The Choice Episode 0036 – A Counter-Revolution to Compete with the Leftists – The Course and Conduct of a Civil War

The Course And Conduct Of A Civil War

Welcome to The Choice, I’m Curt Doolittle – Episode 36 – the Course and Conduct of A Civil War

In every great era of change, we find a military theorist – whether those you don’t expect to consider such, like Homer and Theucidedese, or those you do, like Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Corbett, Clausewitz, Jomini, or more recently, Liddel-Hart, Paret, Kahn, Schelling, and Brodie, with a number of historians of great import less often included among their ranks: British Robert Keegan, Dutch-Israeli Martin Van Creveld, American Victor Davis Hanson, American William Lind.

Why should we include these others? Because the previous group educate us on the conduct of traditional European wars between traditional European peoples – and in doing so they present us with a myopic lens into warfare by those who practice of war the art of combat. And understanding of combat is not the same as understanding war – it is a narrower field of view.

(ANSWER: so what? what is the matter wth a myopic lens?)(What do the latter group teachus?) (Why is combat a particular not a general?)

While (some group of men) write their theories, it’s statesmen in states that practice the art of warfare accross the entire military, political, institutional, economic, demographic, informational, spectrum. And it is politicians, not the military, who practice these more general frames of war – and do so cognitively bound by their traditional, cultural, normative bounds. Cultures conduct warfare by more similar means than they conceive of and regulate that warfare.

Conversely, Sun Tzu had to remind the Chinese and Machiavelli the Italians that moral convention is a luxury good, and that it constrains political and military thinking neither princes nor statesmen can afford. Robert Keegan reminds us that war is man’s natural state – the Hobbesian war of all against all – and that politics, as are all aspects of civilization, an extension of war – not the other way around. Martin van Creveld has had to remind us that the conduct of war, the time frame for victory and defeat, and perception of victory and defeat, are culturally dependent upon the cultural strategy of the participants. It’s Victor Davis Hanson that reminds us that the western way of war is unique, and the entirety of the unique excellence of western civlization across time originates in that western way of war, and the political, economic, and social orders that result from it. And it is William Lind that reminds us that Europeans slowly and deliberately domesticated warfare along with themselves, into the Peace of westphalia – making states responsible for the actions of their citizens. And then internationalizing the domestication of war by the international charter of human rights – making states responsible for the improvement of their citizens. Or that the rest of the world would punish them for it – although, that meant the anglo empire.

But the peace of Westphalia was ended by the Jewish bolsheviks in europe, and the communists only signed the declaration of human rights reluctantly by demanding positive in addition to negative rights. Marxists and communists in the west, who created the civil rights movement, the continuous bombings of the sixties and seventies, Antifa and BLM today, restored terrorism and violated that peace within states and the failure of states to suppress it licensed that violation.

The Islamists imitated the communists, and Muslim terrorists ended the Peace of Westphalia, with Iran and china bringing about the end of it, and restoring the war of all against all. So that at the present time, the world returns to normal after the long period of the european domestication of war as a function of states. It is now a war of clans, tribes, nations, cults, ideologies, and pseudosciences. And this condition of war, which is the restoration of pre-Westphalian war, is fought by men in pajama bottoms and flip flops even more effectively than by combined arms war by industrial and technological militaries. And we are morally, and intellectually, politically, economically, and militarily, unprepared for it – despite the warnings of our great military historians.

In our present era, with the end of the European age, with the end of the American Age, with the end of the European Domestication of War, and with the restoration of the war of all against all; where the pressure of economic continuity under democratic governments prevents states from the reorganiztion of their citizenry, the economy, the polity, and warfare; and where the illusion of state power is predicated on the lack of challenges to it; and where the greatest challenges to the state are impediment of the movement of information, data, power, and goods – some of us, even if it is me alone – must persuade our people, that we have not been defeated by war by obvious european military means, on european time scale, under the european domestication of war, but we have been defeated by an ancient enemy that practices a very different form of warfare, using the very opposite set of techniques, on very different time scales, in order bring about our downfall for very opposite ends.

So just as Sun Tzu demonstrated to the emperor, by cutting off a princess’s head, and Machiavelli argued to the de’ Medicis and their desire to unite Italy by his work the prince, and Van Creveld and Lind have warned us about the change in the international conduct of war, I’m going to try to decapitate your self-confidence and continue to try to force you to grasp, in pursuit of your own survival, that your modern European ethics and morality, in particular your Westphalian expectations of war, and your post world war ethics, are a luxury and signal goods – and neither ethical nor moral, but a vanity – a form of conspicuous consumption; a convienince not a conviction – that leads you to follow the Romans and Byzantines into defeat and eradication from this earth.

