The Choice – Episode 0025 – The Prosecution. The Conflict Between Our Group Strategies. No More Lies

Welcome to Episode 0025 – The Prosecution. The Conflict Between Our Group Strategies. No More Lies. –  I’m Curt Doolittle

Quote: The Left Steals, Decapitalizes, and Speaks Comforting Lies, While The Right Produces, and Capitalizes – But Won’t Speak The Uncomfortable Truth

The Conflict Between Our Group Strategies

Part One

Every human group relies on a competitive strategy. That strategy is usually formed just before or just after the bronze age collapse, and almost universally by 300 BC. It varied depended on the geography, the population density, the number of ethnic competitors, the available means of production, the group’s relative standing amongst those competitors, and the composition of its hierarchy of elites: Religious, State, or Law. where that sequence of religion, state, and law isn’t arbitrary.  In one of my next The Choice episodes I’ll discuss each group’s evolutionary strategy and how it emerged and why.

The West’s Group strategy is maximizing speed, maneuver, adaptation, innovation, by the continuous domestication (farming) of agency, through self-determination, sovereignty and reciprocity, oath and truth before face, dependent on meritocracy, absent authority, leaving only adversarialism as a means of decidability, voting for production of commons, rule of law for dispute resolution, and markets for the production of goods services and information, and the necessity governing those with less agency, and culling those who lack agency, by natural and market selection, producing the civilization with the greatest conformity to and discovery of, adaptation to and application of the formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe.

This method of organization is the cause of western velocity of advancement in just a few centuries in the bronze, iron, steel, and information ages. While the west was not first, it was always fastest, which made it first more often. But this group strategy produces high trust, and Christianity, solving the problem of incentives for the slave serf and female classes unable to compete economically, politically, and militarily, exacerbated the problem of excessive trust. And democracy gave that excessive trust access to political power to undermine that group strategy.

But there is a weakness to the West’s group strategy, and it’s that in the absence of maintaining “the militarization of the entire nation”, and without an ethnocentric king or general, the group can’t readily organize against threats that take advantage of our tolerance. The origin of our tolerance lies in our first law of self-determination, in pursuit of the production of agency, and worst of all, in Christian forgiveness that all too often serves as a justification for freeriding and cowardice. But we don’t bait one another into hazards we don’t even think of it.

What I want to draw attention to is the relationship between truth-before-face, Trust that results, and the order of institutions that have developed, and the corruption of those different civilizations and institutions. You will find that the order of institutions roughly corresponds with the scale of corruption, and the classes or categories of corruption in the society, and that the means by which they argue the civilizational mores – their method of argument – corresponds to truth-before-face, and the degree of deceit and corruption.  Note that in the west corruption occurs largely in limited state defense of the lower classes from commercial scam predation, the working and middle classes from financial predation, and extraordinary procedural or soft corruption between the state and its vendors, the obvious corruption between politicians and their lobbyists, and the invisible corruption the bureaucrats and their rent-seeking (seeking unearned employee benefits) or bending institutions for their benefit at the cost of the people.  Note that these are in fact methods of corruption, but they are largely invisible to the economic classes.  The northern Europeans suffer far greater state bureaucratic self-benefit in exchange for minor improvements in consumer protection. Italy by example, is incomprehensible, and the reason is impolitic: the longer an area was under the church the more corrupt it remains. The longer it was under rule of law and the state administration the less corrupt it remains. In this sense, Europeans and Canadians are serfs and Americans are just fools. 😉  Americans, idealism, magical thinking, and fundamentalism all go hand in hand with folly.

(Please read Fukuyama on Trust and Political Order, his mentor Samuel Huntington’s Clash of civilizations, Political Order and Culture Matters; William McNeil’s Civilization, Rise of the West, Plagues, if you require previous author’s thoughts on these subjects. My primary contribution is to explain that Fukuyama didn’t understand european civ.)

While the French, Spanish, Germans, and Russians each revolted against empiricism over tradition from within; and the South Americans, Indians and Chinese revolted from without, the most recent revolt against western civilization from within western civilization is the Jewish counter-revolution against Darwin’s explanation for the success of western civilization, by an across the board attack on every logic, science, norm, tradition, class, and institution using every technique possible by man.  

