An Indictment: 4 – The Lies

Catalog of Lies

Foundation of the Lies

( … Darwin, Female Strategy. Undermining. Inability to produce a polity. )

The Oppression Myth



Nature Nurture – Settled


Gender Differences – Settled



Agency  – Settled


1 – Emotions reflect changes in the states of property-in-toto.
2 – We use reason (a skill we can improve through practice in deflationary comparisons ) to compare properties, relations, consequences, and valuations.
3 – We use free association to define properties, relations, consequences, and valuations.
4 – Our efforts at free association are impossible not to bias, because our experience accumulates in both interest and intensity in response to our biases.
5 – So it is more correct to say that it is very difficult to learn to think sufficiently deflationarily that our emotions do not influence our reasoning.
6 – to say that many of our emotions – those that I understand – occur in the reptilian and mamalian brains, and that our cognitive biases occur most often in the human parts of the brain and that the more primitive they are the more difficult they are (often) to circumvent, but the easier they are to understand. Many cognitive biases are difficult to be aware of in the first place, and are more subtle.

Therefore, in broad terms, the less skill you have, the less will you have, the more solipsistic you are the harder it is to escape the emotions that result from your biases.

The more skill you have the more will you have the more autistic you are the easier it is to escape the emotions that result from your biases.


—“Enlighten the intellect, volition will follow. Aesthetics seem to be the means of aligning one’s passions and emotions to reason.”—Rafael LaVerde

Remove sources of lack of fitness, lack of character (virtue), lack of resources, sources of normative and institutional resistance, sources of ignorance, error, bias, and deceit – all the impediments to Agency – and Agency will result. Then selecting a philosophy – a means of decidability – by which one can obtain one’s ends, and an aesthetic that values one’s passions in accordance with that philosophy.


From the series:

math/logic > science > philosophy > religion

We can construct the series:

physical > mental > emotional,

And the series:

logic > description > fiction,

And the series:

associable > reasonable > calculable > computable.

And we can use them to calculate the series:

lack of agency > potential agency > demonstrated agency


The weak-of-will want religion, to defend against others’ wills;
The able-of-will want philosophy, to advocate their will and;
The strong-of-will want science, to put their will to work;
And The strongest-of-will want Law: because Law is the means by which the strong impose their will. The only question is whether their will advances the sovereign and reciprocal, producing transcendence – or not.

Because we all want what our Agency demands.

Responsibility – Settled

People ARE 100% responsible for their success and failures TO REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL in the market for competency.

1) Any attempt to reach more than their relative ability to reach their full potential must be obtained by stealing from others who are more competent, and causing harm to the polity because of it.

2) pareto rule MUST exist: 10% do 50% of the value, 10% of that 10% do 50% of the value, and 10% of that 10% do 50% of the value and so on. Meaning that most people below a certain threshold, are a relative dead weight on society and mankind.

3) The difference is that conservatives desire and enjoy hierarchy and are not troubled by ‘fulfilling their duty of their position” while liberals think of almost nothing else than that others are superior to them in position, and are so because of competency.

4) Where competency means genes, ability, personality, morals, ethics, values, manners, habits, speech, appearance.

5) Classes exist. At every seven points we vary in vocational ability, and at every 15 points social ability, and at ever4 30 points we are nearly different species, with the commonality of language producing the illusion of compatibility.

6) We are, all of us, and must be, rewarded for the returns we provide to others when they cooperate with us.

7) And the results of that competition is a lottery with only so many pareto-efficient winners. Who, if they make good choices, can create an intergenerational family that persists their status – something that requires selective mating to prevent regression to the collective mean.


Equality – Settled

The Last Word on Equality

We are no different from any other domesticated animal. We control domesticated animal’s reproduction and evolve them for cooperation with us (use by us). We control human animal’s reproduction and evolve them for cooperation or not.

The difference between groups is mostly sexual dimorphism, sexual maturity, and size of the underclass in relation to the upper middle class. In other words, our upper middle and upper classes do not differ because they converge on neoteny, dimorphism, intelligence and temperament and are less dependent upon peers for knowledge and decisions. Our working and lower classes diverge in lower neoteny, biased dimorphism, lower intelligence and less civil temperament.

Like anna karinnena’s families, and like the range of domesticated animals, to produce a ‘human’ requires many genetic things to go right, and if any one of them goes wrong then we are less human and more animal. As such we have domesticated one another and ourselves over millennia of demand for increasingly complex forms of cooperation.

We consider humans to be defined by communication using language, but this is just a complex form of signaling. instead, the definition of human vs animal is AGENCY.