But to ask people to question their morality, their presumptions of the nature of the world, their indoctrinations, and their traditions in order to save them from certain extermination is no mean feat. Thankfully, due to the increasingly obvious behavior of our many enemies, plausible deniability of the end of the wetphalian age is becoming inescapable as the enemy tastes victory on the horizon. A victory that they have obtained by the intentional manufacture of propaganda in all walks of life, and the intentional deprivation of knowledge of history, economics, law, and genetics and disintermediated europeans from the knoweldge of the the many competing cultures that unlike Europeans, have failed to discover adapt to and apply the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of the universe, and by that failure, stagnated, or failed, or disappeared into the ashes of history But while we sit comfortably on our comfortable seat of moral convenience, we have not stagnated. We have been poisoned from within.

Most of my work is designed to not only restore our civilization but to prevent future attempts at the destruction of our civilization ever again. The reason I use the language of the law and it’s embodiment in a constitution as the means of publishing that method, and to write a painfully long tome, more expansive than, more precise than, and superior to the Jewish and Sharia law, is that there is no more public, no more durable, no more articulate, no more influential means by which we can codify it, and not only enforce it but to license extraordinary violence for perpetuity to defend it as the strategy of our people, and by proxy the means by which our people continue to drag mankind kicking and screaming out of ignorance, superstition, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, early death, and the chaos of nature, into the gods we have the potential to be. If and only if we return to adherence to, adaptation to, and application of, the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws of this universe that only Europeans appear to tolerate and pay the continuous cost of – even if lagging due to archaic Christian ethics.

in the absence of that law, and in the absence of tity of that law in combating our enemies, our highly adaptive highly open, civilization of free people is vulnerable to enemies whse primary means of warfare is not European – but Semitic by erosion from withing, or Chinese by domination from without. As such, the enemy is converting our great civilization into a third world, one urban immigrant city at a time. So whether the Arabs, Turks, Mongols, or Huns take one city at a time, by rapid force, accumulated raiding, waiting for opportunity, or entering and undermining from within as with Judaism, Christianity, and islam, is only a matter of time scale. In the end, these are all acts of war against our people and by proxy a war against mankind for depriving them of the products of our civilization – one which they pursue at all personal costs while they complain at every opportunity.

So my first lesson is that without a book of our law, a constitution to put it into practice, and education to reinforce and courts to defend it, we cannot perpetuate our civilization against those who conduct war by very different means.

And my second lesson in reforming your moral intuitions, and therefore your understanding of our options begins with the simple act of restoring violence to the political discourse – because violence is only off the table with those of whom we cooperate – it is never off the table with enemies.

Violence is neither good nor bad – it is a resource put to ends good or bad.
Self-determination is certainly a good end. Violence to obtain self-determination against civilization-cide, culture-cide, ethnocide, and genocide,
a necessary, virtuous, and heroic end.

What Is Different About Western Civilization?

We Europeans have, over time, incrementally discovered the physical (Material), natural ( Cooperative ), and Evolutionary ( Competitive) laws of the universe. Not as did the middle east – to augment their supernatural astrology – but for the purpose of knowledge of the universe alone, and the status we derive from one another for producing innovations in that knowledge: for our contributions to the commons of knowledge.

For Historical reasons, entirely accidental, Europeans evolved a technical civilization that discovered, adapted to, and applied the physical, natural, and evolutionary laws more so than all other civilizations combined – and for interesting, but by our moral standards, uncomfortable reasons.

The Europeans that brought European civilization to Europe were the Aryans (west indo Europeans). These people were fully militarized, relied on the technology of bronze horse and wheel. They organized warfare as entrepreneurship as did pirates and Vikings. And as a natural consequence of entrepreneurial war, the cost of supplying it, they developed the customary law of property, and a judicial elite to resolve disputes between warriors – most likely warrior families and clans, before developing the other formal institutions of religion and state. Unbeknownst to them, and until recently, unbeknownst to us, they developed the optimum evolutionary sequence: an empirical military, empirical technology, a religion of the primacy of man, and an empirical law of meritocracy and natural hierarchy in a market of military peers – before those competing institutions of religion and state that are most likely to be corrupted by hierarchy, bureaucracy, and the falsehoods that result.

