophism (pilpul);
Justified by Critique (lie, criticism, straw-manning)
Under the cover of Moral Pretense (lie);
Under the cover of Plausible Deniability (lie);
For the purpose of profiting (by harm)
From the consumption of accumulated capital (undermining):
… truth, reason, delay of gratification, manners, ethics, morals, traditions, cooperation between classes, organization of the classes,
By not specializing in,
… The production of innovation in goods services information, both private and common
… Warrantied
By Specialization in fields permitting Export of Risk
And Absent Warranty
… Gossip for Undermining (Entertainment, Media, News, Opinion)
… Informational Destruction (Academy)
… Government (Facilitation of Conflict)
… Legislation (Undermining by, Facilitation of Conflict, Facilitating Dissolution of norms, traditions, manners, ethics morals, Parasitism, Capital exhaustion)
… Rent-Seeking (special interests)
… Corruption (influence)
… Undermining the law (specialization in undermining the constitution via the courts)
… Law (specialization in coercion)
… Finance (Parasitism and entrapment)
… Tax and accounting (evasion)
… Marketing and Advertising (scams and undermining)
… Sales Scams
… Commercial Trade in Scams physical, service, and informational
… Black Market Goods, services, and Information.
… Check Cashing
… Loan Sharking
… Gambling
… Pornography
… Prostitution
… Drug Dealing
… creating conflict,
… destroying trust,
… generating demand for restitution
… generating demand for authority,
An authority that recursively issues another iteration of
… false promise,
… baiting into hazard
Causing a Continuous Conflict Spiral
And Tragedy of the Commons (Conflict for consumption)
until all accumulated assets:
… genetic,
… cultural,
… normative,
… artistic,
… economic,
… institutional and
… political;
have been consumed;
by the conflict between classes and interests
and by the expansion of the underclasses;
whose numbers, invasion, reproduction, consumption, agitation, had been previously limited by;
… productivity, property, market, law, and natural aristocracy;
… And the surplus proceeds from production devoted to the production of commons;
… Providing the asymmetric returns on those commons.

Our Conflict

1) The reason for our civilizational conflict is that no one either knows, or knows how, to speak the truth, and in doing so, provide the people with understanding.

What is that truth?

2) East and West evolved while the rest stagnated or declined, because we practiced market eugenics and the rest dysgenics.

3) Your standard of living is more dependent upon the demographic distribution (eugenics) than you and your efforts.

4) Darwin explained the reason for the success of east and west, and failure of the rest.

5) The semitic civilization ‘s abrahamic religions were revolts against evolution by adopting the female means of warfare: undermining by social construction of falsehoods (gossip).

6) There are only two intellectual elites in the world, Europeans, and Half-European Ashkenazi Jews. Europeans specialize in the masculine strategy of heroism, excellence, commons, duty, reciprocity, and testimonial truth.

7) Jews, as semites, specialize in the female strategy of underming from within. They reacted to the industrial, scientific, and darwinian confirmation of male group western group strategy with a second abrahamic undermining – repeating the destruction of the ancient world.

8) Jews invented the abrahamic pseudosciences to modernize their supernatural religions in reaction to the revival of western masculine realism, as soon as they were ‘free’ to integrate again, with Freud, Boas, Marx, Gramsci-Adorno, Derridia and Friedan to undermine by deceits.

9) That method of undermining relies on baiting simple people into hazards, by the use of false promise from physical, natural, evolutionary laws, by claiming men oppressive rather than the necessity of continuing natural selection, w/ Pilpul(sophistry) and Critique (undermining)

10) … to make unwarrantable promises (bait), under pretense of innocence (undermining), and where they have plausible deniability (evasion of responsibility), while they profit from undermining (financial bating, promiscuity, prostitution, porn, gossip, media, entertainment,…

11) … academy (studies courses, psychological, social, anthropolitical pseudosciences), and using these forums to industrialize social construction (lying, religion, pseudoscience) to cast europeans as evil, despite Ashkenazi having done nothing but organized crime ….

12) … while Europeans, in five hundred years in the ancient world, and five hundred years in the modern world, dragged the entirety of mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early death, and the vicissitudes of nature.

13) The jewish use of the female technique of undermining we label Abrahamism is as advanced a method of deceit, fraud, undermining, dygenia, and civilizational destruction, as Aristotelianism is an advanced method of truth, reciprocity, eugenics, and the transcendence of man.

14) Islam is not a primitive religion. It is as advanced a method of civlizational destruction by the manufacture of ignorance, stagnation, dysgenia, and destruction as Aristotelian reason, empiricism, and science, is a means of raising man out of ignorance poverty and disease.

15) Chinese philosophers sought harmony, and failed to create reason, adversarialism, and solve the problem of politics, and pursued monopoly bureaucracy that ended empirical rule, stagnated, so while they are the oldest continuous civilization they slowed and stagnated.

16) At present it is clear that the european ancestral method of truth-before-face regardless of cost, individual sovereignty and reciprocity, adversarialism (markets in everything), tripartism, produced highest trust, maximized adaptation, avoided stagnation or decline, but …

17) … that europe was vulnerable in the ancient and modern worlds to the Abrahamic Method of Deceit. There is a market for social construction of comforting falsehoods no matter how destructive, just as there is a market for perversions, cults, drugs, crime, and undermining.

17) The question is, given the consistency of the semitic and particularly jewish method of undermining in the ancient world, and the modern, whether this feminine strategy is genetic(unconsious), cultural (unintentional), conspiracy(intentional) or all of the above.

18) Same question applies to the european masculine, heroic, transcendent, capitalizing strategy. Is it genetic, cultural, cospiratorial or all of the above? If it was conspiratorial it would be written down like islamic and jewish law. (which is what I’m doing).

19) Preliminary behavioral (female bias, limited or reversal of dimorphism), psychological(mental illness, homosexuality, female verbal ability), biological(diseases), and genetic information suggests it’s genetic. And we will know for certain within twenty years.

