Conflict 1: Thesis

The Solution To the Problem of Our Age Requires We Address A Taboo.


All institutions lag. Of law (market), state (commons), and religion (tradition), law evolves fastest. But even so, law that is dependent upon tradition, even an empirical tradition, and lacking formal logical foundation, cannot reform without crisis – any more than familes, social organizations, commerical organiztins, the sciences, governments, or religions reform without crisis

And we are in civilizational Crisis for just this reason: our law is lagging in reform.

The failure of the law of tort to keep pace with inventions in parasitism and predation generates demand for the state to via-positiva impose rules of conduct instead of the law’s via-negativa prohibitions on conduct.

The objective of my work the reformation of our traditional, empirical, evolutionary, common law and its foundation in the law of tort, and dependence upon the test of reciprocity into a strictly constructed, formal, operational logic like that of programming.

Computers cannot choose and have no instincts of their own, so we program them with what they must do given the operations it is possible for them to perform. Conversely, man can choose and has instincts of his own, we must program man with what they must not do, given the operations it is possible for mankind to perform.

If we are successful in evolving norms, we program man by training and environmental exposure with the positive alternatives to those actions we wish to program him not to perform. It is always better to reward the man for doing a good than threaten a man with consequences for doing a bad.  And while we adapt our norms to encourage different alternatives to the bad, we have evolved the habit of expressly prohibiting the bad, and codifying those prohibitions in law, and using institutions to enforce those prohibitions.  These laws convert social norms by which one can be ostracized to institutional ways by which one can be punished for doing bads.

Where that law of Tort (or Trespass, or Property), is dependent upon the logical necessity and empirical evidence of the universal human demand for Reciprocity, and that tests of reciprocity provide man with universal decidability in matters of conflict. And where that demand for Reciprocity includes every action or inaction, and all display, word and deed. That means reciprocity in everything we can pay any cost for, directly or indirectly, by action or inaction, whether private, shared, or commons.

And While reciprocity-in-deed is ancient and obvious, the novelty in my work is  ( …. scope and speech and display ) in demanding Reciprocity in word, that requires testifiable, warrantable claims for which one is liable. This requirement causes us to pay an even greater self-monitoring cost (what we call agency) than does reciprocity-in-deed. And this has been a problem. We have tolerated free speech when we meant truthful, reciprocal, moral, and constructive speech.

science invent techniques of observation (measurement) and logic (measurement), that exhaust our …

So when I say that my work in Propertarianism’s P-Logic, and P-Law complete the scientific method, I mean, that the scientific method evolved from, and is an application of, our law of evidentiary testimony, by extending the logic of tort from claims over property disputes, to all claims about the universe,  ( … suppressing all false claims not just false claims over  …)

And that P-Logic and P-Law extend the prohibition on the spectrum of techniques of deception: of Laziness in failure of due diligence against error and bias; undue influence by loading and framing, suggestion and obscurantism,; deception by the three fictionalisms of verbal sophistry-to-idealism, physical magic-to pseudoscience, and imaginary occult to supernaturalism; and outright deceit by false promise, fraud, baiting into hazard.


As strange as it might seem, there are only two groups of thought leaders in this present world, the Europeans and the Half European Jews we call Ashkenazi. And the Europeans and the Askenazi have polar opposite genetic intuitions, cultural strategies, civilizational ambitions, and designs for man. And to not surprisingly these strategies are as opposite as the male and female reproductive strategies that these civilizations institutionalized as their group strategies – because that is the underlying difference between these group strategies: European Masculine superpredation by military, political, and economic construction, and Semitic Feminine superpredation by social and moral construction to resist it. Why? The difference between male meritocracy producing eugenics, and female equalitarianism producing dysgenics. That’s the underlying conflict between male and female strategies, that is only mitigated by parenthood and monogamy with enough children to unite sex differences in cognition. Or to put in more common terms, the instinct for men to join in a loyal hierarchy, and the instinct of women to preserve ease of manipulation by words and emotions (infantilism) – both instincts are demonstrated as overwhelmingly in the literature as they are by common experience.

