Conflict 15: Cause and Cure

History of Abrahamism

Origins of Abrahamism: The Gender Differences in Negotiating

superpredator. Male political and physical (fast) and female social and informational (slow).

The Genders differ in their competition, conflict and warfare strategy.

Males: Truth under threat of violence in the service of male solidarity in the preservation of the Tribe and Territory is the competitive strategy of males. Males fight for position in the hierarchy and end conflict with increases in loyalty to one another.
— vs —
Females: conformity under threat of reputation destruction in the service of female solidarity independent of Tribe and Territory is the competitive strategy of females. Females fight to destroy or kill without ending.

Abrahamism consists of the continuous advancement of the female means of conflict and war: undermining, deceit, and exhaustive relentless diligence in seizing every opportunity to do so. It is the ‘gatherer’ and ‘herd’ strategy of continuous harm. Men tend not to do this, in-group. Instead men use threats of violence and organized violence.

What I do, what we Propertarians do, is teach how to identify, understand, and defeat these feminine arguments – arguments that because of our high trust genetics, traditions, institutions, and civilization, we are disproportionately vulnerable to.

The Evolution of The Art of Lying:

  • The Female Group Strategy of Undermining
  • Abrahamism v1: Judaism against Babylon’s Aristocracy
  • Abrahamism v2: Christianity against Western Aristocracy.
  • Abrahamism v3: Islam against the ancient world’s Aristocracy
  • Abrahamism v4: Marxism against the modern world’s Aristocracy.
  • Abrahamism v5: French Postmodernism against the current world’s Aristocracy.
  • Abrahamism v6: Islamism against the entire world’s Aristocracy.

This is why the abrahamic (Jewish in particular, or Semitic in general) means of countering Greco-Roman-European argument by using false promise, baiting into hazard, pilpul (sophism), and critique (undermining) is so effective: it is how our females talk to us, and because of our high trust, we are either genetically or culturally vulnerable to it – where other lower trust people are not. And we are easily undermined politically and academically because our females naturally find greater ‘affinity’ with Semitic non-argument (religion, postmodernism, feminism, denialism) than with European reason science truth testimony.

  • Male European – Truth over Face, Regardless of cost.
  • Male everywhere else – some degree of face over truth.
  • Female everywhere – nearly universal face over truth.

Yet it is truth over face that is the reason for the ‘Western miracle’ – why the rest is so different from the rest.

Hence why Christians are the vulnerability of Western civilization: their religion was developed to obtain the attention of women, and to appeal to GSRM. The religion is stated and argued with false promise(‘salvation’), baiting into hazard (cultural vulnerability to conquest), using pilpul (excuse making) and critique (straw manning), and the fictionalism of supernaturalism.

The Middle East uses the female reproductive strategy and the Far East and the West use the male reproductive strategy, with the Far East using face over truth to defend hierarchy and the West using truth before face to defend the market of the peerage. And the Middle East today just as in the age of the Greeks, just lying and shaming all truth without end.

The world is not complicated. It is our lies that make it seem so.

Abrahamism, Communism, Postmodernism vs Technology, Markets, and Truth.

We see the evolution of law of western peoples:

1 – Sovereignty, (individualism is incorrect).
2 – Tort, and thang, court, senate,
3 – Martial Truth (Military ‘Reporting’), and the demand for speaking martial truth regardless of the consequences to the dominance (competency) hierarchy.
4 – Reason, rationalism, empiricism, and science as a consequence.
5 – Markets and competing intellectual disciplines rather than authority and mono-disciplines (ie: religion).

These choices are the consequences of mixed, metalworking, agrarian, cattle herders, requiring large well defended territories, that must self finance their military capability, because they lack any means of concentrating capital and taxation cheaply as did the irrigationist in the flood river valleys. They developed ‘Contractual Civilization’.

But we also see:

1 – Abrahamic fiction and supernaturalism of the pastoralists against the reason and realism of the agrarians and metallurgists;
2 – Pseudoscientific Communism as a restatement of Jewish separatism using class warfare; and;
3 – Postmodernism as a pseudo-rational restatement of Marxism-communism using ethnic warfare.