20) But regardless, by expanding our laws to prohibit the Abrahamic method of deceit, false promise, baiting into hazard, pilpul, critique, straw manning, and unwarrantable speech, we can suppress those behaviors in both Jews and our own females, and restore evolution – again.

21) One thing is for certain. European Men will not tolerate another dark age of semitic ignorance. I’d I’ve just given them the truth, and the understanding, necessary to prevent it.

The Enemy’s Strategy

Just as europeans use a deliberate strategy of sovereignty, reciprocity, testimonial speech, in adversarial competition, to discover the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and apply them to innovation, competition, and markets, using evidence, reason, empiricism, science, and mathematics, the enemy uses a deliberate strategy to destroy european civilization:

Baiting in to Hazard, by use of False Promise, Argued by Sophism, Under cover of Moral Pretense, Justified by Critique, for the purpose of profiting from undermining truth, reason, delay of gratification, manners, ethics, morals, traditions, cooperation between classes, organization of the classes, creating conflict, destroying trust, generating demand for authority, that recursively issues another iteration of false promise, until all accumulated genetic, cultural, normative, artistic, economic, institutional and political has been consumed by expansion of the underclasses whose reproduction had been limited by productivity, law, property, market, natural aristocracy.

The expansion of the technique invented by usury into a group strategy for the destruction of civilizations, and the reversal of human evolution, restoring man to condition of animal.

The female group strategy of undermining organizations of males that are producing eugenic civilization (quality), by the direction of proceeds of production to the production of returns on commons, at the expense of female dysgenic reproduction (quantity), and her irresistible hyperconsumption.

List the false promises of the enemy?

It’s a long list.

In the modern world alone, it’s marxism, communism socialism, cosmopolitanism, universalism, one world government, neo-marxism, postmodernism, feminism, hbd-denial, and political correctness.

Together those movements are conspiracy to western civilization, that both discovers and adheres to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and in doing so dragged mankind out of superstition, ignorance, poverty, and disease, in a few hundred years in the bronze, iron, and steel ages, is oppressive – rather than that all other civilizations are running down the opportunity-clock, have either stagnated or declined, because they have failed to discover and adhere to physical, natural, and evolutionary law.

Just as primitive man anthropomorphizes natural phenomena, creates animistic religion, and women, Jews, use the Alinsky of method of personalizing a political position, by the strategy of ‘personalize white civilization for their primitivism: a rejection of physical natural and evolutionary laws.

The Enemy

4 – The people of the middle east maintained the problem of the Hermes and the cart of lies. They were weak poor slaves or peasants who were the victims of various warrior aristocracies, and endless tribalism. They developed the strategy of undermining by social construction.This is the female group strategy. I call this strategy Abrahamism (undermining).

5 – Judaism, Christianity, Islam used the false promise of freedom from physical, natural, evolutionary law, in exchange for resistance to undermining of, and sedition against, the masculine strategy, resulting in judaism to undermine, christianity to weaken, and islam to destroy – and by that method they reversed evolution of the great civilizations and destroyed those great civilizations of the ancient world, their arts, letters, cultures, governments, religions, reducing them to ignorance, poverty, dysgenia, and collapse.

6 – They repeated this technique in the modern world, instead of using supernatural and sophomoric false promise, used pseudoscientific and sophomoric false promise with marxism to undermine european trifunctionalism, socialism to undermine rule of law, postmodernism to undermining testimonial truth, feminism to undermine the family as the central object of both policy and intergenerational transfer, HBD-denailism to undermine our long tradition of market(meritocratic) eugenics, and political correctness to undermine our use of signal and social pressure to conform to our group strategy of natural law.

7 – However, just as marxism was an underclass monopoly strategy that prohibits private goods, libertarianism is a middle class monopoly strategy that prohibits commons, and neoconservatism is a political class monopoly strategy that prohibits political goods. So what all six strategies in both ancient and modern world share is monopoly (Feminine) vs market (male) Tripartism and trifunctionalism.

8 – So whether supernatural judaism, Christianity, or islam, or pseudoscientific Neoconservatism-globalism, Librtarianism-Anarchism, or marxism-Communism with neo-marxism, postmodernism, feminism, hbd-denial, political correctness, the technique of undermining the european group strategy remains the same.

9 – The many sects of the Jewish Counter-Revolution against The Darwinian Revolution’s explanation of western success: Leftism, Neoconservatism, Libertarianism and Anarchism rely on baiting people into hazard (defeat), by use of a false promise (freedom from costs of commons), sold by the method of deception called suggestion using a half truth, argued by Pilpul (Sophism), and defended by Critique (undermining), by claiming, without warranty, the European Success achieved by adherence to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, that maintains selection pressure, limiting the reproduction of the underclasses, using the empirical evidence of adversarial markets, and as a consequence genetically pacifying, incrementally domesticating, and evolving humans into Agency, is oppression, rather than domestication of families clans and tribes so that they are fit for a high trust high growth, high trust society and the wealth that comes with it.

In other words, whether evil or unfit, these enemies of western civilization, blame white people for the universe’s physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, like they blamed the gods before us, and offer false promise of salvation from those laws if we are gone. When the painful truth is – every other civlization failed to discover physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and institutionalize them as their group strategy.

10 – It is the prevention and reversal of this defeat that I seek to correct so that I can unify libertarians, conservatives, and centrists to restore western civilization and it’s normative institutions before the enemy succeeds in creating another fall of Rome and another Dark Age.

11 – My mission is to deprive moral men of childish folly so that we can together bear arms and restore our people to the only freedom that is possible: sovereignty under a universal militia, and the natural law, in the distributed dictatorship of sovereign men, who produce sufficient violence to deny the alternatives. …. or leave behind with the primitives, those unfit to transcend into the gods we imagine.

