The Choice – Episode 0024 – The Prosecution. Naming The Enemy, Accusing Them of Their Crimes…

Welcome to The Choice – Episode 0024 – The Prosecution. Naming The Enemy, Accusing Them of Their Crimes, Issuing our Complaint. –  I’m Curt Doolittle

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We are in the middle of another inflection point, brought about by the culmination of over a century of Jewish war on civilization. Of their sponsorship of non-integration and immigration of the third world populations to overwhelm our vulnerability under democracy, and a natural weakness due to a permissive vulnerability in our rule of law.

So at this period of crisis, I feel my work is complete enough to accuse, prosecute, judge, and convict our ancient enemy for their second attempt at destroying the west as they have destroyed all other ancient civilizations, in the court of public opinion.  and offer the only solution that they have left us – separation or war – a war we cannot lose.

Let’s summarize the prosecution’s complaint.

No More Lies

Part 1

The Jewish Marxist Pomo Feminist PC Woke Anti-White movement is a repetition of the Jewish Christian Undermining of the Romans  by exactly the same means – and the Islamist fundamentalist movement a repetition of Islamic conquests that followed. We were unwilling to pay the costs of fully conquering the middle east in the ancient world and sufered the consequences of a dark age. We Left the job half done in the medieval world, suffere the conquest of byzantium and old europe. We left the job half done in the colonial period, and are paying the cost yet again. The question is, while we have largely Germanized Christianity into secular philsophy, why are we tolerant of judaism and islamism? why have we not paid the cost of eradication of both religions the way we did spain, the Albigentsians, and the communists? Because we live under the illusion that judiasm and islam are religions rahter  than weapons of warfare, and methods of conquest? This is a weaknes sin european thought that’s easily rectified by reading The Culture of War by Martin Van Creveld and the history of warfare by John Keegan,and today’s reversion to historical methods of warfare  in Wiliam Lind’s four books – the only three military historians of present value.

In every great era, whether sun tzu, machiavelli, his persian equialent whose name escapes me, van creveld and lind, and really, me too, must remind cultures that morality must be normalized for it to subconsiously persist in a culture, but that we cannot confuse normative morality with war – war has no morality only empirical utility, and we will be defeated by failure to grasp that single issue alone. These military thinkers serve to remind us that we are in an age where our morality has failed to export because it’s premises are false.

Let’s understand the enemy’s strategy. The Semitic Group Strategy & Method of Warfare consists of Invasion, Sedition by Social Construction of False Promise of the freedom from formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, and by casting host elites as oppressors rather than continuing order, prosperity, evolution by adherence to those laws: natural selection, no differently than we domesticated animals.

So, the jews don’t practice a  ‘revolutionary ethic’, and it’s not just their Critique at play, it’s systemic undermining, sedition, parasitism upon, and warfare against host people to reverse the indo european revolution in evolution.

The Muslims don’t practice a religion, they practice social, economic, political,  cultural, and psychological warfare against the laws of nature, in order to reverse the indo european adaptation to the laws of nature.

And Their script is always the same: Revolt against the Babylonians, against the Romans, against the Spanish, against, the germans, against the Russians, against the Europeans by repetition: sedition by the social construction of a false promise of freedom from formal physical natural and evolutionary laws by claiming Meritocracy oppresses vs domesticates (eugenics), defeating the red queen that has defeated the middle east, by continuing natural selection.

Part 2

Europeans slowly, at high cost, Germanized Xianity, converting a devolutionary, dysgenic, cult of sedition against truth reason and market eugenics, into a means by which commoners could find status, virtue, mindfulness, and order out of a deep committment to non-aggression and extension of familial love – creating a feminine mirror of the aryan martial heroic.

We haven’t completed the domestication of the Semitic Abrahamic Cults, by ‘sciencing’ the teachings of Jesus, and separating them from Paulianity and Churchianity, and restating them as the optimum means of solving the problem of  the prisoner’s dilemma of trust building, while maintaining Aryan (IE) Political and Legal Intolerance.

The escape from the superstition ignorance and corruption of the church required restoring Aristotle, restorig our traditional aryan knowledge, restoring rule of law, together re-unifying our law and our philosophy, creating empirical, commercial, financial, industrial, and technological revolutions, and passing thru Protestantism, Constitutionalism, Romanticism, Science.

Christianity in the form of puritanism, in the form of the women’s attempt to use puritanism and Christian virtue signaling to obtain the vote, by advancing the freedom of slaves, was a perpetuation of the Abrahamic lies. Just as women are the vehicle for Pomo-HBD-Denial, PC, and Woke lies today and the vehicle for Christianity in the ancient world.

Because women live in a world of magical thinking in order to preserve their non-rational but necessary protection and raising of extremely costly children. Women are the vehicle – but then use their ability to undermine status and harmony to expand Christianity, pomo, feminism, HBD-denial, wokeness, in furtherance of non-rational and dysgenic instinct at the expense of their kinship males and their eugenic strategy of preserving the competitive ability of their gene pool. Women export their dysgenic reproduction into the costs of the males.