( … TITLE … )

While the Aristotelian restoration caused the middle class to re-harmonized common law and rule of law in opposition to (corrupt) church thought and resulted in the anglo empirical restoration, beginning with the “enlightenment”: the French, then German, then Jewish, now Islamic and Chinese counter-revolutions against the anglo empirical, agrarian, financial, commercial, industrial, Darwinian, Scientific, and german second-scientific revolutions, only the Jewish revolution has been successful in surviving:  Boaz-Freud-Marx-Lenin-Stalin, Cantor-Bohr, Gramsci-Frankfurt-Neomarxism, and Derrida-Friedan and the postmodernists, Mises-Rand-Rothbard and the libertarians, and the neoconservatives. This Almost exclusively Jewish counter-revolution is reducible to a revolt against Darwin, and Darwin’s implied explanatin for the success of western civilization, Nietzche’s restoration of european ethics, and the opportunity created by the failure of the church to either follow the orthodoxy into ritual, nationalism, and morals of the family, or modernize by completing the natural law project thus retaining the church’s position as a judicial authority over european civilization. Instead they tried to maintain the Augustine and Aquinas attempt to keep the church’s superstition out of direct competition with Aristotelian reason.

Ths counter revolution repeats the same technique as the destruction of Roman civlization, it’s arts, letters, philosophy, wisdome, and technology from within by jewish insurrectionists that today we call Christians. But instead of a false promises of life after death, extension of familial love to non-kin, pretense of moral high ground, status from pretense of moral high ground, and freedom from social stimatism of inferiority to the aristocratic classes, in the modern world, the Marxists, Neo Marxists, Postmodernists, anti-male feminists, and human biodiversity science deniers, offer freedom from physical lawas of scarcity, natural laws of self interest and reciprocity, and evolutionary laws of the amorality of man, the domesticatin of man, and regression to the mean, if the evil european males are overthrown and another equalitarian age replaces it – which of course, will require additional false promises until the people have forgotten the meaning of truth itself.

In the face of this predominantly jewish counter-revolution against wesetern civlization, the aristocracy, and the nobility, and the classes of the able, have held to their christian faith that the common folk would continue to suppress their wants and impulses, and retain their piety and civility and adherence to tradition despite the new plenty that gave them license. But this project we call democracy and mass consumption in order to defeat communism, failed.

Worse, western man’s canon is distributed across hundreds of tomes across hundreds of decades, and as such was practiced as a tradition but not written down in consolidated form accessible to the masses until quite possibly the American constitution – for reasons I’ll explain further in this work.  Yet we are faced with the rather obvious evidence of the superiority of western civilization at least since the Romans and Greeks, if not yet sure about the Aryans, but we have failed to preserve it with religion, we have failed to preserve it with philosophy, and we seem to have only preserved it with the military, juridical government, the family, and our juridical law: traditions rather than persuasions or religions.  Although all four, in addition to our knowledge of history, have been under attack by the Jewish left, and that third of our population who are willing accomplices, for fourscore and ten years – to borrow a phrase.

And the Jewish left and their willing accomplices, in particular, single women, less developed immigrants, and now Islamists – the same people who brought Christianity to Roman civilization and gave us the dark ages rather than roman restoration, and destroyed the great civilizations of the ancient world,

So over the past decades as our civilization crumbles from insurrection within, despite postwar suppression by the Jewish left, we’ve seen scientists attempt to rescue our civilization by providing the answers that we ourselves have failed to write down as canon: why did Europeans outperform all other peoples in this world combined, in just a few centuries in the Aryan expansion, a few centuries in the ancient world, and a few centuries in the modern world – and why were the dark ages dark, and why didn’t we have the industrial revolution by within a few hundred years after Aristotle?

