Conflict 13: European Group Strategy

European Civilization’s Military, Aristocratic, Darwinian, Strategy

Military… as an army


physical natural evolutionary laws

Without authority we need means of Decidabiity. Decidability is provided by limits: eugenics (evolution).

Historian Victor Davis Hanson states that western superiority in all walks of life is due to the three differences.

  1. Individualism = Self Determination, by Self Determined Means, Reciprocity, Contract, Oath, Truth, and as a result, legal and political sovereignty. Hence the preservation of oddities like the duel, and trial by combat.
  2. Democratic political structures = Better Said, Markets in Every Aspect of Life.  Association, Cooperation, Production, Reproduction, Commons, Dispute Resolution (court), and Polities.
  3. Scientific Rationalism = Metallurgical (Technological), Testimony before Jury, military reporting of the facts,  unforgiving military epistemology.  All of western civilization is a consequence of a military aristocracy, entrepreneurial warfare, access to the franchise in exchange for oath and fighting.
  1. Trifunctionalism = 
  2. Producing Continuous Dynamic Organization and Reorganization. The west and far east can make large organizations. And why the Chinese make better totalitarian bureaucracies and Europeans make better dynamic private organizations. And pretty much everyone else failed.
  3. Degree of Responsibility

(d) Pro?t from innovation, adaptation, and productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfer (profit from productivity),
(f) Investing assets from organizational formation in production of commons that produce incremental returns. (Profiting from Commons)
(g) Moral and Ethical Markets and Trade: Slowly suppressing criminal, black market, grey market, and open market industries (Profiting from Creating Markets)
(h) Expanding  the information system (Profiting from Creating Open Knowledge)
(i) Expanding the state, the law,  knowledge, traditions, their culture, institutions, and norms in order to increase the size of markets (Epand Economic Cohesion).
(j) Expanding the market by conquest (profiting from Conquest)

The European peoples have been able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically and scientifically faster than all other peoples in the ancient and modern worlds because of our traditions:


(a) A Minority, Aristocracy, Beset by Adversity That Together They Overcome (conquer)
(b) Preservation of Competitive Advantage and Numbers (Aristocratic-Best, Egalitarianism-Openness, Market Meritocracy)
(c) Payment for the cost of the commons (manners, ethics, morals, traditions, institutions, common property); (Profit from Funding Normative Commons)
(e) Specializing, because of dynamic military tactics,  in dynamic organization formation and adaptation and low corruption (Profiting from Military, State, Institution, Industry, business, civil, civic formation)

… Self-determination, sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life; including association, cooperation,  production, reproduction, commons, information, elites, and polities

… the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve(adapt) as rapidly as possible,

… advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses,

… allowing us to divert proceeds from our production to the commons, and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, artistic, scientific, technological, economic adaptive and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.

Western civilization is not the first, but it is the fastest, in the prehistoric, ancient, and modern worlds, sovereignty expands human ability most rapidly for the simple reason that market rule, limited by natural law. creates both the most incentive to innovate and change, and the least resistance to innovation and change, that are possible at any given moment.

This strategy works only as long as (a) given their small numbers they solve potential threats quickly and thoroughly, (b) the maintain a technological advantage in material, technological, social, economic, political, institutional, and military means, (c ) there is more benefit to joining the martial aristocracy than defecting to a commercial or verbal(fraud) order, (b) because the martial aristocracy profits from domestication of animal man, nature, and the universe, ( c) thereby producing sufficient numbers of the martial aristocracy (d) who also benefit from the domestication of man, nature, and the universe.

Western civilization’s strategy consists of profiting from discovery of, adaptation to, application of, mastery of the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, to continuously transform man into gods, and nature, and the universe, into heavens. In simple terms, this has meant the historical conquest and incremental domestication of others, while we race to stay ahead of our works.

