Why The Present Conflict, and What We Can Do About It

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1. The pressures of Geographic, economic, organizing strategy (steppe herding) led proto Europeans to develop a universal, entrepreneurial (voluntary) militia (militarized society), and military reporting’. (See political economy of Sparta, Vikings and Pirates.

2. In such a political system, status was available by merit in empirical adversarial competition at high risk (raiding cattle).

3. And Europeans (uniquely) normatively institutionalized testimonial (empirical) speech (military reporting), and the resulting high ingroup trust.

4. There exist only three means of human coercion:force(military-state), reumuneration(commerce-law), and ostracization-undermining(normative society-religion): State+Law+Religion

5. The order of the development of those institutions causes all macro civilizational differences.

6. The rate of civilizational adaptation and innovation depends on the order of these institutions.

7. Europeans(uniquely) developed empirical Law of Tort(strong) > State(weak) > Religion (fail).

8. It’s the fastest evolutionary model for organizing humans that is possible, and produces the least divergence from the formal(logical), physical and logical laws of the universe.

9. This is why Fukuyama erred. And what frustrates Statists. European civ’s radical rate of evolution in bronze, iron, steel, and silicon ages, is due to continuous demand for status by discovering opportunity and by forcing the people to adapt to change. All others stagnate.

10. Tort Law continues natural selection, domestication, evolution without design or intention. European law(martial order) limited competition to cooperative market and conflict in court with judicially sanctioned Duel, Laws against Defamation, Gossips, and Shrills.

11. Political competition between many states creates a Pareto optimum of political organization (power).

12. Law (natural law of reciprocity by tort) creates a Pareto optimum of economic production.

13. Marriage creates a nash optimum between sexes in a (military) polity.

14. Males are physical superpredators(fast) and females social superpredators(slow). Limiting conflict to positive commercial market, and negative court(law) markets, was a compromise equally suppressing(domesticating) both male (violence) and female(undermining) strategies.

15. Ergo, women and men were EQUALLY domesticated by suppression of EACH of their evolutionary conflict strategies – if they affected the peace (economy, society, polity) – “Ordnung” – and especially retaliation cycles (feuds) and even more so, taxation.

16. All of these policies force behavioral adaptation (domestication) into the polity, norms, traditions, institutions, by directing dominance expression into voluntary markets (association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons production, polity production, and war.)

17. Domestication (evolutionary adaptation) under these (ancient) rules occurred by physical ostracization (a death sentence), land use ostracization (manorial), credit ostracization (socio-economic), harsh winters, and ‘genetic pacification’ by hanging (political and judicial).

18. Free speech was a controversial because they couldn’t demarcate(in court) Truth b/c of Faith(Church). They enacted under these traditions.

19. Traditions like group strategy and metaphysics are presumptions – they may not be known, articulated – and certainly not codified.

20. The evolutionary history of man consists of maximizing bodily, social, cognitive, and extended phenotype (tech) adaptation in time. That’s it. For example, IQ (g) is just a measure of cognitive adaptation in time.

21. So the extraordinary success of the European peoples in bronze, iron, coal-steel, and silicon-oil ages, is due to continuing maximization of human adaptation by minimization the difference between human behavior and the laws of the universe.

22. And Europeans disproportionately and overwhelmingly – aside from the conquest by supernatural religion in the dark ages – dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality and early death.

23. But this rapidity and its rewards for a small population on the edge of the agrarian & bronze age, comes at the cost of (a) adaptive stress. (b) market suppression of the reproduction of those demonstrably by failing in markets. (c) Christian love for masses to tolerate it.

24. Until 1950s mainstream reporters maintained military experience, discipline, duty, and testimonial speech, and full integration into what’s today called ‘Whiteness’.

25. “Whiteness” Ironically, means ‘Science”, which means not violating Tort against the Commons by warranty of ‘due diligence necessary for producing testimonial speech – free of ignorance, error, bias, loading, framing, suggestion, obscurantism, and deceit.”

26. Then the Frankfurt School moved into Columbia University and took advantage of (a) free speech (b) Christian tolerance, (c) the enlightenment false promise of an aristocracy of everyone, (d) the first gen. off the farm (e)a windfall economy (f)ignorance of our group strategy

27. The frankfurt school and the postmodernists, anti-male feminists, PC/Woke, anti-whiteness that followed, used the female group strategy of undermining and reputation destruction against the entirety of the western strategy, metaphysics, institutions, traditions, and norms.

