The Audience

Who Is The Audience

  • The Curious Who would like to learn something new – even if it’s only to learn that such a thing as The Law exists.
  • Psychologists and Psychiatrists β€“ who want to convert their discipline into a science, commensurable with the rest of the sciences, and to succeed in assisting their patients to understand themselves and what they can do about it.
  • Philosophers Who would prefer to speak in a scientific rather than literary prose – and prevent themselves from obsolescence.
  • Jurists that seek a basis for their intuitions that it is possible to create a formal and algorithmic body of law.
  • Activists Seeking political change regardless of political and moral bias.
  • Revolutionaries The world over who seek a shovel-ready solution to political orders in modernity
  • Politicians Looking for solutions to the transformation of the post-communist-capitalist world.
  • Artificial intelligence researchers and developers who desire to solve the problem of rational, ethical, and moral general artificial intelligence.
  • Software developers Working in various monetary substitutes who are seeking a language that more readily explains their ambitions.
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