And it is a profitable enterprise.  It’s also incompatible with universal democracy. It appears to be incompatible with republicanism. It appears only to be compatible with a constitutional monarchy, and houses for the classes limited to approval or rejection of requests for revenue (taxation). We had it about right in Great Britain and in Europe before the french revolution. We should have left it that way.  And not because of some sentimental reasons, but because the combination of a monarch as a judge of last resort, a via-Positiva professional cabinet, houses that act as juries on initiatives, and the people’s standing in court to prosecute individuals and groups both private and public, it’s the optimum method of calculating policy on one hand, limiting it on the other, and squeezing the politicians, bureaucracy, and commercial sectors between the monarchy by authority and the people by the courts and vote.

The Great Contradiction Enlightenment Contradictions

( democracy ) ( end of agrarian eugenic pressures ) (profitability of  expanding underclass and immigrants) (the momentum of commerce not regulated by cost to normative, cultural,  institutional, and genetic capital)

The Abrahamic Dark Age

However, the Abrahamic dark ages cost mankind 1500 years of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim expansion, a billion dead, the Jewish and Christian undermining of the European world, and the Muslim destruction and reduction to ashes of every great civilization of the ancient world, and a century of bloodshed by marxism, communism, bolshevism, and now Neo-marxism, postmodernism, political correctness, and denial of human differences and needs.

What is Aristotelianism (Europeanism)?

The primacy of actions, the primacy of life (living), the primacy of achievement(excellence), the primacy of heroic achievement under adversity (adversarialism), the primacy of man (over nature, gods), the primacy of the transcendence of man into godhood, the primacy of reality, and realism(material persistence), of naturalism (universe consists of natural material, understandable causes), of materialism (mind is just matter-in-motion), and operationalism (we test our thoughts by our actions), and of human beings, and their responsibility for their actions.

This strategy gave Europeans a particular ‘sensibility’ which is correspondence with reality, and sensitivity to physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and the subsequent discovery, adaptation to, and application of, physical laws, natural laws of cooperation, and evolutionary laws of transcendence and eugenics and to prevent regression to the mean: together, the civilizational production of human agency over the universe by the incremental domestication of man, nature, and reality: to leave the world better for having lived in it.

We call it Aristotelianism, or Science, or Empiricism, or Testimony, Prosecution, and Defense before the court, or the long tradition of military epistemology contained in the simple act of military ‘reporting’ – just the facts. The most intolerant epistemology known to man: warfare – wherein the highest correspondence with reality and the total exhaustion of unknowns, produces the greatest chance of survival under the highest risk.

And only a universal militia – a voluntary army of every single man woman and child, dependent upon technology, strategy (contract), holding (duty,),  maneuver (adaptation), seizing initiative (innovation), and just distribution of returns, would develop that exhaustive military, technical, procedural, sensibility, and drive it down throughout the entire population, creating the extraordinary trust between warriors as the normative trust in the polity, thus preparing the people for commons, and preparing the population for commerce and trade, their fitness for service in the thang, jury and senate, and their continuous adaptation to every opportunity presented in the world.

This technique of holding court on all events, claims, theories and ‘prosecuting every assumption, every unknown, regardless of cost or outcome’ is the strange, costly sensibility of western civilization. And our sensibility is to choose the most costly, to question every presumption, to falsify every dependency, and to ask the last question, is in itself the continuous court of prosecution of the human mind, emotion, instinct, perception, and sense.   The result is the continuous progress toward an understanding of, control of, and improvement of, ourselves, nature, and the universe in a single, universally commensurable language we call the sciences.

Testimony consists of speech that will survive the court of the imagination, knowledge, memory, mind, emotion, perception, sense; survive the court of realism, naturalism, and operationalism; survive the court of reciprocity, sovereignty, self-determination, self-determined means; and demand for warranty or punishment for perjury.   Please see my complete test of truth here:

Western civilization makes use of “Testimony”.  Limiting one’s display word and deed to non-interference in Self Determination, by Self-Determined means, by mutual insurance of Sovereignty,  Reciprocity, and Testimony by the Testifiable, and Warrantable, and Liable.

