The Choice – Episode 0005 – Our Civilization’s Next Great Enterprise

The Choice – Episode 0005 – Our Civilization’s Next Great Enterprise


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—”Europeans do not know how to live unless they are engaged in some great enterprise. When this is lacking, they grow petty and feeble and their souls disintegrate.”—José Ortega y Gasset, Spanish Philosopher


Truth is enough.
They have their inviolable laws.
Now we have ours.
Our natural law and absolute intolerance
The physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe.
And we begin our next great enterprise.

The Lesson of Comparative Civilizations
The Only Test of Your Ideas Is Law
The Natural Law of European Peoples
The Canonical Principles in The Natural Law
Creating an Optimum Government Under The Law
So What Is Our Purpose?
The Anti-Western Revolt of The Postwar Period
Their Undermining
The Judgement of The Law Against Them
The Industrialization of Lying
We Are the Only People with Guilt
The Rule of Intolerance
Truth Is a Merciless, Zero-Tolerance, Weapon.
Our Next Great Enterprise


—“And this is a war crime by female means of undermining, instead of a war crime by male means of violence.  It is a war crime none the less. And a war crime that we must end, must obtain restitution for, and to punish, and to prevent from ever happening again. Because that is the function of the law: to stop a crime, to obtain restitution, to punish and prevent repetition.”—


+E0005 – Our Civilization?s Next Great Enterprise

Welcome to The Choice. This is Curt Doolittle. Episode 0005 – Our Civilization?s Next Great Enterprise


So, what is the lesson we learn from our study of history?

Despite living on the fringe of the Bronze Age, despite lacking flood river valleys, despite lacking multi-crop climates, despite smaller numbers, despite limited trade routes, despite hostile middle eastern despots, despite our folly of crossing the Bosphorus, folly of failing to suppress hostile religions, and despite the dark ages … European civilization has almost exclusively dragged humanity out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, hard labor, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of nature in a few centuries in the ancient world, and a few centuries in the modern.

Because we, quite by accident, discovered the fastest means of evolution among all human groups, and what might be the fastest means possible for human groups. European peoples are able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically, faster than all other peoples … because of our traditions of sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, …. where the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible, … thereby advancing productive innovations in each others interests, … and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses, … thereby allowing us to divert proceeds of our production to the commons and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, economic and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.


If you can’t write a body of policy changes, a project plan, contracts, shareholder agreements, a body of law, and a constitution to make a society function you’re just talking smack – because that is the hierarchy of algorithms that produce not a simulation but the operating system of the real world that we live in. Natural law is to human sciences, as mathematics is to physical sciences. You must program a computer via positiva, because it cannot imagine, or predict, and so cannot choose without those instructions. But you must program humanity via negativa because it can imagine, predict, and choose – which is why humans can adapt and computers can’t. And while both a computer and a human are amoral, the computer cannot choose between morality and immorality. The human can. And the purpose of our manners, ethics morals, norms, traditions, institutions and laws is to raise the cost of the immoral choices so that only moral choices remain. And that is the purpose of our laws. To create the rules of human action, cooperation, and operation that eliminate the bad so that only the good remain. And so the good is left to the continuous creativity of the people. There are many cultures that try to state the good instead of eliminate the bad. And this causes stagnation and eventual decline. Instead, continuously eliminate the bad and continuous new opportunities for good and moral will emerge from our creativity.


“The Natural Law of European Peoples” consists of … a fully commensurable system of measurement across all disciplines, meaning a singular paradigm creating cross-disciplinary consistency;; … one that tests for reciprocity in display, word (truth) and deed (action); … by the extension of the logic of the physical sciences (realism, naturalism, equilibration) to psychological(individual), the social(group), and the metaphysical(paradigms that function as systems of measurement), sciences; … using economic terms (acquisition, cooperation, reciprocity) and logic (supply demand cost return); … thereby completing the scientific method (falsification of all dimensions possible human cognition); … and thereby completing the Aristotelian program; … and thereby providing the explanation for the success of western civilization under that program:; … consisting of sovereignty, reciprocity, including reciprocity in word: truth – … and the markets that result from their universal enforcement, … and the evolutionary velocity (adaptation, innovation) that results from those markets. …

Because while we were first more often in innovation than all other civilizations combined; … but whether we were first or not never mattered; … because we were fastest. … fastest to adapt to continuous change. … and our high tolerance for change … but as fragile in each era – because our advantage exposed our one weakness: our tolerance. … for the tolerance we grant each other, is a vulnerability easily exploited by our enemies – enemies who do not wish to adopt our ways but destroy them and us, and our continued evolution of mankind, along with them.