Equality does not exist. Even when we claim it’s a necessity under dispute resolution in the law of torts, it is our property that is treated equally – not us. As such it is the equality of our property that exists under rule of law.
Everything else is both dishonest, pseudoscientific, and dysgenic. And advocacy of dysgenia is just a means of warfare and conquest on a longer time line.

We are either producing agency (humans) or reducing agency (animals).


Superiority And Inferiority Are Purely Empirical Measures

Inferiority and superiority are simply a measurement of Agency. They’re purely empirical assessments. Either one possesses agency of the self, the group, the environment, the universe, or one does not. The inferior cannot compete. The superior can. This competition whether internal interpersonal political environmental or physical is the only empirical test of superiority and inferiority. Evolution and entropy never stop. They are ceaseless. The superior evolves, adapts, increases its agency, and the inferior does not, and dies, and evolution and entropy continue their battle. This is not an opinion or a value statement, it is a description of every single process in the universe.

Economic Oppression – Settled

—“Elites developed the industrial revolution, not peasants in the field or sitting around the table at dinner time. Like always elites create innovations and the masses follow along. They weren’t tricked into it, anymore than the elites were tricked into inventing things. It’s natural. The idea that there is some kind of intrinsic abuse of workers by the elites assumes “generational agency” on both parts to get to where we are that doesn’t exist….off the top of my head.”—Mike Harvey

Poverty – Settled


You’re poor because you lack Agency sure. But you know, even if we remove obstructive institutions, and even if we create institutions to invest in overcoming your initial circumstance, we are still stuck with the fact that we cannot change YOU, and that YOU can lack Agency for your own informational, intellectual, emotional, or physical reasons. We know for certain that you cannot tell if you are able or not. We don’t like to choose whether you are able or not – we can err. All we can do is invest in eliminating impediments so that you can DEMONSTRATE whether you possess agency and ability – or not.

Anyone who tells you more money will matter is simply lying to you. You’re poor because you lack Agency, because you or your parents or your ancestors have lacked intellectual, emotional, or physical ABILITY as well as informational (ignorance) or institutional impediment.

Suffering – Settled

Life is only suffering for those with no (low and developing) agency. It’s the only frame that motivates them to face it (life; the suffering). One must have (develop) the capacity for heroism to withstand tragedy as a plausible noble outcome.

The world “just happens” to those that lack real consciousness. Thus they can’t perceive the responsibility they must bear.

Dysgenic Reproduction – Settled

1 – Dysgenic reproduction (regression to mean) is almost impossible to reverse in modernity.
2 – Current rates of IQ decline even in china on the order of .5 per decade. Loss of total demographic advantage in 100 years. Western rates higher.
3 – The optimum human median IQ appears to be 105+15=120, meaning 2/3 of the population between 105 and 135. This produces near-zero resistance to education, training, and re-adaptation – while preserving some clerical and craftsmen labor. And it produces very low visible crime.
4 – We can roughly measure the value of one point of IQ by GDP.

Integration Settled – Failed

( … )

Heterogeneity Settled – Diversity is a Bad.

Homogenous cultures use people for entertainment and are pro-social. Heterogeneous cultures become insular and rely on family career, and now consumption for entertainment. People are slowly going mad by living in well-decorated boxes, with fake television and social media friends, with fake careers, and are entirely alone. Consumption is not a substitute for family, friends, and civil society.

Ethnocentrism Settled – Ethnocentrism is the Optimum.

1 – Ethnocentrism is the optimum group evolutionary strategy if for no other reason than trust and reciprocal investment and insurance without sacrifice to kin selection. There is no competitor to it, whatsoever. People are more gregarious to their own, and more redistributive, with less fear of political competition, because all competition is internal and by class or faction rather than tribe. The problem has traditionally been that many ethic groups were not able to concentrate sufficient capital to create self-governance, or had to be captured to prevent capture by others, or were of sufficient hazard to neighbors they were ruled. (The exception is people lower on the ladder who look for allies against their betters, and to have ‘someone below them’ which appears very important to humans.)

2 – Ethnocentrism eliminates race and tribe conflict in the suppression of expansion of underclasses through soft eugenics (paying the unproductive not to have children). There is no value in internal competitors. none.

Compatibility – Settled: Separation

We were speciating into regional human groups when we discovered farming. We were forced to compromise with each other during farming. Farming is over and we are now wealthy enough to pursue our genetic biases (interests, strategies) and so we must separate between masculine (suburban and rural hunters) and feminine (urban gatherers) and there is no reason not to.

We are simply able to afford specialization.

It’s time to return to speciation and stop fighting our instincts as different animals returning to speciation now that the agrarian era is over.