PART 2 The Jewish Group Strategy

The Jewish Left uses a variation of the Chinese strategy of Delay-and-Deceive by Lie-and-Deny. But while the Chinese version is used to accumulate time necessary to accumulate capital that will make external military conquest impossible and internal conquest of neighbors unpreventable, the Jewish variation is to undermine the society from within to make social and political action against them impossible. These are variations on “delay and deceive” from the male and female evolutionary strategies. They are the very opposite of the European method of warfare, which is to solve problems quickly and cheaply before we are defeated by superior numbers and wealth.

How do the Jewish Left use Delay and Deceive, Lie and Deny, and Undermine the informational, social, economic, and political commons of host peoples?  By using the competitive strategy of the female (within) rather than the competitive strategy of the male (without) because of the normal male tendency to ignore the female method of undermining.

They use a variation on the prostitute’s method of seduction: They claim the Physical (physical scarcity versus demand for signals and novelty), Natural ( reciprocity versus the limits of proportionality), Evolutionary (regression to the mean versus racing the red queen) Laws of the universe are false and claim the ruling classes are engaged in oppression – rather than incremental, necessary domestication of the animal man, constantly regressing to the mean, by limiting the hyperconsumption and hyper-fertility of the unproductive or intolerable.

The Jewish left makes this claim by appealing to natural human magical thinking, and especially the magical thinking of women and the underclasses, using the plausible deniability of seeking utopia, under the pretense they are seeking what is best for all, by the false promise of endless economic growth (end of scarcity versus of rare, rapidly exhausted, punctuated equilibria), the false promise of the nature of man (moral vs amoral), and the false promise of the malleability of man (the blank slate vs 80% genetic, and a normal distribution of genetic traits.)

8) The Jewish Left’s strategy, especially the Ashkenazi strategy, is specifically evolved to take advantage of the west’s high trust civilization to operate as a vast organized crime family that uses western self-determination, sovereignty, and reciprocity to undermine the entire system of thought, norms, traditions, institutions, laws, and intergenerational transfer of this strategy. This strategy is extremely successful because of european tolerance.

They performed deception by simple means: (faith healing, false promise baiting into hazard, sedition) ( … )

Delay and Deceive: The Left’s Strategy of Incremental Undermining by Delay and Deceive: Where the Chinese rely on their cultural institution of the ancient method of “Accumulate Forces by Delay and Deceive from Without” the Jewish Left equally relies on their cultural and religious institution of the ancient female method of  “Undermine Forces by Delay and Deceive From Within.” 

The Four Big Leftist Lies: There are four sciences: The formal or logical, the physical or material, the natural or behavioral, and the evolutionary or survival. The Jewish Left has produced a set of lies that undermine ‘sensemaking’ by undermining each of these laws.

    1. False Promise of Freedom from Formal Laws (logic) by the use of social construction of repetitive feedback of information counter to formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.
    2. False Promise of Freedom from Physical Laws (scarcity, false promise of endless growth). by the false promise of endless growth, an end to scarcity, and an end to human competition by demonstrated acquisition.
    3. False Promise of Freedom Natural Laws (of self-interest, rational choice, amorality, reciprocity, competitive organization), by the false promise of an end to kin selection, koinophillia, ethnocentrism, sex, class, subrace, and racial differences, and the sexual, social, economic, and political value of organization by ethnocentrism given the class, subrace, and subrace differences in sexual, social, economic, and political value to one another, given the substantial evolutionary difference between the races and subraces.
    4. False Promise of Freedom from Evolutionary Laws ( ending natural, and market selection, accumulating mutation and regulation, the impossibility of isolation, inescapable regression, accumulated genetic load, dysgenia, and the red queen of resources, competitors, biological, climatological, geological, solar, and galactic risks. ).

Stop the Tactics of The Left’s Lying:

    1. Faith Healing, delaying into hazard. Faith Healing consists of providing temporary psychological relief while allowing the cause to persist, grow, and evolve.
    2. False Story Telling, baiting you into empathy, loading, framing, obscurantism, suggestion, suspension of disbelief and overloading.
    3. False Promise, baiting into hazard. Baiting into hazard consists of making false promises of freedom from the laws of the universe. arguing them with sophistry to idealism, magic to pseudoscience, or occult to theology.
    4. False Criticism, undermining into hazard. 

The Jewish Left’s strategy is to provide:

  1. faith healing if they can (lie and deny),
  2. sell false promise if they need to (fraud), and
  3. undermine if they have to (sedition).