We have a few canonical ideas that I?ll ask your patience while I list. They are in that discipline we call truth – or what we call epistemology, cooperation between us – or what we call ethics, and cooperation in groups – in what we call politics.


1. Commensurability: Definitions by Disambiguation by Serialization and Operationalization
2. Grammars
3. Truth: Satisfaction of demand for infallibility.
4. Testimony: Due diligence against perceivable dimensions.


5. Reciprocity: Due diligence against incentive to retaliate.
6. Property In Toto: Measurements of Demonstrated interests
7. Compatibilism: Gender and class division of perception, cognition, memory, advocacy, and cooperation.
8. Trifunctionalism: Three possible means of coercion, produces three competing specializations of elites.


9. OPTIMUM GOVERNMENT: rule of law, monarchy as judge of last resort, houses for regions, classes, genders, with one family one vote – adapting to authority under threat, markets under peace, and redistribution during windfalls.
10. Transcendence: Evolutionary necessity ‘to become the red queen’ – we may never stop nor never rest.
11. Western Group Evolutionary strategy is “OODA” meaning technology, maneuver and initiative. This strategy is created by demand for excellence and beauty, heroism and duty, truth and oath, sovereignty and reciprocity, rule of law and jury, and markets in everything: association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and war – while suppressing the reproduction of the underclasses, and devoting the surpluses to the production of commons, and the multiples for all that result. This allows a people to compete by the production of commons – which few others can.


You can create any form of government with P-law you just have to state it truthfully and reciprocally in a constitution. Europeans, have always used theory. The republican government is just a jury at scale. The multi-house republican government is just a jury for each class at scale. A republican government refers to elected representatives. But that is all. It doesn’t tell us who does the electing. And it doesn’t state the strengths, weaknesses, and limits of republican governments. But the limit of any democratic government is homogeneity and scale. To create prosperity we incrementally add to the division of labor.

As the division of labor increases the division of political interest diverges. The homogeneity of the people limits the conflict between those interests and the heterogeneity of the people increases the heterogeneity of those interests. So heterogeneity breaks down democratic processes and generates demand for authority instead. When the democratic process fails, people resort to political activism outside of the government as we see today at the cost of truth, reciprocity, harmony and the civil society creating the chaos we see today.

We are too tolerant of competitors to rule of law (false promise, baiting into hazard), homogeneity, and markets in everything, including markets in political representatives as proxies for markets for political policy. We should be ruthlessly intolerant of those competitors. The general presumption was that we would elect people who were demonstrably capable in the making of policy (the senate as the professionals) and people who were capable in limiting the popular acceptability of policy (house of representatives as the jury) together continuing the adversarialism of our ancestral argument before the jury – but the house was given too much power, and changing the constitution creating the popular election of senators destroyed the professionalism of the senate, and gave via positiva power to the jury (house).

The optimum form of representative government is rule of law of natural law, constitutional monarchy as judge of last resort (veto, nullification, dismissal power), a cabinet of professional executives (appointed by the senate vetoed by the monarchy), and houses of parliament including one for regions, one for business and industry, and either one family under one household one vote, or two houses separated into labor and mothers, if under one person one vote.

The constitution fully enumerates rights and obligations, and requires strict construction of legislation and regulation, and that the court does not veto the legislation and regulation, and that the monarchy does not veto the legislation and regulation. In P-Law we correctly label legislation as ‘contracts of the commons’. There is only one law, and and the findings of the law under that law.

The alternative optimum form of government would eliminate the representatives and therefore the power of political parties and special interests, and provide the people with collective(propositional) and transactional (line item) veto. This is the optimum form of government and is now possible due to technology. This would eliminate the house of representatives, and limit the senate to representatives of the governors of the several states OR, use the governors of the several states as the senators.