1 – Superstition (Judaism, Christianity, Islamism)
…. evolved into ==>
2 – Pseudoscience (w Jewish Critique)
… evolved into ==>
3 – Pseudo rationalism (w Jewish Pilpul) (French > German > Jewish),
… evolved into ==>
4 – Denialism and silencing (w Jewish Bolshevism)
… evolved into ==>
5 – Private Sector Denial an Silencing ( jewish american bolshevism)

Each time increasing in rhetorical complexity but using the same techniques in each of the sophisms:

1 – Justification (Pilpul) and Poisoning the Well by Straw Man (Critique) then adding incremental techniques of:
… a) Fictionalism (Fictional History > Mythology),
… b) Supernaturalism,
… c) Pseudoscience, and;
… d) Pseudo Rationalism, and at present
… e) Simple Denialism. (Race, IQ, Homogeneity, Markets)

It took me less than a year of relatively hard work to disassemble the techniques into grammars and enumerate and articulate all of them. But no matter the depth of analysis, lying by art of suggestion by overloading is still lying by abuse of the human process of continuous recursion in streams of memory producing what we call Meaning, and our suggestibility and suspension of disbelief in that state.

Realism, Reason, Calculation and Computation in all their forms, are defenses against this suggestion, loading, overloading by the use of correspondence and operational possibility, but take disciplined training and a minimum intellectual ability. Because we have a host of cognitive and moral (reproductive) biases that influence our choices without the discipline and training to prevent them from doing so.

The Ancient World civilizations each produced means of producing sufficient meaning (rules) for local preservation of cooperation:
Rome (Realism), Athens (Idealism(abstract)), Anatolian (lost), Babylon (Ideal Monotheism(supernatural)), Jerusalem (Authoritarian Reactionary Monotheism), Beka Valley (Authoritarian Expansionary Monotheism), Memphis (Pragmatic Ritual Polytheism), Indus (Pragmatic Narrative Polytheism), and Yellow River (Confucian Rationalism, hierarchy and harmony), Lao Tsu’s “balance and reasonableness”, and the utility of Buddhism in Ritual. With only the Japanese

The Great Conflict of Human History

The homogeneous masculine eugenic pack of hunters and farmers were able to produce high trust commons, versus the heterogeneous feminine dysgenic universalist herd and herders were unable to produce high trust commons. (Cain and Able is the literary example of the Pastoralists hatred of the wealthier and urbanized Agrarians and Metalworkers).

But the question is not Athens vs Jerusalem, since both ideal democracy and supernatural universalism have been the greatest failures of all of the world civilizations, causing the destruction of every great ancient civilization and bringing about the Abrahamic Dark Age and it’s 750M dead; as well as the current 150 Year attempt at recreating another Abrahamic Dark Age — this time by Rousseau, Kant, Marx, Boas, Freud, Cantor, Adorno and co., and their 100M dead. Followed by the inventiveness of the French and their conspirators: Derrida, Foucault, Rorty et al. And the feminists that followed from them: each trying to produce a monopoly as a means of avoiding markets for cooperation, because they are unable to compete in those markets for pareto optimums, only Nash equilibriums

In the ancient world, overextension of the empires to eliminate local frictions (taxes, rents) on trade, and profit from those efficiencies, produced travel, communication, trade, and infrastructure that made possible the Jewish and Christian invasion of the western empire; intentional fomenting of underclass resistance against the aristocratic civilization; and then Byzantine forcible conversion of the entirety of the population in order to end Reason, Law, and Aristocratic Rule.

The same technique is being used in this current era: invade, rebel, rally underclasses, import underclasses, and then seek power by numbers, using fairy tales desirable by those underclasses using the sophisms those underclasses are defenseless against, and which the Aristocracy tolerates or finds useful until the society has been destroyed by it.


Gobekli Tepe is the oldest Temple complex we find to date, and predates all other monolithic works by thousands of years. It is also just south of one of the world’s greatest hunting gardens teeming with life at the origin of the Euphrates – an Eden if there ever was one.

As far as we know, from there, at the nexus of the continents, near the center of trade between them, on the highways of the main rivers, the idea spread from the monoliths of the Atlantic peoples to the advanced stone of the Egyptians.

It was an early and effective tool of social order. Most likely because it predicted seasons. Once those skills existed, the construction revolution bloomed.

The West that The Rest Rebels Against

While Myth, Ritual, and Oath are necessary components of demand for neural economy (computational efficiency) in the production of rules of social order, how we communicate those rules, the group evolutionary strategies in those rules, and the outcomes that are produced as externality by those rules, are not only means of internal persistence, but external competition. Only one set of those rules produces reciprocally beneficial outcomes:

Western Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, Sovereignty, Reason, Science, Rule of Law, and Competitive Markets in Everything gave the world nearly everything that raised man out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the dangers of nature.

Western Civilization consists of The Continuous Calculation by Competitive Trial and Error, of our Ascent into the Gods we imagine. Western civilization was and until recently, was organized to continuously produce Agency at the cost of eugenia, whereas the middle civilizations were organized to limit agency in exchange for dysgenia.