We are in the process of the the second semitic dark age – just as the jews brought the false promises of monotheism to the empire and destroyed the institutions, religion, temples, academies, knowledge, arts, of the ancient european world, and the muslims destroyed the same of the great civilizations of the ancient world: north africa, egypt, the levant, mesopotamia, persia, northwest india, anatolia, and eventually byzantium.

That is the complete understanding of our current crisis: the war by the middle east primitives, led by their (((intellectual))) class’s verbal advantage, to destroy civlization – They are not happy to cause stagnation. They are not happy to cause decline. They are not happy to run down the clock in this brief period of geological, solar, galactic peace, in a universe increasingly evidently hostile to advanced life.

We have a choice: to continue to be the only civilization that discovers and adheres to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and raises mankind out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, child morality, and early death, or to fail like all other peoples, stagnate, and decline, because our men lacked the will to save our people, and by consequence our race, and by consequence mankind, and by consequence, our opportunity to evolve into the gods we imagined.

Their Rebellion Against The Laws of the Universe


The Left’s Big Lie: Blaming Whites for God.

—“This is brilliant. An explanation of how the left demonizes the good intent of the right.”–Jason Smith

The Enemy Left, foments rebellion by claiming, without any warranty or liability, that the European Success achieved by our discovery and adherence to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws – that maintains selection pressure, limiting the reproduction of the underclasses, using the empirical evidence of adversarial markets, and as a consequence genetically pacifying, incrementally domesticating, and evolving humans into Agency, is a form of oppression, rather than the gentle domestication of families clans and tribes into humans that are fit for a high trust, high growth, society and the prosperity that comes with it.

In other words, whether evil or unfit, these enemies of western civilization, blame white people for the universe’s physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, like they blamed the gods before us.

And they offer false promise of salvation from those laws if we are gone. When the painful truth is – every other civlization failed to discover physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and institutionalize them as their group strategy.

And that is why they stagnated, fell behind, or died at evolution’s hand.

Their Method of Civilizational Destruction

Abrahamism includes:

Judaism and Undermining -> Christianity and Submitting -> Islam and Conquering

… because analysis of any SINGLE sub-religion obscures the function of the group of abrahamic religions as a force of destruction.

Judaism to undermine, Christianity to weaken, and Islam to destroy.

Because those are the three stages of Abrahamism’s method of conquest of the aristocratic peoples by conversion and conquest of women and underclasses (those yet not ‘domesticated into agency’).

Stage 1 – Small external population (vanguard) undermines the main by straw man criticism and ridicule of the organization and its categories relations and values The purpose of Judaism is subjugation (submission). (Judaism – GOSSIP: Reputation Destruction)

Stage 2 – The population is undermined into submission by sale of a false promise – the verbal equivalent of a physical drug. The purpose of Christianity is subjugation (submission). (Christianity – FRAUD: Selling a false promise ).

Stage 3 – The major external population conquers the submitted through raiding the trade routes, immigration, conversion, and conquest and population replacement. The purpose of Islam is subjugation (submission). (Islam – FORCE).

The consequence is the reversal of civilization of the hierarchical pack and the restoration of primitivism of the equalitarian herd.

Abrahamic grammars of pilpul and critique are simply well constructed lies that through repeated use produce an addiction response, the same way that membership in (submission to) the pack or tribe produces an addiction response.

It’s a brilliant hack really.
Evil. But brilliant.

Only the west sub-Saharan Africa, and the Far East were able to resist the regression due to rates of underclass reproduction and raiding on aristocracy (Judaism), culture (Christianity), population and economy (Islam).

Understand the ancient enemy of mankind.

Fear of being Left Behind > False Promise > Sophistry > Critique > Pilpul > Supernatural.

Women are the most vulnerable because they evolved to be irrationally dependent upon the ‘cover’ of the herd. The underclass as well. the less capable classes out of utility. The middle class out of profit from it, and the upper class replaced by a priesthood (frauds) rather than a military (science).

It Is a Very Simple Process Once Understood.

How They Destroyed Our Civilization

Dec 1, 2019, 10:46 AM
Originally Posted by October 23rd, 2018 4:48 PM



1) increased the voting pool, then
2) used immigration, to sink the pool, then
3) used the sunk voting pool to stack the court (left), then
4) funding selected cases before the courts to overthrow the constitution by legislation from the bench – what could not be achieved by pursuading the population to vote.
5) Added women to the work force, then consumed all female generated taxes for redistribution, and forcibly redistributed middle class reproduction to the lower classes, underclasses, and third world immigrants.
6) Using forced integration (immigration act), and then forced relocation (johnson,clinton,obama), and then unregulated immigration to undermine the high trust norms developed over centuries.
7) This is before we address the financialization of the economy and the extraction of retirement and reproduction from the middle classes, or both spending down accumulated intergenerational capital, and borrowing against future production within the same (Boomer) generation.

1 – white single women are the only defectors from any group
2 – if women had never had the vote, we never would have had a liberal president
3 – women originally defended against marxism (male labor), but were converted by postmodernism (female labor)
4 – *white single women are the primary customers of the Postmodern Academy (pseudosciences and literature), Market Economy via Hyper Consumption of signals (70% of consumer spending), and Virtue Signaling (political) marketplaces.

Without white women exclusively defecting, none of the cultural divisiveness would have occurred, and the end of western civilization as the only high trust policy outside of east asia – and the only civil society to survive.

They followed the soviet script for moving low trust russians into baltic, eastern european and european high trust populations in order to undermine the high trust norms of europeans such that they would be obedient as Russians who had only been free of serfdom (slavery) for a generation, had no middle class, no middle class norms, and no traditions necessary for the voluntary organization of innovation, investment, production distribution and trade, thereby generating DEMAND FOR STATE CONTROL of every aspect of society.

The 14th (Federal Dominion over States)
The 15th (Race color condition – eliminating segregation)
The 17th (Senators by popular vote – eliminating state government power)
The 19th (By Sex – eliminating the male-female compromise of the meritocracy of one family one vote )
The 24th (By Poll Tax – eliminating even the lowest contribution and and property requirements)
The 26th (By 18 yrs – eliminating all life experience requirements.)