Uniqueness of Europeans

“Europeans must stop making this mistake: we must stop thinking, wishing, or hoping that other groups (including our own women) are like us – they are not. We are outliers.”

This mistake has plunged us into long dark ages before. Let’s not do it again. Let’s learn this lesson once and for all.

We Are Unique.


  1. The Western Indo Europeans were fighting submission to nature in every aspect of the social order: nature(technology), family, polity, and religion. They invented the Agency of Man. The application of mastery of metallurgy, the horse, the wheel and war to all aspects of human experience.
  2. Aristotle was fighting ignorance in all the disciplines – including religion, custom, and politics. He invented Empiricism: the transfer of testimony in a court of peers to all aspects of human experience.
  3. Galileo was fighting supernaturalism and denial in the physical sciences: physics, chemistry, biology. He was the principal advocate of Science: The restoration of testimony using mathematics in court a court of peers to all aspects of life.
  4. Darwin was fighting supernaturalism in the biological sciences. He was the principal advocate of realism and naturalism in biology: the restoration of naturalism in biological and social sciences.
  5. Proletarians are fighting pseudoscience and sophism and denial in the human sciences: language, psychology, sociology, politics, and group strategy: The completion of social science: The application of testimony using the measurement of reciprocity.

What’s Next? We will only save ourselves, and mankind from another dark age if we do not make the mistakes of the Greeks and the Romans, and the monarchists – optimism that other men, are equal in ability and interest to european men.



Race – Settled

My position on the friction between the races is that democracy and multiculturalism cause conflict between them. And that nationalism, aristocracy, paternalism, and local separatism improve everyone.

My position on the cause of the meaningful differences between the races is the degree of suppression of the reproduction of the underclasses over long periods of time.

My means of criticizing other groups is whether their group evolutionary strategy is objectively more or less moral than some others.

My demand for changes is not to place it upon others, but to change our weaknesses so that we are no longer subject to the damage of the less moral, yet can reap the benefits of the more moral.

I am very fond of my non-kin friends. I want to help them raise themselves and their families, as all aristocracy should assist other aristocracies in raising themselves and their families.

So I don’t really want to lose those friends because you choose to criticize other successful reproductive strategies, rather than to criticize and repair your (our) own failed reproductive strategies.

I don’t do racism. I might agree or disagree with you on some criticism or other. But my goal is the evolution of man. I prefer every tribe evolve together, not that any tribe be subsumed by another. I want to see a world of many tribes – of many extended aristocratic families, raising their extended families. I do not seek to dominate others, only to preserve my tribe and to advance it and mankind’s tribes in the long journey to becoming gods

Racism, Racist

Racism, as I understand it, refers to four behaviors:

1) the process of treating an individual by the properties of his class (race) rather than waiting to ascertain the properties that he himself demonstrates. In other words, stereotyping. Unfortunately, stereotypes are the most accurate measurement in the social sciences. So this is difficult to counteract outside of commercial interactions.

2) the process of criticizing a class (race) for the costs that they impose on your class (race) rather than taking actions that prevent a class (race) from imposing costs upon your class (race).

3) the process of denying that there are differences in aggregate class (race) abilities, biases, preferences, and behaviors.

4) the process of conducting genocidal, political, economic, and kinship warfare by denying that there are differences in aggregate class (race) abilities, biases, preferences, and behaviors.

Racism cannot refer to any of these four behaviors:

1) Observing, deciding, speaking, and promoting, that there are differences in aggregate class (race) abilities, biases, preferences, and behaviors.

2) Observing, deciding, speaking, and promoting, that people (like all creatures) favor their class (kin, tribe, race) group for the simple reason that except as outliers, it is in their status, social, reproductive, economic, and political interests to do so.

3) Observing, deciding, speaking, and promoting, that people vote in democracies heavily by race, gender, and class, thereby competing by EQUAL political vote rather than by unequal economic, intellectual, or military means.

4) Observing, deciding, speaking, and promoting, that people conduct informational and political warfare instead of economic and violent warfare, by the denial of differences in abilities, biases, preferences, behaviors, intentions, and goals.

That’s simply empirical science. And arguing against it is simply lying.

Why Race?

The Correct Answer:

  1. The evolutionary necessity of the social dominance hierarchy.
  2. The primacy of status in that dominance hierarchy above all other values. Our loss aversion to status is our highest sensitivity to the loss of access to mates. Any creature that cannot compete in its dominance hierarchy will see its pool driven to extinction.
  3. The primacy and necessity of kin selection (any kin group that does not will be driven to extinction.)

