An Indictment: 1 – The Conflict


( beginning )

Part 1 – The Conflict

“Power seeks weapons of argument. It is up to some of us to produce the argumentative weapons that those with power seek. The only question is the purpose for which power is sought. And the only moral purpose of power is to deny its use, and thereby to force all into the market where the only power is voluntary exchange of cooperation.”

Ancient European Traditional Law, is the cause of the outsized  achievement and contributions of European civilization: our reason, our science, our technology, our military excellence, and our prosperity are in large part, an outgrowth of our ancient, pre-literate, Testimony and Argument before the Jury, in matters of dispute, wherein one warranties his testimony under threat of perjury, and the punishment therefrom.

This law is very simple. It’s a more precise version of the Golden Rule “Do unto others. as you would have done unto you.

The simple version is “Do not lie, cheat, steal, from us, harm or murder us, shirk your duties to us, or show cowardice in our protection or war.”

The natural law version is: “Limit your actions to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary transfers, of the demonstrated interests of yourself and others, free of imposition of costs upon the demonstrated interests of others external to the action.” 

Where demonstrated interest means anything you have born a cost in not-taking an opportunity for gain or expending effort or resources to invest in the control, use, or investing for the consumption of, without imposing on the same demonstrated interests of others.  That could mean you, your things, your home, your family and friends, peace and quiet in your neighborhood, your norms and traditions, safety in our polity, or security in your country – anything. It could also mean not taking the money of a wallet you find, and returning it so that you invest in the same for everyone. And likewise, punishing those who took the money for not investing in the same for everyone.

Truth before Face, Jury,

( … )

military truth: realism a naturalism, empiricism observable
( … )

Sovereignty – equality before the law – rather than equality external to the law

( … )

That simple law arose because  …. (background)

( … )

And was not codified because it was simple, and because our people lacked bureaucracy and large corporations that generate demand for writing and accounting.

While every intellectual stands on the shoulders of legions of great men who came before him, and while my place among them is small, and an accident of time and space, as far as I know my work in Testimony, completes Aristotle’s project: the unique European innovation of Truthful testimony regardless of subject, regardless of cost, warrantied by due diligence against ignorance, error, bias, fraud, and deceit, by the demand for consistency, correspondence, operational possibility, rational choice by the actors involved, full accounting of cause and consequence, and the most parsimonious (simple) of those arguments that survive. We do not think in these precise terms. It’s my job to provide you with the concepts and language for thinking in those precise terms.

To do that, I’ll need to illustrate a general rule that’s more obvious in the rapid change of modernity, than it was in the slow pace of history:  the advantage and disadvantage of the first generations of innovators in any technology, and the disadvantage and advantage of later innovators upon rather than adopters of technology.

The History of Our Conflict, and Present Repeat of It



Religious Ritual and Myth were the first codification of our strategy and our laws. Wisdom Literature as the second, laws as the third, the physical laws of nature, and the natural law of man as the fourth. The graceful evolution of precision in the face of accumulated knowledge,, and the graceful devolution of precision in the face of remaining ignorance.

Religion as we understand it – as more than burial of the dead and a collection of fireside myths to reduce the discomfort of our evolution of consciousness in the face of ignorance of the world – appears to have evolved into its agrarian equivalent, somewhere south of the black sea, in those marshy areas between the sea and the Euphrates – not only an Eden in real terms for humans (as had been our origins in south-central Africa’s marshes), but at a crossroads of trade between the European, steppe, desert, Indian, and Asian civilizations of Eurasia –  a place somewhat similar to sacred places of pilgrimage, wherein we may not compete (which is the meaning of sacred), places of oracles or the wise, and markets for trade, and places of interest and entertainment.

The Levant. In an age of the first urban civilizations, possible under state control of production by control of irrigation in flood river valleys, with a population of near-universal ignorance and illiteracy, the use of writing, superstition, parable and myth,  administered by priests is an organizational innovation for cheaply educating people to cooperate on the same terms as populations increase in scale, and anonymity arises among even members of the same polity. The great river valleys evolved a conquering aristocracy last, who retained local religious leaders to administrate people and production. This organization allowed the conquering aristocracy to concentrate tax revenues into armies and to pay for the bronze necessary to equip them.

Europe. Conversely, in an age of conquest of territory that was not yet organized like the irrigation of flood rivers,  Entrepreneurial conquest, by contracts between professional warriors, whose families who funded the minority of professional warriors, with production distributed across many people on many farms, where wealth could not be concentrated as it could be in the irrigated flood river valleys, and where the ruling class was decentralized across all these territories, they only needed to educate one another, had to persist entrepreneurial cooperation, by their only means of available cooperation: contract, Aristocracy rose first, and aristocratic administration rose first.

China. In China, the combination of flood river valley, relative ethnic homogeneity, and the near island status of china, surrounded by either a vast desert and mountains to the west and northwest, and southwest, the frozen north, the pacific ocean to the east, they never developed a priestly cast, because at their first development of scale, the warrior class was already dominant, and the ritual was used to constrain the warrior class, rather than to administrate the underclass. So the had many civil wars – just like Europe, and just like Americans, but they had them early and unified china – a vast territory – using an empirical bureaucracy. The Chinese failed to develop politics because with a central military aristocracy, ethnic homogeneity and empirical bureaucracy, Confucius directed the people to a hierarchical family.

India The Indus civilization is lost to us, despite being one of the origins of human civilization and arguably the most peaceful of them – and therefore the one of greatest loss. Today it is a desert of ignorance and despair and has been since the Iranic conquest and subsequent decline under Islamic devolutionary rule. However, the Indians, or more correctly, the Hindustani Civilization, took yet a different strategy, given the vast difference between the Iranic and Dravidian peoples, which was to divide society into a hierarchy of mutual responsibility, using both mythology, and what is lost to the rest of the world as well as India, an intelligent and advanced economic, legal, and political theory that emerged not long after the Greek and Chinese.