In the next few podcasts, I’ll continue explaining the Abrahamic method of undermining civilizations from within in what you might call painful analytic detail. This talk is already long enough.  But in simple form it is the technique priests, public intellectuals, and dominant females use to undermine dominant females, dominant males, social and political orders, by deceptively coerce others, into false promises of rewards, through fictions. It’s a form of seduction – meaning bait.

“The Jewish Group Strategy is Total War, by: Delay, Deceive, Undermine, Sow Discord, and destroy genetic, normative, cultural, institutional capital, by disinformation, deceit, defamation, sedition, and treason, using Baiting Into Hazard, by False Promise of freedom from constraints of formal, physical, natural, and evolutionary law, Advocated by Pilpul, Defended by Critique, Escaping Liability and Warranty, by Pretense of Plausible Deniability, Despite Deliberate Avoidance of Due Diligence, And Deliberate Evasion of Warranty, Deliberate Escape From Liability, Given the Asymmetry of Knowledge, the dependence on instincts, the Presence of Malincentives by both Agent(s) and Victim(s) – And Pursued for the Purpose of Attention, Reward (pro?t), Influence(power), Undermining (Power), of the Trust and Cooperation, of a Population in Normal Distribution, Thereby Generating accelerating Cycles of Internal Con?ict, Generating Demand for Authority to Control by the Hazard Maker.”

The Jewish Counter-Revolution against truth science, reason cooperation and evolution. To create an ignorant, easily manipuated, dependent class that they can parasitically extract from, while managin their decline, and driving man into dysgenia and missing the window of opportunity for our transcendence into gods. it is the strategy of mothers fearful of losing control over their young, and keeping them infantilized.

Taken together, the Jewish strategy, tactics, and means of deception are the mirror opposite of the european testimonial, rational scientific, agency-producing, cooperative, productive, eugenic, and evolutionary thought, culture, institutions, and civilization.

The Jewish strategy of undermining is the most technical and advanced system of deceit in human history. It’s a system of anti-truth, and the most destructive system of thought on earth, with the dogmatism, ignorance, tribalism, and dysgenia of Islam the mature stage of its ancient world development, and Islamism, Judaism, anti-science psychology of Freud, anthropology of Boas, and evolution of Gould, anti-sex, class, subrace, race culture, and civilizational differences, anti class cooperation of marxism, anti-culture of neo-marxism, anti-truth of postmodernism, anti-family of Jewish feminism, anti-nationalism of globalism and neoconservatism.

They have literally invented a system of lying for every single discipline, even destroying the logic of language and mathematical realism. That’s before their systematic destruction of our constitution and their intentional undermining of our civilization through unwanted immigration taking advantage of our trust in one another under democracy.


Science is just the discipline of producing testimony – that’s why Europeans invented reason, empiricism, and science – our first institution was common law not state or religion. The Jews completely covered the scientific spectrum in order to undermine all thought, reason, and communication.  There are only four categories of science to undermine: The logical or formal sciences which can be best considered systems of measurement, the physical sciences which describe the physical world; the behavioral sciences, and the Natural laws which describe the behavioral world, encompassing psychology, sociology, politics, and group strategy; and the evolutionary sciences that study the outcome of the interaction of those processes over time.  And so in addition to false promises that deny the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, the Jewish left have invented postmodernism to deny truth, reason, science, and testability itself.

No More Lies.

The difference is that the jews always fail, and end up justly punished for their crimes of betrayal of the host populations. 

No More lies.

Those of you who have been fooled by these lies, must come to terms with scarcity: the earth is a closed system. We have incrementally exhausted every resource she provides. She can carry 1.5-2b people while at the same time giving those people incremental control over the energy necessary to transform the universe from one state to another, and eventually make mankind independent of the nature, geology, solar system, and galaxy that is all but hostile to life.

No More Lies.

Those of you who have been fooled by these lies, must come to terms with the nature of man. Man is an amoral creature for whom moral action is merely more often beneficial than suffering the consequences the people, their institutions, and the universe put upon them. The history of civilization consists of the incremental domestication of man by the development of incrementally evolving institutions that deprive him of immoral actions that add resistance to human adaptation to those laws of the universe. Man seeks his self-interest, even when he’s acting morally, or under the pretense of virtue. 

No more lies.