Thanks to the combination of computers, science, cognitive science – meaning neurology,  and genetics, we know some of the answers, but I’m going to try to provide the rest, as well as how to restore our civilization despite the repeated counter-revolutions against it which seek to destroy our civilization once again.

—“Western cultural uniqueness originates from two powerful currents—aristocratic individualism resulting from the Indo-European settlement beginning around 2500 BC, and egalitarian individualism originating from the primordial Northern
hunter-gatherers that populated Europe since before the Ice Ages. This article describes the origins and culture of the Indo-Europeans.”– Kevin Macdonald

A look at the literature contains two major arguments: Genetic, cultural, and philosophical. I’m going to do what behavioral economists do, and examine the incentives given the genetic, geographic, demographic, adversarial, institutional, scientific, and technological, differences between peoples and cultures – and treat literature, including philosophy, as largely post-hoc justification. It’s justification for the seizure of incentives that already exist. It’s the incentives that are causal – and not open to the various loadings, framings, obscurantisms and deceits humans so commonly commit to prose.

My only substantive improvement on Macdonald and Duchesne will be an explanation of the incentives and resulting institutions and a minor improvement on genetics and cognitive science that have evolved over the past few years. And in doing so we’ll create a coherent and complete story of the evolution of western civilization and why it’s unique, produces excellence, is unrepeatable, and irreplaceable whether genetic, conceptual or institutional – because it’s all three. All intellectuals work from a primary frame. My frame is cognitive science, behavioral economics, methods of argument (language), institutions, and group strategy. This is a ‘constructivist’, ‘operational’, ‘causal’ frame.


The Physics of Mankind: The Most Important Lesson You Can Understand Today

There is no ‘point’ to evolution other than profiting from entropy, and therefore persisting in the defeat of entropy. There is however opportunity in evolution for any that chooses to discover and use it.

The framework we’re all looking for is this:

1) human evolution, incrementally exhausted opportunity for adaptability (physical morphological, (distribution of energy in our organs), metabolic, cooperative, social, cognitive, conceptual). The mammalian organism and the primate shape provide a platform for greater exhaustion of opportunity physical opportunity for adaptation. The cortex and braincase for sensation, integration, perception, prediction (imagination), cognition, neural density; exhausting cooperative opportunity through memory, prediction, and intuition for reciprocity; neoteny exhausting the opportunity for the development of agency, and biochemistry is very close to maximizing velocity; and systems of measurement (sciences) exhausting the possibilities for cognitive coherence. Upon solving the remaining sciences what remains is the exhaustion of cellular repairability internally, the opportunities for direct enhancement of physical form through manipulation internally, and the available sources of energy externally.

2) Evolutionary computation by trial and error achieved this adaptation, and adaptation through a distribution (distributed variation) of traits producing a division of reproductive, sensory, perceptual, cognitive, and physical labor, imitation(physical), empathy(emotional), sympathy(mental), and language to serialize information transfer by continuous recursive disambiguation.

3) We have incrementally exhausted physical, social, cognitive, and soon, conceptual methods of adaptability – primarily through the extension of the period of developmental adaptability (neoteny), and through the evolution (development) of variation in languages and paradigms as systems of measurement (all language consists of measurements, and the paradigm we call science (testimony by realism, naturalism, operationalism, rational choice, reciprocity, completeness, and parsimony) is incrementally providing commensurability and coherence across those languages and paradigms, producing a  universally commensurable language.)

4) This evolution of cooperation, gated by demand for volition, reciprocity, and proportionality, maintained (physical equilibrium), capitalization, and permitted the evolution of a Pareto distribution of abilities and influences (hierarchy of voluntary cooperation: a market), governed (regulated, computed) by the test of reciprocity within the limits of proportionality.

5) An adversarial (competitive) market is the fastest means of computation of possibility (opportunity for adaptability). An army is the fastest means of implementing changes. A religion is the least adaptive means of computation and implementation.

