The Cheat Sheet

A List of The Core Definitions and Series

0) |THE WEST| Transcendence (into Gods) > Agency > Heroism + Excellence > Sovereignty + Reciprocity > Truth + Duty > Natural Law + Jury > Contract + Markets in Everything > Optimum Private + Optimum Commons > Optimum Evolutionary Adaptation to Change |*| Vulnerability to deceit.

Note: “Gods: Those with Agency: Omnicognizance (reason, OmniIndependence (Emotions, biases), Omniscience (knowledge), Omnipotence (Physical), Immortality (time), Others (Law of Sovereignty+Reciprocity). Note that the russian version does not include reciprocity.”

1) |MARKETS| Expression > Association > Cooperation > Reproduction > Production > Conflict Resolution (law) > Commons > Polities (order) > (War).

2) |LAW| Transcendence > Sovereignty + Reciprocity (One Law) > Insurer (Court) (King / Judge of last resort) > The Discovered Law > The Referee (Judge) > The Jury -> The Thang -> The Senate -> { the King/Monarchy, the Senate/Lords(oligarchy) And the House (industry) and the Church (families) and the “those who have only the law to defend them – the underclasses”}.


I. Self-Property
Personal property: “Things an individual has a Monopoly Of Control over the use of.”
….a) Physical Body
….b) Actions and Time
….c) Memories, Concepts and Identities: tools that enable us to plan and act. In the consumer economy this includes brands.
….d) Status and Class (mate and relation selection, and reputation.)

II. Personal Property
….a) Several Property: Those things external to our bodies that we claim a monopoly of control over.

III. Kinship Property
….a) Mates (access to sex/reproduction)
….b) Children (genetics)
….c) Familial Relations (security)
….d) Non-Familial Relations (utility)
….e) Consanguineous property (tribal and family ties)

IV. Cooperative Property
….a) Organizational ties (work)
….b) Knowledge ties (skills, crafts)

V. Shareholder Property
….a) Shares: Partnership or shareholdership: Recorded And Quantified Shareholder Property (physical shares in a tradable asset)

VI. Common Property
….b) Commons: Unrecorded and Unquantified Shareholder Property (shares in commons)
….c) Artificial Property: (property created by fiat agreement) Intellectual Property.

VII. Common Informal Institutional Property:
….a) Informal (Normative) Property: Our norms: manners, ethics, morals, myths, and rituals that consist of our social portfolio and which make our social order possible.

VIII. Common Formal Institutional Property
….a) Formal Institutional Property: Formal (Procedural) Institutions: Our institutions: Religion (including the secular religion), Government, Laws.


I. Obligations
1) Non-Imposition :
(a) Productive,
(b) Fully informed,
(c) Warrantied,
(d) Voluntary Transfer(Exchange) of property-en-toto,
(e) Free of External Imposition of Costs against others’ Property-in-toto.

II. Rights
a) Constituo – Homesteading: Convert into property through bearing a cost of transformation.
b) Transitus – Transit: passage through 3d space.
c) Usus – Use: setting up a stall.
d) Fructus – Fruits: (blackberries, wood, profits)
e) Mancipio – Emancipation: (sale, transfer)
f) Abusus – Abuse: (Consumption or Destruction) Opposite of Constituo.


I) Non-Property (Bring under total control)
….CONTROL: Total Control
….PURPOSE: Create Property
….YES: Constituo, Transitus, Usus, Fructus, Mancipio, Abusus.

II) Possession

III) Consensual Possession

IV) Normative Possession – “property”


i) Personal (Private) Property (limited control)
….PURPOSE: Acquisition Inventory and Consumption
….YES: Transitus, Usus, Fructus, Mancipio,
….MAYBE: Abusus

ii) Shareholder (Private) Property (very limited control)
….CONTROL: Very Limited Control
….PURPOSE: Dividends from Cooperation
….YES: Fructus
….MAYBE: ?Transitus, ?Usus,?Mancipio,
….NO: Abusus

iii) Common (Public) Property (All Citizen Shareholders)
….CONTROL: No control.
….PURPOSE: Prohibition on Consumption.
….MAYBE: Transitus, Usus, Fructus,
….NO: Mancipio, Abusus

6) |CRIMES| Predation > Parasitism > Free Riding > Conspiracy > War > Evil.