This is the most expensive intolerant limit on human behavior we have developed yet it promotes experimentation and licenses anything that maintains others’ self-determination by self-determined means, and sovereignty.

So the scientific method, like that method of prosecution in court, is merely whatever is necessary to limit one’s speech to the facts that are warrantable, and within the limits of liability –  meaning restitutability – and licensing punishment of you for violation of those limits.


  1. The Universal Army and Military Society where all are warriors first, craftsmen(industry) second, family third.
  2. The Gain of Self Determination, by Self Determined means, for service in that military (society)
  3. The Necessity of Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Markets in Everything that result from universal self-determination.
  4. The Deep Requirement for all to Do One’s Duty in defense of the Commons (responsible for everything).
  5. The Demand for “Reporting”, Thang, Jury, Court “Testimony”, and Testimony in all walks of life under Reciprocity.
  6. The Costly Commons of Reciprocity in display, word (testimony), and deed.
  7. The Oath to “Neither Lie, Cheat, Steal, or show Cowardice in Battle”


  1. Complete Sentences
  2. In promissory form
  3. In testimonial form
  4. In operational vocabulary (as actions)
  5. absent the verb to-be (is, are, was, were…)
  6. including all changes in state
  7. including all consequences of change in state
  8. from an observer’s point of view
  9. producing a series of testable transactions.


Coherence Across the Dimensions Testifiable by Man, in The Series:

  1. Existential >
    … 2. Realism >
    … 3. Naturalism >
  2. Possible >
    … 5. Operational – Demonstrable >
    … 6. Empirical – Externally Correspondent >
    … 7. Logical – Categorically Consistent
  3. Rational >
    … 9. Rational Choice – Demonstrated Preference >
    … … 10. Incentives – Demonstrated Interest >
    … … … 11. Body, Mind, Memory, Effort, Time
    … … … 12. Mates, Offspring, Kin
    … … … 13. Status, Reputation, Kith
    … … … 14. Several Interests (in many forms)
    … … … 15. Common Interests (in many forms)
    … 16. Reciprocal >
    … … 17. Productive
    … … 18. Fully Informed
    … … 19. Voluntary Transfer >
    … … 20. Free of Negative Externality >
  4. Survivable >
    … 22. Power Distribution of Law >
    … 23. Pareto Distribution of Assets >
    … 24. Nash Distribution of Rewards >
  5. Complete >
    … 26. Limits, Completeness, Full Accounting, (Exhaustive)
    … 27. Consistency, Coherence, Parsimony (Exhaustive)
  6. Competitive – in the market for theories
    … 29. Sufficient – Satisfies the Demand For Infallibility
    … 30. Parsimony – In competition with other testimonies
  7. Warrantable >
    … 32. (i)as having performed due diligence in the above dimensions;
    … 33. (ii)where due diligence is sufficient to satisfy the demand for infallibility;
    … 34. (iii)and where one entertains no risk that one cannot perform restitution for.


  1. Ignorance and Willful Ignorance;
  2. Error and failure of Due Diligence;
  3. Bias and Wishful Thinking;
  4. And the many Deceits of:
    … (a) Loading and Framing;
    … (b) Suggestion, Obscurantism, and
    … (c) Overloading, Propaganda and Social Construction
    … (d) Fictionalisms of
    … … i) Idealism -> Pseudorationalism, and
    … … ii) Magic -> Pseudoscience, and
    … … iii) Occult -> Supernaturalism;
    … (e) Sophistry
    … (f) and outright Fabrications (fictions).
  5. And Avoidance -> Denial


… (a) murder,
… (b) harm, damage, theft,
… (c) fraud, fraud by omission, fraud by indirection, baiting into hazard
… (d) unearned gains, unproductive gains, blackmail
… (e) free riding, socialization of losses, privatization of commons,
… (f) rent-seeking, monopoly seeking, conspiracy, statism/corporatism,
… (g) conversion(religion/pseudoscience),
… (h) displacement(immigration/overbreeding),
… (i) conquest (war).