This empirical, material, entrepreneurial, martial, social order among professional warriors whose expensive tools of the trade were supported by families and clans, using cattle, horse, wheat, and a combination farming, pastoralism, and warfare for profit, evolved in the absence of a state to fund and organize them. The consequence was an empirical people that did not need to develop the lies of the faith or the state to rule, at the cost of small populations distributed across large territories. Their first paradigm of thought was military, technological, and legal – and not supernatural, or authoritarian. Because everyone in an army that relies on speed, formation, maneuver, and heroic seizure of initiative, is dependent upon everyone else. And because wealth from war is shared by regular rules of meritocracy. And that it is extremely dangerous to cross fellow members of a military hierarchy when trust, duty, and interdependence are the group’s strategic advantage. For this reason, our early ancestors relied on restitution for crimes and didn’t practice capital punishment except in two cases: adultery or cowardice. Because adultery created disharmony in the ranks, and cowardice put the entire people at risk.

The benefit of this military and legal organization is that it’s an empirical existence; it’s meritocratic by demonstrated behavior in the service of others; it comes at a high cost, and if paid at high cost, earns one status, and that status is available to any that are willing and able to try to pay that cost. This creates a virtuous cycle for climbing the competence, status, and dominance hierarchy. And it is the cycle of climbing that hierarchy by competence that we all desire for others, even if not for ourselves.

For these historical reasons, Europeans developed legal sovereignty, the traditional law of tort, testimony before a jury of peers, rules of evidence, empirical testimony, empirical argument, that thing we call politics, economics, the thang, the senate, the multiple houses of government, reason, rational philosophy, geometry, empiricism, and eventually the sciences as we understand them: as testimony constrained by physical natural and evolutionary laws.

Our law descends from this era as the reciprocal right of individual sovereignty. But individual sovereignty in the law is just a legal expression of the right of all people to self-determination. And if one’s self determines to be outside the law, he is only outside the defense of his people, and for all intents and purposes ‘fair game’.

For those same reasons we developed the harsh empiricism of military reporting, regardless of face, regardless of cost, and regardless of the impact on the dominance and competence hierarchy. For most of european history the ritual of ascent required the oath to not lie, steal, or show cowardice in battle. Until the Jewish revolt from within gained access to universities and media in the sixties, and education in the seventies, telling the truth regardless of the cost was central to the germanic, anglo and American character.

This combination of an army of all, doing one’s duty, status by imitating the martial aristocracy, and earning the franchise, and rights under law, provided status, membership, and easy means of obtaining legitimacy in a population. It produced the highest trust population in the world. No other civilization achieved this. With the Japanese as the only closest contender – limited only by face before truth.

For those same reasons: self-determination, and individual sovereignty between warriors, we can only decide conflicts by tests of reciprocity. if we are only able to cooperate by reciprocity, then we have left with no options but markets of voluntary cooperation in everything: Everything includes association, cooperation, production, reproduction, commons, polities, and war. This is the origin of the west’s value aristocratic sovereignty, middle-class liberty, and working-class freedom. How does one or many preserve self-determination in life, legal sovereignty, interpersonal and political reciprocity? By warriors bearing arms. This is the origin of our demand to bear arms.

For those same reasons, we developed trifunctionalism, meaning elites in each of the military, judicial, and religious contexts as partnerships or peerages within separate domains rather than hierarchies. And those elites ended up governing the military and the state, law, and property, and faith and norms.

The unstated cost of this method is that it’s rather unmerciful to the bottom, when the bottom is lazy, or criminal, or indentured slaves, or captured slaves. But interestingly: slaves too could ascend if they worked to do so.

It was this unmerciful treatment of the bottom – those lacking agency, family, military ability, economic wealth, and political power because of it, that created the opportunity for a religion of the bottom: slaves, immigrants, and women, whose luxuries of choice had been made possible by the aristocratic, military, legal civilization that ruled them.

Christianity, by providing women, immigrants, migrants, peasants and slaves.

(the revolution in religino that was european)

What is Different or Unique about European, Germanic, Anglo, American Civilization?

Continental and Naval civilizations develop different social orders because of different senses of security and insecurity, and different means of limited enemies or obtaining wealth. For this reason, England like Athens, Germany and especially Prussia, like Sparta, and America like Rome, each adopted slight variations on the European strategy – and as a consequence, each developed differences bias in their culture and thought.

While Aristotle was returned to Europe in about 1200 and gradually translated, by the late 1300’s Italian humanism began in the northern third of the Italian peninsula, which constituted the southern kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire, and rapidly spread across Europe and into England.

Within the Clerical paradigm of the Church, Thomas Aquinas tried to rationalize supernatural and Aristotelian thought, as Augustine of Hippo had tried to rationalize Semitic supernatural and European Aristotelian thought.

