The Pseudosciences

Why is (was) Psychology a Pseudoscience

—”You said Psychology is not a science. Can you explain this argument as you have done with Marxism? Thanks”—Jamie Watson


(a) based entirely upon projection – with no empirical content (meaning ‘no system of measurement’),
(b) framed as authoritarian (monopoly) demand for homogeneity as its system of measurement
(c) framed as deviation from a non-existent but feminine norm:
(d) framed as guilt for deviation from the authoritarian, feminine, norm.
(e) The scary one: Freud (using oppression into baseline) was trying to reverse Nietzsche (using freedom to exit baseline). Freud was just creating a pseudoscientific counter-revolution for the female mind(collectivism) against the restoration of the male mind(individualism) by Nietzsche. (Just as Marx and Boaz were creating a counter-revolution against Darwin. Just as Rousseau and Kant a counter-revolution against Locke/Smith/Hume/Newton.)


(a) all behavior is in pursuit of acquisitions (“man is acquisitive”) of every possible utility – “discounts on risk and calories”.
(b) all emotions are reactions to changes in state of past, present, and future acquisitions – nothing more. Rewards for training a brain that can learn to acquire.
(c) all emotions, personality traits, all cognition, and therefore all behavior are biased by the different reproductive strategies of males and females. (wolves(M-eugenic) vs deer(F-dysgenic))
(d) all acquisition-seeking is biased by class (familial, social, sexual, economic, political, and military market value) to others – in other words, the classes demonstrate biases that reflect the needs of their classes in competition-and-cooperation with the other classes.
(e) We have a limited number of biological reward systems, and those reward systems appear to map to stages of the prey drive (our operational lifecycle) intersecting with our reproductive drives. We describe these variations in reward systems as personality factors and traits.

Communism and Socialism

“Why Won’t The Nightmare Dream Of Communism Die?”

A century of Communism achieved four main results: poverty, oppression, war, and mass death. So why does anybody still think collectivism is ‘idealistic’?

—“For the same reason Ponzi schemes won’t stop. It’s an effective con that zeroes in on human weaknesses. Ponzi schemes capitalize on greed. Communism capitalizes on envy, which is why it’s largely sustained by intellectuals, in whose personalities envy tends to be a particularly powerful component.”—Glenn Reynolds

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