I – Predation (Physical)-
Criminal Prohibitions.
a. Murder
b. Violence (harm, rape, damage, asymmetry of force)
c. Theft (asymmetry of control)

*FREEDOM Achieved Upon Suppression.

II – Parasitism
Unethical Prohibitions.
Fraud (Informational):
d. Hazard Production (Baiting, Entrapment), Poisoning the Well (Gossip, Ridicule, Shaming, Rallying, Reputation Destruction, Straw Manning, Heaping of Undue Praise on the undeserving.)
e. Fraud (false information)
f. Omission (Omitting information)
g. Obscurantism (Obscuring information)
h. Obstruction (Inhibiting someone else’s transaction)

*ETHICALITY Achieved Upon Suppression.

III – Free-Riding (Social)-
Immoral Prohibitions.
Free Riding (Social):
i. Profit without contribution to production.
j. Externalization (externalizing costs of any transaction)
k. Free Riding (using externalities for self-benefit)
l. Socializing Losses (externalization to commons)
m. Privatizing Gains (appropriation of commons)

*MORALITY Achieved Upon Suppression.

IV – Political Prohibitions.
Conspiracy (Political):
n. Monopoly, Cartel Seeking (or partial monopoly)
o. Rent Seeking (organizational free riding)
p. Corruption ( organized rent seeking)
q. Conspiracy (organized indirect theft)
r. Extortion (Organized direct theft), Blackmail.

*LIBERTY Achieved Upon Suppression.

V – War.
Military Prohibitions.
Warfare (Military):
s. Conversion (Propaganda, Religious or normative theft of norms)
t. Overbreeding
u. Immigration. (dilution of norms, institutions, genes)
v. War (organized violence for the purpose of theft)
w. Conquest. (reorganization of all property and relations)
x. Genocide. (extermination of kin and genetic future)

*SOVEREIGNTY Achieved Upon Suppression.

VI – Evil
z. The imposition of costs upon the interests of others without intent or incentive for gain, but for the purpose of causing them loss regardless of one’s gain or loss.


1. Laws of Nature (Measurement)
… Physics
… Chemistry
… Biology
… Ecology
… Sentience
… Economics

  1. Laws of Action
    … Engineering (?Where?)
    … … ( … ) Applied
  2. Laws of Thought ( Logics )
    … ( … )
    … Neural Economy
  3. Laws of Speech (Grammars)
    … … Logic
    … … Mathematics
    … … … Positional Naming
    … … … Counting
    … … … Arithmetic
    … … … … Accounting
    … … … Geometry
    … … … Calculus
    … … … Statistics
    … … Algorithm
    … … Recipe, Protocol
    … … Testimony
    … … Description
    … … Narration
    … … Fiction
    … … Fictionalisms
    … … … Sophistry, Idealism, Surrealism.
    … … … Spiritual, Occult, Supernatural
    … … … Magical, Supernormal, Pseudo scientific
    … … Deceits
  4. Natural Law (Cooperation)
    … Juridical Law ( Conflict Resolution)
    … … Law of Property (Conflict Avoidance)
    … … Law of Tort (Conflict over Harms)
    … … Law of Contract (Conflict over Trades)
    … Normative Law (…)
    … … Manners, Ethics, Morals,
    … … Strategy (Traditions, Rituals, Myths, Histories)
    … … Institutions formal and informal.
    … Legislation (Commons Production)
    … … Regulation (Prior Restraints)
    … Command ( Deciding the Undecidable )
    … Treaty ( Between insurers of last resort )
    … War ( Beyond the Limits of Cooperation )


7) |TRUTHFUL GRAMMARS OF EXPRESSION| Math, Logic, Science, Operations(protocols, processes, recipes), Economics (money, banking, finance, accounting), Law (Natural), History(Description, Narration), Literature (including poetry > essay > fiction > mythology).