The constitution and the law provide a sliding scale of authority from the senate (republic-production) in ordinary times, the monarchy in times of war(concentration), and the houses or people in times of windfalls (redistribution) which is a minor improvement on the roman model. This entire system is predicated upon a universal militia, a constitution of natural law that they swear to defend, and an independent judiciary sufficiently self-auditing, and sufficiently fearful of the militia that the court can adjudicate disputes under the law.


He who can defend a thing, owns a thing. He who can destroy a thing controls a thing. The men who can defend or destroy, always own and control things. The question is only whether they act to control things they own. This is why a universal militia is required to produce rule of law – the power to deny power. And this is why only western man has rule of law – individual sovereignty. And with the introduction of metal, the spear, then the sword, then the bow, then the rifle, the militia increasingly obtained power, to deny power. The purpose of the militia is to create the power to deny power, so that no one else has the power to control things or destroy things – leaving only sovereignty and reciprocity under the natural law as means of survival. Therefore the host of men must exercise control of things in order to prevent control of things, leaving only the natural law, and the markets for reciprocity within them.


During the anti-western revolt of the postwar period to present, The military was shut out of politics. Then men’s organizations shut off and out of civil society. Then the family undermined to shut men out of the family. Then manliness shut out of education. Then men and manliness shut out of discourse. And only once that was accomplished could the enemy fully remove masculine european sense making: realism, naturalism, operationalism and our heroism and duty, Excellence and Beauty, Truth and reciprocity, Law and Jury, and markets and eugenics –

How was it done? By persistent, relentless undermining – the warfare strategy of the human female. It was all by design. The design to restore the pre-civilizational strategy of the female and the herd. A design driven by instinct not reason. The revolt against western civilizations? eugenics that made possible our historical achievements. However, there are no female civilizations for reason – they cannot survive. Yet they try over and over again to fail. Why? “A Predisposition to magical thinking.” The predisposition to magical thinking is as relentless as the predisposition to undermine. Neither Eve nor Pandora, nor Cassandra for that matter, received the punishment they deserved. … Until now.


Are calls for dramatically increasing cultural diversity essentially calls for the replacing of Western Civilization with something else?


Democracy does not grant you right of conquest by immigration or reproduction or propaganda, or conversion. but is limited to the choice of preferences of commons given the persistent scarcity of resources. within the strategy of the North Sea People, put forth in the Constitution: Rule of Law of Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Tort producing market meritocracy, self sufficiency, and the natural sorting of the classes by their value to one another in the polity. The rest of the world does not practice rule of law of sovereignty, reciprocity, and tort – producing market meritocracy. You are welcome to go elsewhere in this world if you prefer the alternatives – all of which have failed – which is why you have invaded us. So you have, group by group, invaded. reproduced, propagandized. promised impossible falsehoods to, and converted peoples, such that you have used our constitution and our democratic process. not as a means of selecting returns on commons, but to systematically destroy the Rule of Law of Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Tort producing market meritocracy. self -sufficiency, and the natural sorting of the classes by their value to one another in the polity.


The roman empire was undermined by the same (((People))) by the same means, by selling similar fictionalisms to women and the underclasses, and rapid immigration overwhelming the military, which was what made Romans disciplined, invested in the civilization, and with shared values and experiences. In this era, we have seen marxism, cultural marxism, so-called scientific socialism, postmodernism, and the industrialization of lying, using the same grammar and arguments, only this time with promise of economic, status, and political achievement, instead of after death.

Make no mistake about it, in the years during and after the conquest of judea the insurrection against the aristocracy was aggressively pursued by conversion of the underclasses and as always, women – who are more susceptible to fantastic ideas due to the high frequency of psychosis and solipsism (about 1/3 of women, but approaching 40% in the west), and the rest conform to their standard. (another example of the most intolerant wins – even more so among women.) That the same process has been underway, and aggressively pursued in the postwar era.