Japan. We should not lose sight of the fact that while the greatest remaining civilization in this world is still the Japanese, who have the luxury of an island, ethnic and cultural homogeneity, retained ancestor and nature worship as their religion – only reluctantly having a weak form of Buddhism imposed upon them (which they resisted more so than Scandinavians and Baltics resisted Christianity), and that they are still young enough to have maintained an emperor as head of the family, taken on Chinese bureaucratic rule, and European rule of law, finance, economics, and technology, and are the only people on this planet with the foresight to pay current economic costs in order to preserve their superior civilization under coming industrial automation.

So the Chinese created a vast bureaucratic family; the Indians created a mixture of family and corporation; the Europeans created sovereignty and law, and markets and markets alone. And the Levantines created mysticism to control tribal mutually hateful, tribal peoples, who because of ethnic heterogeneity necessary at the juncture of African, afro-Asiatic (Semitic), European, caucasian( caucasian proper – although they are gone now), Iranic (east caucasian), and Indus, and later Indo-Iranic peoples, the value of trade routes between these peoples, combined with the value of the productivity of the fertile crescent, was offset by the eternal conflict between these peoples over the tax revenues from that trade route and the proto-industrialised farming of the flood river valleys.

We all created the technology we call political. economic. and social orders that were possible for us, given the circumstances available to us. But we are all both benefitting and cursed from the technologies we developed. The primary reason being that it is not possible to easily change status signals in any social order, and it is the status signals that humans most depend upon over time, after short term food, water, and shelter.

This is the difference between our civilizations, and the primary reason the Levant – or rather, the fertile crescent, or in modern terms, the middle east, which is today synonymous with Semitic civilization’s Islam and Judaism, remains a threat to all of humanity, whether African, European, steppe, India, or China: they were the first mover gaining the first advantage, at the cost of most difficulty in adapting to innovations.  There is nothing novel about an individual, a family, a business, an intellectual discipline, an economy, a polity, a nation, a civilization: all individuals and organizations adopt technology and we are as burdened by its late disadvantage as we are by its early advantage.

However, the Chinese captured Sun Tzu for Strategy, Confucius for Middle classes, Lao Tzu for lower classes, and Buddhism for peace-of-mind. The Hindus developed a vast mythological literature that is all but incomprehensible without growing up and ‘living it’ for it is a recipe for ‘living’ not separating from living, or understanding living. Again, we must keep in mind, that although the Indian intellectual tradition eventually waned, they did produce a political-literature equal to that of the Europeans and the Chinese.  The jews by design, and the Muslims by action, have destroyed every great civilization of the ancient world, their arts, their languages, their literature, their institutions, their religions, and reduced north Africa, the Levant, Caucasia, the Iranics, the steppe, to ashes of ignorance, mysticism, poverty, and dysgenia. Those are all lost to us – except for what Europeans were able to rescue upon the conquest of the ottomans, and subsequent failure to complete the colonial project, and the modernization of the Levant, by raising it from Judeo-Muslim ashes. The folly of the european civil war we call the world wars prevented saving the world from the continuation of Semitic barbarism.

Unfortunately, western civilization, like all innovations on existing technologies, was more advanced, and more difficult to develop and to articulate. Our mythos was homer and our hero Achilles, our church the play and tragedy; our mindfulness found in stoicism and epicureanism; our school mathematics and philosophy; tripartism our group organization; our law and markets, and administration, our group strategy; maneuver, a professional warrior caste, technological adoption, innovation, and adaptation our military strategy; and Plato our false prophet, and Aristotle our equivalent of a prophet.

But because it was later, the european-Aristotelian project was far more complex than any other in human history and our success and overextension because of it, led to our failure to complete it. A failure that we have only finishing correction of, at present.

The Experiments In Organization

Aristotle’s project was interrupted by the overextension of the Roman Empire driven by the same Greed as the overextension of the Greek Empire: the capture of tax revenues from the world’s most profitable trade routes in the world’s most densely populated regions: from the fertile crescent to the Indus river, India, and China. Before the age of sail, this was the world’s equivalent of rail, superhighway, and shopping malls. Contrary to Chinese myth, it was the center of the world, even if today it is the center of world conflict.

Just as Alexander brought the despotism, superstition, and corruption of the levant into the west against the wishes of, and earning the anger of, his men, the Romans brought the ancient Semitic deceits, revolts, genetics, and eventually the Semitic dark ages into the west.

Rome had hollowed out Europe by their war of Celtic Genocide, making room for the germanic migrations to release the pressures of another wave of steppe expansions. And while Rome would have recovered from the germanic invasions, the Byzantines saw the opportunity to conquer the western empire and to bring it under its rule, by eradication of the aristocracy, the philosophers, the schools, the arts, and preventing the restoration of western civilization.

The Byzantines were neither Greek(Athenian) nor Roman(Italic), and the eastern Roman Empire neither Greek nor Roman, and the emperors of it were neither Greek nor Roman, but Balkan, Anatolian, and Syrian, and they had built their city on the most valuable toll bridge in the world, and the optimum geographic wall against the Orient: the Bosphorus between Europe and Anatolia – the middle east.