6) For this reason armies(states), laws(economies), and religions(education) each serve a LIMITED function in producing an INTERTEMPORAL DIVISION OF KNOWLEDGE AND LABOR. Armies when known and urgent, Markets when Unknown and not urgent, and Education to prepare for adaptability to the known and unknown.

As such;

7) The european order is the maximum possible method yet known for adaptability at the cost of eugenic suppression of the unproductive, uncooperative, decapitalizing, and destructive.

8) And what we call IQ or intelligence is a measure of adaptability in time. It is the most rapid means of biological adaptability available to life forms.

9) With truth (scientific knowledge) as the most rapid tool of adaptability for applied intelligence.

10) However, given the distribution of the spectrum of cognitive adaptability (intelligence), to utilize the full spectrum of intelligence (maximize capitalization and adaptability) in the resulting division of labor (Pareto, or power law, hierarchy, of voluntary cooperation), conscientiousness is equally important at every point along the curve of adaptability (intelligence, IQ).  For this reason, wealth at any point under the adaptability (IQ) curve will be available by the measure of conscientiousness (merit in the voluntary organization of an area under the curve).

As such, the variation in intelligence, non-variation in conscientiousness,  both serve the reproductive and intertemporal division of labor. While variation in conscientiousness – which we will call self-control, agency, or mindfulness depending on the context, provides utility along the spectrum, intelligence (the rate of adaptation) provides utility as the spectrum of complexity increases. However, the value of intelligence to the polity is not well understood. It conveys certain utilities: (a) greater detection of error, bias, and deceit as complexity increases, (b) greater incentive to profit from the detection of error, bias, and deceit, (c) the economic, social, and political value of those who profit from detection and suppression of error, bias, and deceit. In this sense, while there is certainly via-positiva value to intelligence, there is also via-negativa value to intelligence. And while via-positiva value may create innovation and opportunity, the value of suppressing error, bias, and deceit, appears to be more influential in a population than innovation. This is one of the fundamental lessons to take from western civilization. Because the greater the suppression of error, bias, and deceit, the more the collective population is limited to exploiting opportunities for truth and reciprocity, producing returns along the ENTIRE intellectual, socioal, political spectrum. As such truth provides a multiplier – and while it is the most counter-intuitive, difficult to produce, and expensive norm to create in a population, it is also the norm that provides the highest returns. For this reason, european civilization gravitated to the production of truth while others to harmony (china) or deception and ignorance (semitia).

Human Organization

7) There are three means of human coercion (organizing):
… a) force (established male, k, capitalizing, conservative, armies, states),
… b) remuneration (ascendant male, productive, libertarian, markets),
… c) undermining, advocating (female/r/dysgenic, religion).
The order in which discovers implements these institutions of coercion, then evolves and exhausts the opportunity for organizing societies by coercion, like any other evolutionary system, binds (limits) subsequent institutions.

8) Western civilization discovered rule of law (libertarian, markets) as the first institution. This discovery resulted in western tri-functionalism: a balance of power between army-state, law-commerce, and religion-family. All other civilizations discovered religion or state first, not law. As such they are not only different but they FAILED. They failed because by that first adaptation they established barriers to future adaptation.  This we see the european militia-law and high-trust, the Chinese army-state and low trust, the Hindu religion and state and limited trust and the Semitic religion-vs-state and lowest trust.  In effect, we have produced civilizations that specialized in the means of coercion while all other civilizations have failed even worse.

9) This institution of law the organizing foundation of european peoples. It provides the least resistance of a social organization to adaptation, and the most incentive to adapt both preventing negatives, and encouraging positives, by creating an adversarial market for the suppression of injustice (irreciprocity) and an adversarial market for consumption (reciprocity). And it’s the reason we evolved (adapted) FASTER than the rest even if we were not always first.  So, Europeans (steppe herders) bypassed the agrarian age and like any leap in technology, one is not anchored by the prior technology (religion, agrarianism). It is this advantage that the world hates and wants to draw us backward.