Because race, subrace, tribe, and class are meaningful and successful means of identifying kin, and the vast majority of us associate with, work with, vote with, reproduce with, kin, and the outliers (15%) are at the extremes where their sexual market value is vastly lower, or vastly higher than the mean of their kin group. And it’s good for each to do so. Diversity (Miscegenation) is extremely bad for genes except on the margins (low sexual and social market value). Because they cannot easily be corrected through ingroup selection.

All accusations of racism are just forms of gossip and shaming in order to obscure the pursuit of political power without earning it through market means. Disapproval, shaming, gossiping, rallying, protesting, and propagandism are means by which the inadequate attempt to reduce the superior sexual, social, economic, and political market value of their superiors. It’s the industrialization through media of politics of pubescent girls, employed by infantile minds unable to ascend into the responsibilities of adulthood.

Give up on equality. It’s an evolutionary dead end. Make the best of what you have to work with. We are wealthier than at any point in history, but each of us is less important than we ever have been in history. This lowers our risk but provides us near-zero status rewards that are under our control other than consumption signals.

Which is why people are driven to consumption.

And it is why the poorer you are the more driven to consumption you are.

Which is why the Buddha and the Stoics taught what they did.

That all human groups act in the interests of their kin.  That people vote racially.  They work in racial groups. They live in racial groups. They mate and marry in racial groups.  They speak in racial groups.

All racial groups convey status because some groups are more desirable than others.  That all those capable of escaping the lower classes of their racial groups rationally want to join in the white culture so that they can have a better life, and that as such they want to limit racial discrimination.  And that white middle and lower classes want to preserve their privileges by preserving the status of their elites from competition.

That race, religion, culture, tribe, gender are a part of life because they are meaningful differences because people act to their advantage at all times, and race, religion, culture, tribe, and gender convey different advantages.

Causes of Racial Conflict

Proximity. That’s the answer. That’s the only answer that matters.  That said, let’s work through the issue.

All that happens in mixed-race cultures, is that castes replace races. I can’t find anywhere any attempt has worked and hasn’t resulted in the total collapse of civilization. When you increase the size of the polity you get classes. Sorry.

That’s how it is for the simple reason that some people are more genetically desirable in every way than other peoples, and that’s what social class means: reproductive, associative, cooperative, economically cooperative, politically cooperative, militarily cooperative desirability.

Each of us has a social market value and that social market value is what we call our class. We have higher sexual and social market value within-group than across groups except at the extremes. The desirability of different subraces is well documented and is determined by ratio-proportionality and degree of neoteny.

The only way to avoid the problem is to** segregate within states, or separate into separate states.**

The science is quite simple:

1 – Races and Subraces have different sized underclasses and different distributions around the mean in the personality traits that are genetically determined and largely immutable: a) intelligence, b) industriousness, and in rates of sexual development and depths of sexual development, and the retention of those features that illustrate retention of childhood features. (we have been domesticated just like other animals. We are no different. Some groups are more domesticated (lower testosterone, lower impulsivity, lower and slower sexual development, and therefore greater agency (self-discipline of our emotions and impulses).

2 – Because of these differences, we need to produce VERY different commons (manners, ethics, morals, norms, traditions, laws, institutions, education and training in the intuitionistic [what we call religion], in physical training, and in skills training, and in occupational training.) The median (average) (66% majority) determines the demand for formal and informal institutions (listed below).

3 – Proximity Creates Animosity because of the different status signals in and across groups, and the different rates of development both genetically, informatively, and culturally. Groups that are happy with their condition separately become hostile in proximity, and more hostile in cohabitation, and more hostile in political competition.

People think and speak with an awareness of race because people act aware of race.

  1. People vote as racial blocks. And therefore firm political competition for status and rent-seeking.
  2. People associate in racial blocks.
  3. People work in racial blocks.
  4. People reside in racial blocks.
  5. Vast differences in reproductive desirability between races.  And people mate in racial blocks except at the margins.
  6. Vast differences in the eugenic elimination of the evil 80s underclasses between racial blocks.
  7. Vast differences in criminality between the racial blocks.
  8. Significant differences in the abilities of racial groups because of the failure to suppress reproduction in the lower classes.

We are different. People are rational. They act rationally. Humans practice kin selection.  They must.  Or those that do practice kin selection will replace them.

Cooperation between families and tribes is only beneficial if each perceives a benefit. Otherwise, instead of arguing against racism one is merely practicing war by a substitute of religion, rather than war by religion or war by violence.

This is true everywhere on earth.

4 – Because of these differences, we need very different political orders – from the very liberal northern European high trust, to the very disciplined as we see in religious regions, to the nearly military needed in others.