With the Printing Press in 1450 texts were available and the Italians began the renaissance as a restoration of the European tradition in the arts. And it wasn’t restored by the then clerical intellectual class. It was a work of laymen. Not churchmen, but laymen. And not in Italian Italy but in German Italy. From that point forward, the clerisy (clerical intellectual class) could not control information and frame thought. The clerisy then, as the cathedral complex of academy, state, media today, could no longer frame thought.

—“Except for legal commentaries on Roman and canon law and practical manuals of letter writing, [northern, german] of Italy made almost no contribution to European culture before the 13th century. In contrast, a significant change in the culture of the area occurred. While legal studies and practical rhetoric retained their importance, the composition of Latin and vernacular poetry flourished, the translation of ancient Latin literary and scholarly work became an industry, and natural science and theology emerged as topics of major interest.

Whereas in northern Europe intellectual life was dominated by clerics throughout the Middle Ages, from at least the early 12th century, laymen in this area of Italy played a significant role in what scholarly and literary work was produced. At least by the second half of the 13th century, they constituted the majority of grammar teachers and professors at the universities.

It is fair to say that the buoyant Italian culture of the 13th century was, with the exception of theology and canon law, largely a lay enterprise. When laymen approached the writings of the ancients, therefore, they came to these works with different questions from those of northern European clerics.

The evolution of Italian humanism, grounded as it was on the study and imitation of the ancients, was marked from its beginnings with the concerns of lay society. Herein lay its claim to be a major progenitor of the modern world.”— Ronald G. Witt, The Origins of Humanism, Oxford.

And beginning with humanism and accelerating with the printing press, and the industrialized translation and publication of ancestral European thought, all of Europe gave birth to Genius as a result: In Italy: da Vinci (1452–1519), Giotto (1266-1337), Dante (1265–1321). Machiavelli (1469–1527), Titian (1488–1576), Donatello (1386–1466), Botticelli (1445–1510), Raphael (1483–1520): Michelangelo (1475–1564): Galileo (1564-1642). In Germany: Kepler(1571–1630), Leibnitz(1646); In Poland (or Royal Prussia), Copernicus (1473–1543). In Holland: Erasmus (1466–1536). In France: Descartes (1596–1650). In England: Ockham, Francis Bacon (1561–1626), Newton (1643–1727), Hobbes (1588–1679), Byrd (1539/40–1623), Milton (1608–1674), Shakespeare (1564–1616), and Chaucer (1343–1400). And many more – too many to list.

And to most of us, that list of genius may not evidence a pattern, but it is there and will emerge more clearly in the centuries to come, as reflections of the differences between those European peoples. The most obvious of which is the difference between English Empiricism of Bacon, French Rationalism of Descartes, and German Logicism in Liebnitz. This difference will persist across the centuries right up to the present.

The source of those differences is a subconscious habit. We call those habits metaphysics – or unconscious paradigms. They’re presumptions about the relation between the self and the world, others, the polity, and power – and perhaps most importantly one’s sense of his degree of agency or self-determination. And those presumptions determine the future of English Law and Science, German Technology and Logic, and French Politics and philosophy. And that’ before we expand to Russian Literature as Philosophy, and Italian Art as Philosophy, or the polymoral and poly logical ethics of Jewish law and theology as Philosophy.

The net effect across Europe was the restoration of coherence and continuity between the germanic language and paradigms of our ancestral technology, aristocratic military culture, and empirical law, the Latin language and paradigms of superstition of the clerical classes that governed the peasants, serfs, slaves, and conquered, and the greek language and paradigms of reason mathematics, and logic. The Germanic, Roman and Aristotelian Real, the Platonic ideal, and the Semitic Christian Supernatural.

In the west, we are still burdened by the Christian bifurcation of our thought. The Semitic violation of the European tradition of trifunctionalism under which Europeans traditionally separated, the three paradigms of military and war against others, law and cooperation among ourselves, and faith within the self and our psychology, and loyalty to our family, clan, tribe, ancestors, and Nature.

We still seek this coherence; we seek to end the bifurcation – and like torn countries that bridge the great empires: Center and coastal Americans, Germanic and Latin Europeans, West European and east Russian Ukraine, Secular and Muslim Turkey, and Persian and Muslim Iran. We are torn by the struggle to mend the tear in our civilization.

Like all people we seek to restore coherence, consistency, and continuity in return one of our choices: (a) to underclass Semitic supernatural clericalism, (b) the reformation of clericalism by its replacement with pseudoscientific academic Marxism, neo-Marxism, postmodernism, feminism, and human difference denialism; or (c) by organized law of self-determination by adversarialism, or (d) (d) the army of everyone able and the rule of the rest, in our aristocratic military tradition. We seek the same coherence and consistency as the Chinese have in organized state and wisdom literature we call philosophy by harmony, the Hindus have in organized and organic mythology of harmony and cooperation we call a religion, and the Semites have in organized authoritarian religion of obedience and submission. We are a torn civilization and America is a torn country.