8) |DECEITS| failure of due diligence > ignorance > error > bias > wishful thinking > loading > framing > suggestion > obscurantism > fictionalism > denialism > and deceit.

9) |FICTIONALISMS| Deceit > Sophism > Pseudoscience > Supernaturalism.

10) |AVOIDANCE| Disapproval > shaming > moralizing > psychologizing > ridicule >rallying > gossiping > undermining > and reputation-destruction. “DSRRGUR”.

( Q: James Santagata: What series are you using for This? Because I think you use something shorter and I want to use both short and long versions. I think its GSRM or something like that?)

11) |ABRAHAMIC GRAMMARS|: Disapproval as substitute for argument > False Promise > Baiting into Hazard > Pilpul (sophism) > Critique () > Heaping of Undue Praise, Straw Man Criticism as a Vehicle for Disapproval > Reputation Destruction > Failure to Supply a Competing alternative capable of surviving same criticisms > Authoritarian Conformity,

12) |ABRAHAMIC EVOLUTION| Abrahamism > (Adding Platonism) > Judaism > Christianity > Islam > (Dark Age Theology) > Marxism > Postmodernism > Feminism > Denialism: “APMPFD”.

13) |LONG CYCLE OF HISTORY| {MALE EVOLUTIONARY TERRITORIAL: Fast Western > Medium Rational Eastern > Slow Narrative Indian Indian} vs FEMALE DEVOLUTIONARY MIGRATORY: Supernatural Semitic counter-evolutionary strategy. With Africa, Americas and Pacifica Lagging, and (it appears) Australian-NZ regressing.

14) |ORDER| Need to Acquire Resources > Action to Improve Acquisition > Cooperation to Improve > Opportunity for Parasitism > Incentive for Parasitism > Preserve incentive to cooperate > Prevent disincentives > Punish to create Disincentives > organize to punish to create disincentives.


Metaphysics:.........Vitruvianism: Man is the measure of all things 
man (cog. sci.)
Psychology:..........Acquisitionism: Man acquires and defends.
Sociology:...........Compatibilism: Intertemporal division of 
perception, cognition, knowledge, labor, and advocacy wherein we 
combine information and calculate compatible means to the 
achievement of different ends through voluntary conflict, competition,
cooperation, and boycott.
Ethics and Morality:.Propertarianism. (Reciprocity) The Ethics of 
Non Imposition, production, and investment.
Epistemology:........Testimonialism. The competition between imaginary 
associations and existential measurements in all dimensions of 
actionable reality.
The Sciences:........(all of them)
The Law: ............Algorithmic Natural Law. The Natural Law of 
Reciprocity. Strictly constructed from the test of reciprocity.
Politics: ...........Markets in Everything. (Which I call “Market 
Fascism” with tongue in cheek.)
Strategy:............Agency: Maximization of agency through 
Transcendence, Sovereignty, and Heroism
Aesthetics:..........Truth(Testimonial), Excellence(Density), 
Goodness(Morality[‘the commons’]) and Beauty(Bounty).
Mindfulness..........Transcendence: Masculine Stoicism, 
Feminine Epicureanism, Ritual Familialism, Feast Naturalism,
Festival Nationalism.


1) Judges are forced to adjudicate between customary law, regulation, and legislation during a period of rapid social, economic, and political upheaval. In science for example, there is no temporal pressure to decide. In conflict there is temporal pressure to decide. The state has taken on the monopoly of the application of violence, and created a monopoly method of dispute resolution (courts), and created a monopoly body by which to adjudicate such conflicts (law, legislation, and regulation.)

2) There exists only one universal law of human cooperation. We call that law ‘natural law’. That natural law consists in reciprocity. Reciprocity requires satisfaction of the criteria (a) fully informed, (b) productive, (c) warrantied, (d) voluntary transfer, (d) free of imposition of costs upon the interests of others by externality. One can obtain an interest by bearing a cost (performing an improvement) for the purpose of obtaining an interest; and one can have no interest until one has born a cost to obtain such an interest.