Brown v. Board of Education (1954) “Separate is not equal”
Cooper v. Aaron (1958) Holding: States cannot nullify decisions of the federal courts.
Engel v. Vitale (1962) Holding: School initiated-prayer in the public school system violates the First Amendment.
Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) Holding: Colleges and universities have a legitimate interest in promoting diversity.
New York Times v. Sullivan (1964) Holding: In order to prove libel, a public official must show that what was said against them was made with actual malice.
Zelma v. Simmons-Harris (2002) Holding: Certain school voucher programs are constitutional.


Who, on this earth, other than property owning western males, has the agency to preserve nomocracy (rule of law)? What evidence do we have that ANYONE ELSE has the agency to produce or preserve rule of law?



How Did They Exterminate You?

Mar 8, 2020, 7:57 PM

  1. Entering women into the workforce, limiting reproduction.
  2. Consuming all their income with taxes, limiting reproduction.
  3. Placing the tax burden on the middle class,Limiting reproduction.
  4. Exacerbating home prices through long term loans, limiting reproduction.
  5. Exacerbating income demands with college educations that teach nothing other than indoctrination, limiting reproduction.
  6. Fostering easy high interests credit and subsequent debt, limiting reproduction.
  7. Changing from family first policy to individual first policy.
  8. While redistributing income, government services, and tax policy to the underclasses with low quality genes with low investment parenting,
  9. Causing economic, social, cultural, and institutional decline.
  10. Then immigrating vast numbers of the underclass that europe spent millenia eliminating through harsh winters, plagues, wars, prohibition on cousin marriage, manorialism restricting access to land, and aggressive hanging of malcontents.

The Restoration of Western Civilization

The Principle Content of the New Constitution


This is a strategy of containment of the left rather than conquest. I conquest is necessary it will largely be complete by next spring since the cities cannot survive the winter.


Military, supreme court, treasury, insurer of last resort, and strategic research functions remain in the federal government.

Presidency and house are disbanded.

Senate converted to the governors of the states.

Blue cities converted to free-city city-states in the european tradition,

Senate is only capable of producing contracts of between states (treaties really) in matters of trade, all social policy is devolved to the states.

All interstate treaties must pass the court prior to enactment. And treaties must survive adversarial competition in the courts. States can form, go bankrupt, and dissolve, with just 300K people (the population of Iceland). No existing state government has ‘say’ in the new allocation of state formation.

Folded into defense is Energy (nuclear), State, Intelligence, homeland security,  international functions of Commerce, Transportation,

Unnecessary departments are immediately disbanded and all employees agreements and contracts terminated: Health and Human Services, Urban Development, Education, and Labor, All Civil Service Agencies,  all Government Commissions and Committees and Consortium, Amendment 14 Civil Rights Agencies, all Education and Broadcasting agencies, all Foreign Investment Agencies, all Labor Agencies, all Volunteerism Agencies, all Human service and community development agencies (and more), with these functions if desired, the functions of the several states.

International functions of Commerce will be folded into State (military), the domestic will be terminated.  Any objection or resistance causes termination of any and all benefits and pensions plus prohibition on public office both federal and state without appeal.

Military and State combined and pursuing Restoration of anglo civilization via military trade information alliance between Britain, America, Central Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

This will result in the largest increase in social and economic opportunity since the westward expansion, and it will force the reallocation of capital at the national level to seditious anti European immigrant cities, out to the several states, as we move from brining people to capital to bringing capital to people and using electronic communication collaboration.


Pivoting military to strategy that recognizes the era of total war, and puts military in a position to conduct total war, by mans of arms, technology, economy, politics, intelligence, and information that is independent of the domestic folly of the governors of the states.  The age of 4gw on the ground, and total war between states began decades ago and our military hasn’t reformed. It can’t reform because of both its organization and the interference of congress that depends on military expenditures for local favorites.



It nationalizes visa/mastercard network and all ATM networks (purchases a majority intersest).

It nationalizes all pension funds, and prohibits new ones.

It nationalizes the fed, all its assets, and the assets of its members as restitution and punishment for their crimes against the people.

All citizens obtain a treasury account, and treasury credit line commensurate with their income and actuarial record of repayment. This account provides zero interest loans for the purchase of durable goods (houses, cars, appliances). In the event there is demand for increase in money supply the treasury can distribute liquidity directly to the citizenry. This will replace credit expansion by the private sector with purchasing power expansion by citizens causing industry and banking to fight for consumer funds rather than consumer to compete for credit from a predatory financial sector. In addition we’ve included right to repair in order to drive out low cost goods, and involuntary warranty of the durability of goods. This will separate the advanced word’s manufacturing from the backward world’s manufacturing. In addition we will repatriate all strategic industries as a military necessity.


Law requires barristers to end dual loyalty of lawyers between clients and officers of the court.  Establishes colleges of barristers, who must be trained in the Strict Construction of The Natural Law of Reciprocity, and Testimony.


Political speech becomes a protected class of speech, and any harm is liability plus damages of 10x.

It is illegal (sedition) to suppress truthful speech without exception.

Defamation in both libel and slander are restored with no need to prove damages only falsehood.


Civil Court Proceedings are forever private without exception.
European “Right to be forgotten” is forced everywhere.
You own and must specifically license any use of your information.
(much more)


A complete purge of of marxist-pomo-anti-European people, their works, their public speech, from the civilization.

Establishes a Neuremburg style court for the prosecution of sedition, treason, and conspiracy to undermine the constitution, the people, and our civilization.

Forces nationalization of Amazon, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and a purge of their executive and staff of conspirators against western civlization.

It forces repatriation and export of the staffs of those companies for their participation in those crimes, (and that includes Microsoft). This removes the incentive of tech companies who have used cheap immigrant labor to build the tech sector at the expense of the american people, then satisfying their counter-cultural ambitions by weaponizing those industries against the people.