28. Destroying from within what had taken five thousand years of evolution producing the proto-European, Hellenic, Roman, Germanic(HRE-Prussian), Anglo(Scandinavian)-American institutions from within just as they had undermined the roman empire, Spanish, Germans, and Russians.

29. How? By the false promise of freedom from the formal(truth), physical (scarcity), behavioral(self-interest, amorality, reciprocity, kin selection), and evolutionary(genetic load, regression to the mean, natural selection, eugenic vs dysgenic) laws of the universe.

30. They cast Europeans as oppressors, not those that freed them from those laws by adapting to those laws – the only group that didn’t fail to pass through the Great Filter of the limits of cooperation in the division of labor: continuing natural selection by markets in all life.

31. Contrary to globalist(anti-nationalist) ambitions of the females, and those who fight for the female (dysgenic, devolutionary, non-adaptive) strategy -the wealthier we become the more genetically biased the least conformity and lowest-demand for it.(Scandinavian divergence).

32/33. To restore the equilibrium between male and female strategies; to reverse demographic degeneration; and to have an honest conversation about whether we continue our conflict or return to the European and founder tradition of small competing states under a weak federation we would need to:

a) Restore defamation – and under untestifiabilty and falsehood rather than harm.
b) Require all commercial speech to the public in matters public meet requirements for testimony (Testifiability).
c) Grant protection to political identity and political speech (as with religion).

34. And end the age of industrialized lying that consists in the postwar pseudoscientific religion of freedom from the formal, phsyical, behavioral, and evolutionary laws and the promise that there is any alternative to rule of law, and markets – especially markets for the production of commons: what we call republican, democratic, or participatory government.

35. And restore our traditional limit of conflict to truthful reciprocal speech in the production of exchanges in an association, cooperation, reproduction, production (goods services and information), commons (goods, services, information), and polities – the market for exchanges in the production of commons between the sexes, clans, classes, and yes, races.

35. And restore our traditional limit of conflict to truthful reciprocal speech in the production of exchanges in an association, cooperation, reproduction, production (goods services and information), commons (goods, services, information), and polities …

36. Because government serves as the market for exchanges in the production of commons between the sexes, clans, classes, and yes, races.

37. And without that market, and truthful reciprocal exchanges within it, all we do is resort to lies, false promises, gossiping and undermining – until we must eventually resort to violence. And, while there are many who fear it, there are enough who revel in the opportunity.

38. I should perhaps mention, that all mass media distributes mythos. Myths train the subconscious by suggestion(involuntary) – not declaration (voluntary), not open to self-audit. A mythos contains a narrative. That narrative contains a strategy. That strategy implies a paradigm.

39. That paradigm either is consistent with the laws of the universe – or it is not. As such, there are seditious myths and supportive myths. There are criminal myths and virtuous myths.

39.Without knowing the laws of the universe we can not regulate and reform a group’s strategy. Without knowing the European group’s strategy as a system of weights and measures for myths, one cannot regulate myths. Without knowing the system of weights and measures for truthful testimonial speech we cannot regulate speech. But we know each of them.

40 . There is only one condition under which the laws of the universe, the strategy and mythos, and truthful testifiable speech are consistent and coherent.  And that’s called the germanic languages, the formal logics (math-identity, verbal-sets, operational-sequences), the physical laws (determinism, scarcity, entropy), …

41. … behavioral “natural” laws, and evolutionary laws (mutation, recombination, genetic load, regression to the mean, neotenic evolution, reproductive sortition, limited rotation, natural selection, and success or failure in the defeat of the red queen) …

41. … given our vast differences in distributions in sexual, social, economic, political, and military market value, within and without of clans, classes, and races, given our demonstrated physical, social, cognitive, and extended phenotypical differences in appearance, behavior, and consequences. 41.

43. And given our different rates and depths of maturity (neoteny), distribution of sex differences in evaluation and cognition, distribution of consciousness, and distribution of intelligence. And perhaps importantly, the distribution of those talents within any group in which we can obtain an identity (membership) and the advantages and disadvantages therefrom.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev Ukraine

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