Without Manorialism and Markets (East Asia, Europe) the dysgenia defeats all attempts at preservation of gains. It is not malthus’ numbers that cause dark ages. It is the end of eugenic limitations, let loose by unregulated innovations, that feed regression to the mean, and brought about the Bronze age, Iron Age, and the present Steel Age collapses.

That is why the enlightenment project failed to create either an aristocracy of everyone (British), a middle class of everyone (French and German), or an underclass of everyone (Jewish and Russian). In Europe and east Asia, after more than a thousand years of manorialism, war, disease, and extremely aggressive criminal prosecution, the consequential upward redistribution of reproduction led to distributions that allowed Pareto organization of populations where the ratio of the middle and upper was sufficient to produce surpluses necessary to concentrate capital in multipliers (commons).

But both Hindus (which have yet failed in their project), east Asians (who succeeded under our pressures), and Westerners (who succeeded because of our tradition of empirical law), had an advantage. The Chinese conquered and colonized all border people. The Western Indo Europeans conquered (exterminated) and colonized all border people, and both Europe and east Asia produced homogenous eugenic, agrarian, metalsmithing societies.

Either one is eugenic or dysgenic. The red queen cannot be defeated by any other means. It takes 95 to follow simple instructions, 105 to repair a machine, 115 to learn on one’s own by reading, 120 to design a machine, 130+ to synthesize and communicate ideas, 140+ to invent new ideas. Everyone below that who cannot be put into labor that does not require continuous learning and adaptation.

This is social science. Everything else is religion.

European Truth vs Levantine Critique

[O]nce you grasp that Cosmopolitan (Marxist-Socialist, Postmodern, Libertine, feminist Neoconservative) Critique is an attempt at exclusionary authoritarianism – a modern restatement of the technique applied in Jewish argument and law – it becomes fairly obvious why the combination of:

(a) The desire for obscurant arguments to be true,
(b) Emotional and intellectual investment in the truth of these obscurant arguments, and
(c) Hostility to refutation, are so pervasive:
… … 1) psychological utility obtained from intuitional moral ‘righteousness’,
… … 2) group unity in that moral conviction, and;
… … 3) ostracization of non-believers on the other, are precisely what ‘separatists’ require of a religion.

However, this modern set of religions is pseudo-scientific and pseudo-rational rather than legal, mystical and monotheistic in verbal construction. But the verbal construction is merely a technological advancement over monotheistic mythology, and Jewish dual-ethics-law.

Northern Europeans used truth, property and fighting as the binding commitment to one another, not belief. We used opportunity to join success in a hostile landscape, and they used threat of ostracization in among hostile tribes. We are all the product of our ancient geographies.

The strategies of the weak and small in number, versus the strong and small in number. Both Jewish and Germanic systems of thought evolved for use by small populations.

You will take notice which strategy leads to the construction of vast civilizations, technology, art, science and medicine, and what the other led to – near extermination.

Group Strategy Comparison Chart

......................Feminine vs Masculine
............Female and Semitic vs Male and European
......................One Herd vs Many Packs
......................Equality vs Hierarchy
...............Proportionality vs Reciprocity 
......................Devotion vs Loyalty
......................Quantity vs Quality
...................Consumption vs Capitalization
...........Private Consumption vs Commons Production
...................Undermining vs Order
.....................Authority vs Market 
.....................Dysgenics vs Eugenics
......Stagnation to Devolution vs Innovation to Evolution
........Other's Responsibility vs Personal Responsibility
..The Men Will Take Care of It vs I(We) Must Take Care of It
....................Parasitism vs Productivity
...........Baiting into Hazard vs Offers of Reciprocity 
.................False Promise vs Promise
.........Plausible Deniability vs Warranty 
.............Language (Gossip) vs Action (Engineering) 
.............Face Before Truth vs Truth Before Face
..........Approval/Disapproval vs True/False
................Reasonableness vs Decidability 
............Avoidance by GSRRM vs Truth Regardless of Cost
.................Justification vs Adversarialism
........................Pilpul vs Construction
..Incrementalism via Dialectic vs Decidability vs Argument
......................Critique vs Falsification 
................Incrementalism vs Zero tolerance

Abrahamism Is the Greatest Cancer Ever Invented by Man

Our common-law tradition and the militia built the West. We escaped the Abrahamic religion and immediately restored our ancient trajectory. The reason for degeneracy is the reintroduction of Abrahamic Religion in pseudoscientific (Marxist) and pseudo-rational (postmodernist) prose.

Sorry. I have spent extraordinary effort in testing our most cherished beliefs: and Abrahamism created the dark ages. Jews did nothing. We did very little. And Muslims destroyed the four great civilizations of the ancient world – dragging them backward into inescapable ignorance.