Any transfer of demonstrated interests that is not reciprocal, the tests of:

… (a) productive
… (b) fully informed, fully accounted
… (d) voluntary transfer of demonstrated interests
… (e) free of externality of the same criteria
… (c) warrantied and within the limits of liability

In the Context Of The Ternary Logic of Cooperation, Violence is Never Off The Table

As conscious beings possessed of different degrees of agency, we consciously grasp, or unconsciously presume, five questions upon which all others depend:

  1. The first question is: “Why not commit suicide?” This choice is that of Personal philosophy.
  2. The second question is: “Why engage in cooperation rather than free-riding, parasitism, and predation?” This question is that of Ethics.
  3. The third question – and one that a group must answer – is: Why engage in cooperation with others, rather than free-riding, parasitism, and predation?” This question is that of Politics.
  4. The Fourth Question a group must answer is: “How shall we organize our people with myths, arguments, and rules to survive and prosper in competition from nature and man?” That the question of Group Evolutionary Strategy, 
  5. The Fifth Question a group must answer is “What are the limits of tolerance for life, for ethics, for politics, and for group evolutionary strategy, before we resort to suicide, separation, free riding, parasitism, predation, and the condition of victimhood?” That is the Question of Limits.

The answer to all five questions is that persistence of the opportunities of existence, of the returns on cooperation, and of the returns on the production of commons, are preferable to suicide, separation, free-riding, parasitism, predation, and the condition of victimhood. Conversely, resistance, violence, feud, insurrection, revolution, civil war, warfare, and genocide are preferable to submission to undermining of cooperation, hindering of cooperation, parasitism, and predation.

The Strength and Weakness of Gentlemanly Argument With The Enemy

We are indoctrinated into the colloquial yet often undefinable use of truth, but not that we must meet tests of sufficient infallibility to claim we speak truthfully. We have vast numbers of people, and perhaps the vast majority of women, that, by stating ‘true for me’, cannot distinguish between useful, preferable, and excusable, versus true regardless of utility or whether we prefer it, and whether a statement is warrantable. We have just as many people, and the majority of women, who  We are confused by the difference between honesty, truthfulness (due diligence), ideal truth, and tautological truth. We are taught the logic of inference where statements are either true or false.  But statements in and of themselves are undecidable, possibly true, or certainly false.  Likewise, we are indoctrinated into the norm of cooperating or not cooperating.  But our choice is cooperating, not cooperating, or conflict.

The problems with our presumption in the victorian debate, when we should be using prosecution. The premise of always bearing arms, lost to us.

If the opposition will not engage in truthful reciprocal negotiation on an exchange that achieves mutually beneficial ends, then the only solution to the conflict is violence.  And the western man has lost his will to use aggressive, thorough, and relentless violence against parasitism, undermining, and instigation of discontent by false promise.

The Necessity of Violence: “Every Man a, a soldier, a sheriff, a shareholder.”

Violence is never off the table. It is licensed the moment we encounter every violation of reciprocity. The reason we tolerate it from our females is in our division of labor, they bear the primary cost of reproduction, child-rearing, and community care, and in exchange, they generate demand without generating solutions, and they generate demand. This is not rational, but pre-civilizational and intuitive (instinctual).

But we are easily made victims of suggestion by the enemy when the enemy uses the same technique as our women.

Caretaking vs Parasitism vs Undermining

( … The difference between Christian-Liberal care and Jewish-Marxist-Pomo undermining. … )

The War Against European Sense, Civilization, and People
It is the incremental undermining of Testimony, Reciprocity, Sovereignty, Self Determination, by Self Determined means, from all walks of life by saturating the environment with incentives to circumvent it, that has brought us to the brink of a new dark age of ignorance, superstition, pseudoscience, sophistry and in particular, the myth that western man oppressed rather than evolved mankind – kicking and screaming against its will – because the high cost of western sense-making, and its application, is more than less developed people can bear.

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