And while Greek was the intellectual language of the age, the people of the region who wrote in that language were neither european, nor roman, nor greek, nor Balkan – they were Semites, who had never had Truthful Speech, Sovereignty, Reciprocity, Reason, Meritocracy, nor the trust that comes from ethnic and cultural homogeneity. They were as they had always been, tribal peoples who evolved in today’s Yemen, migrated up to the Tigris Euphrates – the Eden of old – and from these ‘Marsh Arabs’ intermixing with southern Caucasians the geneticists refer to generically but unhelpfully as west Eurasians – including Anatolians and others including the Levantine who now lost to us – and slowly developed Semitic language and culture through thousands of years of serf, and slave labor whose irrigation was administrated by priests, with primitive authoritarian religions, and whos capitals grew from repeated conquest, the taxation of  agrarian production, of continental trade routes, until the next group of people was ambitious enough to replace them by war.

And as Aesop warned the greeks, when Hermes had taken a cart of lies around the world, but when it broke down among the Arabs, they stole all of them leaving the cart empty. The Semitic tribal peoples practiced the only power available to them under their conditions, corrupt hierarchical familism, tribalism, and cunning deceit. Ths familism and tribalism remains today, where lying is an honor, and until recently  – as is still true in Africa – theft is a male responsibility for the service of the family whether it be from nature by hunting, fishing, raiding, robbery, brigandage, mercenary service, or the most profitable of criminal enterprises, corruption in the priesthood and state.

It is among these people that Semitic religions developed – where truth was not the currency of trade, but illiteracy, ignorance, supernaturalism, corruption deceit, usury, and theft a way of life.  The genetics of the age cannot be reconstructed, but in the future, we should be able to determine if the dysgenia present in the Arab world today was as dominant in the middle east of the past.

While the Jews meant to rebel against and undermine the Romans, in order to preserve their usury rather than have it taken over and enforced by Romans. And their thought leadership sought to replace the bible of the Greco roman civilization – Homer and the tragedy of Achilles –  with an underclass rather than an aristocratic hero.  Undermining the great civilizations and their achievements from within.

However, we cannot underestimate the fact of the Christian innovation of equality at least between middle, military, working, poor classes, slaves, and women – who were its primary distributors – was attractive in a time of uncertainty, chaos, and violence, as populations increased under the dominant empires.

Undermining and privatizing commons of their own or of hosts is the reason Jews have in the past, as in the present,  like the gypsies past and present, been unable to hold their own territory. They have evolved to specialize in the means human females use to resist male dominance and accumulation reproductive control, of social, economic and political power, as well as female accumulation of power, as well as the ability to control their children – and the do so by through undermining above them, and half-truths below them, while depending upon males to bear the costs of accumulate cellular damage  on behalf of women and children. “This is hard. The men will take care of it if we complain.” has evolved into “This is hard. Europeans will take care of it if we complain.”

Just as Indo-Europeans and East Asians have raised mankind out of poverty through the institution of property that produces a hierarchy that works whether corrupt or inefficient it survives at the expense of the reproduction of the underclasses. The jews specialized in false promise to women and underclasses, that they can defeat physical law, natural law, and economic law, by undermining the existing structure despite the fact that Jews have no homeland, Christians reduced Europeans from Greco Roman thought and the beginning of the industrial revolution, to ignorant illiterate serfs  and slaves in a dark age we did not administratively recover from until Napoleon, and did not intellectually recover from until the decade prior to the world wars, and those like me seek to extract us from for the rest of eternity.

The Semitic religions evolved for the specific purpose of generating conflict by generating envy, by claiming that the natural distribution of peoples by their market value to one another, in a division of labor, resulting in a Pareto distribution of power, and a nash equilibrium of rewards, and the resulting eugenic suppression of the rates of reproduction of the unproductive, was an act of oppression rather than domestication of only marginally human animals who otherwise made impossible, the direction of proceeds of production to the provision of commons, despite that our production and use of those commons dragged mankind out of animal state.

Judaism evolved to undermine from within, from male migration into the empire, marrying european women, mostly in Italy, then specializing in false promise, baiting into hazard, entrapment, use of the european courts to extract from the people, using the proceeds to invest in rent-seeking, and conspiracy with the state against the people, until opportunity for the recovery of the thefts from the people by baiting into hazard, was made possible by exhaustion of tolerance or by opportunities presented by shocks.

For 2000 years Europeans have suffered Jewish undermining, and systemic parasitism and pretense of moral and spiritual innocence, despite their lack of any contribution to the commons, and despite their admission of their crimes, and reform of their religion, laws, customs, habits.

Christianity evolved to expand undermining from within among the host population, by a psychological false promise to females, and slaves, and baiting men likewise into hazard because of female demand for co-conspiracy in exchange for attention, sex and care. Christianity has slowly evolved into a germanic folk religion of Jesus, and our institutional religions that sought to compete with the state, and the european group have all failed.

Islam evolved to take advantage of the despotic rule of tribes, by selling the false promise of equality to the people, thereby ending the familial corruption of the tribal leaders, and promising peace between them by strict adherence. However, this did not solve the problem of middle eastern genetics, that like sub-Saharan Africa, India, and today’s Muslim southeast Asia, whose environment lacked need for shelter, harsh winters, seasonal farming, to constrain the reproductive success of the people, and instead because of that same climate, created a disease gradient, against which only rapid maturity rather than neoteny, provided survival, thus ensuring only rapid reproduction of the underclasses and the persistence of dysgenia.

For 1400 years Europeans resisted continuous Muslim raiding, slaving, trade route destruction, civilizational destruction, and conquest, ensuring we would not like every other genetic group, every other culture, every other arts-and-letters, every other civilization, fall to the consumption of the rapid expansion of the underclasses under Islam that consumed the genetic, institutional, cultural, knowledge, and artistic capital and reduced to ashes – Judaism is the virus, and Islam the cancer that eventual emerges from the exhaustion of the genetic, institutional, and cultural immune system.

