A Challenge

A Challenge

The only test of your ideas is law

If you can’t write a body of policy changes, a project plan, contracts, shareholder agreements, a body of law, and a constitution to make a society function without reliance on the presumption of benevolent human intuition that agrees with you, then you’re just talking smack – because that set of deliverables is the hierarchy of algorithms that produce not a simulation but the operating system of the real world that we live in.

You must program a computer via-positiva, because it cannot imagine, or predict, and so cannot choose without those instructions. But you must program humanity via negativa because it can imagine, predict, and choose – which is why humans can adapt and computers can’t.

And while both a computer and a human are amoral, the computer cannot choose between morality and immorality. The human can. and the purpose of our manners, ethics morals, norms, traditions, institutions, and laws is to raise the cost of immoral choices so that only moral choices remain.

But we all test that limit at every opportunity.

In anticipation of critics

It’s in the nature of those defending investments in errors, priors, wishful-thinking, frauds, deceits, and lies to seek minor imperfections in the weave of an argumentative greatcoat under the pretense that an inopportune pull will leave the wearer shivering in the winter cold.

But, in our defense, we can deflate any compliment or criticism into {incentives, actions, volition, transfers, changes in capital, and method of communication and argument}, and determine whether one acts and speaks truthfully and reciprocally under warranty (meaning morally), or dishonestly and fraudulently without warranty (meaning immorally, or criminally.).

The era of destruction using critique by psychologism, ridicule, rallying, and shaming is over.

  • Faith: a Priest Commands Obedience To a fraud – to produce a supposed Good.
  • Theory: a Merchant Begs permission to Exchange – to obtain a mutual Preference.
  • Truth: a Sovereign Challenges you to Defeat Him – because it is the only way to know the Truth Of his abilities.

So this is my challenge: It will be very hard to undo what I have done here.

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