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What Question Are We Trying To Answer?

( … ) “How do we make the law so that people can’t lie as much as they have been” — Dr Brad.   (A little more context but yes)

What Do We Human Beings Need?

0 – Defining our needs… (what we need for a science, logic, etc. …  A basic need for verbal animals… 😉 … solving for an increase in precision for preventing new and old means error, bias and deceit …. pull in intro section on what is sci, etc.  … universally applicable. )

How Are We Going To Answer That Question?

In the Introduction (the previous section) we described the problem of the present age in a historical context, and we’ve stated that we have a solution to that problem – despite our natural human resistance to change.  In this section, we’re going to explain the scope of the solution and break that solution down into a series of steps, where each step produces an outcome, and that outcome is a set of tests (principles, rules, axioms, or laws) that we can use test the truth of any statement, proposition or claim. This series of steps will explain our journey through the sections of this work. We refer to this set of sections in this scope of work as The Program. So, The Program consists of a number of insights, and a hierarchy of applications of those insights, and a set of outputs (deliverables) from their application.

Integration of the physical sciences, in particular the behavioral sciences, and in particular human nature, into the natural sciences.

What’s in the Program?

1 – A methodology for producing a universal system of measurement, creating commensurability and decidability (across…). This method consists of the systematic application of disambiguation, by operationalization, adversarialism, and serialization. We will cover this methodology in detail.


10. Disambiguation by Operationalization, Adversarialism, and Serialization. Or Exhaustion of disambiguation down to first principles.

We call this The Method.

2 – This system of measurement produces a Paradigm, First Principles, Vocabulary, Logic, and Grammar, that functions as a value-neutral, universally commensurable, operational grammar, vocabulary and logic( language) of testimony (truth) across of all disciplines.


11. Operational Grammar
12. The Grammars, (deflationary, testimonial, ordinary, fictional, and the fictionalisms)

We call these The Logics, and The Grammars.

3 – Decidability not scientific method…. This set of tools produces the completion of the Scientific Method and all that it entails.  Testimonialism (Truth) and conversely “The Falsehoods and Deceits”.  And surprisingly, as much of the Program is devoted to deceit as to truth.


13. Decidability, Truth, and Testimony
14.  Deceit, Fraud, Denial

We call this Decidability. The Science of Decidability, or Testimonal Truth.   

4– The application of P-Method to the spectrum of sciences especially Metaphysics, Epistemology, Psychology, Ethics, Sociology, Morality, Economics, Politics, and Group Strategy.


15. Ternary logic of the Universe
16. Evolutionary Computation and causal chains
17. Continuous recursive disambiguation of accumulating opportunity

18. Acquisition, Demonstrated Interest, Reciprocity
19. Compatibilism and Ternary Logic of Cooperationism
20. Sex Differences in Compatibilism, Cooperation, Cognition

21. Trifunctionalism (Ternary logic of cooperation and coercion)
22. Classes, Elites, Institutions, and Path Dependence

We call this Applied P, The First Principles. The output of Applied P consists of a consistent, coherent, correspondent, value neutral system of measurement for all concepts across the spectrum of human knowledge.

5 – We apply the logic and law to civilizational differences to discover and use them to explain their differences and as variations in group evolutionary strategies.


23. Group Differences in constitution and distribution
24. Group Evolutionary Strategies.

We call this Group Evolutionary Strategies or Comparative Group Evolutionary Strategies

6 – Using P-method, P-logic, P-law, and Applied-P we produce the explanation for disproportionate western adaptive innovative and evolutionary rates of success in ancient and modern worlds And the explanation for the dark ages as well as the current attempt to repeat them that we see as undermining western civilization.


25. European group evolutionary strategy – The Masculine Eugenic

We call this Western and Male Group Evolutionary Strategy.

7 – The explanation for What Went Wrong in the 19th, 20th, and 21st Centuries – and our new age of pseudoscientific reformation of mysticism.

The failure of our language, science, logic, and law to suppress novel opportunities to introduce error, bias, and deceit.


( … )

9. Jewish group evolutionary strategy – The Feminine Dysgenic

We call this Semitic and Female Group Evolutionary Strategy.

7 – The explanation of the different systems of argument (or deceit) used in the different civilizations, and in particular the Abrahamic means of deceit used in the ancient world (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) and in the modern world (Marxism, feminism, postmodernism, denialism/political correctness).


( … )

We call this the Institutions of cultural production, and the war against our institutions of cultural production.

8 – The application of the system of measurement to human cooperation organization economics politics and group strategy.


15. The Law Completed
6. Perfect Government

We call this P-Law or Natural Law.

9 – A universal law, a constitution, body of rights, responsibilities, inalientations, a set of institutions, and a set of attendant policies that restore the British, American, Australian, and Canadian constitution (contract among sovereigns) and hardens them from future undermining, by creating a legal means for the prosecution of crimes of undermining, as well as the financing of undermining by prohibiting rent-seeking, privatization of commons, and socialization of losses). Consisting of a declaration of reformation (Suit), And Remedies: preamble, constitutional reforms, and policies.


( … )

We call this A New, Updated, or Reformed Constitution, Constitution of The Natural Law, or Universal Constitution.