We finally restored enough trade in northern Europe, and restored enough population, to take back Spain despite her persistent lagging the Germanic countries with whom she originally shared the same genetics.  We have restored the Balkans, and Greece, but we have not cured either of the genetic, religious, cultural, institutional, traditional, normative, ethical-moral and habitual disasters of the Muslim invasion – and Europeans once again prevented the Russians from providing aid to their Slavic relations to free them of it, just as the English prevented the Russians from restoring orthodox civilization, casting out the Muslims, and retaking Constantinople completing european civilizations restoration – all because of a demand for maintaining the profits from trade after admission of Jews into the British state, and the conversion of the monarchy’s moral mission for economic profits, into an economic mission regardless of moral ambitions. Just as the Jews have done here in the United States with their NeoConservatism and Libertarianism, both of which, like their Communism and Socialism, are as harmful to western rule of law and the use of markets for the subsequent production of commons, and subsequent suppression of reproduction of the underclasses.


European peoples slowly reversed the Semitic Dark Age, at least aesthetically, beginning in northern Italy; but primarily the Northern Europeans, and particularly the English legal, empirical, and technological and in the Scottish economic and philosophical revolutions. This was largely due to the restoration of literacy under printing, but also the migration of the profitability of trade routes now that Italy could no longer profit from providing the navy to the Byzantines, given the conquest of the Byzantines by the Muslim Turks, and the age of sale ending the value of the overland routes that had been the main trade route between the continents.

And without taxation of those trade routes to create upper cast wealth, and without the european farmlands, the Muslims were dependent only upon their own genetics, own, productivity, and their inability to create government and bureaucracy and rule of law, using truthful speech truthful contract, given the preservation of low trust and Islamic ignorance, and especially Islamic resistance to knowledge of the world as it is, the levant and Muslim civilization was left without it’s life support system and fell to its natural condition of ignorance illiteracy superstition, tribalism, low trust, and perpetual dysgenia

Europeans have continued our work at the completion of Aristotle’s program, despite the French sophomoric, German secular theological, Jewish pseudoscientific, sophomoric, and propaganda revolts, and now Muslim counter-revolutions, which like the Jewish are conducted  by attempted colonization from within – just like the Christian, through underclass invasion of Europe and conversion of women, weak in mind and character, and those underclasses vulnerable to comforting false promises.

Each of those counter-revolutions has brought us centuries of resistance movements, of which, Jewish occupied most of the last century and a half, and Islam most of the present.

The civilizations that have turned the corner from tolerance for Semitic undermining from within are the Chinese explicitly, the Indians just recently, the Africans tepidly, and Europeans today.

This present century of Jewish and Islamic counter-revolutions against civilization will hopefully be the last.

Because once you identify the cause of warfare, it is much easier to fight it, just as once you identify a disease, it is far easier to cure it.  And Semitism in the forms of undermining using the Jewish, Muslim, and less so, Christian methodologies are the antithesis of the Aristotelian project, and European group strategy of markets, truth, and contract as means of cooperation between the genders, classes, nations, civilizations, and races despite our vast differences – even if dragging others into markets

With the end of the Semitic dark ages and the prevention of future Semitic dark ages, human civilizations are not enemies as long as we stay without our civilizational boundaries. Semites and Semitism and the Semitic means of warfare by undermining is the only existential threat to the modern world.  And the Europeans are the only people providing the cancer with means of distribution. So we must save ourselves and mankind by curing ourselves, isolating ourselves, and together with the world, ending the only civilizational cancer that has ever infected mankind. Every other model of every other civilization functions successfully and productively on its own, other than gypsies, jews, Muslims, and those who enable them: the Christians.

This is the lesson of history at the end of each civilization’s arc of development.  Man is not necessarily bad. He merely does what he can. The Semites alone appear to be. And they find a ready market for their lies.

The Central Argument: The Conflict of Civilizations Across Millennia


Part I – The Beginning – Sovereignty, and The Counter Revolution against it. (Bronze Age – Black Sea)

  • The Revolution: The choice of Sovereignty, and as a consequence Agency, Natural Law, Thang (Jury), Testimonial (Deflationary) Truth, and Markets in Everything (Meritocracy).
  • The Counter-Revolution: The Eastern Development of Fictional Scriptural Religion in the Oral Tradition.

Part IIThe Bronze Age Collapse

  • The Revolution: The First Empires and International Trade Routes
  • The Sea Peoples?:
  • The Consequence:

Part III – The Counter Revolution Against Reason and Sovereignty.
(Iron Age – Aegean-Mediterranean)

  • The Revolution: The choice of Sovereignty, Agency, Natural Law, Jury, Senate, Testimonial (Deflationary) Truth, Reason, and Markets in Everything.
  • The Counter-Revolution: The Eastern (Jewish, Byzantine, Muslim) Development of Fictional, Scriptural, Authoritarian Religion, conflated with Law, in the Written Tradition.
  • The Consequence: The Semitic Dark Ages, and the destruction of every great civilization of the ancient world, and their descent into ignorance, superstition, dysgenia, and poverty, as all accumulated capital human, institutional, informational, was destroyed.

Part IV – The Counter-Enlightenment Against Science and Sovereignty. (Steel Age – North Sea-Atlantic)

  • The Revolution: The choice of Sovereignty, Agency, Natural Law, Jury, Multi-House Government, Testimonial (Deflationary Truth), Reason, Rationalism, and Empiricism, and Markets in Everything.
  • The Counter-Revolution: The Eastern (Jewish, French, Russian) Development of Fictional, Pseudoscientific, Authoritarian Religions.
  • The Consequence: The Second Semitic Dark Age? Muslim invasion of Europe. Invasion of America. Invasion of Canada.