Most conservatives and I differ on Christianity for this reason. Christianity was a useful means of extending the pagan pantheon such that peasants, women, children, serfs, and slaves had access to social status as material life improved under Roman commercial rule, especially since they were the one’s being domesticated through suppression of their reproduction. And especially for Semites who were familial, tribal, and practiced deceit as honorable (cunning) despite its consequences for the commons.

However, as monotheistic, and constructed of the Abrahamic method of lying, Christianity sought to produce that status by dragging western civilization down into the ignorance and superstition of the middle east’s early religion and farmers and to reverse the european revolution in social organization, economic organization, political organization and thought (intellectual adaptation).

There is zero difference in technique between the ‘bolshevik‘ Christianization of Rome, the bolshevik undermining of Spain, the bolshevik undermining of the Ukrainian Peoples (Pale), the bolshevik undermining of Germany, the bolshevik revolution in Russia, the postwar bolshevik revolution in America and Europe today, and the ‘safe haven’ for bolshevism provided by France (Paris), New York, Los Angeles, an London.

There is no difference whatsoever between the supernatural deceits of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the pseudoscientific deceits of anti-science by Boaz, Freud, Marx, anti-markets by communism, socialism, and Keynesianism,  anti culturalism by Gramsci-Adorno-Fromm’s neo-marxism, Friedan’s anti-male Jewish feminism, Derrida and Foucault’s sophistry with anti-scientific anti-truth Postmodernism and HBD Denialism, and anti-state and anti-commons rand-Rothbardian libertarianism, or anti-self-determination by Strauss, Kristol, and yes, Soros. The origins of organized religion on the steppe of the east Aryans, the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim revolts in the deserts, and the Jewish and Islamic revolts in the industrial age, are all variations on the same strategy: reversing adversarial( competitive-cooperative) evolution (adaptability) by continuous improvement of human adaptability, in physical, cognitive, informational, personal, interpersonal, social, economic, political, educational, and military spheres of opportunity for adaptation.

This continuous ‘Bolshevik revolution’ (generalizing the specific term to apply to the historical strategy) seeks to reverse human evolution and produce yet another Jewish-Islamic-Christian dark age, as part of its thousands of years of revolt against the european (indo european) revolution in human evolution that produced markets in every aspect of life, producing rule of law, producing, reason, science, medicine, technology, and most importantly continuous eugenic evolution by the upward redistribution of reproduction that prevents regression to the mean (70’s).

Why, because just as females seek to maintain infantilization of their offspring in order to maintain ease of control, the Semitic group strategy is to undermine host populations by the Abrahamic technique, weaponizing the strategy of females (seduction).

Neotenic Self Domestication

1-There are three human (H.Sapiens) races (subspecies). These subspecies adapted geographically. Their direction of adaptation is neotenic. Neoteny allows agency (cognitive adaptability), permitting the sequential social, linguistic (cognitive), and technical revolutions.

1 – The primary difference between human groups is the degree of neoteny. Neoteny preserves opportunity for developmental growth allowing for the development of the increasing agency. Neoteny is the product of selection for cooperation. intelligence is a byproduct of selecting for cooperation producing neoteny.

2-The climate in Africa and the population distribution resisted neotenic evolution. The climate in west Eurasia and distribution accelerated neotenic evolution. The climate in east Asian and limited distribution acclerated neotenic evolution. Groups speciated further.

3-The Agrarian revolution was a significant caloric advantage but homogenized populations. The cline in Asia was southward and beneficial, but in Eurasia was north and regressive. The Steppe revolution was a significant cultural advantage and homogenized populations(IE).

4-The manorial revolutions in northern Europe and northern China were a significant political revolution, restoring natural selection under agrarianism. The industrial revolution provided expansion but reversed natural (Neotenic) selection and was regressive.

5-The evolution of man is the story of the neotenic self-domestication of man, and the subsequent domestication of territories, plants, animals, metals, chemistry and now physical properties.