The result in the ancient world was the destruction of all major civilizations from africa to persia to rome, with a feeble byzantine city surviving by virtue of geography and wealth. Under Johnson the (((left))) was able to both destroy the black family through russian style relocation, turn our cities into wastelands for having done so, reversing tradition and aggressively immigrating the underclasses, so that they (((Left))) could achieve by immigration that which could not be achieved by their ideas.

The purpose of the (((Left))) is genocide of western peoples, and destruction of western civilization. And this is a war crime by female means of undermining, instead of a war crime by male means of violence. It is a war crime none the less. And a war crime that we must end, must obtain restitution for, and to punish, and to prevent from ever happening again. Because that is the function of the law: to stop a crime, to obtain restitution, to punish and prevent repetition.


0. Reciprocity is the only reason for both sides to refrain from predation, parasitism, or boycott – cooperation or the option to cooperate is more valuable than noncooperation, and the prevention of future cooperation.
1. We create reciprocity via negativa by not imposing costs on others demonstrated interests
2. The name we use for Demonstrated interests is property.
3. In P-Law we use property in toto as the definition of property, meaning the empirical evidence of what demonstrated interests people defend.
4. We are all dependent upon the informational commons for information.
5. Some of us will defend the informational commons (or any commons) from other’s abuse of it. Some will not.
6. When you make a truth claim to others, or others make a truth claim to you, the person making the claim can, if he errs, biases, justifies, or deceives, violates reciprocity with the audience (what we call unethical), causes you to harm the informational commons as a consequence (by externality), and if he makes that claim in public, harms the informational commons as well, and therefore violates reciprocity in the commons (what we call immorality).
7. P-Law provides a definition of truth, and the means of falsifying (testing) statements for truthfulness by tests of testifiable, consistency, operational possibility, correspondence, rationality, reciprocity, completeness, full accounting, and possibility of warranty, and possibility of restitution upon error or deceit. 8. Marxism, neo-marxism (cultural marxism), postmodernism, feminism, and hbd-denialism, are all attempts at deception by:

(a) claiming european self determination (sovereignty, reciprocity), tripartism (military, legal-commercial), and religious(family-faithful), mediated by law, and limiting us to markets, so that we preserve natural selection by demonstrated behavior, and devoting the proceeds to the production of commons, thereby maintaining the health,prosperity, and wealth of the people, and their competitive advantage is oppression, when all other peoples that did not do so were mired in poverty and suffering.
(b) that the solution was communism, or socialism, that would end our natural selection, our prosperity, and our competitive advantage, and our ability to drag mankind out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, hard labor, starvation, disease, suffering, and victimization by nature – when all civilizations that have tried any form of equality have died.
(c) that to bring about communism, socialism, and the reversal of evolutionary transcendence, it was necessary to undermine our civilization at every level. Anti-militarism to undermine our military tripartism. Atheism to undermine our religious tripartism. Anti-rule of law to undermine not only our tripartism but the means by which we resolved disputes between the classes. Marxism to undermine the markets and cooperation between the classes. Cultural Marxism to undermine our culture, values, myths, traditions, and arts. Feminism to undermine the family as the compromise between the genders given our different reproductive strategies and biological differences. Postmodernism to undermine our ability to use social pressure to force conformity into realism, naturalism, operationalism, reciprocity, truthful speech, and defense of the commons so that it was optimum for the production of high trust citizenry; and again, postmodernism to deny the existence of truth or truthful speech – when truthful speech is the primary reason for not only our high trust society but our ‘european means of sense-making’ that made empiricism our laws, democratic participation, our science, medicine, and technology, possible. Postmodernism to use language for any purpose by which to obtain political power – abandoning all need for consistency, correspondence, rationality and liability. Political correctness to undermine the truth of the substantial differences between our advanced, neotenic, genetically, informationally, normatively, culturally, traditionally, and institutional superior people, so that they can be conquered quietly and slowly. Using immigration to reverse our darwinian history. Using frailty in our law and democracy to capture our territory and institutions. Using the academy to indoctrinate two generations of marxist-postmodernist-feminist-HBD-denialist “Priests and Priestesses” to indoctrinate our children by manufacturing their ignorance, feminizing our males, and making obese both genders. That’s only part of what they’ve done. I’ve just run out of tolerance for listing their crimes. What price? What is the cost of the damage they have done? What was the cost of the dark ages? What was the cost of the lost civilizations of the ancient world destroyed by islamist lies?