It forces warranty of due diligence for truthful speech, and prohibits that which is counter to physical, natural, evolutionary laws, and prohibits false and unwarrantable speech. This will collapse the media into a few very careful outlets reflecting the pre marxist ethic in journalism.

It removes copyright protections and replaces them with universal creative commons protection. This will collapse the holly wood media business.

It removes the right of interruption advertising, places liability for truth and reciprocity on every person in the chain, and intolerably punitive damages for each violation.

I puts costs on all international emails, and phone calls.

This will destroy the media, the advertising industry, the fraud businesses, the telephone scams. (and put new jersey out of business).

It opens a court for prosecution of all those who have obtained their wealth through false promise, baiting into hazard, unwarrantable speech by reversing buyer beware to seller beware.


All NON-STEM+L courses are canceled, all such departments closed,
All non-stem+L degree debt is forgiven in exchange for successful completion of a year long marxist-postmodernist de-programming course, and warranty of refraining for participation by display word ord deed.
All universities shall carry all student debt on behalf of students.
The process of churning is forbidden, and students that drop out before the end of the second year shall have debt cancelled and absorbed by the university.
Funding of teaching and research must be fully separated.
Any resistance results in seizure of endowments, permanent revolution of rights of public speech, all pensions and benefits vacated.

For all intents and purposes we will temporarily nationalize the university education systems and purge them, truncate the administration, and turn over ownership and control to professors in the original Oxford and Cambridge model.
(much more)


Specifically declares, as have the chinese and the russians that this is a european, aristotelian, christian civilizatoin, under the natural law of the european peoples, for the benefit of the founding european peoples, and the founding peoples alone, and all others must integrate or defeat, and sedition, treason, are vastly expanded.


I am taking a risky proposition with the church in order to satisfy christians. but it will probably make them ecstatic with one limitation.


People Only Need to Understand Rights

The people don’t understand law now. They don’t understand philosophy now. Thy have no idea about economics now. They need to understand RIGHTS. Because rights are subjectively testable.

Anyone can understand Article 2 – Rights and Obligations under the Natural Law.

And they probably can learn the rest of the constitution. Very few people need to understand the formal logic. They need habits. And that’s what laws do: they force the organization of habits.

It’s Not Racism, It’s Self Defense


1) I have watched black and brown people turn once beautiful places into shit-holes one neighborhood, one city, one state at a time – a slow moving generation by generation cancer that destroys civilization.

2) Failure to take responsibility for and enact change in their communities that saturate our civilization with pervasive ignorance, illiteracy, impulsivity, single motherhood, failure to defend and improve the commons, overloading our streets,  our schools, our malls, our civic places with roving packs of opportunistic, impulsive, loud, rude, dirty, disrespectful, predators and parasites, practicing endemic violence and criminality.

3) The behavior of the present two generations of blacks against whites in schools, in public, in the media, including the knockout game, gang-beating random whites, and the excessive and intolerable disproportionality of black on white crime.

4) The daily expression of hatred of whites, demands for reparations, and blame of whites for what is clearly a community failure to reform itself.

5) Blacks and browns voting for and empowering the left that by pandering to the black-and-brown industrialization of victimhood does nothing except perpetuate their condition as slaves-to-leftist-power that is an organized pre-and-postwar attempt to destroy white civilization,

6) The body of evidence that the genetic, cultural, and demographic ability of the black and brown people is insufficient to compete on the world marketplace – and are dragging the white people down to their level.

7) The infection of the white underclass that we had spent centuries reforming with black-brown culture of impulsivity, disrespect, hatred, and criminality. 

8) The evidence of south Africa – once allowed to into white society, black and brown kill the white people that make their existence as other than dirt scratching semi-domesticated animals possible – and we get daily threats that this is our future.

9) The daily evidence that we are simply incompatible and that proximity creates envy on your side, and disgust on our side, and we simply must give up the experiment and separate.

10) You have done precisely what our ancestors predicted you would, and they were right to separate from you.  They were too kind to ship  you all back to Africa – and by not doing so committed yet another common white crime of excessive tolerance that must eventually result in far worse corrective action.

And so:

You can have your slums and favelas and you can turn your cities into more Johannesburgs. But we must save ourselves, and by saving ourselves, save the future of mankind, from you and those that enable your impulsivity, reproductivity, violence, criminality, and failure to reform your community. 

Really. I don’t hate anyone. We don’t hate you. But if we no longer have the stomach to  exterminate, no longer the stomach to conquer and rule, no longer the stomach to genetically pacify and culturally domesticate black and brown people as the Chinese do, then in self defense the only choice is separation from you. 

We spent four hundred years trying to drag mankind out of superstition, ignorance, hard labor, poverty, starvation, hunger, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, under the ‘white man’s burden’ which we saw as god’s command to raise you out of barbarism – and you live lives no peoples in history would not envy, and every one of  you hates us for it. 

You are genetic and cultural cancer on mankind. We’ve had enough. We agree to separate. And leave you behind. Or war to the vary last.  It’s not hate. It’s disgust, frustration, and self defense. And this is an opportunity for our undesirable white people to separate with you – our genetic parting gift.  We wish you well. We just wish you well separate from us.

Talking Points – The Painful Truth


    1. Please read my article on Law Enforcement Reform which explains the problem and solution to the series of crises before reading these ‘harsh and painful rebuttals’.
    2. There is no evidence of systemic racism in the police forces. There is systemic evidence of vast differences in impulsivity, criminality, and violence between the races, and this is a genetic difference in our degree of neoteny and therefor rates of maturity. The polic are acting rationally.
    3. There is a systemic problem of difficulty in policing, social life, and governance betcuase of our denial of these vast differences between our peoples.
    4. The result has been a militarization of the police forces, that mirrors the decline in the quality of our lawyers and courts, and politicians and politics, because we are denying the immaleability of human nature, and the vast differences in behavior that result.


There are truthful painful retorts (talking points) for libertarians, centrists, and conservatives.