Human Groups

2 – Some groups have been the victim of circumstance that favored neotenic evolution. Some groups institutionalized neotenic evolution (eugenics) by accident. Some groups institutionalize neotenic evolution by design (eugenics).

3 – Class structures are the natural result of the competition between neotenic development, genetic load, health, and environment, with measurable consequences we call biological symmetry, absence of neuroticism(calm), conscientiousness, and intelligence. Class is the term we use for the spectrum of sexual, social, economic, political, military, and strategic market value.

4 – Any group that institutionalizes neotenic evolution (eugenics) will benefit from the fact that eugenics are the single most influential and desirable factor determining group quality of material life. Dysgenics are the single most desirable factor opposing material life in exchange for psychological life. Markets are naturally eugenic. Religion is the opposite.  And serves largely to sedate us against evolutionary pressures as populations increase and with it, anonymity, irrelevance, and alienation.

5 – The second most influential difference between groups is the order of institutions. Europeans, for entirely environmental reasons, were the only people to develop Law – meaning the natural law(under our control) of tort (consisting of self-determination, sovereignty, property, and reciprocity) as their first social and political institution, instead of religion (out of our control) or state (under their control). And law is a purely empirical means of social organization. As we shall see, the order of institutional development like any evolutionary process creates evolutionary dependencies, that determine the future of civilizations.  (See: Path Dependence) Law is the least evolutionarily contradictory political institution. Just as commerce is the least evolutionarily contradictory social order. Just as the Military is the least evolutionarily contradictory extra-political order. Just as science (Testimony) is the least evolutionarily contradictory intellectual order.

6 – The third most influential difference between groups is their ‘metaphysics’ or set of ‘paradigms’. Europeans, and specifically European aristocratic (Ruling) classes, for those entirely environmental reasons, and having developed empirical law as their first institution were alone the only people to discover, adapt to, and apply the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe. Despite the extraordinary high psychological cost of doing so. And the one cost East Asians alone would bear as well: the suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses and the direction of the surpluses to the production of commons. And in doing so dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early mortality, in just a few centuries in the early bronze age, a few centuries in the ancient world, and a few centuries in the modern world – while the middle east stagnated then declined in dysgenia, the Indians were unable to transform the continent, the Chinese, luckily isolated from the middle east succeeded then stagnated, leaving Europeans as the only people to succeed in the transition out of victimization by nature, and the universe, and instead to domesticate it.

7 – The fourth most influential difference between groups is their evolutionary strategy.

( … ) group strategies

6-The standard of living of civilizations is (was until 1950) a measure of the DENIAL of the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe, with the Europeans practicing the LEAST denial.

7 – If people have not passed thru sufficient neotenic domestication to survive by natural selection in markets(in the absence of immigration) then they are unfit for western civilization the entire structure of which is evolutionary.


8-The Left-Jewish-Islamist counter-revolution is DEVOLUTIONARY resistance to market domestication. Judaism to undermine, Christianity to weaken, Islam to reverse evolution. At present only China and the Slavs have the political system and will to resist devolution.

7 – Devolutionary Revolt: Both the Abrahamic Counter Revolutions of Christianity, Rabbinical Judaism, and Islam in the ancient world, and the Abrahamic counter-revolutions of Marxism, Bolshevism, Socialism, Postmodernism, Anti-Male Feminism, Human Difference Science Denialism, Political Correctness, and Anti-Westernism in the modern world, are revolts against the natural eugenics of the Aristocratic (European, Persian) peoples. The Abrahamic counter-revolution against the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, proposes the opposite circumstance: the expansion of the underclasses, and the deprivation of the commons, and a parasitic elite that benefits from capturing mankind in stagnation and decline.

8 – Just as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam brought about the first Abrahamic dark age of ignorance superstition, dysgenia, destruction, and eventual decline, the second Abrahamic dark age is in progress using the false promise of freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and with the same results as every other civilization affected by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: devolution by dysgenia and decline.