10 – A set of policies (Acts) under that constitution that form the most substantial political, social, economic, and financial reform since the roman era – restoring the civil society.


( … )

We call these The Reforms: the policies under the constitution.

11 – A set of Restitutions and Punishments that serve to return wealth to the British, American, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand people, punish those who have engaged in undermining our people, and prevent repeats of undermining our people – or other peoples – in the future.


( … )

We call these The Restitutions

12 – A Recommendation for Finnic, Russian, Slavic, Baltic, Scandianvian, Germanic, Latin, and Balkan civilizations to adopt this constitution and therefore prevent another dark age – one we might not recover from this time.


( … )

We Call This The Counsel


So, in summary:

  1. This work “The Law” is a program (a set of ideas, applications, and outputs);
  2. That program consists of the completion of the Scientific Method, producing the science(method) and logic(rules) of testimony (truth) and decidability.
  3. We apply that method to the totality of human knowledge (all disciplines).
  4. Producing a universally commensurable language (paradigm, vocabulary, logic and grammar) of and across all human knowledge.
  5. We apply that logic and language to the common law of tort(trespass) or “Natural Law” or Law and logic of Cooperation.
  6. Resulting in a scientific (testifiable),  logical(consistent, correspondent, operationally possible, coherent),  universally commensurable, and universally applicable law, constitution, and policies.
  7. Permitting the criminalization of ir-reciprocal and un-testifiable display, word (speech), and deed – (The suppression of lying to the public, and predation on the public.)
  8. And as a consequence the eradication of superstition, pseudoscience, sophism, fraud, and deceit, from the commercial, financial, economic, political, and informational commons.
  9. And a suit against the state for reformation, restitution, and punishment.
  10. And advice to our kin on the restoration of our civilization.

The Program’s Deliverables and Resources

  • The Archives On The Website
    –A Searchable Record of the Evolution of the Method and the Program with great quotes and examples.
  • The Introductions on the Website
    –Mostly duplication of what we’re presenting here. But some longer form in more detail.
  • The Suit Against The State (“Reforms”)
    –Introduction, Declaration, Preamble, Constitutional Reforms, and Policy Reforms
  • The Choice Videos (Explaining our choices)
    –A collection of video essays that weave these concepts together around central themes.
  • The Instructional Videos
    –This is an overview of the method. Working through law, economics, and policy is still required. And teaching how to write the law so that you can think in the law is practice.
  • The Course and Courseware
    –This presentation is an outline of the Second section of the Foundations course. The foundations course covers evolution and cognitive science in some depth, and goes far deeper into some subjects, and provides readings and videos.
  • The Book(s) “The Law”
    –This work
  • The Institute of Natural Law
    –Eventually a college of Law, with a full spectrum of courses in ADVERSARIAL disciplines. 😉
  • A Trained Body of People: Participants, Advocates, Activists, Lawyers, Jurists, Instructors and Students to continue the program and reverse the war on civilization.

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For Philosophers

Sidebar: Mapping The Method to Philosophy and The Sciences


Vitruvianism, Action: Man is the measure of all things man (cog. sci.)


The Grammars: the universal grammatical structure across disciplines


Adversarialism (survival), Testimonialism, Reciprocity (cooperation)


Realism + Naturalism(Before),


Acquisitionism: Man acquires and defends.


Compatibilism: Intertemporal division of perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy wherein we combine information and calculate compatible means to the achievement of different ends through voluntary conflict, competition, cooperation, and boycott.


Cooperationism: (Reciprocity) The Ethics of Self Determination by Non Imposition


Returns on Time 


Algorithmic Natural Law. The Natural Law of SD/SM, Sovereignty, Reciprocity


Rule of Law resulting in Markets in Everything

Leaving only the Non-False:


Agency: Maximization of agency through evolutionary Transcendence


Transcendence (Evolution) of Man. Homo Deus(Destiny):


Natural Religion: Stoicism-Epicureanism, Ritual Familism, Feast Naturalism, Festival Nationalism, Ancestor/Nature Debt


Transcendence by Truth(Testimonial), Excellence(Density), Goodness(Morality[‘the commons’]) and Beauty(Bounty).

Sidebar: Generations (evolution) of Reasoning for Logicians


1. Analogy > Mythology > Writing

2. Reason > Syllogism > Geometry

3. Empiricism > Rationalism > Cartesian

4. Science > Calculation > Calculus

5. Computation > Algorithm > Programs

6. Systematizing > Simulations > Simulations

7. Adversarialism > Bayesian Evolution > Predictions

8. Embodied Adversarialism > Hierarchical Recursive Bayesian Evolution > Thinking

9. Continuous information, logical comparison, state memory, and recursive Wayfinding, and embodied falsification, produce continuous recursive disambiguation

10. Continuous recursive disambiguation produces serialized information transfer (speech)

11. Mathematics consists of a trivial vocabulary and logic of positional names, and a hierarchy of statements (sentences) allowing increasingly complex descriptions.

12. The scope of mathematical calculation is smaller than the scope of operational computation

13. The scope of operational computation is smaller than the scope of adversarial simulation.

14. The scope of adversarial simulation is smaller than a hierarchical recursive adversarial prediction of simulations.

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