The Anglos (Legal Empiricists / Locke, Smith, Hume, Jefferson),
The French (Literary Moralists / Rousseau) and
The Germans (Literary Rationalists / Kant)
All attempted to restate their group evolutionary strategy in modern terms.

So did the Cosmopolitan Universalist Jews ( Argumentative Fictionalists (pseudo-mythology[authoritarian religion] / pseudo-law/ pseudo-rationalism / pseudoscience / outright-lying)) advocating separatism, poly-ethicalism, fictional utopianism as a universal ‘moral’ strategy.

The Cosmopolitan Universalists (Jews) started producing pseudoscience and sophism as the enlightenment change rolled across Eastern Europe, (Boaz, Marx, Freud, Frankfurt) primarily as a reaction to the articulation of aristocratic thought in scientific terms (Darwin, Social Science, Spencer, Nietzsche, and the Romanticists.)

Examples: Marxism: parasitism upon in-group private production. Libertarianism: parasitism upon in-group commons production. Neo-Conservatism: Parasitism upon other nations’  (out-group) private and commons production. 

While the Germans defended against the enlightenment by attempting to create a secular theology by a rational restatement of hierarchy, duty, and reason in a new literary fashion invented by Kant. The French, Jewish and Russian together attacked the Anglo Enlightenment: the restoration of sovereignty and the attack on Fictionalism which all those nations depended upon. They each responded with a new fictionalism: The French out of feminine idealism and preservation of authority, Jews out of separatism, fear and preservation of authority, and Russians out of opportunity for aggression, restoration of orthodox civilization, usurpation, and preservation of authority – and our Puritans (Anglo separatist equivalent of the Jews), and our women (as always) were, frankly, “suckers” for it. Just as they were in the ancient world.

The Third Great Catastrophe 

Just as Byzantium overextended herself and lost to the Turks. Just as Persia and Byzantium overextended themselves and lost to Arabs. Just as Rome overextended herself in Europe and lost to Byzantium; Just as Athens overextended herself in Sicily, and lost to Sparta; Just as the Bronze Age civilizations overextended themselves in the eastern Mediterranean and lost to the barbarians. Just as all civilizations overextended themselves, Britain, in an effort to preserve the balance of powers from which she profited, constrained Germany, leaving America as her heir.

Just as Athenian democratic greed prematurely ended the first industrial revolution (the Antikithera device only one step removed from Babbage’s mechanical computer), leaving pragmatic Rome to rule with Athenian and Carthaginian invention – the British, French, and American democratic (commercial) greed ended the second (this time German) scientific revolution, leaving pragmatic America to rule with German and British inventions.

The European civil war to contain Germany was a catastrophe for the West in that it both truncated the completion of the Enlightenment (scientific revolution), whose second phase, and our rescue from eastern mysticism, was in progress in Germany (and from which 19th and 20th century America was the chief beneficiary – not originator.)

It cast doubt upon the Western (aristocratic) order just as the thirty years war had cast doubt upon the prior (religious) order. Thereby reversing our prior gains against supernatural utopianism and the restoration of aristocratic (rule of law) rule, and replacing that supernatural utopianism with economic and political utopianism this time with pseudoscience.

Postwar Jews immigrating to the United States used their pseudoscience (see “Pilpul”) and attacked and took over the academy and media just as they had used the pulpit in the ancient era, and the printing press in the prior era, to spread their second great lie of pseudoscience in every field of human social order.

Women freed from labor under the industrial revolution used these arguments to reform slavery, seek the vote, and then using the vote, to claim men were their enemies and oppressors rather than their domesticators in a great compromise between the reproductive strategies of women (numbers) – their genes, and those of men (the tribe) – their genes.

Once the slaves had been freed, the women also demanded equal representation, and within one generation after obtaining it used ‘the great lies’ of the cosmopolitans to undermine the western order further by creating a century of pseudoscience.

They used this pseudoscience to pursue the destruction of the church, the destruction of the family, and the conquest of academy, state and media by women’s interests (r-selection), because women, newly christened consumers, dispose of more of the earned income than do men in all these areas.

Women are great consumers and it is profitable to serve them – even when they are spending down five thousand years of accumulated cultural and genetic capital. Women were sold Christianity. Women were sold Cosmopolitanism.

Therefore the industrialization of lying found ready consumers. In marketing and advertising, in media and entertainment, and in democratic politics. The insatiable desire of women to consume, preen, signal, nest, care, and redistribute regardless of long term consequences, provided ready ground for the utopian ideology of endless resources provided by endless growth and the end of constraint.

The Bronze Age Collapse

The First Semitic Dark Age

The Second Semitic Dark Age:

Marxism, Postmodernism, Feminism, Denialism.


The Enemy’s Strategy – Undermining from Within

1. Martial Reporting, Testimonial Truth, Truth-before-Face, Regardless of Cost to the dominance or competence hierarchy.
The purpose of Jewish Postmodernism is to undermine our first advantage and the source of our achievements.  (a) there is no truth, only power, instead of truth and reciprocity prohibits power, resulting in markets, which benefit all at the cost of the reproduction of the underclasses. (b) political correctness, and anti-whiteness, anti-western male, and anti-western civilization by prohibiting our use of truth before face by inversion, prohibiting truth-before -face, and casting as heroic any and all examples of the dysgenic, and shaming the eugenic, conformity to the eugenic, and conformity to demonstrated merit, excellence that produces the eugenic..