9 – Every group develops a strategy, mythology, paradigm (metaphysics), methodology of persuasion, and perpetuates it across generations. We are unconscious of these differences. But just as we can be universally taught logic, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and economics, we can be taught how to speak truthfully, how to identify lies and frauds, and how to find mindfulness in truth and community rather than falsehood and deceits.

10 – It is possible to use common law of tort to prevent false promises in psychological, social, economic, and political fraud( informational) just as we prevent it in commercial (advertising, marketing, sales). And it is possible to institutionalize the suppression of that specific kind of fraud (baiting into hazard) just as we institutionalize the suppression of other kinds of baiting into hazard at the interpersonal scale (drugs, prostitution, crime, etc.

11 – It is possible to prevent another dark age, and possible to prevent the civil war that many of us are determined to wage to prevent that dark age if we cannot prevent it by more agreeable political means: peaceful separation, and restoration of the process of speciation.

The European Method of Truth

( … )

The Abrahamic Method of Deceit

The Institutionalization of Abrahamic Method of Deceit Militarizes the Female Means of Undermining as a Competitive Strategy.

The false, unwarrantable, promise of freedom from the laws of the universe:
… physical (scarcity) laws,
… natural (reciprocity) laws,
… evolutionary (regression to the mean) laws,
… baiting less able peoples into hazard (harm),
… A harm advocated by Pilpul (sophistry, pseudoscience, supernaturalism),
… Defended by Critique (undermining, not refuting, not providing competitive solution),
… Evading Warranty, Escaping Liability and
… By Deliberate Avoidance of Due Diligence, 
… by Pretense of Plausible Deniability,
… the Asymmetry of Knowledge,
… the Presence of Malincentives by both Agent(s) and Victim(s);
… And Pursued for the Purpose of Attention, Reward (pro?t), Influence(power), Undermining (Power), of the Trust and Cooperation,
… a Host Population in Normal Distribution,
Thereby Generating:
… Accelerating Cycles of Internal Con?ict,
… Generating Demand for Authority to Control by the Hazard Maker.

The Semites, led by the Jews and their Abrahamic method of deception, which is as advanced a method of deceit as Aristotelianism is of truth, have spent thousands of years institutionalizing deception, fraud, organized crime, and in particular, organized crime against THE COMMONS (physical assets, formal and informal institutions) of host peoples. The purpose of their undermining is to reverse the high trust, and competitive advantage of superior peoples who developed eugenic civilization, that continues the adaptive progress of mankind.

The Semites are not just different, they are not just worse, they are the and greatest cancer among the human populations. They are devolutionary. And their method of infection of the cognitively weak is as successful as the viruses we cannot defeat either.

They are the origin of, and agents of, the Great Filter: the end of mankind.


My goal is not, like the over 100 other countries in history, to expunge Abrahamists from politics (Christians) or from the market, society, and polity, (Jews, Muslims), or to kill them off, but instead to increase the scope of our laws to suppress the Abrahamic method of deceit by articulating the Aristotelian method of truth, such that all speech in public to the public in matters public must be truthful. If this is accomplished then it will be impossible for the jews, Christians, and Muslims using supernaturalism, or platonists with idealism, or Marxists, neo-Marxists, postmodernists, and difference, denialists to spread the Abrahamic false promises by the Abrahamic method of deceit.

If instead of just grammar, logic, and rhetoric, we teach grammar, logic, testimony, and rhetoric, and we add basic economics and basic logic of the natural law of reciprocity, then within two generations we will achieve in psychological and social science what we have in physical sciences: the incremental eradication of the three primary methods of lying, the fictionalisms: supernaturalism (imaginary occult), super-normalism (verbal idealism and sophistry), and super-physicalism (physical magic and pseudoscience).

This is an opportunity to bring the revolution in greek empiricism, in British science, German-American technology, and American biology, into a reformation of the linguistic, psychological, and social sciences, and to return western civilization to its continuous leadership of mankind out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, diseased, and yes… DYSGENIA.

