The Choice – Episode 0012 – Popularity vs Necessity – The Problem of Conservative Anti-Intellectualism


“I’d be more popular but conservatism is an anti-intellectual disposition, so all conservative thought leaders are, like me, conservative libertarians – meaning ‘Rule of Law’ conservatives rather than ‘Rule by Man’ conservatives, or Rule by Priesthood conservatives.”

1. Conservative Libertarians – Intellectual Rule of Law
2. Martial Conservatives – Dominance Rule of Man
3. Priestly Conservatives – Empathic Rule by Priesthood

4. And the pragmatic body politic.

As I’ve said the problem of our age requries a meal of intellectual solutions but the disenfranchised working laboring and lower middle classes want to be served comfort food they’re faliliar with – and that will continue to make them fail.

Why? Because they don’t understand that the priestly and military emotional responses are those of FOLLOWERS not leaders.

And ifyou want to RULE yourselves or others – you must LEAD. ANd to lead requires you can organize, govern, and rule. And you can only organize govern and rule the avanced civilization that is western civlization by law. Because law is the set of rule of behavior, whther personal, economic, civil, or political.

Religion and Martial bind us as followers.
The law binds us as leaders.
And we have none.

It’s time for adulthood.
It’s time for realism, naturalism, and action (operationalism)
It’s time for law.
Military to defend that law.
Religion to transmit that law across generations.

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