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“All Language Consists of Measurements”

May 10, 2020, 10:14 AM

We don’t think of it geometrically but that’s the best frame for representing it’s organization. Our senses (nervous system) register pulses, which vary only in on-off, and frequency – a measurement – and we combine those measurements, because our body is a system of commensurability, into a world-model useful for our actions. Then we describe the world in combinations of sense-perceptions.

The second fundamental problem with AI so far (aside from our hardware is architected inversely) is that it has no system of commensurability like we have – the body – and so it cannot develop consciousness: a model with predictive differences given our possible actions (physical, logical, verbal).

Archetypes – prototype measurements of combinations of instincts

Stereotypes – consistent predictions from measurements.

In the Foundations Course, I frame our consciousness geometrically from the start.

Unfortunately constitution and revolution is more pressing than continuing work on consciousness and behaviour but I will get there….

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