The english began the restoration in law and science, ( … )

The Americans were interesting. The founders were upper-middle class, not inherited aristocracy and in particular not members of the Carolingian families of Europe. Beginning with the puritans the English sought to produce a middle-class civilization free of (catholic) church corruption and state interference – fulfilling the protestant vision of religion; free of the aristocracy; and free of people of low character, which meant the ill-mannered peasantry. But immigration patterns being what they were, the country was more german than English by the revolution, and the declaration and constitution published in german as well.

This meant entrepreneurial English middle classes with their naval histories, a german farming majority with their territorial military histories, a Dutch entrepreneurial mid-Atlantic that by now has been forgotten, and a Scotts Irish southern agrarian class, most envious of their American identity. So a Europe that had spent the middle ages culling their underclasses and distributing down their middle had a genetic reserve that could be brought to the americas given land, and ( … )

But that history doesn’t tell us what we need to see: that American exceptionalism consists of finding and conquering, and depopulating a new content populated by stone-age peoples, and selling it off to a reserve of quality immigrants from Europe, and using that consumer demand to generate domestic demand for the industry, and by the 1870’s moving manufacturing from Europe to the Americas to use lowe wages and cheap land to drive down prices in Europe. Effectively achieving in the 19th century what china has achieved in the 21st. The financial class has been the primary beneficiary of this wealth creation, and at present is extracting over a trillion dollars a year from the American people for no reason whatsoever, since the people are but borrowing from their future selves by borrowing from the state’s ability to issue debt to create credit money.

So what’s different in Europeans and in Americans is rather simple and can be explained by the fact that the innovation and stock market is in the united states. The bond market in London. Excellence in capital investment and engineering in Germany, and military excellence in Russia. Or that the common law is sovereign in America, the parliament is sovereign in Britain, the state is sovereign in France but it still runs like an aristocracy, Germany runs like a distributed secular system of protestant churches, and Russia runs like a military order of the czar.

and free of American laboring and working class and Christianity

So What Is the European Group Strategy?

( … )

So Why Would We Want To Preserve our Civilization?

What Went Wrong?

We did not discuss diasaporic civilizations.

What Are Our Choices?

And here we come into the first question: whether you put kin and natural law first, state and authority first, or cult and conformity first. Depending upon your genetics, your class, and upbringing you will choose a priority between the spectrum of scale that’s possible:

1 – Ethnonationalism and Federation (Kinship), with lowe power distance, or;
2 – Civic Nationalism and Empire (the State), with high power distance, or;
3 – Theocratic-Ideological Globalism, and Theocracy-I (A Cult) with infinite power distance;

Civilizations are anchored by the order that they develop institutions. There are only three methods of coercion available to humans: Physical Force-Defense, Material Payment-Deprivation, and Social Ostracization-Inclusion. We develop institutions that master these three means of coercion: The state (Force-Defense), the Law (Trade-Production), and Religion (Ostracization-inclusion). And we develop them in order, and in combination. So whatever institution a people develops first, just like biological evolution, or any other technology, tends to stick with them for the duration of their civilization.

All civilizations appear to have developed religion or philosophy about the same time: at the end of the first dark age (the bronze age collapse) and the beginning of the restoration of civilization. The “Age of Transformation”. The fact that there is a relationship between the Indo European (Aryan) expansion, the bronze age collapse, and the post-collapse formation of organized religion and philosophy should tell us something – although we haven’t quite figured out what that is.

Organized Religion (globalism) is the most effective means of depriving people of self-determination, of identity, of competition, innovation, and adaptation, so that they can be ruled. Islam is the ultimate expression of organized religion. Islam works on a forever time scale. Islam expands by raiding, immigrating, converting, and then forcibly converting through taxation of an additional 30% and suppression of competition.

Nation-State Empires ( Imperialism) is the most effective way of extracting revenues, concentrating them in military and state forces, suppressing local ‘rent-seeking’, and profiting from the facilitation of organization, law, production, and trade. Empires deprive people of political and military self-determination. China is the ultimate expression of State Imperialism in the form of Colonizing Empires – in part because they forcibly and slowly integrate conquered people into the Chinese ethnicity if not into the Han nation. The Chinese work on a century or more time scale. The many past empires of the ancient world from the Assyrian to the Ottoman were Ethnic Military Empires. Where the Chinese colonized and integrated peoples (and continue to do so today), the military empires conquer, and rule, so these empires were less stable and none endured. Egypt is a special case for geographic reasons that make it nearly impossible to govern and rule by others. The Nile in the old world was like oil in the Persian gulf in the present world. The geography and the resources determine everything and there are few options.