2. Commons(Capitalization) before Self(Consumption)
…heroism… every man a sheriff … using  status as a reward for conformity and disrespect until earned, shaming if violated, and punishment if necessary.

aaa) the demand for preservation and defense of one another’s demonstrated interests in the bodily, familial, physical, share-held, common-held,

aaa) The demand for investment, preservation, and defense of physical, institutional, traditional, normative commons by any display, word, or deed, and disrespect until earned, shaming if violated, restitution if necessary, and punishment upon repeat, and ostracization or execution upon habituation.

aaa) The demand for truth, the punishment of untruth, obscuring the truth, or the suppression of truth as our most expensive investment on our commons, and disrespect until earned, shaming if violated, restitution if necessary, and punishment upon repeat, and ostracization or execution upon habituation.

aaa) The demand for punishment, restitution, and prevention of repetition, for one’s failure of duties of the commons, regardless of cost, disrespect until restitution, shaming if violated, forcible restitution if necessary, and escalation of punishment upon repeat, and ostracization or execution upon habituation.

3. Rule of Law of Tort Regardless of Class.
The Purpose of Jewish Marxism first, and Jewish Postmodernism second, is to undermine our rule of law by false-promise that prosperity is possible by other than western means of continuous competitive innovation under rule of law of reciprocity, individual sovereignty in demonstrated interests in property- in-total

4. Marriage, Family, and Market Eugenics and against the harm of Dysgenics
The Purpose of Jewish Feminism, and Arab Islamism….

5. The Oath before Evidence, Service Before Franchise, Evidence before Influence

5. Truth in the World as it Is, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Agency

6. Industrialization of the Production of Agency, Resulting in the Transcendence of Man into the Gods We Imagine And Conversion of the Universe to A Garden For our Enjoyment
…islam…  jewish non-acheivement

contract free of harm vs contract into harm




So, “The Great Conflict of Civilizations in History is between Masculine Political Physical, Eugenic, and the Masculine Means of Competition and Conflict: Dominance, Integration into the Hierarchy – and Feminine Interpersonal Verbal Dysgenic and the Feminine means of Competition and Conflict: By Undermining, Ostracization, Destruction or Death: the Masculine Hierarchical Pack Holding Territory and Resources and the Feminine Equalitarian Herd Bearing Young and Consuming Resources. And mankind may dislike the eugenics and conservation of the pack, but mankind cannot suffer the dysgenia and consumption of the herd.”

What follows sounds like a prelude to a declaration of war. That’s because it is. ??

But one cannot conduct a war, not only for the preservation of one’s civilization –  but to prevent another Semitic dark age for all mankind – unless we correct our own failings in preventing the destruction of the ancient world and the Jewish and Muslim attempts to destroy the modern world, as they did the ancient world.

So to understand what we must do to restore our civilization, and prevent another Semitic dark age, we need to understand where we have failed to resist both the first and the second Semitic dark ages.

Now to answer the questions of our age.

The Causes of Our Failure

What Caused the Failure of The Anglo Tradition of Rule of Law, and The European Tradition of Rapid Adaptation?


Greed of alexander


no wall – the bosphorus was our wall.

1) The failure to reduce the group strategy of european civilization to formal, legal, philosophical, and mythological terms, so that the people practiced by knowledge rather than habit and tradition alone.

2) The success at the overthrow of the evil of the parasitic church bureaucracy, the evil of a hostile Semitic religion to keep people in obedience, illiteracy, ignorance, and poverty, but the failure to restore our ancestral religion and integrate Christianity into it as another character in our folk religion.

3) The failure to develop literacy from the Romans, Greeks, Balkans, or Anatolians, fast enough to defeat conquest by the church, which succeeded with no weapon other than lies and literacy – literacy that they kept from the people – unlike the Romans.

1) The failure to not only defeat Napoleon but to reduce Paris, and it’s political class to ashes for their crimes against not only Europe, not only the world, but against the middle classes (protestants), and the aristocracy.

1) The (understandable) Failure of George to create a separate house of parliament for the colonies (the only examples contemporaries had to work from being Rome and Greece), despite the time delay of transatlantic communication by sail, that would have required devolving power to that new parliament, that the colonists already feared.

2) The failure of the monarchy to seize the assets of bankers, and convert the bank of England to the bank of the monarchy, as did the french (wisely) including that of the Rothschilds. which has been no small contribution to french success at autonomy in Europe despite their hostility to the rest of Europe.

3) The victorian period integration of the jews, and the end of demand for Christianity in all national government. Allowing the Jewish undermining of the empire, by converting it from moral but profitable white man’s burden to purely financial administration and revenue generation. This is what destroyed the monarchy, and Britain.

4) The attempt to preserve economic rather than moral ambitions upon the rise of Germany – the origins of northern european civilization, and the core of european civilization, and our defense against the despotism of the east – by attempting to maintain the balance of powers, and international income, rather than german expansion into its existing colonies in eastern Europe, and the Russian expansion into the recovery of the Balkans from the Muslim invasion, thereby restoring orthodox civilization, and the Bosphorus strait.

5) the postwar tolerance for the integration of the Muslims, repeating the Jewish problem but at much larger scale and from an undomesticated hostile underclass which cannot obtain the promise ego satisfaction (status) of their religion without the destruction of truth, excellence, merit, and eugenics, which produces a natural hierarchical difference between peoples and adherence to it that would always and everywhere lave Muslims at the bottom.

1) The failure to put in place a king and the incentives of monarchies limited to veto, over those of political groups lacking such a judge of last resort. And sowing the seeds of political competition for power with which to violate the traditional law of european peoples the anglos had begun and the Americans had risen to a science.

2) The failure to accept the split between north and south over the issue of slavery because the new western states would then ally with the south, leaving Atlanta the capital of the majority of the continent, leaving the more industrialized (and effeminate, and puritanical) north behind, with a limited domestic market, and leaving the south and the west with a vast world market.