• There are no peaceful protesters any longer. There are human shields providing Antifa Terrorists, and Looters and Vandals cover. You lost moral license with the violence. Because you didn’t control your own radicals.

• Oh no. We saw lots of white Antifa vandals, because that’s their method – vandalism. But all the beating and murdering of white people was by blacks. (And yes we’ve collected videos). Which is the usual. As you’d expect. Black people hate white people.

• Most of the ANTIFA are white. Most of the looters and those doing the violence are black and brown. As usual, violence by black and brown against whites dominates.

• What is the relationship between BLM (mostly black) and Antifa (mostly white) other than the Soros organization that Eastern Europeans and Russians have banned from their countries? Why hasn’t the USG Suppressed these terrorist organizations?

• The police, guard, and military cannot handle this level of insurrection without ‘setting an example’ (fear). And ‘setting an Example’ will delegitimize the state both domestically and internationally. As such they will do nothing except appeasement in an effort to de-escalate.

• We are experiencing a great historical moment in the breakdown of the idea that diversity brings harmony. We should anticipate many whites coming closer to our side. The black question can’t be hidden under the rug forever when they are burning our cities. — Ricardo Duchesne

• Let me tell you what happened: Soros-Antifa gave the president license to finally hunt them down. We need homeland security to get to Soros. And crucify him.

• You don’t understand. We aren’t afraid. The government is saving you from us. Because we’ve had enough of you undomesticated animals, your pretense of victimhood, your false virtue signaling and your hatred of the civilization that made your selfish self righteousness possible.

•  I have an enviable record of predicting future events. And this one is falling into place like clockwork. First the virus, second soros funds another Antifa-BLM rebellion, and pressing a POTUS, subject to conspiracy by the left, into a corner. It’s amazing. 😉 … Clockwork.


• Community Policing is generally defined as a law enforcement philosophy where officers serve the same area in order to create a trust with citizens living and working in that area, so that they can prevent rather than respond to crimes. (As sheriffs did.) PATERNALISM.

• VERDICT: I saw a f-king idiot that should not be on the police force, use a standard limited-effort martial submission technique on a larger man that he knew, who had a long criminal history, and was engaged in a crime, because his police partners were too weak to provide him support or to pull him off the victim when they should have.

• VERDICT: An ordinary cop, used a standard, usually-harmless limited-effort martial submission technique on a man that he knew, who had a long criminal history, engaged in a crime, and resisted arrest, because his police partners were too weak to assist him: an accidental death.

• VERDICT: Like the previous problem with non-european airline pilots, the other officers failed to exercise judgement in rescuing the victim from an officer who was himself making a presumption that the victim was yet another example of crying wolf. Judgment not hierarchy must prevail.

• Only two problems with police forces: insufficient numbers of officers per vehicle, which causes them to escalate force rather than deescalate, and a large black and brown population that is demographically, genetically, culturally, normatively, unfit for survival in an advanced industrial technological economy, and angry about it, who resist them. This pair of malincentives produces predictable results: violent black and browns needing escalations of force to bring them into custody and then the system.

• There is no evidence of systemic bias in American police forces – just the opposite. Conversely, there is pervasive evidence of systemic black and brown impulsivity, deceit, criminality, and violence, and that this criminality and violence is disproportionately against whites, as evidence of systemic hatred of whites.

• In 2017, blacks represented 12% of the U.S. adult population but 33% of the sentenced prison population. Whites accounted for 64% of adults but 30% of prisoners. And while Hispanics represented 16% of the adult population, they accounted for 23% of inmates. Excessive Black and Brown CRIMINALITY.

• Don’t try to hide your lies. What are you going to do about endemic black impulsivity, lying, violence, criminality, and resistance to arrest, and violence against officers so that police do not have to use life endangering force, or lethal force, to bring people into custody?

• Shame on you. Solve the problem.What are you going to do about endemic black impulsivity, lying, violence, criminality, and resistance to arrest, and violence against officers so that police do not have to use life endangering force, or lethal force, to bring people into custody?

• Equal also means equal in our treatment of police. What are you going to do about black impulsivity, violence, criminality, and resistance to arrest, and violence against officers so that police do not have to use life endangering force, or lethal force, to bring people into custody?

• Repetitive? So BLM should stop saying the same sh-t over and over again? That black impulsivity, incivility, non integration, violence, criminality, resistance to and violence against police, is not responsible for forcing police to maximize force in self-defense?

• There is plenty of reason to expect that extremely violent and criminal people who resist the police who know they’re extremely violent and criminal people, would produce police officers who in self defense must use maximum force to main maximum control for their own safety.

• Statistics. Since blacks at 16% of the population produce 50% of the crime it’s only reasonable that people will assume black people committed a crime. So fix your people so that others don’t assume the obvious: You are the problem.

• Law says you will comply with requests of officers, including providing truthful testimony, information, and not resist, or subject the officers to danger or violence.Are you trying to claim that given such high rates of black violence that the officers are acting with bias?

• “What America needs to do is treat blacks as human being with free will who, when they make good choices enjoy the benefits and when they make bad choices experience the consequences. Instead, The Establishment views blacks as our Sacred Cows, above criticism, but beneath agency.”– Steve Sailer


• Racism is natural and beneficial self defense by more genetically pacified, cognitively and emotionally evolved, and culturally advanced, people from less pacified, evolved, and advanced peoples. Fix brown superstition, free riding, criminality, and violence, or we must separate.

• Racism is a normal human reaction in self defense against incompatible people who force us to bear costs we cannot or will not bear. You and yours are expensive. Pandering to you was possible during prosperity. But prosperity is over. We can’t afford you.

• Black and Brown people aren’t oppressed by whites. WE DEFEND OURSELVES FROM YOU. We defend our institutions, commons, traditions, manners, ethics, morals, from you. But we (whites) can no longer compensate for the high cost, and harm of brown and black people. It’s just economics and demographics.