All gods like all knowledge emerge by random permutation of possibilities. So far, all gods are false gods, with those of the jews, Christians, and Muslims not only false gods, but the antithesis of gods (meaning evolution), instead they are anti-gods, anti-evolutionary, anti-life. They are pure evil.

The hard problem of reforming western religion is ending the Abrahamic method of deceit and dysgenia from Xianity, so that it is re-harmonized with our founding principle of discovery adaptation to and application of the laws of the universe – the ONLY evidence of a god’s word.

Part 3

Europeans are a genetic hybridization of three generations of peoples, the most recent the steppe (Aryans), with their great leap in agency by the innovation of the primacy of man, self-determination, reciprocity, and reciprocal insurance, at the cost of truth before face, markets, and duty to commons. It is a costly group strategy.

These foundations forced us into ‘adversarial competition’ limited by or imposing truth and reciprocity, that caused markets, in all walks of life: the most eugenic social and political order possible. But it left status only available for the strong, smart, cunning, brave, from capable families that had sufficient wealth to fund their investment in war and politics.

The value of Jesus’s teaching is that it made status and character available in ‘the new era of prsoperity and reason’ to those without military prowess, wealth, cunning, or noble family.

Xianity made virtue competition possible w/o strength, cunning, or wealth. It made gave domesticated human animals an opportunity for status and political influence.

From this perspective Christianity, when added to the heroic pantheon, would have provided a means for membership in an advanced (european or Persian) civilization, by converting the ‘animals being domesticated’ to virtuous members of the indo european polity.

But instead of adding jesus to the pantheon, paul and the christians created a cult of rebellion against civilization and the replacemet of reason with faith, knoweldge with ignorance, agency with submission, and evoluton with dysgenia.

The only ‘out’ Christians have from the Abrahamic method of deceit, is that Jesus was the son of a Roman soldier and Jewish prostitute, who after service in the legions, sought to foment rebellion against the new aristocracy and the old priesthood by a conspiracy of familial love.

that conspiracy of familial love is the only value in chrsitianity. the rest is harmful for the same reason judaism, islam are harmful – it teaches submission, ignorance, superstition, unaccountailbyt and the art of abrahamic lying and deceit, rather than testimony and reason in the aryan and european tradition.

Part 4

The West resulted from rapid evolution by natural selection by evolutinoary markets for adversarial competition made necessary by our reciprocal grant of self-determination by sovereignty and reciprocity at the cost of truth-before-face and duty to commons(peers) before self – thereby continuously domesticating man.

The constraint that the strictly constructed natural law places on the government no matter its method of organization and decision making, is that it must obey the law of reciprocity we call contract, that forces classes to trade. Most of the time trading good behavior for redistribution. Therefor governement is but a market for trade between the classes.

There is only ONE WEAKNESS in our civilization preventing our use of truth in ending the abrayamic false promises and lies. The west’s success was hyper adaptivity and hyper innovation because of our institution of self-determination at the cost of market eugenics: we continued natural selection. Face that.

The only problem we face is bearing the cost of truth before face regardless of cost. Conservativism is reciprocity, reciprocity produces markets, markets are eugenic and conservatives the result of eugenics. West rapid evolution by natural selection by adversarial competition.

Our ancient law grants self-determination, to those demonstrated capable of sovereignty, mutually insured by reciprocity, truth and duty regardless of cost. But because of our presumption of human hubris, our prohibition on power and authority,  has left open the crime of baiting into hazard using false promise. It is this hole in our law, and the vunlerability of the desperate, weak, and ignorant that made possible the war against our people from within, by the use of false promise to spread sedition against the laws of Europeans, Nature and Nature’s god.

Our ancient Law demanded loyalty, continuing our ancient of the oath. Loyalty to the state, city and people – and was undermined by tolerance for a hostile political religion we did not understand.

Then again, our early modern law was undermined by the enlightenment dispute over free speech. At some point free speech and tolerance for it, overtook the limiting of free speech to the truthful and political. It spread into business (snake oil) then into politics, and then into public speech.

The freedom of speech was used to circumvent “the king’s peace”  by limiting our competition to the two markets: the via negativa of the court, or the via positiva of the market – and prohibited us from interference in reputation(defamation), business, or marriage.  The Left’s technique(Crime) which we call doxing, is a violation of our traditional law.

While in the past we had laws prohibiting gossiping, shrilling, rallying,, the freedom of speech opened the door to the circumvention of our requirement for reciprocity that limiting competition to reciprocity in markets and settlements of irreciprocity in courts. It limited us to productive resolution of disputes that improved both private and commons.

So while we have continued to increase suppression of male extra-market conflict, but we have reversed our equal suppression of female extra-market conflict: by undermining, sedition, treason, by false promise, baiting into hazard, denying formal physical natural and evolutionary laws. We opened the door for non-meritous competition. For warfare by female means, while suppressing fighting, the duel, our common laws, and that contained the female method of non-meritous competition and conflict.

This is why Europeans (Right) failed to resist the Jewish (Left) war on Europeans. Because they practiced Christian Dogma (sophistry), enlightenment ‘philosophy’ (pseudoscience) and shallow sentimental moralizing, rather than prosecution by simple scientific, common law of tort. They gave pandora permission to open her box of lies.

