The Conflict That’s Impossible to Resolve.

Jan 29, 2020, 10:43 AM

For my followers: The P-constitution provides MATERIAL REWARDS at the cost of the media, financial, and political (unaccountable) sectors that have industrialized rent-seeking and baiting-into-hazard in the 20th century. It ALSO provides status – what Reactionaries really desire.

Propaganda, pseudoscience, philo-sophism, and religion can all make people aware of opportunity for gain and provide(moral) justification for seizing it. But people seek to acquire: experience, consumption, capital, associations, status – and so political action requires rewards.

Our difference: the Right seeks to produce goods, services, information, behavior, human capital, and commons in a majority middle class meritocracy (aristocracy), while the left seeks to extract from the middle to empower the top to redistribute to the bottom (priesthood).

What is the unspoken Truth that is the purpose of the entire anti-western postwar movement, as well as the jewish pseudoscientific prewar movement (marx, freud, boas, cantor-bohr, trotsky)? That he right is eugenic and left dysgenic and that democracy is incompatible both.

All right left conflict is reducible to group strategy of eugenic families in meritocratic market aristocracy under rule of law of heroism, and dysgenic individuals in equalitarian ant-market pseudoscientific and sophomoric priesthood and discretionary rule of victimhood.

The end of the agrarian period also is an end to the agrarian economic, social, political, and military order. The europeans re-united the world and (unfortunately) the races and civilizations while still under the agrarian order. And we no longer have common interests we had under agrarianism. And everything is up for grabs.

So we see market demand for re-speciation. And the only way to solve it is to once again, separate and continue to speciate – reversing the promise of the one world order the female, semitic, authoritarian mind seems to desire.

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