• The only solution to Racism is separation, so that you can develop manners, ethics, morals, norms, institutions, and elites suitable for your people, and a marketplace where they are not at a disadvantage. you cannot compete. It’s genetic. It’s not oppression – it’s SELF DEFENSE FROM YOU.


• We don’t have a privilege we have an EARNED ADVANTAGE – that you are unwilling to pay the genetic, cultural, and behavioral costs of paying as white people have. We earned our advantage. You need to reform and earn yours. What will you do to stop endemic black impulsivity, violence, and crime, and earn an advantage?

• White privilege is an EARNED ADVANTAGE – by the continuous demonstrated behavior of white people. What will you do to earn that advantage? What are you going to do so that you genetically and culturally domesticate your people so that you are not a burden of  costs, stress, wariness, criminality, and violence on whites?

• Why do you have the PRIVILEGE of access to white people, white countries, white institutions, white culture, white mathematics, science, medicine, technology, economies, law, and politics if you won’t pay the price of white language, dress, manners, ethics, morals, culture, tradition, and religion? Pay for it. Conform.

• What have black and brown people done to EARN access to the ADVANTAGE of white civilization, institutions, traditions, morals, ethics, manners, dress, hygiene, commons, markets, of whites – if they don’t pay the cost of full integration regardless of cost? They can’t survive in an advanced economy.


• I tell the truth. The truth is necessary so that we can end the attempt at universalism, globalism, multiculturalism, as excuses to overrun western civlization with primitive peoples unable to participate in an advanced commercial, high trust, high commons, civilization.

• Truth is painful. It is understandable why you would object to it. Because it means you have to reform yourself,your ideas, your social and political groups. And it is a burden you cannot bear – because you are unable. So you blame others for your failures in the genetic lottery.

• Truth is painful. That’ is why we need it. If we didn’t naturally lie to ourselves and each other about nearly everything the very notion of truth would be unnecessary. You’re unfit. It’s time to separate into blue city states and red territorial states. Go separate our ways.

• I articulate truths no on else will. I dont care what names you call me. Truth is truth. And truth is enough. There is no reason to tolerate incivility, violence, criminality, non integration. Evolution is simple. Take responsibility. Adapt. … If you don’t, civil war.

• I’m a scientist. You’re clearly not. That leaves you only the spectrums of sophistry, supernatural to occult, idealism to surrealism, pseudoscience to magic. Which one of those falsehoods will you use to deny the truth?

• Your people are disproportionately below minimum intelligence and conscientiousness, and lack hygiene, dress, manners, ethics, morals, diction, vocabulary, for participation in the industrial technological marketplace. As such only separation will serve your interests.

• You could always state the truth: that you’re inferior, unable to compete in the world market, unable to integrate into market manners, ethics, morals, and norms, and that the USA was designed as the first market predicated, middle class majority country and you’re unfit for it.

• If you stated the truth, that you cannot compete in the world market, we would easily trade you redistribution for conformity to norms. If you cannot conform to norms then you have nothing to offer and we must separate.

• Our culture is commerce. That’s why you can’t fit in. Middle class commercial hygiene, dress, manners, ethics, morals, and behavior. Undesirable producers. Undesirable employees. Undesirable customer interface. Undesirable customers. Undesirable neighbors. Undesirable citizens.

• The problem is genetic. Then, add ‘anti-social’ (anti-middle class) hygiene, dress, manners, ethics, morals, diction, vocabulary,  self control, body language and that removes about twenty percent of income potential even at the bottom. The net is that 2/3 of black americans cannot participate in advanced commercial civilization. Add christianity, hygiene, dress, and manners and restore it.

• It’s genetic. And proximity crates hostility. You cannot behave according to the civil standards of more genetically,culturally, and institutionally evolves whites so you cannot obtain the benefits of their civilization. We must separate and go your own way to eliminate conflict.

• The problem isn’t resolvable. The “Great Society Program” that moved blacks to white cities in order to advance the democratic left’s political agenda destroyed black communities, families, middle classes, and elites, and separation will restore them.

• Domestication is produced by selective breeding for pacifism that produces neoteny. Because of agrarianism, Europeans did it. East asians did it. Brown and black people didn’t do it. Black and brown people did the opposite: selected for rapid sexual maturity given environments.

• You aren’t oppressed. You were being domesticated: genetically and culturally pacified. Europeans domesticated themselves for thousands of years. This is why you and your are unfit for participation in an industrial-technological civilization in competition with whites and asians.

• Blacks and browns are demographically incapable of competing in the marketplace in an advanced society, and so are marginalized by consequence, while still in proximity to advanced peoples. This creates friction, and is why multiculturalism and ethnic heterogeneity always creates conflict.

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 9.09.56 PM


The civil war was over the control of the western territories. As agrarian, they would have sided with the agrarian south, with Atlanta as the capital of the continent, and an industrial north cut off from near markets. The south paid all the federal taxes and the north none.

The civil war was all about money and only morons bought the slavery pretext just like only morons buy the bias today. Reality is 8% of the population (male blacks) commit 50% of crime and are most likely to resist, and fight with officers trying to bring them into custody. (don’t be dumb)


• I stand on the side of agency and excellence, heroism and duty, sovereignty and reciprocity, testimony and jury, markets in all walks of life, and the eugenic suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses by those markets, so that proceeds are directed to producing commons.

• Truth is truth. The reason the west evolved faster than all the rest, and dragged man out of ignorance, poverty, suffering, and disease is testimonial speech: truth-before-face regardless of cost. The reason we fail is the reintroduction of face-before-truth in the postwar era.

• All humans are in fact animals. Neoteny is the result of this genetic pacification. And it affects rates of maturity, as well as personality and behavior. We can rank all groups by degree of neoteny: East asians most, western europeans next, and everyone else pretty far behind.

• This is why we are incompatible with lesser evolved groups and we are compatible with equally or more evolved groups (asians). ANd we see this distribution in the criminal data, employment data, intelligence testing, personality traits, and all demonstrated behavior. Truth is.