Individuals, Groups, Tribes, don’t stop committing crimes that they’ve been getting away with for years, decades, centuries or even millennia, especially if criminality is advocated by their religion. They STOP WHEN YOU PROSECUTE AND PUNISH THEM severely enough for long enough.

ERGO: our only solution is Zero tolerance for their false promises of evading evolution.

Part 5

The only failure the West made in the past and again in the present is that the Law, Meritocracy, Aristocracy, and the commercial wealth that results, wasn’t limited from overextension out of the ingroup until the development of Fascism as a defense against the second Abrahamic frauds.

Fascism was an invention of resistance against the abrahmic sedition fraud and deceit. Fascism is what rome failed to do and in doing so failed to save herself from destruction from within. But the painful lesson of the past century and a half is that china has demonstrated, russia is demonstrating, and as far as I can tell india will soon demonstrate, that FASCISM WON the political debate. Ethnocentric, Nationalistic, Intolerant, State Strategic Planning and Investment, Consumer Capitalism, won. The question is, how long before we can put truth before face for being wrong? Fascism ends Jewish-globalism and Islamic globalism. It ends the two thousand year war against truth, reason, evidence, science, markets, eugenics taht result, and the continuous prevention of the devolution of  man in to south eurasin superstition ignorance poverty and disease.

China went from population reduction, to ‘the decline in iq under industrialization’ to a specific policy of eugenics. They learned. They’re doing most everything right. The Chinese are (a) conducting total war (evolution), (b) they’re politically organized for that evolution (c) theyre planning by the century for it, (d) they’re strategically investing in doing it, (e) and genetically engineering it, (f) and suppressing resistance to it (Islam, judeo-globalism, liberalism). They’re doing everything right.

Our own failed french enlightement fantas failed. The jews and the globalists are our albatross. And islam is not only our enemy but the enmy of mankind – of life and evolution it self. And we just voted another globalsit into the presidency.  The Chinese and the Russians and the Indians are not our enemy, the jews and the Muslims are our enemies – the enemies of every civilization – the enemy of human life itself – and the others, the south Americans, and the Africans, and others who merely need to control their underclass reproduction are only a problem – not an enemy.

Stop falling for their game. Stop calling them out on intellectual inconsistency and moral equivalency. They don’t rely on intellectual consistency, or trut, or merit, or reciprocity.  Just use the truth: ‘Liars, frauds, and crooks at war with our civilization, continuing the 2000 yr Jewish-Islamic warfare against the truth, reciprocity, merit, eugenics w/ dysgenia.”

The Jewish Left and their allies, don’t care about Truth, morality, or intellectual consistency. They care about obtaining power for financial, informational, and political extraction from the white laboring, working, and middle classes so that they can destroy european civilization like they have been doing for centuries, by claiming their virtuous when they are the opposite – they’re responsible for 100M deaths by false promise and sedition in the last century, and one billion deaths and five civlizations before that.

The pseudoscience and sophistry of Gould-Freud-Boas, Marx-Lenin-Trotsky, Adorno-Fromm, Gramsci-Derrida, Friedan-Steinem, Rothbard-Rand, Strauss-Kristol, Krugman-Stiglitz, NYT-Vox-Wapo, Woke-BLM-Antifa, cant be defeated by arguing using our eugenic morality they don’t share – theirs is dysgenic – it’s the opposite of truthful, reciprocal,  evolutionary, adherence to the laws of the universe.

This Abrahamic pseudoscience and sophistry can’t be argumentatively defeated by moral competition because moral (reproductive, genetic) instincts are the opposite of one another. Arguing with the left only empowers them. They can only be defeated by exposure and prosecution for their CRIMES.

P-Law provides the tool for exposition, accusation, prosecution, conviction, judgment, restitution, punishment & prevention of the Left’s CRIMES against Europeans and MANKIND. P-Law is a value-neutral, universally commensurable, universally decidable, formal logic of Law.

Part 6

Over the next series of podcasts I’ll continue the prosecution of our ancient enemies, and the enemies of mankind, in my usual excruciating detail.

You may or may not notice but unlike all other conservatives (european) intellectuals I don’t use shallow (pathetic) moralizing. I simply state the economics of any given question, illustrating the theft, fraud, or deceit (CRIME). I don’t play word games.


I do judgments exclusively by the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe: the laws of nature and nature’s god. written in the fabric of the universe by the hand of nature and nature’s god.

There is no utility, morality, good, truth, or law above the laws of nature, and nature’s god – that are the ancient common law of the european peoples, who alone among mankind discovered, adapted to applied them and dragged mankind out of primitivism kicking and screaming against their will – hating us for it all the while.

The Law.
The Natural Law. The Formal, Physical, Natural, and Evolutionary Laws.
The Laws of the Universe, the universe’s god.
The law of Europeans, of man, of nature, and nature’s god.
Paying our Debt to nature, our ancestors, and our heroes.
Loyalty to our People, Our Law, Our Militia, and our Order.
The Only Non-False Religion
The Only True Religion.
Our Law.
The Aryan bible.

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