Commercial State Empires (Imperialism) The romans excelled at buraeucracy and administration and war, and created a vast roman peace, and prosperity. They were inclusive, and commercial but overextended. As the late empire’s armies demonstrated for all of history to learn from (but still ignore) one cannot mantain a multicultural military any more than one can maintain a mercentary military in competition with an ethnocentric military. Study of the Ottomans and the Byzantines will teach this better than any other. Study of the islamic conquests by sequences of tribes even more so.

Kin Federations (Federalism). Europe again is rather interesting because Holy Roman Empire, which was perhaps the most important political institution in European history after Rome, and the British Empire and the Prussian empires that were the final expressions of it, of it, are overlooked, and the purpose of napoleon’s conquest to destroy it entirely ignored. The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor roman but was a federation of germanic small states that formed the core of continental Europe for over a thousand years. It’s the rule of law developed in that empire and brought to fruition in England, that was the highest achievement in government in our civilization. While the American government was formed on the English model, the federation was formed on the holy roman empire model of a federation of independent states allied for the purpose of trade and defense.

So as a general rule, we use global religion of the underclasses to unite primitive tribes by denying cultural self-determination; we use state militaries of various kinds to unite various states and their working classes by denying them political and military self-determination; we use military empires and bureaucratic empires to integrate people and deprive them of both cultural, political, and military self-determination; and we use federations to unite states and proto-states into a market to preserve political, economic and cultural determination, at the expense of military self-determination. Europeans colonize by markets, Chinese colonize by integration, and Semites colonize by religions indoctrination. I leave the Hindus out because they haven’t been expansionary, and I can’t find anything other than their demographic burden to criticize them about.

Some consequences of that choice are:

1 – we are in a period where we can choose our way

2 – not all our own people will choose wisely, and exiting them is a good thing for us.

Education is worth far less than public service

Education is worth far less than workforce participation (apprenticeship)

When I started working toward providing a solution and preventing a bloody revolution, the vox populi ridiculed me. When I said it was possible to win, the same ridiculed me. Now that i

Now that the rest of the conservative intellecuals have

Well, I may be stubborn, arrogant, and easily brought to anger, but when all is said and done, I’m not stupid.

So if what you want from me is the course and conduct of a civil war, then I’ll give in, and give it to you – at what is likely even greater personal cost to me than my existing work has been.

First we need to understand three premises or we will assume them and come to fallacious conclusions.

  1. THE WEST: The reason for the success of western civlization, and the failure of all others except japan, korea, and perhaps china. And han china vs china, and northern europe vs the rest of the west.
  2. THE COSTS: The extraodrindary high cost of our civilization’s strategy, norms, traditions, and values, as the price of that success.
  3. CONSEQUENCES: The destination of mankind under western civilization – or its failure otherwise
  4. CONVERGENCE: The factors creating the historial great convergence under agrarianism and the age of sail.
  5. THE SEMITES: The semitic counter-revolution against evolution and indo europeans by female undermining rather than masculine competing.
  6. DIVERGENCE: The factors driving differences inependent of the semitic counter-revolution against mankind “The Great Re-Divergence” or restoration of speciation.
  7. GEOGRAPHY: The Geo-strategic factors influencing our present and future.
  8. SOLUTIONS: The set of possible solutions to the great re-divergence the consequences (opportunities) of the solutions to the great re-divergence.
  9. CONSERVATIVES: The problem of the conservative mind.
  10. URGENCY: The urgency of our cause – this year.

So let’s start our journey.

    The factors driving our pursuit of differences independent of the semitic counter-revolution against mankind “The Great Re-Divergence” or restoration of speciation.

Know Why You Want To Fight

Know What You Are Fighting For

(our civ)

Know What The Enemy Is Fighting Against (Or For)

Know the Enemy vs The Opposition

The enemy consists of the globalist left, led by a mixture of Jews and European Whites, and the unproductive and parasitic classes in the academy, state, media, and financial sectors – none of whom can or will, warranty their actions and the consequences – and all of whom profit from the managed decline (really, managed destruction) of western civilization – each for slightly different reasons of self-interest. And together they are using the very same method of destroying european civilization today, as they used to destroy roman civilization in the ancient world. And as both Jews and Muslims used to destroy Byzantine, Persian, West Indian, Egyptian, and North African civilizations. And would have destroyed european civilization if not for their own decline.