Those of you who have been fooled by these lies must come to terms with the genetics. That there are non-trivial genetic, biological, cognitive, behavioral, and therefore expressed social and cultural differences between the races, classes, and sexes. Lying about it – persisting the Marxist-pomo pseudoscientific counter-revolution against the Darwinian revolution’s explanation for western civilization’s disproportionate success, merely prevents us from solving the problem of intergroup conflict, as we continue the european project of the evolution of man from part human-animal lacking agency into fully human beings of agency, on our way to omniscience and omnipotence.

No more lies.

Sex, Class, Subrace, and Racial Differences are meaningful – most of which are due to different rates of gestation, maturation, depth of maturation, and distribution of sex cognitive biases, and the subsequent different sizes and distribution of our lower, working, middle, and upper classes along the performative, meaning rapidly adaptive, rather than a relative spectrum of ability. All humans demonstrate kin selection, kin preference, and for good reasons: sexual, social, economic, and political advantages of doing so.

We must govern with the mankind we have, given the resources we have, given the institutions that are possible, while still preserving self-determination such that the continuous calculation by trial and error that discovers the universe of opportunities for our defeat of the dark forces of entropy, environment, genetics, time, and ignorance.

No More lies

The Jews and Muslims are Semites, and Semites like Africans, more aggressive, but aggressive using the females strategy of undermining, cooperation, reputation, social, political, economic, and informational destruction.  They ally with the “aggressive girls, mean girls, and the ugly girls” because women live in a world of women and follow power in their sphere – they ignore 2/3 of men and undermine the rest of them – making exceptions only for those that they can make use of by their influence, or consumption to improve their status. They failed at rallying working-class men under authoritarian communism because of the disproportionate success of rule of law consumer capitalism, so they rallied the underclass races, and women ( … ) under the pretense of identitarian suppression instead of class and economic suppression. 

The Success of the Strategy

    1. In just seventy years the Jewish left succeeded in (a) turning the USA into a third world country (b) repeating the bolshevik revolution (Antifa, BLM, Woke), and (c) repeating the undermining of Roman civilization (d) and brining about another dark age – this time not of supernatural ignorance, but of pseudoscientific ignorance. Why? Jewish hatred of reality, nature, and mankind on the one hand and Christian tolerance, and conservative stupidity on the other.
    2. Undermining American arts, humanities, behavioral sciences, values, religion, culture, marriage, law, finance, media, entertainment.
    3. Sponsoring third world immigration into France and under the French EU project into the rest of Europe.
    4. Sponsoring the de-Prussification (De Europeanization) of Germany during and after the world wars, which was the restoration of our european tradition after the Jewish-christian-islamic dark ages. Conspiring against the german people before, during and after the first world war.
    5. Destroying the Russian empire, murdering tens of millions, and setting eastern Europe back a century.
    6. Converting the strategy of judaism to underming Christianity to weaken, to  communism to undermine, socialism to weaken, neo-marxism, Freudianism, Boazinism, to undermine, postmodernism to undermine truth, feminism to undermine the family, libertarianism to undermine rule of law, neoconservatism to undermine insularity.
    7. Upon freedom to integrate, Converting the British empire in just a few decades from a moral white man’s burden to a predatory financial empire. 
    8. Financing Napoleon to destroy the German Holy Roman Empire, and turning europe into a wasteland while paris raped the great houses and churches of europe.
    9. Specializing in organized crime upon the ordinary european people for two thousand years.
    10. Undermining roman civilization from within with the false promises of Christianity preventing the recovery of Rome, and spreading ignorance and superstition throughout european civilization, destroying our arts and letters, destroying our natural religion, and creating a thousand-year dark age.

Jews are responsible and always have been for their treatment. And the jews are becoming aware that once again they will be justly punished for their crimes against host peoples. But like females, they cannot admit they were wrong, that they are and always have been a genetic, social, and informational disease upon mankind – just an energetic one that survives by infecting enough hosts to survive.

Intent? cultural? the group’s unconscious strategy, it’s religion or other institutions? Is it Genetic? All of the above? What are we to do? if it is genetic and unavioidable? what if tit’s cultural religius or institutional unconsous and reformable?  What if is intentional? How do we end their method of warfare and prevent it from ever happening again?

No more lies.
No more marxist lies
No more neo-marxist lies
No more postmodern lies
No more human science denial lies.
No more lies.


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