We can continue to drag mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, despotism, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, disability, child mortality, early death, and the victimhood of a nature all but hostile to human life, at the geological, solar, galactic, and universal levels. And from there continue our ascent into the gods we imagine.

Or we can have another dark age because that is what Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their revisions in marxism, socialism, neo-marxism, postmodernism, anti-male feminism, and human difference denial seek to bring about through the restoration of ignorance, sophistry, superstition, pseudoscience, and dysgenia that destroy the information system that man depends upon to pass the Great Filter.


—“ A wisdom literature provides advice for decisions and choices within the limits of a group’s evolutionary strategy within a group using that evolutionary strategy. A Theology provides an authoritarian wisdom literature, by false promise and false threat, conflating wisdom and law between competing group evolutionary strategies. An ideology serves to inspire individuals to action under democracy. A philosophy provides methods of choice in order to achieve a desired state of affairs. A formal logic provides language and grammar for the testing (falsification) of the internal consistency of verbal relations. A science provides a formal process(logical and physical instrumentation) decidability for the elimination of ignorance, error, bias, and deceit from our claims. Strictly constructed Natural Law unite formal logic and formal science to provide decidability in matters of dispute. ”— Curt Doolittle, The Propertarian Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine.


1. Formal(Logics: logic, mathematics, algorithmic, operational).
2. Physical (the laws of nature).
3. Psychological (cognitive science), and;
4. Social (Social science: economics, law, politics, group strategy).

P-law is a formal, operational, and algorithmic logic using a universally commensurable grammar (paradigm, vocabulary, logic grammar syntax), that tests (falsifies) every possible dimension of thought: coherent (consistent, correspondent, existentially and operationally possible).

Now, you might arbitrarily define ‘science’, but by any present definition P-law is scientific. It is logical, empirical, operational, and under realism, naturalism, rational choice, and reciprocity.

Human Faculties (physical process) > Epistemology > Grammar > Vocabulary > Speech > Due Diligence > including Ethics.


1. Sense, Integration by prediction
2. Space-Time Modeling prediction,
3. Auto Association prediction (intuition), Auto Evaluation (emotion),
4. Attention-Recursion,
5. Reason, Planning, Calculation, Computation,
6. Action-Release > Repeat.

Epistemology: Observation > Free Association > Hypothesis (reason tested) > Theory (operationally tested), > Surviving Theory (market tested) > Limitation > Falsification > Repeat.

In P we use a ‘grammar’ to refer to the Paradigm and Vocabulary, grammar, logic, and syntax of a paradigm. And when we use the term “the Grammars’ we mean the spectrum of those grammars.

A Grammar: refers to the Paradigm (permissible dimensions of perception, cognition, and action), the Names, Operations, and Rules of Continuous Recursive Disambiguation (morpheme, word, phrase, sentence, story organization) and the LOGIC (constant relations) that limit consistency, correspondence, coherence, and completeness.

Vocabulary: Deflation and disambiguation by competition, operationalization, and serialization, ex: Moral: Evil < Bad < Immoral < Unethical < Amoral > Ethical > Moral > Good > Righteous. or Truth: Tautological < Analytic < Idea < Testifiable < Honest < Untested.

Speech: Deflation (constraint upon) ordinary language grammar, limited to a single point of view, absent the verb to be, using complete promissory sentences, describing a series of operations (human actions), resulting in testable transactions (sentence),and sets of transactions.

Due Diligence: realism, naturalism, sensory, identity (categorical), internal (logical), operational (actions in time), external (empirical), rational (bounded rationality), reciprocal (moral – reciprocal rationality), limited, fully accounted, warranteed, restitutable.

Ethics (Morality): Productive, Fully informed, Voluntary Transfer of Demonstrated Interests, free of imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others by externality, and warrantied, by due diligence against error bias and deceit, within the limits of restitution.

No more sophistry. Philosophy is closed. Science has fully replaced it. P-law is complete. Including Metaphysics, Epistemology, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Law, Group Strategy, and Aesthetics.

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