The opposition is different from the enemy. The opposition consists of the useful idiots of the Jewish and european globalist left. The useful idiots who are desperate to believe the false promises of freedom from scarcity by endless growth, freedom from reciprocity by socialism and communism, and freedom from regression to the mean by ending our use of markets as our method of natural selection. They promise freedom from those physical, natural, and evolutionary laws, by eradicating white people, white culture, white civilization and thereby ending their oppression by the laws of nature. Which, of course, is impossible. While europeans alone discovered, adapted to and applied the laws of nature. While europeans dragged mankind almost single handedly out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, starvation, disease, suffering, child mortality and early death; And while billions seek to come to western civlization to take advantage of our discover and mastery of the laws of nature; Europeans are hated for it.

So, while we see the Democratic Party, Antifa and BLM as enemies they are merely the opposition. The enemy is the deep state (meaning the entirety of the federal system), the Academic left, The Jewish left, the Jewish and European financial, Industrial, and Political elites, the academic economists, and in particular those organizations that specialize in undermining our freedom of speech right to bear arms, and rule of law: the southern poverty law center and all of whom are simply repeating the tactics of the Jewish and Russian Bolsheviks.

The Bolsheviks like the Christians and the Muslims before them sold useful idiots a false promise of freedom from physical, natural, and evolutionary laws if they overthrew the aristocracies and dragged all humanity to the bottom with them using superstition in the past, and pseudoscience in the present. This technique, if used by a woman is called seduction. But from a group in political context, is called using false promises to bait into hazard, while free of warranty, and liability. In this sense it is no different from every other educational, religious, business, financial or economic scam. And for obvious reasons: there is no possibility of circumventing physical, natural, and evolutionary laws.

So do you fight the opposition or the enemy?

I treat the opposition: BLM and Antifa as the bottom end of society just like Christianity appealed to women and slaves and marxism socialism and feminism, appeals to the women and the underclass. They are in fact the bottom end of society. They are the demonstrably undesirables. The demonstrably unfit for an advanced market economy. And the market is correctly functioning in its role as natural selection. So they have legitimate grievances. They’re “Screwed”. They just don’t know what to do about it other than rage. The difference is that we know how to solve the problem for them and for us. They don’t. We do. But they are impossible to reason with negotiate with or cooperate with.

So our job is not to fight the opposition as a proxy for the enemy, but to fight the enemy. And to fight and defeat an enemy you must satisfy the market demand for defeating them – not supply the means of defeat you are comfortable or familiar with producing. And I hope that lesson sinks in. It’s not that you must fight an enemy on their terms. You must fight an enemy on the terms necessary to defeat them such that they determine that they are defeated.

Know the Problem

To what do we owe our quality of life?

Is it Race, Class, Culture, Our Political System, or Something Else?

The reason the fight is over race:

  1. Only whites (meaning ethnic Europeans) have produced individual sovereignty, Rule of Law, Testimony in Pubic Speech, and the agrarian, commercial, financial, scientific, technological, and medical revolutions that result from their rule of law, rule of law by reciprocity and testimony.
  2. Only whites have produced high trust, low drag, laboring, working, lower middle, and middle classes. The combination of Christianity, Chivalry, Rule of law of Property, The Protestant Ethic, The Militia and the Military Tradition, The Aristocratic Tradition, and western adaption to physical natural and evolutionary laws produced the only majority middle.
  3. These whites are most disenfranchised by upward redistribution of income, downward redistribution reproduction, institution, culture, of commons, policy, and benefits. It is these classes that make western civilization’s liberty possible – but it is only rational for them if they are the beneficiaries of commons wherein they receive benefits of policy for their bearing of high costs.
  4. Jews are responsible for the majority of cultural, intellectual, social, political, financial, and legal crime.
  5. Blacks are responsible for the majority of life and property crime, the destruction of our cities, our schools, our commons, and our daily life.
  6. Hispanics are not far behind, but are responsible for the reduction of Europeans to minority status.
  7. Blacks, Other Browns, Jews, and now Muslims provide state, academy, finance, advertising, entertainment, and consumer goods providers with political leverage to undermine the high trust white middle – at the expense of whites who make the uniqueness of western civilization possible.
  8. The top and the bottom then are farming the white middle out of existence and out of their inheritance which is the only reason for their paying the high cost of western civilization.

Know The Possibilities

European Rule of Law Empire, evolution, and truth – Nationalism in the holy roman empire, european traditional, pre-chrsitian roman models.
Chinese and Russian Rule of State Empire, of Stagnation and deceit
Semitic Rule of Theology, Decline, and Fraud

What we all desire, is a hindu civilization of mutual consideration, european rule of law, chinese enforced integration

An Acquiesence
A Political Solution (reformation, soft separation)
A War of Total Separation
A War of Political Purge
A War of Decimation by Politicide, Ethnocide
A War for Ethnocentric Capture of the state and Purge and Rule
A War for Ethnocentric Caputure of the State, and Purge Repatriation, Sterilization or worse.

