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If we are to grant one another the right to self-determination, the first right upon which all others depend, is the right to bear arms in defense of self-determination.

Episode Notes

This is the Choice. I’m Curt Doolittle – Episode 0009 – The Second Amendment in Strictly Constructed Law

I thought I’d take a moment to illustrate the clarity that Propertarian Strict Construction of Law with one of your favorite subjects – the second amendment.

We state openly that commons are formed by those willing to use violence to produce and defend them. That means those who are willing to fight to produce and defend commons  share ownership of those commons. We build everything in our constitutions our laws and our civilization, brick by brick upon the law of self-determination, reciprocity, and sovereignty under the law to preserve it. That includes the reciprocal exchange of the right to self-determination in all of life. Self-determination requires sovereignty under the law. And limiting our display word and deed to reciprocity is the only means of surviving; and markets in all walks of life are the only means of limiting ourselves  to reciprocity, sovereignty, and self-determination.

But self-determination isn’t possible without the organized use of violence to defend it from the endless river of usurpers seeking every possible means to impose their control upon others for some excuse they favor or another – and thereby ending our requirement that everything we do be limited to reciprocity and markets, and that all government is also limited to constructing exchanges in a market for commons. And if t cannot be done by exchange, then it cannot be done without treason against the constitution, the law it is built pon, and the people who defend them both.

So the first right upon which all rights depend is the right to bear arms in defense of private and common.

To hold the right to arms it must include a right that clearly expresses its terms; it must include an obligation to defend self, family, and commons with those arms, with that right, it must include the inalienability of that right AND obligation – meaning not only may others not take it without punishment – but you may not surrender it without punishment either, and we must state the punishment if anyone tries.

So let’s compare the existing second amendment – that only states a right, and unclearly its terms

A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  

Now let’s compare that to the Propertarian Constitution.

Defense of Interests, Rights, and Obligations

1 – The Right and Obligation to Keep, Bear, and Use Arms

i – The right and obligation of all citizens to keep, bear, and use, any and all arms individually preferred, functionally sufficient, or strategically necessary for personal, familial, common, commercial, civil, and military defense, at all times, without exception, shall not be infringed.

ii – The obligation of all able citizens between 16 and 65 to keep and bear necessary and sufficient arms and ammunition, and to remain disciplined in their use, and fit to use them in defense of the people and their interests, whether by personal initiative, civic request, militial or military service shall not be infringed.

iii. The inalienability of the citizen’s right and obligation to keep arms, bear arms, and use arms, and obligation to remain fit for, perform service in, the citizen’s militia shall not be infringed.

iiii. Any and all attempts by display word or deed to alienate a citizen or citizens, or attempt at alienation by a citizen or citizens from the right and obligation to keep and bear those arms, remain fit for and perform services in the citizen’s militia, shall constitute an act of treason punishable by death.

So you see – this is why we’re so fussy with language.  We make armored laws. For armored men.

I hope that puts our work into perspective.

Everything we do is designed to defend the European way of life against the enemies who would deprive us of self-determination.

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