The Choice – Episode 0014 – The Whiteness Conspiracy Theory – Part Two – The Whiteness Infographic


This Episode uses an infographic produced by The National Museum of African American History and Culture explaining whiteness, to explain the origins of ‘whiteness’ (the european group strategy), and why other than europeans are demonstrably unfit for european civilization and why they rebel against it.

Content Warning:

This Podcast, as is often the case with painful truths about culturally taboo subjects, may be offensive to just about everyone other than the most scientific and intellectually honest of us. But it is necessary in order to resolve the great conflicts of our age. I do my job. My job is the truth regardless of the consequences to the feelings of others.






Welcome to the Choice. Episode 0014. Whiteness conspiracy theory: The economics of whiteness part two. The Infographic. …  I’m Curt Doolittle

The National Museum of African American History and Culture has produced an infographic explaining whiteness. Strangely enough, it correctly lists the properties of white or euroepan civilization, but it treats them as arbitrary and relative by not explaining why those properties exist.  So to provide that explanation, and to end the pretense of relativism, let’s go through  the science of mankind and explain how whiteness conforms to them – and in doing so explain the uncomfortable truth of the superiority of “whiteness”.

  1. the primary difference between racial and subracial groups is the degree of domestication. The degree of domestication is neotenic. Neoteny slows and limits aggression and retains youthful rates of cooperation and adaptation. Neotenic evolution is largely developmental. It slows the rate of gestation, the rate of maturity, age of first reproduction, frequency of sex, and the depth of maturity, and of course the emergence of aggression. Neoteny is possible only by isolation. Neoteny increased as isolated groups adapted to northern climates. It results in a bias to female gracile form, flat faces, and retention of childlike phenotype (features). Europeans ‘cheated’ a bit by asymmetric reproduction, retaining large physical size and strength, but fully integrating light-colored eyes, light-colored skin, and light-colored hair – all signals of neoteny – thus signaling greater physical neoteny than was present. East asians are by far the most domesticated and have retained childhood fat distribution, limited scent, very limited sexual maturity, smaller size, the least aggression. South Asians (today’s Islamic civilization) retains its origins as an afro Asiatic people as more aggressive, tribal, and clannish (less adaptive).  The iranic people are Arabized but more domesticated and slightly less aggressive. The Indian people are an admixture of different generations of people from the iranic region – although we must understand that the Persian Gulf area, which flooded about the time of the first invention of agriculture, is likely the origin of all Eurasians – unfortunately that archaeological record is underwater and lost to us.
  2. The secondary difference between racial and subracial groups is the degree of eugenics that their civilization has imposed on the underclasses, versus those that have done the opposite. African diversity is touted as a good thing but it makes isolation and expression of novelties extremely difficult, especialy since africa selects for rapid maturity to defeat the disease gradient and subsistence survival. The middle east has been dysgenic since the first religions were developed, and priests and states could tax them. The steppe people ran out of overland transport to raid, and because that raiding was so profitable, never entered the phase of eugenics. The europeans and east Asians, however, practiced environmental eugenics, agrarian eugenics, credit eugenics, and manorialism in particular, that culled the lower classes raising the average ability of the people to where literacy and machines craftsmanship and complex divisions of labor were possible. With the Chinese mastering state bureaucracy and Europeans mastering rule of law and market society. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s recall that european manorialism denies access to farmland without being married and judged of good character. And that the difference between serfs who are of limited self-responsibility and only protected by manorial law, and freemen who were protected by the common law of men of good character, and the nobility who were protected by imperial law provided a path to reproductive success, but constrained the reproduction of the unproductive, and that those who were insufficiently productive would starve. And that capital punishment escalated dramatically after 1200, which is about the time of the emergence of ‘the new european civilization’ and as I’ve humorously stated elsewhere, we’d have to hang about a thousand people a day every day to equal the degree of suppression of ‘bad folk’ during the high and late medieval period. This was a period of genetic pacification. The Chinese are far more brutal with far less respect for human life. And the symbol of the law in china was the axe – for cutting off heads. Not the scale, or gavel. 😉
  3. As we discussed in my previous episode on whiteness, european civilization is the most adaptive in time because it violates the formal, phsyical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe least of all human civilizations – producing disproportionate rates of discovery, innovation, and application, with the least social, political impediment, constantly forcing the population to adapt along with its discoveries. With the American experiment the most complete of those attempts.  But as I’ve stated here and elsewhere, just as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam were revolts against reason and empiricism and european domestication in the ancient world, Jewish marxism, neo-marxism, postmodernism, anti-male feminism, and Darwinian denialism are pseudoscientific reformations of the Jewish revolt against reason and empiricism and conformity to the laws of the universe. And elsewhere I”ve describe the Abrahamic technique of delay, deceive, and undermining using faith healing, false promise, baiting into hazard, and undermining to destroy advanced civilizations from within.
  4. So the european strategy is quite simple: the continuation of natural selection by the reciprocal grant of, and insurance of self-determination, sovereignty, and reciprocity, and the obligation for truth and duty to the commons. In other words, it’s a shareholder agreement between warriors. Since there is no authority in such a system that is not granted by the shareholders, there is no authority but the law of shareholders: self-determination by self-determined means, under sovereignty and reciprocity, truth and duty. This agreement leaves no possible means of survival other than productivity in an adversarial market for seizing opportunities for exchange. And those that cannot compete must be held as slaves, or serfs, or given freedom of freemen, and then the opportunity for sovereignty (citizenship). Given this explanation, european civilization is quite simple. It’s the only civilization that does not try to escape the necessity of continuing natural selection by use of markets. The unstated presumption is the primacy of man, not gods. That gods are only competitors. Then man cannot only defeat the gods but evolve into them. So, the mission of western man is the transcendence of man into gods by the discovery, adaptation to, and application of the laws of nature and nature’s god. It’s this mission that the Christians sought to destroy by undermining the aristocracy and bringing semitic dysgenics into the roman empire. The only reason it didn’t quite succeed, is that the aristocracy captured the church, and used it as a holding company under primogeniture. More on that elsewhere. The catholic church today is reverting to third world communist form which are its natural semeitic incentives, now that europeans have abandoned it.
  5. The point we’re going to come to, is that (a) all groups are of necessity ethnocentric –  meaning racist. (b) Eruopeans are the least ethnocentric to their detriment (yeah. it’s true. sorry).  (c ) other groups without similar demographic compositions, and similar genetic adaptations, cannot compete in our civilization, and will not and cannt adapt, because they are unfit for the high personal and group costs of competing in an advanced, high trust, low corrutiopn, eugenic civilization that has limited divergence from formal, phsical natural and evolutionary laws. (d) these grops want the benefits without the high cost of integration, an the much higher ingroup cost of self domestication of their underclasses by equally soft eugenic reproduction practiced by europeans for milennia.  And while we experienced a few centuries of windfall from european advancement relative to other people, we no longer have technoolgoical advvanages, expecially given our smaller numbers, and as such our quality of life, is dependent entirely on our demographic composition and retention of high cost cutlural norms that other peoples seek to undermine.

So, now that we have context, let’s go through the “Whiteness Infographic” and explain it.

( … No script for this part, I spoke extemporaneously, while covering the subject…)

This Curt Doolittle for The Choice. Thank you for listening.

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