3) This one law (reciprocity) provides decidability independent of opinion, preference, custom, or presumption of good, and is the reason international law is governed by reciprocity it is the only rule that provides reciprocal (equal) incentive against retaliation for the imposition of costs upon one another. Law evolved, from the first record, to the present, for the purpose of preserving the volume, velocity, and returns on cooperation, and preventing cooperation’s opposite: retaliation cycles that throughout history have produced the deleterious effects of feuds.

4) Customary Law (especially germanic, if not all european) consists of the discovery and accumulation of applications of this law of reciprocity that we call Tort law. Legislation (command) and regulation (prior constraint) have been given the FORCE of LAW by those whose profit interest – either the population (preservation of returns on cooperation) or the territorial rulers (returns from taxation).

5) The primary function of RULE has been the preservation of cooperation by use of organized violence to suppress impositions of costs upon the investments of others. This is the role of insurer of last resort of Personal Interests.

6) The primary function of GOVERNMENT has been the construction of commons and the extraordinary returns produced by commons, while insuring those commons from privatization of commons, socialization of losses into the commons, by the organized use of violence. This is the role of insurer of last resort of the Commons.

7) The primary function of the STATE, particularly with the advent of paper currency, and now fiat (unbacked) currency (our money consists of nothing but shares in the economy) has increasingly evolved to function as the insurer of last resort against the Hazards of the vicissitudes of nature (disasters, tragedies, accidents, disability, health, old age, and even war).

8) Rights can only exist (a) by reciprocal exchange of the same obligation, and (b) when insured by a third party with sufficient organized violence to insure and reinforce them. Otherwise they are not rights but impositions by means of command. It is correct to say we create a market ‘demand’ natural rights, and we create a market demand for human rights, but those rights do not exist until we organize sufficient violence into roles and institutions to insure those rights: police, sheriffs, soldiery, and judges.

9) Human rights consist of AMBITIONS that we demand from the Governments of States in order to tolerate their retention of a monopoly of control over a territory. They exist as a postwar attempt to constraint governments to improving their territory, people, and assets by market means, without imposition upon their neighbors. Such rights, likewise, do not exist. But are merely an ambition.

10) The universal declaration of human rights contains a few provisions that were necessary to obtain the signatures of the then-communist states, that asserted positive rights (obligations to provide for one another without constraint on the reproduction that exhausts the ability to provide for others, and therefore results in the gradual dysgenic decline as we reverse thousands of years of upward redistribution of reproduction back down to the underclasses who are not able to produce sufficient market goods and services to exist without harming the reproduction of the middle and upper classes.) [note: we have reversed the flynn effect and have, even in china, been losing a third of a point of intelligence over a fairly short number of years. The productivity of a people is reducible to the median of the population’s cost of education and training, such that every point below what is today’s 105 and tomorrow’s 110 places an intolerable burden upon the rest of the polity.]

8) Our American constitution persisted the anglo saxon, germanic, proto-germanic (and possibly proto-indo-european) law of sovereign men limited to acts of reciprocity, and licensed the government to act in their interests to preserve their sovereignty (the original text being ‘life, liberty, property’). Unfortunately at the time the techniques of formal logic, strict constriction from first principles, were not known. We are no longer limited, and there is no reason any and every law cannot be constructed formally from the natural law of reciprocity, producing a complete, consistent, and easily falsifiable body of adjudicatable law. There is no reason any and every act of legislation, and any and every act of regulation, cannot be so constructed. The principle difference under such formal construction is that the one law, discovered application of the one law, regulation to limit hazards of those actions not open to restitution, and CONTRACTS for the production of commons would be consistent, and as such the government could only issue contracts under law, not edicts above that law. (This would destroy the left’s ability to usurp power by democratic means).

