Our Mission

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The Core

Understanding the Work requires understanding the method, the grammars, decidability, testimony (truth), reciprocity, adaptive velocity, ternary logic, and the resulting first principles of every discipline.

  • The Method and The Grammars (Logic)
  • Decidability and Testimony (Truth)
  • Reciprocity and Demonstrated Interest (Ethics)
  • Ternary Logic and Trifunctionalism (Law)
  • First Principles of Every Discipline (Laws)
  • Adaptive Velocity (Consequences)
  • History of man reducible to the story of adaptation to increasing capture of energy

How Topics This Work Are Organized


  • – A System Of Measurement (Vocabulary of Dimensions), A Grammar, An Operational Logic,
  • – that can be used to falsify truth, possibility, and reciprocity claims
  • – that can be used to construct a formal logic of law
  • – that can be used to produce a fully scientific, fully consistent, written constitution for European civilization (our group strategy)
  • – within which we can produce policies that continue our prosperity and continuous adaptation and evolution
  • – and with which we can defend against past, present, and future means of false promises in all three dimensions of power: finance(remuneration), state(force), religion(speech)


  • – Introduction (The Promise)
  • … – Given that all human communication consists of, and must consist of, measurements, at the scale of human sense, perception, experience, and reasoning.
  • … – Given that as the complexity of our adaptation increases that we increase the demand for greater precision of measurements that compensate for the limits of our sense, perception, experience, reasoning.
  • … – Given that there exist Formal Sciences (logics) with which we can explain the spectrum of Physical (Before), Behavioral(During), and Evolutionary(After) Sciences.
  • … – Given that science consists of producing testimony that incrementally, but eventually, results in a logic of first principles at every stage of stable relations.
  • – We can use The Method (adversarialism, disambiguation, reduction to first principles, production of a system of measurement at every stage of stable relations.
  • – Where those stable relations consist of Formal Sciences:
  • … – The Logics, Language, The Grammars, Epistemology (Decidability, Truth, Testimony, Proofs), The Deceits
  • – And continue with Physical Sciences,
  • … – Evolutionary Computation, Physics, Biology
  • – And Continue with the Behavioral Sciences
  • … – Faculties, Psychology, Sociology, Sociology, Economics, Politics, Group Strategy
  • – And Continue with the Evolutionary Sciences
  • … – Consequences of group strategy
  • – Then we can Produce
  • … – The Law of Decidability Across all those disciplines (the law)
  • … – Demonstrate the Application of That Law to All Common Questions Of ethics and politics
  • – And with all that
  • … – Explain the disproportionate success of western civilization (adaptation)
  • … – Explain “What Went Wrong”
  • … – Explain “What Must Be Done”
  • … – Provide the Choices (future)
  • … – Provide the Reforms
  • – And present that to the people as a means for determining their(our) future.
  • – And then work on translating this law as ‘gods law’ and a unification of Aryan, Mediterranean, Germanic, Christian Religions, and Science into the one “True Religion”.


  • Just as we began by demonstrating that each word in our language can be disambiguated into noun, verb, modifier, or consent, and within each of those each can be disambiguated into a farily small number of dimensions, we must disambiguate the spectrum of sciences into dimensions, and each dimension into it’s causal relations (first principles > dimensions).
  • Every section must produce a set of dimensions that provide a system of measurement for that stage of stable relations.
  • Every set of dimensions must fully document the dimensions of that set of stable relations.
  • Every one of those dimensions can be used as a ‘checklist’ to determine the truth or falsehood description, inflation, conflation, or fictionalization of any statement that depends upon it.
  • Hence my emphasis on series, and sequences, and spectrum, and ‘arrows’.
  • Because it is those definitions that constrain the evil that always exists in men from the act of deceit.


  • – What Problem Are We Trying to Solve?
  • – Disambiguate the Dimensions of the topic into a set of series (spectrums of measurement)
  • – Explain how they work together and give examples if necessary or helpful.
  • – If possible produce a graph of how they integrate with one another. (See Gary Stanley Becker, and Hayekian Triangles)
  • – What vocabulary we covered (and hopefully learned).


Tie the section back to the primary lessons (concepts). “Keeping tabs on the following:”

ternaryism (acquisition), evolutionary computation, predictive organization, neural economy, sex differences, cooperation, trifunctionalism, path dependency.

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