Trying to eliminate races always and everywhere produces a race to the bottom. Creating many small nation-states that are little more than corporations that serve the needs of their kin group and that kin group’s distribution will produce a** race to the top**.

There is a very good reason why Europe evolved faster than the rest of the world combined in both the ancient and modern worlds: small homogeneous states. Monopolies are always bad. They are even worse in federations and empires.

For a set of reasons:
1) Mating selection is determined by both genetic markers (physical properties) and status signals (social properties).
2) There are differences in desirability between the races due to different morphological attributes, despite the near-universal human preference for a set of attributes.
3) There are different DISTRIBUTIONS of certain talents across the races. (linguistic intelligence, and spatial intelligence in particular.) This difference in distributions causes the development of different norms and preferences within groups, which in turn alters the complex signals we both observe and send.
4) Because of this economy of signaling, Status Signals ‘within group’ are lower cost than status signals ‘across groups’. (Partly because we have just have higher familiarity within the group). Each of us is more likely to get more positive, and fewer negative status signals within-group than across groups. And those signals are richer and more complex.
5) These signals affect our relationships and the trust that can develop in them.  Where that trust is necessary for relaxed interaction, goal determination, task coordination, and risk-taking.
6) In the working and lower classes, external racial groups usually will work for less money or will displace them in their earning capacity and therefore also deprive them of status signals.  Racism is a means of forming political solidarity themselves, as well as with their elites, for the purpose of preserving their advantage – or gaining their advantage.
7) In the middle and upper-middle classes, racism is a vehicle for maintaining political power (law) and social power (norms) and assets (their own accumulated status signals) for themselves and their groups.

This set of facts is demonstrated by our demonstrated universal preference to work (largely) and live (largely) with people who share our same ethnicity and social class. The data illustrates that preference over and over again.  In simple terms, we are ‘judged’ more easily, and therefore included more easily among those with whom we share physical, intuitive, conceptual, and habitual similarities. However, at the extremes, the very successful and prosperous tend to form a worldwide-class and the lower classes seek mates more opportunistically, and there are social signaling benefits to certain racial groups (a mating between a below average white woman and an above-average black man may increase the social standing and quality of mates of both. So the racial norm is a majority-middle preference.

While there is a noticeable rise in the inbreeding going on between Asians and whites,  women still seem to demonstrate an extraordinary preference for men within their race (men are less discriminating) of upwards of 80%.  But this preference is a middle-class statistic obtained from dating sites. And it becomes very hard to make the same statements about the lower classes outside of what’s stated in the census (about 15% intermarriage).  The reason is that some races are

Differences in Sexual, Social, Economic, Political, Market Value Of Races to One Another

1) The distribution of physical desirability for mating, the demonstrated behaviors of impulsivity and time preference, aggression, and demonstrated intelligence vary between individuals. (true)
2) The social classes are organized by these distributions due to reproductive desirability, status utility, and cooperative (economic) utility. (true)
3) The races demonstrate different relative distributions of these classes. (true)
4) Racial groups demonstrate kin selection in mating, neighborhoods, friendship, social organizations, and business organizations. (true).
5) The norms demonstrated by racial groups reflect behavior at the mean (true). This means lower trust, less intelligent groups must compete against norms in groups with higher trust and higher intelligent groups. (true). It also means that the group that holds dominant political power, and biases toward their norms, determines the economic velocity of the entire polity (true).
6) Racial groups demonstrate kin selection in voting (true).
7) INABILITY to use the state for rents and privileges limits political competition and conflict, whereas the ABILITY to use the state for rents and privileges increases political competition and conflict. (true)
8) Economic Wealth reduces dependence upon kin for mutual insurance under kin selection. (true). Economic stress increases dependence upon kin for mutual insurance via kin selection. (true)
9) The difference between economic, political, social, reproductive and status success of one race or another is due to the distribution of superior talents versus inferior liabilities of the members of those races – plus normative factors, the most important of which is in-group trust, and the second is the degree of the suppression of free riding. (true)
10) As such the only reason for racism is the rates of reproduction between the classes. And the only possible means of achieving equality in any and all cases is to suppress the reproduction of the lower classes of the races whose distribution is bottom weighted.
11) It is non-rational to treat unknown individuals who are visually indistinguishable by other than the properties of their peer groups. (true) (which is what people do). One cannot both demand rational action, defend Praxeology, and deny this statement.
12) Equality is achievable and desirable in just four generations. But it is upward reproductive redistribution that must march downward economic redistribution for equality to be possible. If China can do this so can the rest of the world.

