3. The Evolution of Man

What Problem Are We Trying To Solve?

  • What competitive advantage allowed mankind to evolve into a super predator, cooperator, communicator, and technologist?
  • Hyper-Adaptation.
  • But How?

Our goal in this section is only to explain that human evolutionary success:

  • continues the evolution of the physical universe’s evolutionary computation,
  • of increasing sets of hierarchical stable relations,
  • of increasing scope of computation by trial and error,
  • producing increasing capture and conversion of energy
  • by increasing adaptability
  • in time.


  • Memory, Wayfinding, Perception-World-Modeling, Auto-Association, Prediction-imagination and Mind-Thought evolved new stable relation to increase our capture of energy: adaptation.
  • And Imitation(Body), Sympathy(Mind), Empathy(Emotion), Consciousness and Language evolved to allow us to cooperate, creating new stable relations, to vastly increasing our capture of energy: adaptation.

Adaptation vs. Hyper Adaptation

Four Layers of Stable Hierarchies of Evolution?

  • Stage 1: Life: Genetics: Evolution has four Genetic tools:

–Sexual Reproduction (recombination)
–Sexual Selection (bias, or choice)

  • Stage 2: Complex Life: Biology: Organic Capture of Energy: Evolutionary rate is determined by the next stable hierarchies on top of regulation, mutation, and selection (Demarcation between simple and complex life) (Cooperation between Organs increase DNA computability)

–Increasing the dimensions of possible adaptation
–Energy Cost vs. Energy acquisition (Organism)
–Informational capture and manipulation (Nervous system)

  • Stage 3: Cooperative Life: Sociology: Social Life: Cooperation in a Division of Labor. Rate is determined by the next stable hierarchies on top of the physical:

–Specialization (Division of Function)
–Cooperation (Choice) (Q: demarcation between social-like and social)
–Communication (language)

  • Stage 4: Advanced Life: Reason: Techne: Tools, Instrumentation: And (demarcation between complex life and human(advanced) life.) (cooperation between organs and nervous systems increase organic and DNA computability)

–Instrumentation (tools)
–Storage (Writing, Numbers, Food (capital). )
–Calculation ( increases in perception, comparison, deduction) (transformation)
–Computation (automation)

Evolutionary rate is amplified at every one of those levels at an ‘exponential’ rate.

Exhausting Opportunity for Adaptation

Dimensions (and Generations) of Human Evolution

(Evolution of Adaptation by Returns on Calories, exhausting opportunity for adaptation at each scale, without discovering and producing symmetries that ‘cooperate’ at a new greater scale. )

  • Genetic (calculation)


  • Biological (digestion to cognition)
  • Physical (running, exhaustion hunting, heat-dissipating, carrying)


  • Social (cooperating in a division of labor, caloric reduction – and trust)
  • Cognitive (alteration of the world – tools)
  • Linguistic (communication and measurement formation)


  • Technological
  • Institutional
  • Informational

By selecting for:

  • Productivity(M) – Reproductivity(F)
  • Gracile Form (selection for Gracile form – caloric cost of running)
  • Neotenic (exchange of impulse and aggression for agency & exec function
  • Neotenic Signaling (selection for Neotenic traits)

FRAMING: Hyper Adaptation In Every Dimension Possible

1. Human Success is due to Hyper Adaptability.

2. We maximized every dimension of possible adaptability.

3. Differences in human success are due to differences in hyper adaptability in physical, social, cognitive, technological, and institutional domains.

We will find this pattern is universally consistent across every discipline: stable relations, computation, and hyper adaptability.

Everything about human evolution is circumstantial adaptation – until you know enough to choose rather than continue to be the product of circumstance: rather than be a victim of it, you can choose a strategy.

The purpose of this work is to bring your group strategy into consciousness so that you can choose your present and future.

Summary, Dimensions. Ability

“The exhaustion of opportunity for adaptation at every scale at increasing rates”

1 – Energy Conservation (Anti-Entropy)
2 – Reproduction (life – cells)
3 – Movement (organisms)
4 – Directional Movement (Nervous System)
5 – Complex organs and homeostasis (Brain Stem)
6 – Fight, Predation, Evade, Escape (Old brain)
7 – Socialization (Early brain)
8 – Cooperation (Late brain)
9 – Language (Recent Brain Specializations)
10 –Logical, Physical, Tools & Cooperative-Social institutions
11 – Instrumentation (Artificial Intelligence)

“Evolution Of Human Hyper Adaptive Capacity”

Evolutionary Sequence:

1. Physical Morphology (energy allocation)
2.. Physical Biochemistry (food)
3… Cooperative (sociability)
4.… Calculative (reason)
5.….Transformative (techne)

“The Evolution of Cognition From Memory > Association > Hierarchical Recursion”

1. Our need to act
2. From what is actionable (our measurements)
3. Choosing among possible actions
4. From increasingly complex predictions
5. Recursively disambiguated for analysis or conflated for synthesis.
6. Resulting in Imitation
7. Resulting in Cooperation
8. Resulting in language
9. Resulting in reason as a tradeoff with memory
10. Resulting in calculation
11. Resulting in computation (external tools)


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