Scientific discovery slowed after the 19th century, although technological development taking advantage of it has continued in the twentieth century. The question is why? But we know why…. The purposeful destruction of European sense-making in order to deny physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe. The, and that denial and destruction was achieved by the most influential technological development of the late nineteenth and the 20th century – the use of pseudoscience, using the new means of communication, to produce the industrialization of lying. The Freudians and Boasians Manufacturing Pseudoscience The Marxists Manufacturing Pseudoscience. The Frankfurt School manufacturing Propaganda; The Academy Selling Diplomas as Class Indulgences; Mass Market Consumer Media selling status competition; The financial sector selling debt to finance it.. Taking advantage of Emancipated but Unregulated Women’s Urges; The Majoritarian Democratic State using fiat currency selling Rents: Producing The Assembly Line of Pseudoscientific Fraud. Critical Theory for example, isn?t a science; it?s a fraud – just as monotheism was a fraud. Both were manufactured to specifications of deceit most desired by women and the underclasses that have less ability to control their impulses: false promises of utopia — first in an afterlife, and second in the present. Monotheism contributed to a dark age of ignorance by illiteracy and biblical propaganda. Pseudoscience has begun a dark age of ignorance by overloading reason and experience and history with pseudoscientific propaganda. The history of western civilization consists of the incremental suppression of parasitism from all walks of life by use of the west?s unique, empirical, common, judge discovered natural law. We create both via positive markets in good services, and commons, as well as markets for the three systems of elites: martial-state, judicial-commercial, and public intellectual-faith. Except this time the faith sold was pseudoscience and sophistry. Western Man domesticated himself just as he had plants and animals before. And both our aristocracy our people profited from the process. But, man was not exploited — he was domesticated from an animal to a human through generations of cultural selection pressure and aggressive culling of malcontents and free riders. Today?s underclasses and single women love the consequential prosperity of that domestication but lie to themselves about the cause.


If the informational, normative, traditional, and institutional commons is common property of a people, then the (((anti-western left))) is at best, an organized crime syndicate invading and conquering from within, and at worst an act of war in violation of the Westphalian peace – under which Europeans agreed to domesticate warfare. And as such these people are prosecutable for war crimes, and we shall have our restitution.


Westerners project when we think about others and religion. We are the only people with guilt. (Internal prepolicing of behavior based on it being “wrong”) Everyone else is only concerned with the shame of being discovered. Any study of religion or morals that only studies the west or only sees or through a western lens is seriously flawed. We never hear guilt of the French for their war against Europe, the jews, the Russians, the Muslims, Mongols, or Chinese? We dragged mankind kicking and screaming out of primitivism and they hate us for it. We needn?t feel guilt for doing it despite all our flaws. We should instead shame them for not doing despite with theirs.


—“The minority rule will show us how it all it takes is a small number of intolerant virtuous people with skin in the game, in the form of courage, for society to function properly.”— Taleb

A monument is a claim of investment in a territory. A church or temple is a claim on the norms, traditions, and laws used in a territory. There is no coexistence possible between conflicts.


The solution is for us to stop being reasonable. Stop compromising and start being intolerant and objective. The most intolerant win, and that needs to be us. Natural law gives us the tools to be intolerant and objective in our demands. Transcendence by Truth is the most intolerant religion of all. And … The Most Intolerant Wins.


The Most Intolerant Wins. We have been subject to form of intolerance – intolerance for the truth. But Truth is merciless. Truth is the scientific, legal, political, educational, and religious means of defeating the enemy. But Truth is not a selective weapon. It is indiscriminate – a weapon of zero tolerance. It will destroy the group strategy of the european left just as thoroughly as the group strategy of judaism, and islam, and second-generation Abrahamic religions: marxism (Judaism), feminism (denialism), and postmodernism (Christianity), and fundamentalist islam, and their dependence upon false promises justified by the sophisms of pilpul(via positive) and critique(via negative). The only way to defeat intolerance of civilization is by being even more intolerant of deceit and non-reciprocal costs. Absolute intolerance for irreciprocity in display word and deed. Truth is enough. They have their religious laws. Now we have ours. Our natural law and absolute intolerance The physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe.