Otherwise, it is non-rational for people with higher reproductive desirability, lower impulsivity, lower aggression, and higher intelligence to tolerate political competition from those who are less desirable and in the net, parasitic, just as it is politically preferable to compete via parasitism if one is less desirable at the bottom.

Human beings are not unique and precious snowflakes. It is only that disregard for life is a moral hazard. The fact that mothers MUST believe their dysgenic offspring are precious is an evolutionary convenience, not a demonstrable fact.

The purpose of science is quite often to force us to acknowledge uncomfortable truths. Equality is not a problem of belief (lying), but one of fact (truth).

Try not to lie.  It hurts mankind.

Just Tell the Truth – Disgusting

—“The Leftist tendency is to conflate the Rightist Disgust response to various things as phobias. In other words, the Left confuses Disgust for Fear.”—

The right is just too well mannered to say:

Actually it’s because we find your/their ____________ behavior disgusting and revolting because it is a genetic defect, and harmful to the tribe.”

I mean. Why can’t we just say that?

“You know, We don’t like dogs dragging their anuses on the carpet, or ___________ doing ________.” 

Genetic defects are disgusting to us. And you’re advocating for genetic defects that are disgusting.

(We have a purity instinct. They don’t. Hence women’s fascination with the discussion of children’s bodily fluids and excrements.)

Higher Disgust Sensitivity

Conservatives(empiricists) have a higher level of disgust sensitivity. Conservatives are the population’s means of detecting and purging harm – the white blood cells of the social order and polity. Progressives (consumptivists) have low sensitivity to disgust, but high demand for consumption, novelty, experience, and fear of being ‘left behind’.

That does not mean that our disgust sensitivity is always right. It means that we must test whether than harm actually exists by tests of reciprocity.

—”There is a distinction between endocrinological & neurological conservatives, driven mostly by disgust, which tend to be within a SD left of the mean, and market driven (agency) conservatives who recognize cost on longer time-horizons & are able to organize a body law which facilitates the cooperation & trust, necessary for the functioning of enterprise. The former group are right for the wrong reasons & the latter group are right as a matter of agency & incentive.”—Ferdinand Pizarro

We Can’t We Just Tell the Left the Truth?

1) Our civilization has succeeded because it’s been eugenic in every era – right up until the industrial revolution.

2) We find you disgusting.
3) and it’s because you’re unfit.
4) and you are unfit because you lack agency.
5) and you lack agency because you’re still undomesticated.
6) and as undomesticated still an animal.
7) and it isn’t any more complicated than that.

8) We cannot cooperate with you on equal terms any more than we can cooperate with any other animal – you lack the agency.
9) We don’t grant barn animals equality which is why we don’t grant you equality. And we don’t want barn animals in our homes, business, or our commons.
10) This is what we mean when we want to separate from you.

Because you’re disgusting.

Conflicts over Class

Whether Classism vs Racism? (GSRRM) : The Solution Is Markets.

Classes vs Races  European Iranic Semitic Indic E-Asian SE-Asian
Out of Sight 
Lower Upper
Upper Middle
Lower Middle
Upper lower
Out of Sight

Horizontal Compatibility and Common Interest of Classes at expense of power distance
Vertical Compatibility and Common Interest of Races and Nations for Power distance

Neither is a problem. Both are un-circumventable evolutionary, reproductive, social, economic, and political realities and necessities. Humans organize that is our principal ability, and our intelligence evolved only for the purpose of increasing the complexity of our cooperation – even across gender, family, clan, classes, tribes, nations(in the genetic sense), subraces, and races.

The classes demonstrate different genetic, social, economic, and political abilities. Unfortunately, everyone at the bottom quartile is six times as costly as everyone at the top two quartiles can compensate for.( the third quartile appears to be neutral or at least a tolerable loss.

Those tribes, nations, subraces, and races unable to limit the reproduction of their underclasses (as have Europeans and East Asians through manorialism or extraordinary prosecution), or have expelled their underclasses (Ashkenazis) or have been able to concentrate sufficient capital to drag people out of permanent Malthusian (population) and dysgenic(distribution) poverty.

Those tribes, nations, subraces, and races unable to limit the reproduction of their underclasses, and who have not engaged in martial, juridical, or economic (manorialism), have ended up as the Levant, India, Southeast Asia, and now South America, with underclasses so large that they cannot be organized into a voluntary organization of production capable of producing marketable goods.

Present Problems

Worse, in the current era, as the low hanging fruit of petrochemical energy, mechanical technology, and now computational utility has been captured, likewise, labor has evaporated as a market good, mechanical capital has dramatically depreciated as market good, and at present calculation labor (what we call clerical and white-collar work) is depreciating as a market good. And without markets to provide information to us, we cannot cooperate at scale. And there are few if any multipliers on service provision.