• There is no morality in war. We conquered, killed and replaced a violent primitive inferior people, settled the continent, and used the proceeds to raise mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty,starvation, disease, suffering, and early death. I’m ok with that.

• If colonialism was such a tragedy how about we take back our truth, math, science, medicine, technology, rule of law, human rights, republicanism, democratic representation, christianity, defense of international borders, data, money, finance, and trade. We didn’t do it well at times. But you did nothing.

• Scientifically speaking #WhiteLivesMatterMore In fact, #WhiteLivesMatterMost I mean, whites dragged the primitives out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early death – and they really, hate us for it. Because they can’t compete in it.

#WhiteLivesMatter #WhiteLivesMatterMore #WhiteLivesMatterMost Whites dragged the rest out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early death – and they hate us for it. Because they want the benefits of white civ. but can’t compete in it.

• The future is Johannesburg. You ruin everything you touch. You’re genetic, cultural, institutional, cancer. Not gonna happen here. Period. Separate or civil war.


The lessons are that (a) the state must rapidly take control and provide a venue, and audience, for protests – this creates deescalation. (b) conversely, states must enforce by military force, the prohibition on violence, vandalism, and looting.  (c) if possible states must work with protest leaders on POSSIBLE action plan with committments by both sides (d) states may not pander to protesters, and must correct narratives no matter the cost. (e) the news media must be held accountable for inciting violence and rebellion, pandering to fals narratives, and failing to provide explanations of rational incentives on all sides.


• Truth isn’t cruel. Pandering to people like you instead of forcing you into civil manners, ethics, morals, education, and the workforce is what’s cruel. … Because you can escape responsibility for  your actions by complaining about others when you are the problem.

• You feel. You don’t think. It’s what separates your gene pool from ours: the feminine equalitarian hyper-consumptive dysgenic herd instinct vs masculine meritocratic capitalizing eugenic packs. We can afford to separate. You will have your Johannesberg future, and we civilization.

• A long chain of good decisions made me and mine. A long chain of bad decisions made you and yours. Own it. Take responsibility for your community. Reform. Whites are not responsible for your criminality.

• You’d have to be able to read polysyllables, have a strong grasp of mathematics, the sciences, economics, and law. And, you know, Dunning-Kruger effect. Simple folk can’t imagine how simple they are. Don’t worry. It’s over your head.

• I’m not only going to disrespect you and them again, but do it continuously every single day until you reform – and solve the problem of black criminality.

• Then why are you talking to me? I know the answer. Your biology is reacting against the truth you cannot bear.


• Simple strategy. Social science. People are incapable of truthful self reporting (surveys). They are likewise incapable of not defending their genetic (moral) cognitive biases. So to understand a given position, threaten their genetic strategy, and experiment with propositions.

• Through iterations of experiments, discover a framework for conveying ideas that circumvents their cognitive biases, even if it is only through suggestion. This effectively plants seeds. Once the message (positioning) is discovered, generate controversy in order to repeat it.

• This has helped me understand all ‘factions’ and to produce a set of constitutional amendments that make possible the satisfaction of different moral intuitions (political biases), so that we can devolve the federal govt (as intended) and customize regional policy and norms.

• Useful idiot for both sides. I used your arrogance, self righteousness, special pleading, vulnerability to the left’s false promise of freedom from physical(scarcity), natural(reciprocity),and evolutionary(eugenic) law,and resulting delusion as a vehicle for spreading the Truth.


• You apparently don’t do research before sh-t talking 😉 I eat liberals like Pringles with beer. And If you squeeze them hard over your beer you can get touch of sale from their tears.

• –“You must’ve sold your soul.”–
Gods don’t have souls. No need. But we collect yours like headhunters to use as trophies in the great game. 😉

• Actually, I’m a genius by every possible measure. You are simply afflicted with the female cognitive bias (it’s a genetic defect, it’s not your fault) so that your empathizing out-competes your systematizing, and you are unable to practice truth-before-face, regardless of cost.

• I have to lower myself to twitter audience standards. We call it ‘slumming’.

• In other words you have little market value, an overstated sense of worth, and have failed to mature into an adult male who takes responsibility for the commons. 😉

• I realize you are just a female, and probably on the pill, so you have hippocampal damage in addition to estrogen, high trait neuroticism, and a brain evolved for the cognitive load of multiple offspring. … Leave evidence and data to men. We don’t have those issues.

• You aren’t smart enough to have adult conversations about social science. which is why you aren’t smart enough to have opinions about matters of social science. Bake cookies and gossip. it’s what evolution made you for. Leave uncomfortable truths, politics, and war for men.

• You can go back to scratching dirt in africa, give up all our agrarian, financial, industrial, scientific, technological, political, revolutions. We can buy you a ticket. … I know more african history than you do. No comparison to your ancestor’s barbarism.

• All politics is but proxy for violence. What kiddy pool are you splashing in? Man lies, cheats, free rides, defrauds, steals, fights, wars, and politics is the means by which we struggle to constrain people to reciprocal cooperation in markets of voluntary exchange.

• Well, you know, Dunning-Kruger effect. Simple folk can’t imagine how simple they are.

•  You and yours are to civilization as cancer is to the body, and dysgenia is to genes.

• Put your diapers on first.

• Please call a helpline. There are services for the mentally ill. Even dumb ones who can’t manage the American English grammar. 😉 Oh and remember to wash behind your ears, and brush your teeth before bed. (And maybe check for bedbugs first.)

• Do I advocate violence? That’s an in complete sentence, correct? Do you mean, do I advocate the use of violence in self defense? To suppress crime, enforce natural law, judgments of the court, and civic order? For rebellion, civil war, and war? Or just to discipline infantile liberals? 😉

—“Cunt Doolittle, you’re a sick cunt”— Philip
—“Mother Nature is a sick cunt. He’s just warning you.”— Pooky


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