Western civilization specialized in the continuous production of agency. We emphasize sovereignty. But sovereignty is something we grant one another through reciprocity. Agency over the self exists or it doesn’t – independent of others. Agency is necessary for sovereignty otherwise one cannot self insure. If you cannot self insure then others must insure you out of self defense. If others must insure you then you are dependent upon them as a child upon a parent. You are not sovereign agent, and cannot reciprocally insure those with agency – and you especially cannot insure them against yourself. Stoicism attempts to produce agency. All other religions do not – they produce avoidance or escapism – with shintoism the closest peer looking backward rather than forward, and the original Buddhism the closest ambition – mindfulness but not agency. And Buddhism does not maintain the western charter demanding heroism, and speaking truth regardless of the consequences to the dominance (competence) hierarchy. If you master our natural law you will have intellectual agency – all human experience is then explicable in operational terms, and the world coherent and comprehensible. If you master stoicism (self authoring) then you will develop intuitionistic and emotional agency. If you maintain diet and physical fitness – particularly team sports – you will develop physical agency. If you exchange sovereignty with others who do the same, then you will be sovereign. Rome had almost completed the development of a new religion when the Abrahamists worked diligently to undermine the great aristocratic civilizations. The lesson of Constantine is never let anyone other than a member of a noble family that has retained noble status in marriage hold office – ever. The lesson of the Abrahamic revolt against civilization, is that we must suppress all forms of supernaturalism, sophisms (pseudo-rationalism), and pseudosciences. And the only way to do that is the use of the LAW: the organized use of force to suppress imposition of costs upon the private and common, existential and informational, by using the courts as a market for truth, thereby empowering all people to suppress falsehoods. Which leads us to our charter, and I”ll quote Ortega y Gasset:

—”Europeans do not know how to live unless they are engaged in some great enterprise. When this is lacking, they grow petty and feeble and their souls disintegrate.”—José Ortega y Gasset, Spanish Philosopher

This is our next great enterprise. To rid our neighborhoods, our cities, our counties, our nations, our civilization, and humanity of the abrahamic deceits whether they be supernatural, sophistry, or pseudoscience. We have incrementally suppressed the evil in mankind by forcible domestication of genes and behavior in the ancient world and in the modern. The revolt against us in the ancient world brought about a dark age – we were far too tolerant. The abrahamic revolt against us in the modern world using collectivist pseudoscience and postmodern sophism, and the systematic use of pilpul and critique in the reputation destruction of our great civilization – a civilization that has dragged humanity out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, hard labor, disease, suffering, child mortality, early death, and the vicissitudes of nature.

This revolt against civilization, has not yet been stopped – we have been too tolerant. We are raiders, pirates. and conquerors by nature and tradition, and while we have sought to make the world a market limiting conflict to economic competition for relative wealth and prestige – you, the left,  have demonstrated that you are unable, and unfit for such peerage. So you are unfit to cohabitate with us. Unfit to trade with us. And only fit for Separation, Rule, or Defeat by us.

There will be no Second Semitic Dark Age. Minorities always rule, and the most intolerant minority most willing to enforce their preference wins. This general rule of political orders is that The most intolerant wins, and the most tolerant loses. We must rule by our law, out of self defense, and drag mankind kicking and screaming once again by transcendence into the gods we may yet be, in a universe hostile to all but gods, in a brief period of geological and astronomical peace during which we can seize the opportunity.

Transcendence by Agency, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Truth, Duty, Markets in Everything: the continuous calculation of our ascent into godhood – and absolute intolerance of anything in opposition. Others may have our rule if they ask. But they may not deprive us of our own.

Rule in concert with physical, natural, and evolutionary laws And zero tolerance.

We gave them a chance and they all failed. Worse they conducted a war against from within by abusing our tolerance. It?s time for prosecution, judgement, restitution, punishment, and prevention.

This is Curt Doolittle
Thank you for listening.


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