All technology can be implemented quickly and easily and the marginal competitive advantage between groups eliminated.

So as the world continues to adopt the inventions of western civilization – not the least of which is Aristotelian (scientific) reasoning, and the Anglo (Germanic) natural law of torts, and the Italian(Templar) method of banking, the relative standard of living of peoples will decline, because the only competitive advantage a population has, is genetic.

The primary competitive advantage that does not produce regression into Malthusian and dysgenic poverty is genes. And the difference in one standard deviation is so profound it is the HIGHEST POSSIBLE RETURN for any group – as well as for all mankind.

The data is in. The 20th century experiment with social economic and political pseudoscience is over. We misspent that capital on reversing at least 1300 years of improving human genetic, cultural, and institutional capital.

There are three known magic bullets. A battery with the energy density of gasoline. The reduction of the size of the underclass through one child policies for the underclasses, and the development of artificial general intelligence that means he with the most capital and the lowest population wins.

The individual human is quickly approaching not only Malthusian and genetic equilibrium but political, economic, social, damage. We outran the productivity of nature and resorted to farming. We outran the productivity of farming and turned to industry.

We outran the productivity of industry and turned to information. There is nowhere to go beyond information, and as such the only gains are to be obtained from the reduction of negative human capital.

Via-negativa in all things at scale. Once you maximize returns on any set of operations, the only improvement possible is to remove costs and defects.

More is not better. Fewer people with more is better than more people with less.

That’s unavoidable.


Our Choices

Races are a good thing. Subraces are a good thing. Tribes are a good thing. Clans are a good thing. Families are a good thing.

You can choose between kin-group-states or Corporate-States. You can choose between small very different states or large homogeneous states. You can choose between collapse under political monopoly or rapid progress under political diversity. Because in the spectrum from dictatorship to anglo rule of law you must possess an increasingly optimum demographic as you move from dictatorship to liberty.

The only value of scale is military conquest.

The value of homogeneity is psychological, not real.

The effect of diversity in a polity that has access to political power is always the same: collapse.

The best countries to live in have small homogeneous populations with very small underclasses, high median intelligence, and well-developed neoteny, without hostile competitors on their borders.

The only reason your one is behind another, or any other race, is the difference between rates of reproduction of the classes. Just as my race is behind or ahead of other races because of our suppression or lack of suppression of birth rates at the bottom. That’s it.

So fix it. Because until you do, racism will persist – and should. Because any other behavior is illogical. It is not the color of your skin or the shape of your nose, but the percentage of your population in the bottom half of mankind.

Human life isn’t universally sacred. It’s just that anyone who demonstrates a disregard for human life is a potential risk and threat to the rest of us. But just because disregard for life is dangerous doesn’t mean you’re worthy of redistribution – or even the consumption of oxygen. You’re merely a moral hazard for the rest of us.

If you or your offspring can’t find a way to participate in production without externalizing your costs, then you aren’t a precious snowflake. You’re a moral hazard, and a drain on both humanity and the planet. And the source of the demand for a political class that exploits productive people to fund the dysgenic and unproductive.

You cannot deny this argument without in turn demonstrating your racial bias.

So control reproduction. A woman has no intrinsic right to bear a child, and a man no intrinsic right to spawn one.

That is the only way we get to equality. Equality in fact, not in lie.

And I agree: equality is a moral ambition. But not by dragging others down, but by evolving everyone to greater heights.



Pandora’s Box – Gender Differences


—“…what kind of evolutionary pressure would create a desire to undermine the ingroup. All the plausible explanations I’ve seen had to do with abusing female impulses that have evolved for entirely different purposes….”—

Females undermine the concentration of power in alphas in order to preserve some control over their reproductive choice and access to resources and male-provisioned resources, including defense. ie: females can barter attention, effort, care, and sex if they have control of the attention economy. Which is why females are so conscious (and gay men evidencing it) of attention and approval and agreeableness.

So just as females operate on a status and attention economy, they fight within that economy: disapproval, shaming, ridicule, gossip, moralizing, undermining, and reputation destruction.
And decreasing the number of females is not necessarily in their disinterest – so literally killing off other females increases remaining female market value, so that his the strategy females pursue: that of Hens.

Undermining the males (‘sh-t testing’) is useful both at the level of insuring the ‘fitness’ of males in defending them, preserving their ability to choose, assisting them in outing ‘cheaters’ (which women are terrible at, and men excel at), maximizing cost of (returns on) their attention, care, and sex.