3) the moralizing folly of the north’s oppression of the south and violation of the strategic function of the constitution through the amendment process thereby equalizing rather than returning the slaves – sewing the seeds by which later American peoples would be undermined through the easiest means of division: race.


1) Failure of the church(es) to solve the problem presented by darwin by reforming (splitting) into theological, philosophical, and empirical sects.

2) Failure to create a separate House of the Family when the church failed to reform.


1) The creation of the federal reserve as a private bank rater than treasury, or at least a corporation of shared interests. And then printing fiat money at interest to the people rather than just commercial investment.

2) Entering the war against Germany. Yet again repeating the civil war folly of punishing Germany after world war one when she was in the right all along. and failing to restore a Hohenzollern to the throne.

3) The incorporation of women into a democratic majority rather than their own house, or into the house of the family.

4) The rapid immigration of underclass Europeans, especially Catholics, for the first time after the civil war, and especially thru the depression.

5) The vulnerability of our institutions to marxism pre and post-war because of that failure to create houses for new classes.

6) The vulnerability of our institutions to transition from marxism to undermine western civilization by fomentation of class warfare, to Jewish anti-war, Jewish-multicultural, Jewish-immigration as means of undermining western civilization upon failure of marxism.

7) The failure to move MacArthur into China, therefore guaranteeing a world war three. The failure to move Patton into Russia guaranteeing restoration of european civilization and the unification of Christendom.


1) The inability to continue our historically eugenic norms, traditions, and laws after the Hitlerian tragedy of the second world war, ending the eugenics programs in America.

2) The vulnerability of Christian women that had not had time to develop political traditions or economic institution, to the transition of Jewish marxism into Jewish cultural marxism, to Jewish invented and sponsored postmodernism and Jewish sponsored feminism.

3) The development of radio, television, advertising, and mass media, in concert with the elevation of the classes into middle-class consumption, and the targeting of women who control 70%+ consumer spending by those advertisements.


1) The catastrophic failure of the conservative and libertarian programs to develop a scientific means of arguing their market-eugenic civilization against postwar anti-eugenics, and the female voting population for whom dysgenic reproduction regardless of merit is instinct.

2) The failure to resist the invasion of our civilization Jewish soviet practice, especially under Johnson, and the relocation programs inspired by the soviets that destroyed the development of post-slave civilizations in the south, by destroying their communities, families, and as a consequence their emerging middle class and leadership, thereby ensuring continuous value of resistance to conformity with middle class norms which they attribute to ‘white’ rather than ‘that which is necessary for mutual commercial and economic success’.

3) The failure to crush by any means possible the internal communist undermining from within from the ’50s through the ’70s, and failing to crush the civil rights movement thereby forcing minorities to develop their own culture and institutions before gaining the benefits of those of us that have trained our people to do so.

4) The repeat of the civil war folly, the world war one folly, the world war two folly; with the failure to grant Russia and her satellites immediate entry and participation into nato and the european finance and trade network without cost or penalty, and to provide a Marshall plan for the Russian people’s recovery from soviet corruption. This would have united Russian resources, eastern european populations, and german technology and prevented France from continuing her feminist, Semitic, totalitarian ambitions to rule european continent.


So what its the lesson we learn from our study of history?

1) That European peoples are able to evolve genetically, culturally, economically, technologically, faster than all other peoples because of our legal traditions of: sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, excellence, beauty, heroism, duty,  rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, where the market for suppression of parasitism we call the law, and the market for reciprocity in the production of goods, services, and information, evolve as rapidly as possible, thereby advancing productive innovations in each other’s interests, and suppression innovations in parasitism against others interests, in exchange for softly suppresses the rates of reproduction of the underclasses, thereby allowing us to divert proceeds of our production to the commons and the higher returns for all from those commons, the most important of which are truth before face, trust, economic and innovative velocity, and the prosperity, joy, and peace of mind that results from it.

2) That the very reciprocity, truth, and trust we have come to depend upon as our competitive advantage, is easily undermined because of our Christian tolerance for one another’s mistakes, being used as an excuse not to pay the cost of suppression of others attempts at betraying reciprocity, truth, and trust.

3) Therefore we must Increase the Scope of Our Law so that we may develop an additional market in the court for the suppression of irreciprocity, by those who would betray our reciprocity, truth, trust, markets in everything, including the market between the classes for the production of commons.

4) And therefore we shall implement Zero Tolerance for those crimes against our people that have led us to the current conflict, and the current need for a bloody civil war to restore western civilization from the second Semitic systematic undermining of our civilization – both Jewish and Muslim, and the reformation of our Christianity that Christian love and charity is not simply a lie wherein the Christians claim conviction, to cover irresponsibility and convenience, so that the rest of us must bear the cost of their irreciprocity by doing so.

Zero Tolerance is the incremental addition to the law of the european peoples which we claim as sacred and above all others: ??”Sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, and zero tolerance for the violation of any therein.”

The Remedy

The Failure of American Men To:

1) Occupy the Government. Restore the constitution. Amend it. Devolve the federal government from imperial to continental; to dismiss the house and the senate; to devolve all decisions to state legislatures; and to limit the federal government to original design, as an insurer of last resort in military, judicial(physical property), emergency services, emergency care; in addition to national currencies in the treasury;

2) Forcibly repatriate, or exterminate both the invaders – and the families of those who had assisted in that invasion all directions for three generations by collective punishment; To revoke all citizenship back to the 65 immigration act that made possible the conquest of their civilization, and the overthrow of their government by invasion.

3) To nationalize once again all offices of the state as had been custom until the British victorian abandonment of tradition.