9) The uniqueness of western civilization is reducible to (a) a militia that constitutes the shareholders, (b) individual sovereignty of shareholders, (c) the demand for truth, duty, and reciprocity from one another in mutual insurance of our sovereignty. (d) And sovereignty results in the necessity of markets for association, cooperation, reproduction, production, commons, and polities. (e) such markets, adjudicated by the law of tort, adapt to change faster than all other methods of human organization. (f) it is this rapidity of adaptation and resulting insulation from corruption and rent seeking that made the west develop faster than the rest in both the ancient world and the modern, with the Abrahamic Dark Age of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim attacks on the great civilizations, providing the only hindrance. Once north sea trade was reestablished, the saxon commercial order constructed in europe, and the atlantic opened to the age of sail, the west was finally, by the age of napoleon, able to return to Roman levels of institutional sophistication, and universal imposition of law. [note that the west had fertile lands and forests but no flood river valleys to concentrate production, concentrate people, and develop taxation. So while the ancient world could form armies by taxation, western people had to form militias that relied on advanced (at the time) technology that required whole families to pay for. These militias (cattle raiders, sea peoples, vikings, pirates, european explorers ) organized expeditions (raids) but did so voluntarily. There was no other means of organizing other than contract. It was this order that led to our law, our debate, our reason, and from there our science and technology. Western excellence is due to our law – which elsewhere is not contract but command.

10) The progressives lie to mask what is merely theft – they rely on postmodernism (lying by sophistry), and they rely on marxism (pseudoscience) as well as freudian and boazian pseudoscience. So yes, the Progressives (socialists) lie, but the Conservatives (Aristocratics) cannot tell the truth: The truth is quite simple: the reason for the success of western and eastern civilization, and most obviously the ashkenazim, is the upward redistribution of reproduction, and the use of manorialism, taxation, and the vicissitudes of nature to limit the reproduction of the underclass until such point that surpluses are sufficient to continually increase the standard of living through continuous market competition and innovation. Man was not oppressed. The man self domesticated through the same process he used for plants and animals: breeding the best and culling the rest. This is the dirty secret of civilizations.

11) Sovereignty, Truth, Duty, and Reciprocity produce markets, and markets are eugenic. They are just a peaceful form of eugenics rather than war, enslavement, enserfment. By use of Sovereignty, Truth, Duty, Reciprocity, and Markets western man in the ancient world, and in the modern, dragged humanity kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, infant mortality, early death,

12) The chinese are not so inhibited as we are. they do not care about markets other than in their ability to preserve their racially homogenous polity, and return themselves to position of world power to do so. They are actively researching methods of direct improvement while event their one child policy did not help the ongoing decline in the distribution of intelligence. We are doing the opposite, which is undermining the very reason for our evolutionary success, ad the means by which we dragged mankind out of darkness, and we are doing it through immigration of those very peoples who we have spent thousands of years eliminating from our polities. As far as I know anglicans and ashkenazim remain at parity, but the anglos otherwise have lost a full standard deviation or more since the beginning of the industrial revolution. Even the Norwegians are in distributional decline.

13) The most profitable action any polity can take is to institutionalize benevolent eugenics, and that is to pay the underclasses not to reproduce, and to limit all immigration to skilled professionals, and to push the young and old into the labor force in the less demanding occupations. This is the lesson of our experiment with universal democracy and marxist-postmodernist globalism: dramatic reversal of centuries of civic improvement. At present only the east asians are willing to pay the costs of retaining their accumulated achievements. The eugenicists were right and in retrospect it appears that the Boas, Marx, Freud, Frankfurt, and French Postmodern movements were but reactions against Darwin, Maxwell, Menger, Spencer, and Nietzsche. And the entire postwar period has been nothing but a pseudoscientific and pseudo-rational attack on western civilization – an effort to repeat the destruction of the civilizations of the ancient world by the same means – false promises. This time with pseudoscience and pseudo-rational sophisms using the major media instead of supernatural sophisms using roman roads and greek writing.

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