The only problem here is that women still sexually select for males as if we are under those conditions of hunter gatherers. And this explains the attraction of women to more primitive (less domesticated) groups of males with lower agency despite that the female condition is dependent upon those of us with higher agency, innovation, and adaptivity.

Hence the necessity of more domesticated (higher agency) males of defending the ingroup females from conquest or even exposure to, lower agency, higher aggression, males. (FWIW:Delayed marriage provides women with greater reproductive certainty, and therefore greater sortition, and greater formation of genetic castes, and therefore greater speciation – hence white people.)

Males conversely, operate on the physical equivalent of the warfare economy, and so losses of males weakens the pack, and dilution of the ingroup male genes weakens male reproductive (evolutionary) persistence, as well as reverses domestication (evolution of agency).


The female of our species, or more correctly, the female mind in our species, is extremely susceptible to individual psychosis and solipsism, and even more so, herd panic, trend and consensus; and verbalizing those behaviors by drama, outburst, disapproval, shaming, ridicule, rallying, gossiping, and reputation destruction that never ceases.

This is the reason why women’s testimony has been discounted throughout history; why the cancer of Abrahamism was spread through women; why women defected against their men and their civilization yet again, to feminism-postmodernism; and why there are continuous calls for “women must be heard”; and then, not surprisingly, counter-to-all-evidence that “women must be believed”. The female lacks the degree of male agency because she is more dependent upon the panic of the herd than the hunting of the pack.

It is rather obvious that once given the franchise under the presumption of agency, that women took out their anger on the church in europe, and on men in america. It’s rather obvious that as much as marxism was designed to appeal to and rally men at the bottom, that feminism and postmodernism were designed to appeal to and rally women as was Christianity. It is rather obvious that women’s urge to nest and preen are more easily manipulated by advertising marketing and media.

But Truth is Truth. The feminine mind lacks agency regardless of the sex of its bearer. And we cannot both preserve our civilization which is the originator of truth, reason, science, and all that comes from it by once again submitting to the herd of the female in this modern era as we did in the ancient.

“Herd Panic”, and “herd consensus”, as well as the series solipsism, psychosis, and disapproval, shaming, ridicule, outburst, rallying gossiping and reputation destruction as a means of obscuring the truth due to lack of agency and fear of falling out of sync with the herd, must become part of our conscious vocabulary and argument such that we bring the distinction between lack of agency, falsehood and fear, versus agency, truth and reason.

Lacking agency means you are not yet human and therefore not worthy of or capable of reciprocity any more than is a child – but require parenting.

It is truth that in modernity we have greater prosperity and as such greater ability to absorb the damage of the feminine mind than in the past. But that reservoir is not limitless.

That same prosperity however does leave us a choice: we can oppress one another, or we can revolt and separate, and develop feminine (failing) dysgenic orders and return to the animals and another dark age, or masculine competitive eugenic orders, that will continue our transcendence.

It’s time to choose which of those consequences we will pursue.


Just Use The Word: Infantilization

Just state the obvious, that the female mind of reproductive necessity biases heavily to that which she can control: infantilism. And this is why women take such great fascination with babies, and prefer their children are born with properties that make them pliable and their ‘friends’ rather successful competitors. Because women must be strong and possess agency to raise those who are strong and with agency. And women who are weak an lack agency wish children who they can control despite their weakness and agency.

Abrahamism, Marxism, Feminism, Postmodernism: they advocate infantilism. Because their followers have infantile minds. And I suspect that like everything else, that’s because in 80% of cases they have infantile brains.

And that during the great transformation, buddha came close, but only Epicurious, Zeno and Aristotle got it right. Meaning, living in correspondence with reality without submitting to it, by making the mind as strong as the body, ether by Achilles/Alexander(aristocracy), Zeno/Aurelius (Middle class), or Epicurious (Working Class), but never by abandoning reality to a fictionalism (underclass).

These are adulthoods. Agency. Whether for the powerful, the influential (middle class), or the valuable (Working Class). And just as we can train people in reading, writing, math, accounting, and physics – we can train people in stoicism, epicureanism, and heroism. But that is counter to the infantile: because all of them require agency, and the infantile is still an undomesticated animal, neither genetically able, nor sufficiently trained, to be included in that label of sentience and agency we call ‘Human’.

The infantile is equal to the animal.


Female Mental Illness


The degree of demonstrated feminism is determined by four factors: (a) declining sexual market value and (b) declining agency. (c) degree of disagreeableness, (d) the demand for virtue-signaling in the virtue signaling marketplace.


Developmental Defects

Nature Nurture


Free Speech

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