Honest pursuit of power, Dishonest pursuit of power.

Know the Constraints


Know A Solution


It’s Not a Problem, It’s an Opportunity

It’s an opportunity: Exit the liberals and save a thousand years of evolution and market suppression of reproduction. Conduct a separation under promise of politicide and the undesirable will go with them. I mean, It’s not a problem,it’s an opportunity.

Strategic Choices

Initial Demands

No more lies. We will choose our destinies by honest discourse or honest violence, but not by the restraint of violence for dishonesty and lies.

Such that we may have this debate and seek to come to a compromise rather than the bloodiest, longest, most brutal civil war in human history, where tens of millions will certainly die:

  1. Immediate judicial protection of all Political Speech and Political Affiliation and Association and all attempts subject to extrajudicial punishment to reverse and prevent it. Immediate restitution at 10X annual salary for previous violations – piercing corporate veil.
  2. Immediate criminalization of all attempts at suppression of testimonial, truthful, reciprocal, empirical speech, and all attempts subject to extrajudicial punishment to cease and prevent them.
  3. Immediate application of the rule of Non-Interference, Non-obstruction, Non-challenge, Non-aggression – and the extension of defense of the commons, standing one’s ground, and castle doctrine, to the first demonstration of interference, obstruction, challenge, or aggression.
  4. Immediate application of the prohibition on free movement- if you don’t live there don’t work there, and don’t have permission from a resident to be there, then you are defacto committing a crime and will be treated as a terrorist that may be subject to extrajudicial punishment and killed on sight.
  5. Immediate formation of Militias by every Christian Church, and the transfer of responsibility for civil unrest to sheriffs and the militia. Those few unelected sheriffs shall be restored to elective positions. All Sheriffs shall be bound by Constitutional Sheriffs Association Guidelines.
  6. The Immediate declaration of the BLM and Antifa As Terrorist organizations. The immediate declaration of the Georg Soros and all Soros Organizations, as a terrorist organization. The Federal issuance of Open Letter of Marque for Soros, his family for three generations in every direction, his employees, contractors, vendors, and associates. All politicians having received funding or support from Soros directly or indirectly shall immediately be terminated and prohibited from all future office for terrorist activities, sedition, and treason. All of the over two hundred organizations that have received funds from Soros organizations directly indirectly have 30 days to repay 10 times the total sum of lifetime funds from the Soros organization, or all assets of the organization, investors, management, and staff shall be subject to the same Open Letter of Marque. All investments of all kinds, by Soros or his organizations directly or indirectly in private organizations, shall be converted to capital, all board or other positions, agreements, contracts and liabilities nullified. All seized assets shall be split 50% by the private party making the seizure, and 50% by the State whose jurisdiction it resides. If states resist enforcement the funds shall be returned to the bank of England from which Soros originally began his crimes and that state, whether domestic or foreign shall be subject to (a) termination of all US bonds, (b) termination of participation in financial transfers ( c) total unlimited economic sanction.

Tactical Choices

Data Centers

The Use of “Appropriation”

The Use of ATM’s

The Use of Fire

You know what I learned in Ukraine that applies?

The minute they fire on you they lose – and the whole american empire and it’s entire world ‘brand’ and influence collapses. You want them to fire on you. You just want to minimize losses even if you generate heroes whose names end up on monuments.
Fire is more effective than firearms, and doesn’t need courage or risk to do it’s job, like the energizer bunny it keeps on going.

It takes a few hundred men to fight – the rest of the crowd serves as human shields the government can’t act against.

Occupying Govt Buildings is more effective than fighting

Controlling roads in and out is more effective than defending buildings.

A city is full of cars with tires that make berms, burn, and generate smoke, and gasoline for use as weaponry. Anything on fire makes dramatic photos and footage.

The government runs on water pressure, electricity, gasoline, both of which are in short supply, and without which there is little command and control.

Politicians, Bureaucrats, Military and Police are People Too – and have families they care for more than their jobs.

If you make clear reasonable demands, people don’t imagine the worst possible out come, and have incentive to settle.

Every single day you siege, you learn.

All I want out of the next few ‘attempts’ is to learn from the opposition. Because all that’s going to happen going forward is a continuous stream of escalation.

Antifa(Black Hats) and the Right(Red Hats) have the same enemy, and if we separate into blue cities and red territories, we have the same goals.



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