Every civilization needs literature, oaths, and festivals for the intergenerational propagation of general rules of decidability that express their group competitive strategy. No civilization needs lies, and Abrahamism in word and form is just lies.

The Jewish Century: Marxism-Socialism, Libertarianism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Neo-Conservatism,

The Counter-Revolution Against Anglo Legal-Empiricism, and German Rational-Science.
The Utopian Promise upon Achieving Monopoly Consensus + Straw Man + Pilpul and Critique:

Rousseau (Feminine Subjective) + Schopenhauer, Hegel et al (Conflationists) + Kant (Masculine Analytic)
… -vs-
Marx, Cantor, Freud, Adorno (Working and Underclasses)
… -vs-
Mises, Friedman, Rand, Rothbard, (Middle Classes, Pseudo )
… -vs-
Krugman, Stiglitz, Delong (Commercial – Middle, Pseudoeconomics)
… -vs-
Freud, Boaz, Gould (Priestly – Middle)
… -vs-
Foucault, Derrida, Rorty (Priestly-Feminine Middle)
… -vs-
Friedan, Firestone, Dworkin (Feminists)
… -vs-
Strauss-Neocons (Political/Military-Masculine – Upper)

The gradual attack on Aristocratic (Truthful Reciprocal) Civilization from the bottom up.

Compare To: Judaism > Christianity > Islam.

Same Technique, Same False Promise, Same Catastrophic Consequences

How Can We End Abrahamic Deceit Forever?

Restore our requirement that all public speech, to the public, in matters public be limited to testimony.  Really. That’s it.

It’s quite simple. We already prohibit false speech in commerce, regarding products, services, and information. We Need only extend that demand from the MORE immediate goods, of products, services, and information, to that of the less immediate goods, services, and especially information.

Especially that information that while perhaps imaginable and preferable, purports to be possible, “good” or True that is neither possible, nor good, nor true.

How? Involuntary Warranty of Tests of Due Diligence
1 – Categorical consistency
2 – Logical consistency
3 – Empirical consistency
4 – Operational consistency
5 – Rational consistency (incentives of a rational actor)
6 – Moral consistency (perfect reciprocity)
7 – Scope Consistency (Limits.)
8 – Full accounting of content and consequence within those limits.

While this might seem difficult to you at first blush, it is not something that courts will have difficulty with, and within a decade and certainly a generation, the body of law will evolve into common practice.

And all the culture along with it.
And all of mankind as a consequence.
End the invention of lying.

The Truth Is Enough to Restore the West

Truth is enough. End the lies. End The Entire Abrahamic Program of Lies: False Reality, False History, False Promise (Moral Hazard), Pilpul (via positiva sophism), Critique (via negativa sophism), Straw Manning, and the Dysgenic Strategy of the Herd fearing being left behind by their betters.

Ethnocentrism; Nationalism; Nature, Ancestor, and Monarchical Thanks (worship), and the inheritance that they have left us as Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Merit, The Natural Law, A Jury of our Peers, The Militia of Sovereign Men, Markets In everything, and the science and technology that has provided in the present, what Those Who Lie had promised them.

No More Lies. Restore Our Natural Law, and Our Natural Religion, to our Natural PeoplesWe Must Rule, if Not for The Sake of All Mankind, but Out of Self Defense.

We Know the Name of The Devil

Europeans speak in the language of the gods, written in the hand of the gods: math, science, physical law, natural law, and testimony.

Abrahamism, in the words of Christianity, Islam, Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Libertarianism and Neoconservatism all bait us into hazard – so do Freudianism, Boasianism, Neo-marxism(“Cultural Marxism”, Political Correctness, and Human-Biodiversity-Denialism. They teach us to lie. To Deny the language of the gods, written in the hands of the gods, and our means of transcendence into gods: evolution.

If you are a devil what do you seek? To prevent man’s transcendence into gods. To deny evolution: the means by which we transcend into gods ourselves. If you are a devil what language would you speak? What does our foundational myth of the blacksmith and the devil tell us?

The devils bait you into hazard with false promise. False promise of life after death,
false promise of freedom from the physical and natural laws and the demands of evolution that transcend man into gods.

We know the name of the devil.

His name was Abraham.

He was from Ur.

—“Abraham is a mythological, legendary figure invented by Hebrew scribes approximately 1,500 years after his putative existence. The anachronisms in the texts are hilarious if you know what to look for. He is meant to be a founding father figure in a culture of paternal tribes in order to unify an ethnically disparate cooperative coaltion of outlaws (master thieves) expelled from Babylon, Egypt, and Canaan. Hence their hatred of all advanced civilizations (Oppression!! Racism! Descrimination! Inequality!).”—Scott De Warren

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