4) To nationalize the federal reserve, banking, and credit systems and unite with the treasury, granting every citizen an account, transferring all credit to the Treasury at zero interests – therefore, ending financial predation and genocide against european Americans by hostile international financial interests.

5) To prohibit undermining by fomentation of conflict between classes, genders, and identities, and to remove access to political power by competitors to european Americans, by limiting them to that status achieved by commercial means, in the voluntary and productive service of one another.

6) To enact cultural reciprocity requiring all religions, political groups, social orders, business, other than Christian and to force a rewrite of and submission of their religious texts before the court in until they are in conformity with our laws of nature, natural law, Christian tradition, our legislation, regulation, findings of law, morals, ethics, manners, speech, and dress ; to tax Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists and any non-christian religion 30% additional taxation per year, prohibit them from any and all property, ownership. Regions are claims to normative and behavioral rights and demands, and claims to superiority to law, truth, and science, as such to deconstruct all religious references, symbols, structures, and prohibit their future reconstruction. There shall be no competition by linguistic,, religious, traditional, cultural, customary, normative,

7) To restore voluntary and involuntary association prohibiting disassociation any for any, thus restoring our civic society by preventing the continuous undermining of civic commercial groups.

8) To update the constitution so that it is no longer open to circumvention by Jewish pilpul and critique (lying) and democratic majoritarianism, or judicial innovation, by clause-by-clause rewrite in strictly constructed terms, from the first principles of sovereignty, reciprocity, truth, duty, excellence, heroism, rule of law and jury, and markets in all aspects of life, where the family is the central unit of intergenerational production, and the means of persistence of the group strategy of the european peoples, the vastly superior contributions of the european peoples, and the continued wealth and prosperity of the european people for having dragged humanity kicking and screaming out of superstition, ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, starvation, hard labor, child mortality, early death, disease, heat, cold, and the harshness of a nature uncaring for our existence.

The Answer To The Restoration

When european women obtained their ‘Franchise’ via the mechanical innovations of men, the ballot by the permission of men, and birth control by the scientific innovations of men, they put their efforts not into mechanical and scientific innovations, but to attack men, the church, and did so using the ballot and state. And when American women did so, likewise they did not seek achievement, but to attack – but lacking the church or the nobility they attacked men in general.

They destroyed our boys, our schools, our families, and our government – and now western civilization, by the ballot, and their near-monopoly on consumption.

Men create nearly everything, but women consume nearly everything.

Our experiments with democracy rather than rule of law of reciprocity and markets in everything, capitalism rather than rule of law of reciprocity, feminism instead of contractual relations under the rule of law of reciprocity, and free speech, rather than a market for law(reciprocity) order, goods, services, and information.

The Enlightenments
We have seen four European enlightenments that have dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, disease, early death, and the deceptions of Priests and Tyrants.

1-Early European/Seas – Truth @2000-1500bc.
2-Ancient Mediterranean Sea – Reason 600bc to 100ad, and
3-Late Medieval Atlantic Ocean – Empiricism, 1200ad to 1700ad, and
4-Truncated Germanic Scientific Enlightenment – science 1830-1940ad
5-The heavily-resisted information revolution. currently in progress.

The First European Enlightenment of truth was opposed by the creation of organized religion as a means of resisting the invention of Aristocracy.

The Second European Enlightenment of Reason was opposed by the creation of monotheistic and Abrahamic deception.

The Third European Enlightenment produced Wealth that all groups sought to oppose by creating create pseudo-moral narratives by which they could privatize those technological gains.

The Fourth European Enlightenment produced wealth that all groups sought political power by which they could privatize those technological gains.

However, each of those opportunities for parasitic gains by various means of deception, were created by a single European technology: Sovereignty which requires Rule of Law of Reciprocity > Empirical (operational) Truth > Jury and produces markets in everything as a result: including association, cooperation, reproduction, production of goods services and information(markets), production of commons (govt as market), and Monarchy as judge of last resort.

Western civilization can function only if it is homogenous and high trust. No other people have demonstrated an ability to produce such Civilizations of such creativity and innovation with exclusive reliance on markets governed by the limits of reciprocity that we call natural law.

Why? we do not limit markets to Consumption of our most precious asset: our genes, and our civilization. In this sense, markets not limited to natural law are just as suicidal as any other form of hyperconsumption.

By restoration of the single law of reciprocity that we call natural law, and the prohibition on the imposition of costs upon all forms of capital, including, genetic, cultural, and traditional. And most importantly, by extension of the demand for warranty of due diligence from goods and services, to speech (information). Free truthful speech is one thing. Free False Speech is not. And we now have the ability to determine whether speech is warrantied against ignorance, error, bias, and deceit.

We must restore Defamation – both Libel, and Slander – and we must extend defamation, libel and slander protections to Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Truth. That would allow us to prosecute Gossip, Rallying, Shaming, Moralizing, Psychologizing, Obscuring to cover False Promise by sophistry, innumeracy, pseudoscience, supernaturalism, and denial, to conduct Baiting Into Hazard, Profiting from Baiting Into Hazard, Causing inter-group conflict, undermining inter-group markets, causing Tragedies of the Commons, and Cyclical Decline by hyperconsumption of accumulated genetic, institutional, traditional, cultural, normative, and behavioral and informational capital with Unwarrantable Speech – the tool used by women, the Abrahamists, and the underclasses who are too incompetent to contribute to markets.

The subsequent reallocation of capital will cause the greatest reforms since the roman empire, with the greatest results since the industrial revolution. It will generate opportunities everywhere and shift parasitic professions and industries into markets where they are constructive rather than destructive.

And people will self-sort out of the country, into cities where they have below replacement reproduction, and into suburbs and rural areas where they have above replacement level reproduction.  And neither can impose their strategy upon the other.


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