4. Biological Facilities

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  • Instead of showing you the condensed version of our lessons on cognitive science, we’ll condense it further by simple analogy.


  • Compare how a current computer is organized, how vectors and tensors are processed, and how it produces a 3d world simulation – with how the brain is organized and produces a 3d disambiguation
  • Explain computer measurements (Chinese Room) vs. sensory measurements (Not Chinese room)
  • Explain the problem of modeling in both – but that both are geometric.
  • Explain the problem of adversarial networks vs. human adversarial prediction in time.
  • Explain how creepy it is that the video game mirrors the brain and all the measurements – because it’s deterministic.
  • Explain how the brain produces mind, consciousness, and will.
  • Explain Qualia
  • Explain neural growing by wiring together by firing together from first neuron
  • Explain wiring sensors together vs. computer transmission of data – and why the Chinese room constraint is false.
  • Explain how close we are to robots, but how far off we are from GAI.
  • Explain how agency replaces biological intuition, and agency requires correspondence.
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